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F. Sunday Examiner Chronicle, April 20, 196? Section 8 Paj The Man Behind 'Laugh-In and Some Far-Out Flops On the axin of "Turn-On" after one episode; "I don blame ABC or Elton Rale (its They did try it. Three completed shows were accepted. Four more scripts were read. Nine shows were in production.

The show really was killed by the station managers in Cleveland and Denver, strongholds for By Dwight New ton George Schlatter (rhymes with blotter) is partnered with Ted Friendly in creating and producing such far-out fandangos as 4Laugh-iV television's biggest hit, and Turn-On," the season's loudest flop. They created "Soul," an all-black laugh-in special which as a series they can't sell for little green apples. They are developing "Arnold's Closet Revue." a proposed series to showcase Arte Johnson's talents. They brought in last Sunday's Dinah Shore smash special. This past week they taped sequences for their next special.

"The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show," May 5. Also this past week, George Schlatter sat still for a talk session with your Uncle Dwight. Herewith fragments therefrom: On Tommy Smothers: "I love Tommy. I wish he'd be quiet. He gets too involved, emotionally involved." On Senator Pastore: He's behind the times.

He follows the old adage that the average viewer has a 12 year old's mentality. That's not true. People are maturing. Television is 10 years behind the public is. Sen.

Pastore can have 1000 witnesses at a hearing complain about But look who's watching us! Fifty-four million people in a week, and over a three-week period 100 million other people will have tuned in. No Senator, no censor, can say to 1-M million people. 'You don't like Best Bets for Sunday Television Peyton They hit the phones and rallied other affiliates. Each affiliate is like a company store. ABC started to lose its stores.

A panic was on We were On the "Turn-On" format: "I made one big mistake At the top of the show-in a normal setting 1 should have explained it was highly experimental, with new style, new concept a disturbing show with built-in irritants designed to stimulate you. But coming on cold and not preparing the Peyton Plate viewer was too much. He expected a On "Laugh-In" sudden summer hiatus: "Herb Schlos-ser (NBC's West Coast program chief) bad a Ion; inventory of specials. Last November he decided to roll eight ef them in our time slot as soon as we finished our regular season. But we never televised show No.

26, one with Billy Graham. President Eisenhower died that week and NBC used our time for a special funeral program. After the eight specials, we'll return in June with the new Billy Graham show and four reruns. Then we are off until September. Xevt season we are signed for 26 new show and eight reruns." On other leading programs: ''The spread between us and No.

2 in program content is enormous meaning programs such as "Corner 'Family Affair and "May-berry' But people are not watching them, really. Those programs are like night lights, companion pieces as people knit, sew, talk, and walk in and out of rooms. A guy like Glen Campbell comes along and he explodes. People sit up and pay attention. People pay attention to 'Lucy' and our opposition.

They were never out of the Top 20 all year long. The first night we were off thi air. Lucy jumped 12 points." On commercial costs: is the highest in teleision. It'll boggle your mind: $65,000 a minute on new shows: $60,000 a minute on reruns." On Dinah Shore: "We had to make Dinah look good. Carolyn and I (Carolyn Raskin personally produced the showi started in TV with Dinah.

We debated. Do yougo safe? Or put her in today's bag? And how far do you go? Will we smother her with inventiveness? Will we go too far? Should we let her alone? We put her in today's bag and she came out sensational. She got a 45 share of the audience. Wow! I started with her on the old Chevy show. NBC warned.

'This man's nothing but trouble, Dinah." NBC kept firing me and Dinah kept hiring me, bless her." fcilk ill GEORGE SCHLATTER 'I wish Tommy'd be quiet" story in which Fred was going to tell Clarence where Henrietta was going to college, or something, and he got us. 'What's happening to my he wondered. 'Turn-On' was not dirty, but it was disturbing and it required enormous energy to watch. ABC replaced us with movies. The second one was 'The Chase' with Marlon Brando.

It featured extreme violence, incest, child molesting, wife-trading, arson and assassination." 10:00 2 Doctor's News Conference: "The Violent Animal." Agression and violence in animals as contrasted with man. 11:30 7 Issues and Answers: Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. 1:00 4 Meet the Press: Former Vice President (and Examiner columnist) Hubert Humphrey. 4 XBC Experiment in Television: "Bye, Bye Butterfly." The making of a contemporary motion picture using the Madame Butterfly theme.

4:30 5-The 21st Century: "Eyes in the Sky." A look at survey satellites that whirl around our globe. 5 The Government Storv: "Of the People" (PREMIERE). A series examining the Federal government from formation to the present. First program profiles the U.S. Congress.

Stephen Horn hosts. 7:00 5 Special: "The Wave Ma Newiey. Jenmier. the Clingers. Leigh French, Dolores Hall.

7 a Night Movie: Girls! Girls! Girl!" 1962 1 From TV Key: Elvis Presley, a fishing boat captain with shapely Stella Stevens on hand, sings and swings through this harmless bit of fluff." 20 Kup's Show: Jimmy Durante, Buckminster Fuller, Don Ho. 10:004 Special: "Broadway '69 the Tony Awards." Alan King and Diahann Carroll are co-hosts from the Mark Hellinger Theater. New York. Presenters include Dustin Hoffman, Jack Lemmon. Ethel Merman.

Robert Morse. Dick Benjamin, Patty Duke. Nominees include James Earl Jones. Donald Pleasence, Alec McCowen and the plays -'The Great White Hope." "The Man in the Glass Booth" and Hadrian VII." Dwight Newton chine." Four higher education leaders including S. I.

Hayaka-wa of S. F. State discuss their dealings with youth; student destruction of university property; problems of black fulfillment; desires for i a learning. 9 Firing Line: William F. Buckley Jr.

debates "Black Student Power" with John Coynes UC Berkeley; John Felder. Wisconsin; David Swe-dan, Brandeis. 8:00 -Ed Sullivan Show: The Chambers Brothers, Ken Berry. Julie Budd, Grace Markey. Peter Gennaro, Norm Crosby.

Pat Cooper. 9 Public Broadcast Laboratory: (1) The impact of TV commercials on children and an appraisal by semanticist S.I. Hay-akawa. (2) Mexican Americans, our "invisible minority." (Ml 5 Smothers Brothers: Anthony y' Wi Wi $100 Aeach Yonn gstersf favorites jit I JI PHILCO St Ite ArotacfiHo Who Had No SbeB S. B.

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by Tabaa,$555 S11 A Month SAN FRANCISCO: 871 MARKET ST. Circle the books of aw choice laWmaw oo ina Phone 421-3487 Monday, Thursday 'til 9 p.m. NAME- ADDRESS. OAKLAND: 12tIi crrr Phone 836-1 SIS Monday. Friday 'til 9 p.m.

1 CHARGE CHECK Pleas dd appropriat ms tM p-2S portage i0 Use your BaflkAmencard or Master Charge 53 Stonestown Mall, San Francisco 94132 6644702 430 Sun Valley Mall, Concord 94520 825-0111 360 Southland Malt, Hayward 94545 JW-7555 26 Serraqwnte Colter, Dahraty 9015 9M-1177 30 Vaffey Fair Center, Swi Jose 95128 248-5775 CONCORD FREMONT SAN RAFAEL i 402 SunVolloy Mall Northgal Contor 39141 fromont Hub hna 793.1144 Phono 4794115 1'myward mywawichmomoN I 2238 foothill Blvd. Southland Confer Macdonald Avo. 1 Fhono 537-1S1S fhon 782-5800 Phono 235-1 SIS A MondiyJfflfiy'tilJpJV dy thru FrKiaj 'W3 Fridaj IBS pmpF Mttiiy thru Fcidty 'W 9 pjn. I.

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