The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1946
Page 12
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/PAGE TWELVE Russians Seek Franco's ^Seiip D UN Delegate Taps "Certain" Members ; For Aiding Regime LAKE SUCCESS, X. y., Dec-. 4 — (UP> — The Sen let Republic- of While Russia charged ycsicrday that tho Franco (;->vei nment of Spain "continues 10 through the jx>litical and economic assistance"' ol certain United Natloi;.; members, and ricniRiidcd coniijk'le diplomatic :nid economic isolation of Spain. Kuzma y. Khi'!cv, fori-i?;u (Minister of While fius.ii.1, upt'»cil tin- Soviet attack on Spain in the UN Political and Security Committee after Sen. Tom connallv said that the U, s. \vaincd Fiaiico misled but opposed :i rupture cif eitlu-r diplomatic or ccononu-: ivl:i;iuiis. Kiselcv churned that i!u> "li-'i- scc-ution of democratic I'lnr.c-nLs" continues in Spain with "himdmis of nrrcsls, torturing, and Hie cic- alion of n .system of MO.;I:I:;C:;." The white Rtif,si;in tlrU>:.iu- bll- Irrly attacked the Pliilipjiiiic d E! Salvador delegates lor wliai he called their "defense 01 Kranco." He said it uns iiicirdiblc- Ihat.such a speech ns (Hat of Hector h.ivM Castro O f El Salvador could lie made in UN, and assailed committee chairman ijmilri 7, .YIu- nuilsk.v- iron) hi.s j-isler republic. i:i the Ukraine — for allowim: i!>.speech. Sir Hartley Slmwcross of the United Kingdom then rlppt'd into Mamiilsky for resinning ihe Spai:- ish debate, rather than inking up \ India's Future Is Discussed With Attlee (AUK.) COUIUHK NKWS ' LONDON'. Uce. 4—(UPi—Pandit j .Ijwaharlal Uelini, leader of I lie [ Indian Congress V.irty, was quoted f lodivy as f,:)Uiii; after a conlcreiico will) Prime Mlinsler Clemen! Atl- [ Ice that r'akistan a -sep.iraic Mcjs- lem slate in India--was "out of the question." Viscount Wa\ - ell, viceroy of In- I t'ia, and <{e!ei;ale.s of llH 1 rival In! factions, arrived by plane for ccn:ercnccs which may decide llu 1 | funuc of India. They went Imine- i dintely itno a round ol conlcr- i frct'.s with liiitish government i leaders. A .source close lo Nehru said af: ('. liis initial merlin!; with AU! Ice at No. 11) nruvnlny SlrCi't that j hr expressed conviction that Ihe i .'•( ])iiri,t['-state idea, one rjf the major issues <if the Indian ' .situation, was ruled out. : The r'.ikisiiin proposals envisaue ; a rule of Muslcnis in the Indian provinces with Moslem majorities as a completely .separate enllly, thus diviiiin;! India into two part. ! disarmament as had heen Kc'ied- | nled. Mantillfky switched '.bo 1 agenda witiiout informing any ol the delegates. "Who is Irving to delay [hi:;'.-" j iieuia[\<led shavvcross. "It .seejns to nie thai the restoration of pcate an<j confidence in Kurope would h 1 . 1 promoted far more by action on oisarmamenl lhan hy action i:n Spain.' 1 Mamiilsky explnined lhal the j Russians wanted still more lime to j study the American disarmament Burglar Loses on Poinfs WKDNKSIJAY, DliClSMBKK -I, 1946 10 yc'iirs and that nobody had greater respect for same than him. I think he meant !!)!•; as a compliment. Rep. Slaughter said, thanks, again, -[hank you," replied Krue. Planted Diamond Dug Up Hut It Didn't Grow Much MUNCJE, Ind U. p. Tlircc-yciir- tld Tomtnv Rriclges "planted" his mothers engagement lins; in the backyard to see if it "ijrows more diamonds." Ho didn't veil his mother where he planted il nnd she was imaOlc to find It by Industrious spading of the grounds. Mrs. Bridges found her diamond later when 'She 'planted vegetables In the garden, Bicycle Santa Clous Gets Into Trouble INDIANAPOLIS U P.—It's some For Real OIL HEATING COMFORT ,{„ Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Win. R, Overtoil — county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years I'luint livcninys — Ho;il House, Hi K l,;tkc 01' \Vrilo '.. !iox SI, Htisoland, Arl<. At lefl. jihuve, i:!-yeat-old .] ( ,hn HelKinna displays his bow an I ;.:unvs winch bailed ;, l/ini;lar. Prowler entered llelumnn horn,and lorccd tiie lamily ujisliiirs v.'hile he proceeded lo rui.sack tli • lower floor. Kldcr llc!iiiiiii:i found hoy's loy ;nicl sbot arrows into window ol neighbor's homo. :is seen ;il right. Neighbor called police who captured Ihe intruder. Visions of Sfaughter-Krug Tilt Dwindle Before Qthman's Eyes DITCH BANK LEVELING RFvre ROADS S.J.COHEN Contractor UV KllK[)F.llICIv {-. OTIIMA.V (loitctl 1'ress Staff (^orrespoiulenl WASHINGTON. Dec. •!. The only caljinet member ever tu be flapped with a sub];ena from Congress slalkc-d into the cold and marble committee room earlier this week. He peeled off his overcoat. He dolfSrecl liis hut .iixliealhiB his desperate need for « hairout. Then he sat t!o\vn on a .spindly-le^Bed chair, whlcli .seemed inadequate for n man of hi.s generous iuncla- mcnt. and (.lowered at u row (if empty swivel chairs while ;iwailln(! the eons-'iessional inve.stigalor.s. Here lu the flesh was chapter two of the capitol's movie serial thriller; I lie second installment ol Its radio slap opry. Mail Cap Kriiu insulted consiTss last Friday by Isnorlny a rordial invilntlon to tcsllfy abcul the Biy Inch pi]ie- hncs? Hud Hep. Roucr Slaughter been within his rights in issiiins Ihe sllbpeila? Would the secretary of interior take n poke at the sent from Missouri? vice-versa? i was bi'.injf my fingernails. Theii tl>e coiiGre.ssmen walked in ami Slaughter was a pravn clls- nppoiiitmeiit to me. He shook the mlnhty ])a-,v or Secretary Krui>. You'll not sec 'em in ton<j fim- lirace in the public i;ritit.s, but that's because they took the photographers unaw.ire. The latter begged 'em to shake hands nnd show their smiles a^ain for pos- lerity's sake, but ihev wouldn't do it. Knid brouBhl the news, which you may have scanned elsewhere in this newspnoer, about, the deal he'd made to put natural i;as into the Texas end of the idle pipelines and brliiR i; out for John L. Lcwis- foilinj; |)ur])ose.s in the Midwest. The Bas will bepin to flow within a week. Could he that some of it may be ccokitm the dinners of soni" .striking coal miners in a couple of weeks. The miners quit distill!; coal. 'I he chio and Pennsylvania };as companies are on the verge of ntn- niiipr out of fuel. The covcrnt)r.-iu pi!iii]):i natural giis through 'in multi-mlilion dollar war-lime pljje- lines to stem the cmcrnencv. -fliis flows through the utility compa- nit's' |;as mains. Such coal miners there as have uas service will, nmoni; others, get gas for then- kitchen stoves. lint to get liacl; to Cap KI-U.I on I lie hot seat. He said the Texa'. Gas would help, all right, but it iMVI the finnl answer lo John 1.. Lewis, because there isn't enoii"h •if il. "When you rtoivt have anytliin;; to kee|; warm with i watch ihnt preposition, congressman), then every little bit helps." observed Hep Slaughter. "Yes sir," acreed Secretory Krus. "We- are desperalely short of" gas and we rapidly are becoming desperately short of coal." This went on for 30 minutes flep. Slaughter thanked Krn<r for coming, but King said lie w'asn't through. H C Ka id i, c - r ] ii nnr(I som ,,. where that con B res:s felt he'd insulted it. last l-rlriay. He said he surely wished he'd known the con- Bressmrn wanted to talk to him. Ho said their Invitation came w'hile he was cm to lunch He added that he had been tes- • Hying before coiigresMnen row for FOR REAL OIL HEATING COMFORT,"Dino", the Sinclair Dinosaur, recommends Sinclair Super I'lamc Futl Oil. SUPER'UME IS— ^', "* »*Lt AN to prevent clogging of strainer or burner nozzle. UnirUKrn to eliminate need for frequent burner adjustment,prevent carbon formation. to ignite so that Ihe burner is sure to come on. ECONOMICAL C ve, maximum heatper gallon tosaveyou money. You'll like our prompt, dependable cfir- livery service, too. Phone or write us today for Sinclair SuperFlame Fuel Oil. SINCLAIR D FUEL OIL time iiiiiij Christinas, but an Indianapolis youth has been playing Santa Glaus nnyv.'ay. Because he f-'t norrv for penn less small boys, 22-year-old James StolU presented "a number them" with stolen bicycles. in all he said he stole a^out Ll bicycles over a three-month peric<|| Police charged hi] in with vagrancJ Bridge and House i'any Porch anil l.awn Picnic and Child's Play Table Sick focti and Night Table lieach and Garden I'arty f Handy Sewing Table Atlraciive Addiiion to Living Room A TABU fOK fVERY PURPOSl fa QQ THE GIFT SHOP 103 Kust Main St. Refining Co, Frisco Yards Phone 876 COLD WAVE at home easier than ever before.. with professional lype PLASTIC CURLERS NO OTHER HOME KIT OFFERS THIS FEATURE We are now able to completely wire your house — either large or small! Lady Jackson Automatic Electric Irons HEAT CONTROLLED — LIGHTWEIGHT an excellent Xmas Gift COLD WAVE PERMANENT Now, a perfect col.l wave ponnanenl in 2 lo 3 hours in your own home. No ? iir=swork! IWlrail 1'laslic Cnrlors |.ic so easy lo wirnl. I'orlmit is i.1,.,-,1 fov ,• ron's fine l.air, loo! J'orlrail ^i.aranlro.s snfi, nalnral-lnoki,,.- ^vcs Iliallant a, lo,,. RS S 2 0 Waul, .alo,, permanent lour iiioncj- back if not tomplclclv salisfie.l. IDS DRUG STORE We've just received" a large shipment of Supplies, including Sockets, Switches, Receptacles and other badly needed items. Plajlic Curlers car* be re- ui«d. For future permanent! Portrait Refill Kit. Contain! thing except cu/Iers. $1 buy a every- You'll rind (In- niosl ooinpfele slocU (> r Kiec- lrii-:il Supplies in"IUy- villc. Coiiip i n ;m ,| |, m i, :i r n u n (I. You'll sol pi-ompl service ;im1 sa(' A tomplclc line of hoti.^e- hdlti and roniniertial ightin.!; fixtures, fluorescent litihlinu; fist tiros, floor lamps, lahlc liim[>s and accessories. die's Electric Shop 116 No. First Phone 2993 OOKLET OF COL OR OMBINATiONS AND SUGGESTIONS V,- Jl Miss N'lJ-KNAIvrKI, Will lie ill Om Store Thnrs . Dec. 5th for Demonstration $9iL w. • A ONE COAT HiGH-GLQSS ENAMEL MADE BY THE MAKERS OF ! OM£ COAT (OVERS ALVSN HARDY FURNITURE COMPANY "Your Store of Better Buys" 113 E. Main St. •Phone 2302

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