The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 1
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FAGE EIGHT (ABK.) COtmiEH NEWS Operation DtaboUooF , JULY 3, TM BLYTHEVILI,E COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NF.WS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher EARRY A. HAINKS, Asfislanl Publlltwr A. A. FREDHICKSON, Editor PABL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sol« National Advertising Representatives; Wallace Widner Co., New York, Chicago, Delroit, Atlanta. Memphl*. EnlefPd B£ second clsr* ma'tor at the rxwt- o«ioe at Blytheville, .Arkansas, under act of Con- reem, October fl. 1917. Mr-mhcr o! The A.-wiat/id Prut SUBSCRIPTION RATFR: BT carrier in the city of Hlytlirville or anj suburban t/iwn where earner -servire I* maintained, 2Sr per »-erV. By mall, within a rmli'i' nf .so mites. IS 00. pr year, » (or i>* months, (1 2S lor Hire* months; by mall outside M mile zone. Jl^iO per yen: payable in Advance. Meditations Only /ear Hie 1/ird. and vrve him In truth ullh all j'onv hrarl: for rnmlilnr linu- ercal tliines hf h«th rlone for yiui.—I Siimuel 12:21. • • • Henceforth the MajeMy of llori rincrr: Fear him and you have nothing el--r lo (car. —Fordyce. Barbs Young girls no": are roiJer skating End oldnr BirU dancing—pving both a chance to "sit this one out." * * M KaUns tip to (at people—the ruad to Llihmess (4 just around Uie btntl at Ihc waM. * • + When (he neighbor's chirkeris eet Into your garden, why be foolish enough to =hoo them home —*-ith today's prices? * • * An IHImns vim>nn w-',« ^riestrd Icr 'rriiklnc ^ rtior winilow. No wrinian .likes lo sec a dress thaTs JoM Uke hers. « * * We UFfd fo be merely pmssod by high prir<y= — noir we're being taken to thp cleaners. Campaigns Warming Right Along with Weather Comes summer, and vviUi it ()liit- forms, charges and rcmniniTlinrKPs PS- pecially with DIP Arkansas Kiilipnintnr- ifll campaign wnrmiiiK up riphl alnnjr wiDi the wpather. Jkp .Mnrry and Hnyd Tsckett (fot Ihitift'.s n)lling- ypslcrd.iy. Let'? tnke a Innk nl what thry $ai(l. Miirry ramp ouf wild a prpll.y comprehensive pint form. Scmir nf I lip lipst features of it include public and competitive btddinj; on all sM.ilp pnrcha?ps under supervipion nf a jmrehasiti},' nRpnl named by a rp-orp;nii/pd l'"iKca| (Vmlrnl Board; complntiov; of the IligliwHy Audit and provisions for nil annual highway audit; and a constitutional nmond- ment wliirh would liuiil a guvni'nor ID two terms. .,. Tile Attorney (Jpiipral also snys \\f can cut a flat 12 per cent fnuu state administrative costs. All in "II, a preUy amhilious (H'osrrani, And fmm mn?t HS- ppcls, a .sound one. \\ e <]nMht iii;if .MMI - - ry can effect the s:i\inv's he prfdiclrd, but \ve can heire for the host in the event that he is elected. By this time, the people of Arkansas should Lie prulty well sold on the Highway Audit That, device will probably bvinsr about more far-rrachinu changes than, any comparable slatp action in history, it. would be nice to think that we wouldn't need another Hi^h- way Aiulit, but porhaii,< an annual auiiit would keep ihf> l!ij;in>.ay licpurtmt'iit out of harm s \\a>'. I'acKi't' ^^n•,l!d up anii I bivu a iin\'- maker at ;hc AMc'rnr> (Jrnpral. Said the hi 1 'or wa< dcri'licl in bis duty )m- C'iusr hi 1 'liiln'l lilo ^liit in (-"NiiM'f;.ut will] ;i i,nil.If ,,r shailv ili'als rxpn.= r<l li\ the Hii. r 'iv, ,iy Aiifiit. ("t'crry luis satil in"ill beat M. Math, and Holt «;>? t ( . lei loose on .Mi.Math antl tin- Highway Audit \ e=teid;)v. McMatii. '.vho has i»vn in Hoii^oii for a >rovpi i;oi j meelirii:. ^ii"ered at Highway Audit churys in » recent ;\<i- dresf at 1'iue Illul'f. Hut thf «:i> tn;< campaijrii is :|iapiu^ u]i. it appeal - tiiat tile Hiirluvay Audit is ^»iui: in IK- ihe largest sini:!^ fai'tor in t hr c;c«t;nn. And it will im-niiip i"i i'••;! -ingl. 1 d.f;:- cuit for Mi.Ma'h to lauph off. GOP Group Must Weigh Delegate Disputes Fairly Six nnvr, lirf'ivr i hr* l\p|n.ihlit an ('<ui- volition f't*'" 1 !!* 7 . 1 U^ ^nr'y's Tialinr,r,l mm- niitlop lio/itis h^ariiiiis JTI Cliirfi^o m, 7;2 HJp|>nt rrl yo;il 1; mi i|o!i'^r;it r;;. T)IP ^»vc,- crcdinpp nv;il iho f!rii)irr^i ii>n= of ih« Sdprrmp Crnirt iri pnUlir inn. H sroms prriprr Ui (inpo thai thr f i,i. tiona! committee will \vcijrls Uie dispuits with MM Mr-mMM *wt»c*\m*»* v( * high court. Y*t, »m th« b*«i« r>{ f.h« or>m- mitlee's action* m wcent w««les, we can havs no g«at>«nkBB'of H. Tlie committee did actept for pe(,tle- itienf th<? controversy Involving all 38 nf Texas' GOP delet'iitps, when or R ter.h- mcaliti' K mijfht HHVP fpnt n of ttipse back to the stnle level for din- position. This IK nil In l.lip. jrnnrf. The Texas cnsp is tlif> hpnrt of Ihe maUpr. But Itin crinlPslB involving disOrirl (jolciNitps in Iwo othpr kf>y sonlhfM'ri Rlali'K. l,nnisi;in.i anil Gporsria, wore SPnt hack for handling hy their rHspective slate party rrmimiltppR. It happpris that thp «t,i(» Rroup which normally wins i-Pco^rnilion in (.ipoi-jria al roiivnnUon tiinp favirs Onprnl Kis'priluiWPt 1 , wliilp t V> p stale, cnnimittpp in Louisiana is rnnlrollrvl l>y sympiil rii/ of Rpnatnr Tafl. If tli<> Hf'cisjonp in Ihosp st.itps fntlmv I hp (hips of (.'onlrol, WP may bavp each side u'inninjf ft conlpsl victory. Thp l.otiisiapui commit f OP nlrp;u[y has dcciilod s(n'Pti flislrio cnntpsts in favor of Tnff. dp|p}-':il PS nn (lairniiiRt rival Kif^Milinwpr |>po|ilp. Twrt morp ilistvir'l, sr-'its probfihly will pn tlip snmo way. Vet o.vnn if DIP two main nmtcmlrr-i should pmrvjjrp alniust PVPD fmm Ihrpp (i^ni'tria-Louisiana (Ipcisions. can WP ;\r— ?U))iP 1 hprp is: aiitomatjr justice in .~nch a division of dplp.nnlps'.' In Louisiana, I IIP PXSPMCP of l ho Ki- sonlinwor doloisalos' claim to status as I IIP proper Ipsral flclpjfnlos rpsts wholly in thpir conlontinn Mm! HIP statp i:om- niitlrp, Taft-riomiiiatp'!, rnlhlpss sliiinl- prl t.hptn aside and illcRally named a ri- vnl slalp.. Is it |irii|ii>r, Ihoi'pfovi!, that Oils KaniP stall" conmiitlpp shall nuw have sat in jurlirmpiit on thp vpry transjrrps- sion of which it is accusprl? Coidd the rnmmiltop fiavp bpp.n! to rule iijniinsl itsplf? TMP Kispnhowpr claims in Louisiana may or may not lip true. All WP in the nation can say is Ihat WP shall npvpr know, sint-p thp case wns Itpard a n tl judppri hy IUIP of thp part IPS to I lip dispute. \Vhal pnrt, of jnsticp is that'.' It sppms n sari Hpmonsl.rat ion for a party which \vishes In ^ro hpforp tlip plpctor- alp in Novpnihpr with pricle in ilfi - a tl- pt.'rior morality. E'nhlic opinion challenges ( li p Jtp. publican milionnl coinmitlpp to 'near thp Texas nnd otliPr riispntns nt Chicago with impartiality and decide tliPm on thpir merits. If (h<v criMimittpp. fails in this, responsibility, it will then rpsl wilh the credent inls committee, auci finally tlie full roiivpnlinn itself, to do justice. ^"pf-fjtfllttfn ilil^i^- ^^vi^l Peter Idsan's Washington Column — Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOC, LY WOOD — k>wn June, 1P52. as mjies^one month lor Hollywood TV, Ofhnallv if, Roes down In the looks ft.5 thp month in which Hollv* rnorl's firfi( major s'ndio, Univer- al -Inter national, started making mlf-honr nioviw for television. UiiolfirInlJy, » will he historical thp month in which rhp r-nrriers — Mark a*o*n bias* Wilbur dark, oi the Desert fcsn, is behind H\e show, which n r iy drav the Ulunl p.ppearine there tnd R| the other L»s Vetras holefe, l<hc r^ie Flamingo. Kl Ranchn Ve^a* ap.d T h e I ,a st P>ont i»r. One network wan If ry> Ho H HT«, orw? want.s film, Both promtw »op- notrh production. Rex Bell. Clara ' BOWK' husband. IR mentioned u'a r ^i possible me. ; ™ set up hv the seven ma.for filtn ins against TV .starred m crimi- hlp. ^ffl^^ anrt aOib Opnturv-Fox are ^jtnect^ri fo he turnine out virleo films this fall nth Paramount, Warner R rot hers and RKO richt behind them, 'Irearn of thp puhli fnr HAtl.rwnofi movie*; via nin-ln-ihe s!ol jimmlch and hi*-L i n n year and a half, she's come <rrecn (Heater 1\ h^ been tempo- from an obscure hand voraHsf to b« —"- "- 1 l - " '"" "' ' '"" ' -••- ' the soloists on "Yur HiL advertisement. Is .no hanpj- these days ib* HoesnH actually waik. She sort of hounrM. Anrt thf *mH« ner- pavtnrjer ]p» V ps h*r fare: U may shriek a ho;ne nrc-Ktonatly, hnl H's alway* Ihtr*. hi (lie rmStty nf a fnH- [ rnit hox offlre. If they are (n stir- } vfvc. (he major movie sfmllos nnw I Vno« Ihrv MUST ailr] commercially ; •ipnn'cnre'l t elf film production to tbrir annual program of blg-scjren V*"5. movie? -ril] he het^r than p^'er— on TV. too Bme Cro?hr'? live rteVmt on one rade" irsTBC-TVi. As one nf the rp'» T^ ; -trrea^d slurs, she's now an eiru- rvernntly rontentrd nrearure. "T lust ^'alk ai'oiind in a d?z«." slip .savs. in a dri7e. "hecause It's all happened ,eo la?t,' She like. 1 ; ~>it)innp. Khe like? s!n«»- tnc on television. She likes singiop on -Your Hit Parade." She likes 'Aorkine 1 u-jth *he ca,^t gtid rrev ol "Yo-ir Hit Prxrade." Rhe llkec the ^nnps slip mosf pine. She like*, finally, everythins. "I'd he hsppy if I ne\-er did an- ofher thin? hut sijie on this sho 1 *-,' shp 53ys Tn thf maladjusted -vorld i hat is felevi.sjon. Dorothy Colltn* f& so hnppy .ehp must .surely bf p.b- noi mal. '|A She got her Mar! as a ]a?.T singer «i(l> Raymond Scnlt> oM quintet. Srott I? now HIP musical rtlrrrtnr nf "Vonr Hi! Parsrie," Nowadays, ihe'n deserted hoi riimtwrs to s*nir. most- Federal Subsidy Is Shakedown Trouble of Neiv Luxuiy Liner rhe Olympir Telethon fmm Holly^•rod ron\-inct I d !ho Oroaner thai ' 'he ne-.v mrdium 1== for hinv He's no-'- re^rty tn siyn on rhe dn T ied i 11 n p for a 1 i ml i rd n 11 m bpr of s h n «•?. in Mie fall, hp tnld me: "If I ever do W shn^s a sea=nn thev'U have 10 hf nn film, Mre or six live shows are nkav.' r I-"! the yonnc e trr. c : in tlirir "0 1 -; and 30'F; =rrpam that television i<. [or von th a n ri t hey '11 sot an i ry si a re from 7^-ye^r-old Sthpl Bar- rytnore. Phinsin? into n weekly 'v. weel stuff, she claims it's har«1- half-hour ^erie. 1 : of fflrffJniF FifIfd 1 The Kihcl Rarvyinore Theater." Ihe veteran arrress declarer!: "T>* Jiiit for ynunp prnplp? Hniniminni. U'e'11 sre ahjont" thit. TV is for people with TrM.ENT, m a ? n! f 1 e^ f 1 a »vs, Votf h n vr t n r to sin* a fftrnlirhl melndj- axi. "It's nirkty — -li lR." Ethel pt^ a jfo simple. It's rtifflrulfc." Ficurf th^f OHP out. C7ome rolor 'clevision, liicidei'.tpl- II ly. Dorothy ColltnF ^-ill be one o! T- the QiioeiiR. Ev^n If she never opsns d arl h her mouth. Views of Others million .^upei h i ITniied Stale. 1 :. ,-=oon be 5 e r v i r e A U a n f i ' yeneer run rope. != h Ai — Thp Indus'ml Re^parch In.-u^r k'lirs hner. lerenre. as Sk^op. Pa •\hirh will The on am a I tit IP nf Mr Cfin- of "?nhs]d.'.ps, handouts, grants and | »plpfilms. which are heintr proriuceri • J| aborted aids to individuals anri I by Ralph Brant on'? Intprstatp Tele- j Ago r e * v i n 3 Si n n its . pr of N invk-n Iron- •• h!e,s I Tho-r Irovihl^ ei a rr prr'haps 'of^i id h v such as Mr n .sperch u p as "The Stimulation of ve.ighed against in h p Creative Think inc." Bui Tax Rp-1 marks abovp, L- view reprmreri ir under the heart- i TWENTY-FOUR MILLION D i- inc. "OroaMvp Thinkin? and rhe j LARS worth of r.his subsidy i^ T ," vvUh tlv suhhPad. "Depend- rhareerf up fo the tl. S. rtefen.^f nn Government Can Result in < fori., ,^o that fhf liner eoulri he ion nf ri{p lndiviriiiFvl." \ x* a military t-ransporl in tini * * • [ war- The other 5,18 million is F. KOi.i.OWlNf; hrief uara-iriehl subsidy under U. S. mari i rinnTnfinns p .viU SJVR t.hp main! la« - . lo eo,iial.7;p Ameriran P nf fnr rr-xt; i hnildins rosT.s with t.he JOH-PT i Th»* )ianrln:ii r-f^'e philo^nnhy! in foretan fihipyard. 1 ;. Hane,P in-1 vi;=inTj Producrions. Branton quoted re- j ex-rhRalei chain rvvnpr. Etliel'<. ro-1 In -vitb of rh airman R of t h*» [InUp romp any '.vhir Dead beats llr otdrPF To sl' of rrnunti It rlOTM and Illfll 1 . ^fir;ilioii Mit fhnt fin i HP of the .,vnlln'!— IhrmiEh in'- nthpr devious lorms • it.u?!- in h.i-mh irrnrrtp hr 3 .--^- •'*=.-. dir\r-Ti, lavish civrv'-pin- ->. P iid -n on. rrimin?! thf*t a Lot f>f 0"^7y -n nht* 1 lo get a\»av wi'h .**"•'in fhP dnlliir nn t;irnme tavr.e ;.M,»r Jnhn J \Villvani!= nf LVla,- .lohn w. Mane-:, finanrp rommirir will operate th» •lohn Hanes. of N T rvv Yo^k anrl Nort h rnrolion. ha.' lor -OIJIP > r rnrs pa-t hrfn one o[ the niosi ?inrl artivf opponent •« of hich f^rirrnl ta\T=. f{f hp.s anEled sr-.T'iP! foundations and researrh sroups '.vho-rp aim has been ro p.rluritp 'hr puhlu nn the da neers of hi eh t ^\*'".. anri the debih'nUnc **ffe.rts of rhe «"p|- fnrp ,='air. is \ VOIIMTU U S RpriiriM*"-; anri V S. Treasury. ?nrl n = a ri ovrniip of ma nv lenriinc rornnrrif ion-- M Olin Indnsi rins. F]ru5i n Prtnr •Tohns-Manvillp anri Bankri-.t;' Tfi Cnmpnny. hii wort! 1 : i-nrry a lot unqhl The rMtn'Tir pir<-r n[ li 1 i-rn' u?f nnd and aids .^rnirity ^nH to anrl • D. S. ConipTrollpr General i.ind- . .> in the fir?I !\\'o films: A i^.-S Kennedv. Edward Arnold and Owrsr OP j'.vinner Walter Brrnnan, P f-| - » - d Rv RlflJARIl Fvt.ElNTR XF,^ SlaTf rorrrsponrlfnl N f RW YORK — iNEA> - Kvritmc ime | iiro^ppft for ihe nation'^ tf*l<*vi-"".v- Ilip- i er-= IF '.i pi'niorl ihnt has two net- nsr.-, • vrork> hiddinn a»ainsT mc\i nihor, Come Tifx*- fpll. theri -T. A' WatPTHinru former !ocal resirienf. was a Blytheviile ?\te=t Mr «nri Mr?. Henke.rf w?ten,- ksmp gnd Ntr, and Mr? Max Loean \vprp hnst.s and hostesses fnr 100 SJUP^T-S at a dan re at T,he Woman's Club. Clyde 'Spo<-i Rf>rd Inrnerf in a fii'R- prohahh' hi' pirrhin? performance a? BJyi.hc- v hnnr-loiv? u-erkfy vanpty shovr villp's r>inntR defeatfid Jonesbortjfc insist in e that the : rtirrrf from Ins We a-;. V"v . ntinff »i^f\ ir r-ro n^' i d 'h^if Xor'hea 5 ^ \rk-* indiviriual? i cnnr.rnct for the construction of the j The ?nmp 'vniiMiiMfinc farllitl che 1 : a sinep '.vhore ; S.^S, United STRIPS V>e revieu-ed and I sr-alled for ihe telpvisins of ihe he dnrnmniinc fnrrr in (he live* nf; fh'e subsidy rrchirod. he pnople is the federal govern- j " * * nrn1 ... I MR. WARRKX. onp of "Thi? rr^nd, ?o ohvioij^lv contrary to Tne rirvrlonmen'F 'hat oncmally ?a VP i h i=; n a f in n i i.s = r r P n ?l h. ra n onlv rotntT in a further neention of f he nirliv'dnal . . . "We must fiehf thai tr^nd to thp hill er er.d . . ." U'ith ihi* brirf ^\-poFi'ion on the vic'.v:. fhr philnsophy nTid Ihe irieal- i^ni nf Mr. HriTW. rurn 1 mi's svnilk fr;i on -Tun.'- 14 Thn-r 'vhrv railed f ho rnn r°ri"nrp HTTP John M, Franklin, |ireMri"!ir nf the United Stale, 1 ? ' I .m"*. and l!-inr> .p grand- j rros ^ hv p!?yiTic nie n,neen nf h^a'i-- | thp inipms=inn that no djainonri j finns-'p ws^ )irrrsp«ry j N T nvv fhat So!it>i had *he true I ronnt of ttip riiamnnds. be kn!*«" . ... , I r hat Fast had four diamond';. He many subsidies and hnnriont-s, and , fllf!0 had ff ^ n fn brljpvp thfl ^ wnntrrl in prevr-nl n finn^^p If all led tn rhe ronrhismn thnt. Fa,=,t. four difimond*; lo Th" jack. So ^nurli led riiiniiin's sine let on diamond anri finns^e<i the ten* rio^p. of rhe Tress is an p.x-poneressmnn from N'orth Carolina, He shares rnmpletel} 1 the views of hi? fellorr TarhrM. Mr. Hane.%. r.hal Iherp are too much '.castine of Government monry. ton * hnr VP r^ad ^ proclaim 1 . • T ihin'-; about the one. ths nf Gpttyshnrs: issued against .pir=i h^ore fhe ha t tie,— thtown <Kv.> Times. hi^rh taxes. Warren knows full vpll ese thlnes nre tenriinz to held in Washms- | destroy the privar.p t-niprprise sy?;- lton hnrpl ballroom! tern and weakrn individual init.ia- 'oo many Linripay fhat all t In fnr R. Mr 1 'Thn Tax Revirn " 1 h c Tn v Foi i n d a tin n . V"rk. rnpvrichf 1P.S2 T'nr- licr mnn'hlv fprlntj; a ;;ir hv \Tr. Han*,«i on >tav .i l IM'uroSi: of th'- pi 1 p.« <ouff*renrp •> as TO prornnfp the T T S. I,in?.v' rnniputinn thnt 'hr fednral e Reciuciif S. EJnitrd States wnnlri he in line u-irh similar rednrtions in subsidies. From f3n million in $.24 million, paid fnr rnnM nirf ion of |.he Amorien n Export Jiners Consfihition and fn- : drppnrtenrr. American Export Lines rnt ut l'-o hiickins This cut. •-P^sf* Ip^flr'. vk-hsrh -'0'iM ci\-r ihr >"n million pnhli-heri hv luxiiry linrr to IT. S. Liiifs for f?3 Tnr . of Nfy ' nrllinn 1 fh^ in h" m-id" up hv M2 n^il'inn 'vnr'h a hill pidip= The • rnnim!M°p ha,- lust approved! fo •vhtrh ivoulri 1ibrraIi7F pnh- 1 ili pairi to U, R. shinhnilder- | th r Uvik thp J diamonris and tonk TWO .-pane from fhf dummv. Wrsi 's tripl errors wns ha^ed on Mi? tfirt thai hp rnulri h" surf rle- rlxrcr would r.ish dummy's ja^)-: rf Jirarl " and 1 hi IF, riisro-.-er the dnu- hlerrnss It iva? oh^'ious thai Pnuth lierrirfi at Irn ~t /i\ r dianionrf IrirVis tici ?bm. sn T)if> iqrk of w^.- rl early flic key In hand. .vrnjlHn playe 'l hpvr -s'nrkM r, of cour^. bu* ly how SoUth'S I be Doctor Says — A ^ornrd ladv 'vhirh .1^ c-lv. en?" SO THEY SAY her R- . to have rhi= i = ikr rna- ; Tlie siinafmn ;»rt murmurs n :i \\-a5 a •Ee f<io ni any y ind 'o havr -iri TA-err p;'» rm:rni hrrt n oh\ioii* and Vntlc ' nrn vi nri a t h * ' h «• nnnv nf Iheni toriiy aro : a.f no' hrinc roallv sr-rmt; In ,«nnip rhiMrT.. for ihr cr'0\v th nf Ihp h^AT* valvfe itvirte the h^i'rT dn p?rr :vH h rarh nf hrr. sn ,T5 ftllnvi- a sniflll at M *o slip innr tn hp h the valvA. TTu<. kind « BT F!J^\^^ F. JOROAN. M Written fpr VEA SprrlrB hps of (-H-p> of rhe v?lv.\- =n that i 'ht-v i':ui;im rlo'-p r*iiu|iieirly. Cf : rhr o;tm,n:i' lo ihe hr^rt valvrs has h^rn ^^vrrr. rhp niunn ir mny niran Thar p-vsu-al arrivitv ha- To he c ;r- Ho\\ r\rv. in many t-Afr>* 'be and even Mi'ineh (hoy havr prndur- rd enoin;i\ d.Tmr*ce m ra'^r a nnir- mnr fo hf heard .Ihr iirarf is able to rto UP jnh -v;thonl troMblr. i nt.iri" Th* 1 more prnsonrp of a mnr- nvir ;n [ hf hrarl i? not pTiminh. n°r rtor? H al-\a\T nir.Mi t.hflt nrrtmai^ rxrrnj*- li^t tn he rlntiin^' f*fi. nr Mini f Ivi " •*•.!! h" se r ion s iiV/Tfe. r- enrr 'vjrh !I'P or he.%l!h JACOBY ON BRIDGE Affer ;oni= thought. Hcrla.r^r ran ^i=. fnur rhih? 3 r nnrp, \V*>?t d!F- ca rded a ^part" on f'n? fourth rhih. ^nd South pursed his lips aeain. HP now lcnr\v thsi WRS( hsri braun with eiebl. b!ftc-)[ rards. a nd onlv fivp rod rand*. pnurh ron'iimod hv la vine do'.vn the ar* 5 of brarr,« and Iparimi a l° tf ' >ir^rl Tn dummy On the srrond | round nf hearts Wr?t prndnreri the } Tl's interesting *tial ttie wm-V npr of th<> re.cenl -SOO-mile au-i lornobile rstr" si Indianapolis s^'r-rn.Eed almopt 130 miles =« ' hour. However, Arch Near- hriip rproarkedi lh;il if you're in that bic a hurry. * v hy bother M-iib a car when yo»j can lake -i nlaT'p. fly l>'.'icr ;JE fasl and tbml< nothing of H. <s* •*€-* j Answer to Prqviout Four-Footed Friends lirl^IylEMI^Ml F HORIZONTAL VERTICAL s fir: Trl > tir! t iinpres=ion ^'as thai art rd 'vi t h only t vn hat he ihorfforr hart diamonds, U the dia- mi ni'ii d* f rh* d, n'nr . Mip ofvvrrTi tlie (our rhatnbTs fsri fo hold bark flip hlr>^rl. r.^u=rs a muriiMir. 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