The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Nehru Discusses India's Problem Solution Rests With Indians, British Official In London is Told . LONDOK, . Dec. 4. (UP)—Pandit Jawaharla) Neltru, Indian congress party leader, said last' night that there can be no soluUpu of Uie;IncUau problem 'Unless the In- cliaiis lire left to solve It them- solves. Addressing a'British and Indian i gathering at Kingsway Hall after the second day'br I/mdon conferences on the: future ;of'India; Nel\- rn laid: . ' ;•'•• ... "So long as-there is Interference from a third'.party,- although it may'b« well intentioned, there can be i;o .solution." Nehru and Baldev Singh, all India 'congress leaders .it \vas learned today, ;'have decided definitely return, .to India Friday night. The - decision to leave Frjday[relief indicated Nehru's determination lo gadler - •Re-appointed THURSDAY. DECEMBER 5, 1916. with the 'constituent as-1 scmbly. opening Dec. 9. regardless of any- decisions made here by the government, Iras determined , lo-feliThi to' India whether or not tie is accompanied by Viceroy Viscount -Wtivell and Mohammed All Jinnnh,' Moslem leader. Jinnaii met will) prime Minister Clement H. 'today.'- * Nehru's, decision was ttikcn as an indication of acute disliannony 'In the London discussions. Nehru vasVsald lo have reiterated inuiiyj times ihat tlic constituent assembly must open Doc. 9. Some quarters reported Nehru hfld'sald that he was certain liri- tali) would not risk alienating tlie Congress Parly. The Arkansas 'Stale ClinpUr ol to.fnntile Paralysis silent more Prolonged Coal Strike to Dash Income Tax Reduction Hopes By 1,YI;H C. WILSON (lulled Press Staff Cum'spondenl WASHINGTON, Doc. 4.— Hope for early and substantial income tax cuts will fade fast if the coal strike is Hot soon settled. Here are the figures: * ~* -^— Tile commerce UepmimeiH estl- ^" ;„„,.»**_ D-»-:_* it " mates Hie nnmial rate of national *-'gareilc Receipts l/p Income -A Ill drop from $170,1)00,- 'As Gl's Dwindle COO.OOO to $150.000.000,000 iiflcr I wo monlhs of coal stoppage. The Treasury estimates'thai for every dollar clipped from the na- tlciiiil annual Income, ihc Treasury's iinnual revenue is reduced by New \Va.lentino? lOOAOO U. P.-Thc ex-Ob, \vl\o! r lux- Thls Is record expended In tlms, he said. Expenditures were listed _ ^ lows: Special nurses'and -jhyslealj petlllon ofr .scarce goodsi'The Tn'nVf) therauplsLs on hospital staffs, $3, '18 cents. $ reduction in annual Income over a 12-nujiUli period would cost llic Treasury $5.UOO,- i;uC,COO. Whether personal Income luxes could be reduced substantially oven II UK> national liu-oinc remained where 1L Is has been a mailer of sharp dispute. Tlid admlni.slvation l.s (in record ,nga1nsl any reduction. President Truman's argument against lax reduction at this lime Is Dial it would be unbusinesslike and uneconomic. Instead, he would economize but continue high nixes for. two prlncl|>al purposes. The firsl'is lo keep money out. of com- 0-18.65; braces, S2.072.SO; and hos- money and llic fcwci 1 y<xuls, liie lilghcr Hie prices, 'mat would be pitnl beds. $18,343.70. more Inflation. The second reason The State Chapter provjdes Is to divert excess Treasury rev- hospitali/ation, nursing fare and enne. If any, lo debt retirement, necessary braces for all victims Republicans arc divided on lax of ixjtio as pan of its yc>ar-roun<i reduction. House leaders are coin- fight ngainsL Ihe ravages r,f UK? milled lo an neross-thc-board 20 disease, Mr. Sadler said. per cent personal income lax .roll was also announced Unit. duclion .shortly after congress William H. Sadler hus again bcenj meets on Jan. :i. Some Inlliienlial Jewel Robbery Trial to Open In: Hot Springs HOT'.SPRINGS, Ark., Dec. 4. — (UPJ-^The Irial of George Coleman Foley, accused or participating'; ill' Ihe $54,000 jewel robbery of .the.'. Esskay Art Galleries here ,lnst-October, was to begin In Ciar- 'land Circuil court today after continuance was granted yeslerday al Irouble. the.-request of Prosecuting Attorney-Curtis Ridgwny. Pole-;/ was..arrested at a tourist camp in HOI springs shortly after ihe robbery. .Benjamin Tillcy c4 Boston, Mass., w hb also faces chargos In Ihe same case, was granted a continuance until the next lerm of court, m the request of ,. defense attorney James H. Campbell. • Tilley was arrested al his apartment in Boston several days after the gem lliefl. appoinled stale chairniai annual March ol oimes held in January of each yoar. i| Je Scnale Republicans appeal. with the shootings. Clements was arrested Nov. 2 after '2-year-old Junior Johnson and 10-year-old Leroy Wynn were killed and two other Negroes were injured. Officers said elements had been involved in a light earlier in Die evening un<( returned to ihc scene with a gun. They said, however, lliat Ihe .Negroes who were killed hud no connection with the earlier more cautious. They tirgne that the budget should be first balanced. economy-first program probably will prevail hi Ihe new Congress, regardless of coal strike, developments. FCC Chairman Named •WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. (UP) — The White House today announced MB; appointment ol Charles R. Dcn_ :>y. Jr.. us chairman of Ihe Kedern! Cuinmnti'%Uuns Commission. Head Courier News Want Adi Circuit Judge Critical Of Cleveland Grand Jury RISON, Ark., Dec. 5. — (UP) — .The next Cleveland County Grand Jury win be asked, lo iiivcsligatc Ihe killing of Iwo Negroes in Rison, afteV the present grand jury refused ,lo indict them yesterday. Judge John - M. Golden termed the-jury's failure to find witnesses who would admit seeing ihc shoot- Ing as "peculiar" He said he would have witnesses brought before Ihe next grand jury. Mennwhlle, Golden ordered Pan Clements',, a Kingsland farmer, helc under $7,500 .bond in conneclloi ANOTHER WAY TO PREPARE COFFEE Witt tatnue ue#U Adtl half the sugar to tlicorange juice; Slir un[il.<!iss!n\'cd. Fold remaining su»3.- iiuo die \\ tup- ped crciim; ad*!! vattilla. I'onr llic tir;\ill;c juice inio flCC/jag iray of your rcfrigcriiof: pile ' whipped crcxin fuixturc on lop. l r rcc?c untiE firm. Pour freshly made codec over ific cracked ice in (all glasses. Add a lari;e spoonful of [lie frozen mixture on lop...Serves ' SUNSMIN; ICED COFFEE d disp. pmvtltfrc^l I cup onn(;t' juice I cup heavy cream, wliirmed 1 lip. r.inill,i •I cum iliiulilc iirt.ii:.!, cnKfC (Grand I'riie, Tjsi-CiuoJ ai -1-arly Urc .l.f n[...«liiclicvcr )<,u UHLllly'lllf) (.Vjcldl i tc £L^ NgES^,/^ '-'-.r^iW'S-r'// V • uaf,6« GRAND PRIZE and TAST-GOOD pnkl cnly ;i nickel a pack for rot rigarelies overseas, Is |)aylns: lull iirite al ihe corner dni^ lore tiKain— and the tax relurns how H. Tlie Federalion ol Tax Adminis- ralors re|)orls that increased ln s i ate;; and a morn plpiitlful domes- ! Ic supply also have contributed I o ihe boom in cinarelle. and to- iicco co|lccllons. The fcdcrullon s«l<l collecllons' , , . . , n 31 -stales for the first six months! Al " lo ll)sls ' e " te of many movie i! in<(i lolaled $112.000.000, us 1 (|i"-'ens and olher Hollywood oinpared with $(H.800,OQo hi Hid' tl a ' s . black-haired, boudoir- imt! 1945 peiind. ' eyed Don Avulier, hcadwaiter in -- - ! ;i plushy Hollywood restaurant, ,, ,. ... i has been screen-tested for Ihe More llian oiip-nlnlli of Hnn-i ary's 8.(KH.O(X) lesldenLs live role of Rudolph Valentino, lale yreut slai- of silent films in (he Twenties. Chiropractic for Health Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 DR. TORSTEN LINDQUIST> Neuro Calomeler Service Guard Bldg., 209Vi W. Main Phone 3170, BlythevUle, Ark. Infant Suffocated in Crib While Aboard Airliner TAMPA. Fin.. Dec. 5. (Vi\ -Tampa officials ruled lhat no Inquest wus necessary in the dentil ol an Infant boy aboard an Fasl- crn Airlines plane en route from New York to Miami. As Ihc plane neared Tamua ycs- lerciay. Mrs. A. D. Annear, ol Houndurcok, N. J., saw ihal her Ihree-inonlhfi-old son, James, was lying face downward in Ills portable crib. She found Ihal he was unconscious and notified, Ihe ship's pilot. He radioed for physicians and an ambulance to meet Ihc flight al Ihe Tampa airport. A (lector found the child dead when the plane landed, ft was believed thai it had become entangled In its blankels and siilio- Don't Neglect A Bronchial Cough Due To A Cold Vt r h*n your rnli! brin£« on * natty trouble- ».»ni« hroncKijI caii||li. *fxnd 4) c 41 aur J/uii «o/c lor * haul* ol DUCKLKVS CANAU1OL MIXTUHIi—iriplt «.ii.. u —lo rcli«v> ctHIK' 1 ' 1 ^ '-*"• ^'!*• * lu*|ioBnfiil ^||J ImlJ it on iKr longLi* • in.imenl. |F><^ l .„!, iplfv I Lklti d! , HUCKl.KY'S MIXrUHb li''l" l"OMn up lliirk, «licky init-ii«d ilirodt inciiibutKi iKli''>B *r*tl>- li...w. UUCKLIiVS— (ollt Til> xl.rr* « rciu^'h niiicuir rtji lob. kk«it BUCKLE-IY'S <Fii *>iy n«>[ tim* i colj Lini:. luibborn r.mcli — find ,o.,J it !, lor id,. G>i BUCKLEY'S <li. u,,[ la, round! ,,ui K l,, .!,,, [.. . CANADIOI. MIXTUKI: — mad O. S. A. — TOIJAV — .t ill drill WOOICS DICUG STORK IlOTHItOCK DRIKJS (JITY DRUG STOKK catcd. Tlie sliip was delayed mosl an hour while an aulopsy was ma<lc. for Talking Mail Box. Sells Air Mail Service MOLING, ILL. u. P.--C!lizsns here were miiuiy startled when they passed a talking mall box with u Hair for languages. It was the idea of T. V. Davis, postoffice foreman, lo promote air mall service. Poslal employes speaking Swedish, Belgium, polish and English in the mall box. ffc • •llBVji SORETHRMT rf IM to * f»U... U t a U tt le t ime-testeU in your mouth ... works fine! ANNOUNCEMENT Pharmacist, Tor- Tennessee, luis' Mr.' James JO. .I5owe.ii, merly of Memphis, been added to our personnel. This is another stop taken by our firm to accommodate our customers and lo fill their prescriptions quickly aiul nc- curately. ROTHROCK DRUG STORE 205 W. Main Phone 451 OUCA COLD WAVE at home easier than ever before.. with profeisional type PLASTIC CURLERS NO OTHER HOME KIT OFFERS THVS FEATURE ittmr Ksam SALON ftto Wfcrfj COLD WAVE PERMANENT Now, a perfect cold wave permanent in 2 to 3 hours in your own home. No guesswork! Portrait Plastic Curlers «re so wind. Portrait is ideal for children's fine hair, too!- Portrait guarantees soft, natural-looking waves that last as long as $20 beauty salon permanent-: Your money back if not completely satisfied. WOODS DRUG STORE $149 • !nus • TAX cowpini WITH 50 PLASTIC CUSIES5 .r Haslte Curleri con be r«- uierf. For futwa p*rmanenti buy o Portrait Refill Kil. Contain* everything except airlerj, $3 j GENERAL TIRE & ft Quiet Running of straight, free-rolling ribs Quick-stopping safety of "a'ction-traction" ,JV Vf Safer extra mileage of more natural rubber 1 ft Blowout protection of j$jj£ ' "$$0 extra carcass strength *§?* *•?*>* •*-\*» COSTS MORE...WORTH MORE UV RUNS LIKE THIS I. frc.c-rolling rili-* of more natiirnl rulibor rwn Mi\i>olhly, qmclly. NII trc;ul "knolis" |o cause roatl |>utjrnl- in>:. \o sway on slinrp nines. I-'nsy s1C<-ring. Nun-ru pping. Slou, cvttv >vc»r . . . l.nngrr milrii}-<-. STOPS LIKE THIS Apply Ihr l.rnkcs 1111 - uistmitl>• — M ITIO.N- TKAf 'I'U)S (nifs lo worli.i y ippiti^ uny roaii ."iirfacc **%.: <m-<-i. <>n ronils, I hi* Squrogcc rt i :u! .MrtT/i.s ih« ^»M^l l ^ nhcad , . . (»/(>< n.s n dry Inii'k Tor :t quirk, ^Iruighl !p|t. D£.' 1 i,V£ CM YOUR GSNKRAL T/RC HEADQUARTERS TOH H-.£ BfSr iW K'E^' r/RES . . . TffiE S£-RWCE . . . QUALITY RECAPPING . . . BATTERIES . . . ACCf:S£03fES . . . LOW COST EASY TIME PAYMENT PLAN. COME IN VOD/.y AND SEC HOW COMPLETELY WE ARE, SET UP TO SERVE VOl. 11 fiv& r—Genera! Tires and Tubes COMPANY Exclusive Biythevilie Deale 416 East Main Street Phono 2201

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