The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 7
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THUHSDAY, UKCKMKfelK 5, 1!M(5 BI,YTHEVI1,LB (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS StateGovernmeni Aff* • I t* f lOtficials Confer Arkansas Comptroller Elected to Office at Meeting in Florida MIAMI BI3AOH, Pla., Dec. 5. <VP> —State legislatures were urged to, dny to co-ordinate aviation efforts imcicr silKjIe agencies for development of airpart programs, anci to I'UegriUe administration of job- IKiidiiiK and unemployment compen- "ytlon offices. The bsard of managers ol the council of state governments, end- mfj u two-day conveiUion here, I approved resolutions calling for clenr-cul definition of state and federal resonsiUililics in many fields. The couticil called attention to "collosal waste" of public funds through overlapping re.spon.s^'iUity for veterans' affairs, and urged the drawing o( a clear line of demarcation. It also agreed on the need lor Mi:veying the over-all grant.s-in-flid system, in hope of gaining, simplification ot financial and admlnis- Irative policies. Executive Secretary Prank Bane was directed to make the study. Integration of tiie employment service, recently returned to the states by Washington, with unemployment compensation offices wiw askerl of all slates which have not done Sunset Home is Quickly Provide For Elderly Couple in Memphis 'PAGE THIRTEEN By NKA Service so. It mis pointed out that MEMPHIS, Tenu, Dec. employment could be boosted, and!~ Gllt of a simple • to u newspaper, a hcniii MacArthur Invokes Ban WASHINGTON, nw. 5. clll'i •Gen. DoiiRla.s Miu'rtithur has banned I he re-brondrast In Jnpnti "I the Stale Department's "Voice of America" programs, it was Iciu today. Informed officials said thn NU pveme allied eonuiuuuii'r fell H visublc to Imve on-ilic-.siiol sulH'i'Vl- sion of maloiial lo IhO. Japanese peophv lite Kuiloi'a niissiotinry women de cided that in later ycui's Ills homo will Ije used bv other njinl couples.' ! They gfivi- their ans.u>r ID Mil lei, and he gave It in Memphis oil I he front |;.vne of the I'rcss-Sclm- tir. All that happened Just a fc»' weeks ago. A grandson ol ilio founder of the church be^an luak- Injj the home a reality with n donation of $100. There were many "fieri; of Iniwl; the olmrch Itself (tedded lo donate n part ol ils own giounds. charily hcgl'inlnK <>t home. An architect tit-sinned uliut Memphians nuw nie callliUT "(he i'nnsci Home;" tie giivr the plans nnd blueprints. Another man uavfl a bedroom mite. A gardener will landscape the house LI.S hl.s conul- i'ullon; ,-m electrician wlli wire it as lii.s share. As the rush money passed "i ( Jljfl!) mark, nlcing uitll 'lie i^itt.' eash viilue hasn'i br"n lli;- med, the women of the lii Mlsslrmiuv circle jue looking Ke yond White Hintinn. They have hopes llielr "Sun'iP Hume" Irlea will siiic'ad lo church e.s all over the country. Man temlernefis !'. iisswlali'il |||>,. r . The Mnnller the Ilbor, ViHli llic diameter of Kir musclo tendetrr the merit. compensation cut, by jmvinc claimants on record with the job service. Arkansan Elected • Establishment of .state aviation agencies by the 44 legislatures which meet in 1947 was proposed, to enable one body to handle all airport planning for cities and counties. It was suggested that federal grants for airport construction i]i each state be .spent only on approval of the agency. Gov. Millard Caldivell, of Florida, chairman of the National Governors' conference, was elected president of the council to succeed retiring Gov. Edward 'Martin of Pennsylvania. Martin was made a manager at large for five years, as was Sen. John W. Van Ness, of Indiana; Complrollei John J Truempcr. of Aikansas, anil Mrs Bernice T. Vandcrvries, a member of the Illinois legislature. in which j aged couple can spend their 1st days together is slowly grow- ng to reality. The letter, which was received ly Ralph Milieu, associate editor >f the Memphis Press-Scimitar, ;aid: "Won't you help us set a place? We. are 72 years old. We have been married 45 years and don't want ,o be separated." And the answer came Irani the women of the Missionary Circle of :he Eudora Baptist Church at White Station, who firmly believe that charity should begin at home. They decided the answer should be a comfortable little hcmc to be ei our • ns v>'i' used by this couple together anonymous so long a-, aged Ihey Stern Strike Stand Urged By McKellar MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Dec. 4.—(UP —Sen. Kenneth D. McKellar, D Tenn.. today urged President. Truman to continue his stand in the ccml strike crisis and ^edared^ that John L. Lewis "is being untrue and - unpatriotic toward • the' gov.- crnmcht.of the United states." Terming the coal strike "indefensible", the senior Tennessee senator declared Hint Lewis "has done a great wrong to ,coal miners and organized labor generally.' 1 McKcllar. president pro temporc | ot the Senate under a Democratic ' controlled Congress and receit'.y reelectcd to a sixth term in the senate, declared that no person or orRanizntion in the U. S. should ; attempt to be stronger than the government. He \vrolc President Truman that "I believe the great body of the American people will stand behind you in the fight you are making." He urged that the government "sc every available means to mine coal during the crisis. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Doctors Myyourfcjilneys contain 15 miles Cftinj-tubesorfilters which help to purify Uic blood and keep you healthy- \Vhcn (hey ccl tired and don't work ri^ht m llic ilnylimo. many people linve loco tup nights. Fn-nucnV crscanty pnsinues with Eniarlin sand burning Bometitned sh'nvs there, is Komi'thinc V.TOJIP with your kidneys or M.iiMcr. Don't neislecl Ui is condition nmllgse valuable, restful sleep When disorder of kidney function normiti Poisonous matter to remnin in your.Moad, il Myabo muse napkins; backache, iheumnlic pains, IP** pains, loss of pep *n<l energy ajvellmg; puffinees under tho eyes, headaches and dizziness. Don't weit! Ask your dnipiTist for Doan's Pills, a stimulant diiirclic. itK&l successfully hr millions for nv«r -10 years. Dnan'a RJVC relief and will help the 15 miles of knlney tubes lliisn out. poisonous your blood. Get Doaa's Pilh. alu fr Tablet Honors Pioneer In Building Acoustics BOSTON U. P.—A tablet has been creeled at Symphony Hall in Bos- Ion to Prof. Wallace Clements Sabine. whose studies of acoustics "ncbly scivcd the art of music." Sabine. who died in 1919, w;is the acoustical architect of Symphony Hall, which, as n result, of hi.s work. \vas the "first auditorium in the world to be built in known conformity with acoustical laws." Sabine was the first to determine \vith scientific accuracy the exact relation of dimensions, proportion! and structural materials to goodt acoitsliccs. | •o THE MACl'C MILLER'S IXOUR. Baking Mjdc Easy! for »lf.round baking success. y°u'JI fin-1 THE MAGIC MILLER'S OEST FLOUR the most relrab'e. A'so. vow'" be delighted whh Ibj many handy !hin E s you fan make f/onv ihe colored print sack. IT'S SENSATIONAL! ...START YOUR SET TODAY! ALL THESE PIECES AVAILABLE 9 Dinner plales • Pie plates • Meat platters • Vegetable bowls • Cups and saucers (one unit) • Cereal bowls • Sauce dishes • Sherbets • Sugar bowl • Creamer • Salt and peppers (one unit) • Cream soups • Tumblers. Here «cc tfc* 14 wmn«r« in (fi« Old Judgt Cefftt Con(*it. 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Mri.Wiltio-n Xoivlng, 51-louiv 7, OLD JU The coffee wifh the"f/avor booit" ol slHiil- h liorlzoiualiihc iwnte, which lit Ihc liorUon, lirncr I the Greek*. vu dftn It by TWICE AS GOOD! HfiBE WITI TWISTEI l«lll Fll MUE WITI FIRE WHITE FMfj|;p;§g|||fs IOIBLE YOU SKVIN8S DINNERWARE Krogor's Hot Dated S P O T L I G H T Coffee.. 3 Ib. bag 89c One Pound Bog Only 31 c READ WHAT H. M. (MAC) HURT, KROGER MASTER BAKER AND HEAD OF MEMPHIS BAKERY, SAYS: "I've worked with Ki-n^r for 2(1 years mill I've never Inikcil u whiter, finer-textured hreiul. Milking it with Iwislal iloui'.li (lives » snfler, more even texture. I 1 'very goMen-ertisleil lunf is sim\vy-vvhilc mid vclvvl-siiiootjt inside. I know vim fini'l hny n lirlli-i Intij flitni Hi;;,,!. 1 ' COLLECT A COMPLETE SET AT THIS LOW PRICE SNOWDRIFT Limit T It Lasts While 3-»p. Jar 1 ,23 WESSON OIL 450 Limit I While It Lasts Pint Sot. SALMON Limit J While SUPER SUDS Limit 7 V CORN Mcrriinoc Red No. '/ 2 Can Limit J While It Lasts Limit 1 While It Lasts Lgc, Pkg. Pride of Illinois No. 2 Can 33< 33^ 18c Canned Food Specials CcHjnlry Club—No. Z'/i ('mi KRIllf COCKTA1I, C'niintrv Out)—'No. 'ZVi Ciin .'KAOHKS, Kliccd or Hulvcs (.'oiintry C.'liih-—No. 'i C;tn API'I.K HAUCK Kxtvji Standard TOMATOKS, No. C;in Country t'lulj — No 'i I* HAH, I.Jtrrjc Swccl Slokol.v While—No. 2 C;in CORN, Ociim Style Slokolv's Cuf—No. (;KKKN HKANS Can V s 95 53 55 55 55 65 4 ,,» 3' (ir> A,on T 2 2 2 8 6 4 4 4 4 4 ! Humko Jewel J-Lb. Crtn. :i I'ounrt dull. 2!i riairt or Krlf Rising I'liuntis ;i I'ound C*rlon Kmbawny I't. 25c. (}t. 1 ' ' '1 H Boxes Prices in This Ad Good in Both Blytheville Kroger Stores SHORTENING SPRY FLOUR """"" PURE LARD SALAD DRESSING DIAMOND MATCHES SODA CRACKERS RICE MEAL FLOUR BABY FOODS OLIVES CATSUP Country Club 1 ? Lb. Lb. Pkg. White 25 Lbs. Gold Modal 5 Lbs. 39c 10 Lbs. 7Sc 37* 123 17» 115 45 23' 23< 13< 1,29 25 Lbs. 1.75 Clapps Gerbers 6 Hollywood Stuffed Country Club PEAS Green Giant Cans 5 oz. 14 o*. Bottle No. 2 Can BULK LARD SALT MEAT PORK LOIN ROAST Butt or Shanl < Hal{ Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. GROUND BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK BAKING HENS PORK SAUSAGE ROSE FISH FILLETS Fresh Daily Grade "A" Table Dressed 1 Lb. Roll Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. 570 Texas Seedless Sweet and Juicy Full-o- Milk GRAPEFRUIT TANGERINES COCOANUTS DELICIOUS APPLES GRAPES ONIONS SPINACH POTATOES POTATOES SWEET YAMS 10 Lb. Bag 2 Lbs. Box 22 Lbs. Red Emperor Sweets U. S. No. 7 Yellow Globe Fresh Green Home Grown Red Triumph Idaho Bakers 2 Lbs. 4 ' Lbs. Lb. 250 . 150 179 350 150 90 10 Lb - )!*>• Mesh Bag ijjf 10 Lb. jPf. Mesh Bag Jj(. U.S. No. 7 if\* Washed Lb. JUf * Right Reserved to Limit Quantities — No Sales to Dealers

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