The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 18, 1969 · 26
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 26

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1969
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0an 5rranti0C0 Sxaminer Friday, April 18, 1969 I Rosemary Is Expecting Again, " By Jeanne Miller LITTLE RIVER (Mendocino County) American In-" ternational Pictures is using this wind-swept, mist-shroud-T cd coastal area to provide atmosphere for a new film called "Dunwich," starring Sandra Dee and Dean Stock-.t.welL The plot, as it was outlined to me, deals with an innocent girl who is seduced by the Devil so that she , might give birth to a Satanic monster. - Does it sound somehow familiar? mm . Daniel Haller, who is di-l - reeling the film, laughingly denied that the popularity " of "Rosemary's Baby" in-l spired the production. " "It's sheer concidence," - he twinkled. "Our film is . based on a supernatural tale by H. P. Lovecraft who worked at the turn of the century. "However, we are not making a Gothic horror story. We want a much more F - - f - - SANDRA DEE 'I've made 25 rotten films" contemporary image one that will bring witch-ercraft and necromancy into ian area of credibility, at Jeast to some extent." Miss Dee, a forthright, "disarming girl, feels that her role is more provocative than her bland ingenue ; characterizations of the past. "I've made 25 films," she said, "and all of them Swere rotten. That's bell cause I was hung up with Jan exclusive contract at Universal since I was a "mere child. And I never got a good role. The only fairly decent pictures I ever did were on loan-outs to other studios, but even at that they weren't too FRANK GORSHIN FINAL WEEKS! ftftEA600DMAN, CHAJoJc dWU SUNDAY MATINEES! 2 AND 5 P.M. CHILDREN UNDER 16 AND OVER 68 HALF PRICE SEATS NOW! Downtown Canter Box Office 325 Mason Street, S.F. 776-2021 All Sear and Macy't itoret Little Fox Theatre All mall orders to: Downtown Center Box Office Group Salee call 391-7996 e PERFORMANCES e Sunday Aft. Matinee at 2 and 6; Seats, $3.75 4 $4.75 Tuesday WednesdayThursday evot. at 6:30; Seats, $3.75 & $4.75 Friday evgs. at 630, Saturday evgs. at 7:30 10:00; Seats, $4.50 $5 50. LITTLE FOX THEATRE SPclc' SSI 1 KEITH ROCKWELL PRESENTS O MUSICAL COMEDY "5th YEAR o o o o O 'rkly 30 ON STAGE q Sot. 8:00 t 10 JO 434-1008 good. "Universal kept promising to change my image and let me grow up, but they never did. So now that I'm free, I intend to pick and choose my roles with great care. "The reason I decided to do 'Dunwich was because I couldn't put the script down once I started reading it. I had read so many that I had to plow through, just because I promised someone. Even if this movie turns out to be a complete disaster, I guarantee it will change my image." Miss Dee then declared that she will not do the nude scene which is called for in the script. "I don't object on moral grounds," she said. "If a girl has the body and flair to appear nude, more power to her. But even in the privacy of my own bath room, I rush to drape myself in a towel the very moment I step out of a shower. So how could I appear naked before a whole crew? "That's why I don't do television. I'm just too shy rasa? tin? IM : TOMORROW AT 11 :00 AM AND 2:00 PM MARINES' MEMORIAL THEATRE Sutter t Mason Street ALL TICKETS $2.00 P TICKETS HOW: MACY4SH. CLAY' UVENTRITT AWARD WINNING PIANIST ROMAN RUDNYTSKY OPERA HOUSE-S.F. EX 7-0717 SAT. EVE. APRIL 19 -830pm Seats 2-3-4 1 5 NOW it Shermaa Clay (EX 7-0717) & Macy's aTlCKETS NOW!e SEE MOTHER GOOSE... She Really Lived! of San Francisco's most unusual attraction. vstr 500 entertaining . and educational exhibit. FISHERMAN'S WHARF Jefferson at Taylor epen every day 10 AM til 10 PM forinfo: call 771-6188 'Remarkable-ind in S.F." 1st S.F. Showing PICASSO "EROTICA" The controversial collection of signed lithographs which caused TIME to oxclaimt "One orotic scene after another1 Twi wiikt nl bet Tin April I CORY GALLERY 177 ear or Mesea, I.F. Ope 7 doysj 10 a.m.-midnight ADULTS ONLY - 6HIRARDELLI SQUARE Mi 3 LIVELY. ARTS FILM f ; "v-'S - rym'. - ' :; J': -ft jjreia kHz? -tN jJ 1 MMMMI I III lir - f II I I IIMIII.IIII DEAN STOCKWELL, ON LOCATION AT LITTLE RIVER "Dunwich" demon with designs on Miss Dee and nervous. I appeared once on the Johnny Carson and Joey Bishop shows and 0 III Direct, front-. "CASINp;FARIS 'V X7-f fes Vegas W fesy nd SftCWtJWMEOY STAR j? J t('&2 S PATMORITA "The Hip Nip" Musical Director: Bill Reddie TICKETS- 3 ?fl-4 10-5 10 X. Mil Sears ft oil Reg. Agencies TICKHS: $3.50-4.50-5.50 & 6.50 Sears & all Reg. Agencies y " ffl .V;r.i ffJMfli LAINIE KAZAN Special Guest Star JOHN HARTFORD (singer-composer of TICKETS: $3.50-4.50-5.50 & 6.50 Sears & all Reg. Agencies ."DELIGHTFUL! , . . Anyone looking lor a dmlmrtly pli-anurable erening nrfi look lurlhrr than the roptivattnf nroHurtion ol 'The Dent'g Dimple' Sinre tht in aw 0 the hithlet.1 anrf matt eattty relished ol alt pa.vs, there' no rhanrr that you won't enoy it. The ACT nut u 0 dihfhl to watch. Do f tee it. You II he fralrlul!" Stanlry F.ii'hrlliaiim, 8 F. Eiamlnrr TONIGHT 0:30, ALSO:ARll 24(Mtl), 26 2 MMRlMkSM-m MM IS MKM 3Jik!iil3JUdJJi'l.l.'J IMiHUMI' 1:I4H j:l7.WI.'M1Vff?Tl Tonight at 8:30-Marines' Memorial Theatre THE ARCHITECT & THE I "A TRIUMPHANT PRODUCTION ... A SHATTERING EXPERIENCE WE RECOMMEND." Paine Knickerbocker, S.F. ChnnUlt Paul foster .' ! TOM PAINE Thurs. and Fri. - 8:30 P.M. 747 Beach St. FUTZ! Saturday 8 & 10 P.M. 885-5146 B cm T ME BUCK WHITE THE BEAUTIFUL BLACK MUSICAL STARRING Bit BUCK Tonight 1:30 PM CORIITTEEOniloMiRYrHtATER V JJ a a t Ptrformaiicei t torn: Sunders at 4:00 an 7:30WedneseyThuraaai Ml at 1 30: Setts: t? 75. 13 71, 14 75 Frldar SMin 118 30. Saturtfay tveninis at 7 30. 10 30: Setli: 13 50. J SO. 15 SO. Student OiKWnts. tirfcrti avtttaMe at amt tftdMf aat alltces. far tntwmatioa and mwMtioflS ptiane: tM-Uja, THEATER I nearly died of fright. TrOT, tv drama is too unnerving for me. They shoot TOMORROW at 7 & 10 P.mTV llkm I U a A am aa w aunuAi ii a & o r.M. 6 SiS& J, ONLY! at Cirelo Star Bai OH ire - MorVt. FOR INFO. CAU. 365-0565 JJ FRI.APR.25at 8:30 .3 SAT.APR.26at Pro7, 7 & 10 p.m. rr. at Circle Star Box Office - Macy's, FOR INFO. CALL 365-0565 FRI., MAY 2 at 8:30 1 SAT., MAT 3 lw a III If I SUN., MAY 4 at 8:30 "Gmtfe oa My Mind") at Circle Star Box Office - Macy's. FOR INFO. CALL 365-0565 kW eiKtM U 00 (F. M. (J.eN EulPiRuH OF RSSUHII A black miOKil ntlti. plenty el em! A shoe worth seeinf ...remarltably tlite and kkkinf.,, wry rooT tcof...the eicellent ill-mik cast tre splendidly hinn...micenimenr Iris in! vital. EnioyaM inlertiinrntnt!" -EICMEIBAUM, If. tXAMINlH ' , . "BTBW is I slid Hi the cool work) . . . loot nS by Oscar Brown, lr.... magnificent performinoi ky Big Black. ..stimulating t enjoyabht...fKr-kody ought to see it!" -BALPH QLCASON, I F. CHRONICLC "ACts...A6nryScene." -BARBARA BLAOEN, IAN MATCO TIME! "Go See Big Time Buck White' -WASSERMAN. If. CHRONICU F , MUSIC ABT ft Page 26 in Mendocino like the wind and it's all too fast and too tense. I really like movies better." Stockwell, who plays the demon with designs on Miss Dee, is a laconic man whose mind seemed miles away when we caught him on a windy hill between takes. The former child star has been somewhat inactive professionally for several years except for some . work he did for BBC in London. What does he plan after "Dunwich?" "I live only one day at a 5e," he replied cryptically.' 'SENSATIONAL! ONE OF THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSICALS!" Archie Winsten, Post QJrWVT OUJinZTV "A GREAT MOVIE!" &LJLsM nnxbmMsjf -co.m.pnr.n ...JmWsEfrMblUNE . JOHN BIB-IMUffl-PHUKHlf-SBraiE A UNIVERSAL PICTURE TECHNICOLOR 70MMTANAVISI0N WITH FULL DIMENSIONAL SOUND TICKETS NOW AT BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL Box Office Open 12 to 9 for I AC EE ANTONIO DE ALMEIDA "An excellent conductor, supple, precise and elegant." Le Monde, Paris PAUL RENZI, Flutist of "phenomenal virtuosity." ted. JaeriMl Performing: IBERT, Flute Concerto Also: HAYDN, Symphony No. 98 SAINT-SAENS, Symphony No. 3 TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. OPERA HOUSE ' Tlckt:OproHoo Box Office: 86 1-4008 Sherman Clay Box Office: 397-071 7 Conteit le be rapteted Sat. April 19 at 1:13 p.m.. Foothill Collage, Los Altos Hills GRACE CATHEDRAL CONCERT SERIES FRIDAY, APRIL 25th, AT 1:30 P.M. RICHARD PURVIS & ORCHESTRA Gerhard Samuel, Conducting World Premier of "Piace Symphoniqut" by Purvis. A Concert for Organ I Orchestra Tickets: $7.50 (Patron's) Gen. Adm. $2 ond $1. On sale at Grace Cathedral Gift Shop, 1011 Taylor St., Macy's Ticket Service and Downtown Center Box Office. SSE'.ISpm I WIZARD of OZ EVERY WEEK at 'at 1 aXuKaal .!?aBHal $.l:'.:iBaar Backing up director Hall-er's contention that "Dunwich" will be several notches above American International's usual exploitation dramas, there is a fine supporting cast. Ed Begley. plays the most heroic figure an esoteric college professor who is a student of the occult and determined to save Miss Dee. The cast also includes Sam Jaffe, as Stockwell's demon grandfather; Lloyd Bochner as a rural doctor who delivers a monster child, and Joanna Moore Jordan who commented, "I niay the Ruth Gordon role of a friendly neighborhood witch." TOIJITE 8:30 SCHEDULE OF PERFORMANCES . MT1 jUAii abik I MATINEES: Wedneadoy 2 00 PJA. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 2 00-5:lS P.M. EVENINGS: Sunday thru Thursday 8:30 p.m. Friday, Sat, Holidays and Eves, at" Holiday S:30 p.m. Tickets: Soar, Mocl end SharmanClay OoMand (iroup And sganiaanon Into, tall 362-4822 SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY inline CONDI CTCX ad 1 MUSIC MKECT0R COMMITTEE Montgomery THEATRE ITicaets: 3 50, 4.50, S.50 BERKELEY COMMUNIH THEATEI . FRI. APRIL 25 S:30 IAU) ladialay RecordCity 2340 Telegraph Ave. TH 1-4652 IAU MAIL ORDERS.: 5nerman Clay B O. 2135 Iroadway Oakland 444-8575 MASONIC AUDITORIUM S.F. SAT. APRIL 2o 1 30 IAU MAIL ORDERS: Downtown Cantor 1.0. 325 Mo.on St. . Son Francitco PR 5-2021 SAN JOSE CIVIC AUDITORIUM SUN. APRIL 27 I JO SAU t MAIL ORDERV, Son Joaa Boa office 12 Town A Country Village 246-1160 Inc. stamped aoH-eddrened en. AQcewshosfartsWed.. clhe (Oommitteeo Vaudellas Out, Youth Choir in Illness has forced the cancelation of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas from the UC Jazz Festival, April 26. They will be replaced by the Ed Hawkins Singers, formerly the Northern California Youth Choir whose A CLASSIC ON KUNG "THE HERO BkUH UI1IUI1 SA 1-424 EXCLUSIVE SAN tlMUAOEUENT "AVERY FUNNY AND EXHILARATING FILM" Stanley Eichelbaum S.F. Examiner "GENTLE CHARMING AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY RECOMMENDED" Paine Knickerbocker S.F.Chronlcle '.:;r:iy!: . . 1 rAHAMIHNMiniHSI'HISINIS e:ciiiiYi;. lASiomiHi iwvtuABTPmiPHOiM RICHARD BENJAMIN JACK HL IViaCUlWV ABMIUSOUMSN IHIlPROIH SIAMIYHyjII lAW(HirO iKASSOCWION IWJlfCTH isaiE 3 UTofla iQ.- 1133 i?iTn t i jflra n: " I t'i 1 I a is currently high on th charts. TomI Postponed A concert by the rock group Womb, originally set for Sunday at the Jewish Community Center, has been postponed until Sunday, April 27 at 3:15 p.m. Admission will be fre) to all teen-agers. - - FU & MARTIAL ARTS! OF HEROS" Co-Hit "Madly in Lore" FRANCISCO Every father's daughter ' is a virgin Bv the author of T 'Portnoy's Complaiqt" KLUGMAN nMiMPtiMri f. 'Syr a sjr aal .6 ,. Also Selected color' Featurettes Wed.,Sat. & Sun. 1:30,3:40,5:50 8:00 & 10:10pm. Other days6:10, , e:;u & ig:30prrT. Sun. Matinee 4-7 MAX ROACH Show nightly at 9:30 p.m. 5 MSiirMHillii WIAk i .!' 1 1 iv i - 'Tsnn ?vt4i?p tllIlIlTlIllltflllinitftTTTrTreT

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