The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1946
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER •!, liMG BLVTHEVILLB (AKK.) COUR1KK NEWS- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •»!!» rat* f*i •utiou: lu <«aMCa«lM U- Oudat fife i-craffl arorda W th» *u». Ad ordered for three or vix titua *nd (lopped before enilra'.loa »111 b« clurf w for the number of timee the »a ansi.rd end adjustment of bill made. *ll Classified A4rert:slnc copy tub- mJ.ud by i>ersoDa residing eutalde of loo mj must re accompanied by email. Ratea •uy be c.ailj comim.wl To" 1 ">• ">ote AdTertlslnc order fox ixn|tila\x I&MT- tuna takea tbe one time rate. Ke r««ponslblllty nlli be uku for •or* Ulan oce lucurrecl luseitlou of any cjfilll«4 ad. For Sale Located 218 N. First, 3 rooms and Lath, in good condition. liuildinK only for sale, purchaser must move house within :!() days. Prii-e S2.- 250. '1'erms can be arran(>- ed. Tom Little Kealtv Co., phone S<il. 12-:i-ck-H> Slftel oil liari-il racks. myttii'vjlle MA- For Salt S I'lum )>iiii>r. Cm W ninile Lino Uvi> pal Iliii'lJt*. DiiuUi- t:ir:ii;,'. ,m;, Ckii-1,- Shi|>men( ol new tires jvint received, 'while lliey last. {.'an give you any siv.c in l>ot!i car and truck. (Jt't yours today before the are tf<me. |{]y(ho\-itle, Mo (or Co. 1'honc 422. We have new Dodge 1 '/i Ion heavy duty (riii'li ;iad 2-i fool Nubors Van Trailer. Keady to deliver. .Musi sell truck and trailer to^Hicr. lilytheville Motor C o. Phone -122. l2-:i-ck-12-S Metf, \'lll..l M«ll Icn Hlv.l. l t h I,,,.:,,.., . Sni1l,.. a ,t .Mi,si-^j|i|n fuiimy. I',-run urn! if ,,,, :,!,. ., UllMl.T. 1'ur p.III.' l:n~ uii'li K.-iuK-iKli's II.1.1. AKI. '-••; !',i:L. Mrinliliis, TITIII I ^.Il-Eik I'-' I .Aluililii iii^ .inil !ij.-£n'*sivi' yiiiiii^- in:, ni:.' 2.". M :!-J ynir^ svlm l-:is llj.- nM ily 1n priiurf-.N. pur l.rj- i>,,-,\i i..n iiivilsinv Sitlt-s nn.l Cr..ilits in IKi- I.H-uL Ni:,n,-li i>f ;i Kir^,' X:ihniiiil I'.n ixiiulinri. Clvf hiM-kur.'iUKl »f i.\rn'i>- fin-,. riliK;Uii,n. i-t. 1 . Wril.- hn\ lull. 'I f.iurii.i New-. IV 'J .-k 'I "QBtcw bolll Venetlau bllada—11 lap* coJftra. Three w«eaa delivery. De»r» 1'aiat & ^S'allpl^^le^ Slure. 1017-fk-lf !,,. k.'H>.'r -t Hv uf 'J j I.Til I )miiii< iMinvii H,iw.r<. M:ini).i. Ark. , lloiil.: 1. If •-••|,l., IS-.'. jam auy«r for yoar kom«. U. 0. Campbell FliQoe 410 — 2B30. OKic'o 120 Soutk BecoBd. 10l2-ck-tt Vi.'ro si-llinK Ihi; new to:im » PurLin lik<- iu>liu<J>-'^ Ijusk I'ninl -V Wall]ifi|iiT Sluro. in mO'li-m himu'^ln. '! Kl'ick^ ill in Kl I'urnisl.,-! or nn!iirniMlii><l. .-il H.-rrs ill I mill's nf IllytUcvlllx. 1. r'OWI.KK I'l : :<0"". > Ve have opening in our iiitrts- department (Or ji'ood man. ('refer someone wh-» lias experience, (iood workiii}; toiidilions. pcrmani'nt position, g(M«l salary. Call Tom Little. K(!l. jtlvlhe- ville Motor Companv. ilan aiul wife fur yuril wurk nn.l mill: line cow. \Vl,111:111 (or liu.lsrwurk C I 'lOii.SL' v itli lights f/|.,> (iunil snl;,ry [ur ri«Kt imrty. Cnnt.-ki-l L. H I'lrirfi- SHjfhily used lfM"> Chevrolet !)ick-up with heater. I.nrks and runs like new—t'hont' .•5785. 12-2-pk-12-5 40 acre farm near Manila. •10 acre farm on Millijii RUlgc. Both on gravel hijlhway and bus route. .1. ('.. Chapin, Manila. Ark. ll-30-pk-12-7 7 plrco tlinelta «ul[e; FbUco r»dio ttvble mojel. W«tl». 2124 O«roljn St.. Pride Adililion. 1 l|l2-pV-12|12 liusincss lot 127x311 tt. South Division. See H. C. Camphcll, 120 S. Second. U-22-ck-ti Goixlwill Hihlcs, the perfect gift. Ca!l Mrs. R. M. lieck phone 2893, 301 :N. IJrnnrl- 11-27-pk-fZ-ll ;irni Miiniini; lirfttcr. Hiilli- .Mill. I'riilc Adiln. 1.. C. ll!27.r!.-l'-'!o with 910 iiiudi'l it .Inhn IJc<'rt' Irai'l . nltivjiK.r ami (lot Ufdlnm U I.luw. Khrtinil Kniil.-y, '• mill's norlli. 1.,'nrlivilt^. Ark. I I i'J^-pk-1 'JjO .. linvo n sno.l simply .if IB" Kuril wl ..... l<. Ci«ti'<v:tf Wi'ldijii! anil lllnck Milttli ^!jr>|i. Jhvy. K-: nt ^ 1 st Sln-i'l. I'.IIT A .T.ilin Di-fri. --- now ninl . tivnli.r. 1—10 If, II .Inliti npi'ro null ,iliii|il,H'iit. 1---104IJ Frtnlsiin ^ml pi|il!|jiui.ttl. I—liair r, y ( . a r lir nilil.-s. J fnrr.v Ir.iilor. I OIIK imv Tc^nl rultivaUir. fi inik-s KnM of Ht'n.i Mn. nitii Tiiil,: iinrlll i.f (lct;i. (1. <\ Hnrri.i. II |27.|ik-l2!r» iipri^lil nlitu.ii. 41 Clirviulct tt-ilnn <l,'livi-iy [ni-'k ISoiiil tir,-,. yix.,1 Mluliii. nnv ^.iiiiil juli Call ::<; Miinihi. l^;r.-|,k l :'!7 .1:1 r Xmas Iws (,.r ,»!,. Tor ;tml ||>> inil.pii^. Jt,-:»i Jill Lilly Kt. l^:.l-i.k- '.,:• .\ T Knrls for" piful f:,nil laii.l- llra K1 ; I'ilj"" Mi,. ' ' l^.:|.rl-l FREEZE Tco in your car's riulialor or engine ctin cnuse serious <l;mm^e ntul cost yiui ii lot of money for leunirs. ,' Kiife. ProU'd your cnr \vilh Anti-I<ri:uzc. ll i:; rust niut ion rcsisliuit. ll wiil i>rt)\'ide >leclioi\ during Iho coldest ilh^r if used in nccordiinix* with F<U(1 R:nliiitor ProU?dion trl. If yon nrc not cor^-n'ii your is s»fo, /c/ us clicck tho Kolti- tion in your ructiattir rknt*. Uelter (lutii sorry lllis winter! Wanted to Buy h«t |, JB fit*! KDl j iuu'l Mint i»t Mr halt J»y du Mklll. t*av K'ii KUArampc.!. r,ll)*rl llurCluan rihon. iul Kan Uaiu 8m'fV. i Bly. • ok II DO.NT TAKK A JA)Ss7~tiel Hie lop price for your car or (ruck from I'HIU.II'S MOTOR CO. Today. ti-!i-ck-tt piimos. miy ci>mli(i<m. Adiiius Apiiliiiiu'e Co., I'tio. 1 -<>71. ll..Vfk-12-o Taken PAGE ELEVEN l«k<-» up tin til)- larui. i i.'rrpl iiiuhvi 1 *'illi i-Jjalii ott Hi.JI. J, M. HluYtf'na RAY WORTHINGTON Srrvliif Thli Mr«tWu f»r tl ¥Mn IIS Ko. Srd, «lythc«IIK Ark. I ... . - J »„ HOW you can buy... " ; EPAIRSand for Kent 'Ji'ilrorni. .Sli'ain hent. I'lione ^'201 oinfortalilo i-cdrootn, crtnv^niont town. Mvn only. 310 \V. \\"ilnul. if(lc« ipBce for rent. Entire aRcon floor at 138 E. Main. Private en trance. FtnellHn klindii. fhorio aui. H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ulytheville. Ark. Tel. 453—3721 Wonted to Rent Personal IteilrODin crinvcniiMit to lintli. ^ll'.1!ll Itt'fit. I'lioue :!:|-J. r ,. Gil W. Mnin. (.'omforlnblo lirilrnorn adjiitiiinK liHIli. 1017 Wnlnnt. phone 25l(i. llllo-ck-tf Services Tractor repairs nnd mrrrlrr Electric and scetylem welding. Blacksmith work IWtt Implement Co. Phon« 8G4. . 3-16^ck-tl We repair all lypba vashlng marainii re^ardjeii of kind of condition. A]3' buy and tell, pickup toil d«livf?r }Mr*l.a.iklfl Uacbine Htiop. Ojl-ck-l MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repaii or remodel? No down pay ment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rati 5%. Ask for details. Ma> Logan, Realtor, phone 203- Lynch Bldg., Blytheville. 9-23-ck-t! Paper Hanging and tVlr^'T fricman dial 2035. 11 H.Vpk-lZlf 1 Weather slriirfiing. Save fuel by having doors and win dbws weatherstrippcd. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. lOUi Phone 2293. 11-2fi-pk-l2-28 Business Opportunities 'y.'f,.M.n.-|.s. W.ll.. l!..s l.s. -^ .j.nri.r ! J,-,. llc | essons „„ p.^.J, (- a |]i n ^ _•;-_-—— —— —-•- i ],y world's irreatost duck I'liriivnUii...! h or 1 rnom furnished apartment—Call Hilly Bonne. Desperately needed. 12-<l-ck-12-7 or 5 room furnished apartment or house. In position f<: pay up to SSO monlh. Will consider sharing !;iiy- er home with family. Call' Mr. Coles. 530. !2-:!-pk-12-(i ' KI-WI caller every weekday a( !) a. m over KLCN. Sundays at 12:15 p. m. Sponsored by Planters lldw. Co. We also sell records of these ^broadcasts ll-9-ck-12-!l >RESCRlPTIOfs Fresh Stock ... UfUQ VISIT US IN OUR NEW LOCATION Base Cabinets — Wall Cabinets Inncrspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 11.'i KaM i\!ain rhoac 2 .1()2 All Our Emplayrcii are War Vi-turaris. l!»:(0 <'lifvro!,.( roiilie. I'll l.(..M-iniI Inwo. i.iuM Krll--M<iiK,< lifilil B«nil« .lUci fnriiitiir... «().-> Chirk. 1:11 s. I.ilK-. 60S S. First St. Duplex ;i»«rt- ment, 3 rooms and ball) in each ;i)Kirlmen(. This house liuilt new in MA'l, Can he rearranged (o (i rooms. Can he lionytil on terms. 521 Lunieruto St. •I IJoom house' has wa'cv in kitchen and commode on Lack porch: Good location. C a n he purchased on terms. Tom Little Healtv Co. I'hone Sfil. 12-.'!-ck-10 ! Loans Automobile Loans Convenient Way to Borrow COMPARE OUR KATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE. TAXES and Insurance. Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts QUICK, Confidential Service. Universal C. I. T. ('mill Company 116 N. SeerjiKl St. Blylhevillc, Ark. 123-'k-l 3 We have 5 new •I-whcel trailers left that \ve will sell at our cost lo close oul. If you need a trailer see us A at once. Hlan Hcalh Auto ~ & Home Supply Co. i'iioue S2S. " 1 2-:i-ek-1 2-8 .V.«- n I,.,,. cr.11,-. J'lir r.I inolnr Slit] in iir -JlSli. iai;.|ik-i:ir. For Him—a Genuine Bamboo !•'!}' Rod for Christmas. SI 2 lo §22. I'lantei-s Hard ware. 12-:)-ck-l2-2l •Misnomer Micltignn is known ns the "Wolverine SUUe." yet no wolverines exist within the state today, is<l .some naturalists doubt that lliey ever lived there. Soaring temperatures lltin out the air and HfTcct flying in Hive.' wnys: takcoft is lengthened, rale of climb is lowered, stullin^ s]>-?nd is raised. Hindi, quill („,„ 0: , 0 .) \v cl ,,, rry C.inii Muullrio. 2 lilocli,, ia|3'.|'iV.n|<i irnnV. Oonil tomlilion. I'hnni- -24th- Year Repairing J.ailios 8 In Blylhevllle H. S. WERNER Call 3431 a Buick engin« weori eventually, but our factory-buili "Power Package" it really a new Buick engine — makej your '37, '38, '39, '40, Ml, or M2 Buick hit fho road again like a new car. You'll probably be surprised at the cost —il's much less than you'd guess. Come in and let us tell you about it. Wo can arrange easy payments lo suit your budget. And you'll find this engine unit much more economical and satisfactory in the long run than part-by-part replacement. One operation, and you drive out of our doors in your faithful Buick that will now gn>e now Buick enaine performance! Langston-Wroten Co, Sales—BUICK— Servic. U. S. Tir«i Mobilgns end Oil WKKCKBK BERV1CB A Bro*dw»j Ttleption* ftS* —««" (ilMO PMR LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. 1'iinr lii frad<Mill»l Sunday ul 4 11.111. uvor \VKKC WASHER SERVICE I'liiuiii i'u-1 lcunin 0]««iierA, r&h>, Iroun iiA Hm^'l ApLilJ.xnri'ri litpultnl ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W A.JAMI! MRF. lion.' 1071 'JOe-OH W. M»lM l^frdUR COMPintWHEEl AUGNMENT Place Your Orders NOW For Christmas Ducks, Geese TURKEYS Americiui l.iulv l''oods PICKARD'S Phono 2 'M Chickiisavvlia 510 everything in INSURANCE UMTICI) INSUKANCi: AtJKNCV A. K. DIKTKICIl, M(;r. Did you that il ona ol yoiu whoolo in so lilllo as ono- oiglilli incli out o! lino, your tiro in dragged uiduwayv npprox- imaloly 35 loot in every mile? U la oauy to uoo from Ililu fact, how much unuocoRnory woac your Urea rocoivo II your whooli nro out ol lino. \ Fnully whool nlitjnmoni, like laully btskos, r.loomokciadriving hazardous. Play «a(« —drive in today and let ui check your wheal alignment with par! Bennett-Fertgen Chtieli An-- alyzer. In a matter ol minute* wo can give you accurate, vliutl pioot o! the exact alignment condition o! your wheel*. It- corroction i* necegiary, we can' put your wheeli in' perfect alignment quickly end at '• •urprlalngly low co«L • £• xHal • I^DI IMcUan M*t1*< *»P»t««l Half and «4llly».BI. Ad«~ BaWljr laaiuai. OLJIUTM* VaaLUII ad Mia*. •4rvlca» > LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY" T«xaco Gas & Oil* 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Any Moke or Model 1 lo 2 Days Service •'e Call For ;i MI | ndivc PHONE 2642 Fred Caliihan AIOTOKUI.A Sales and Service lOfi Soulh First FEET feel better with better resoles and heels. We use famous NEOLITE heels for a bettor step, better balance, BETTER FEET HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. Phone 2882 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb llwy. 01 at State Lin* I'hone iilythcvlllo 7M Farms For Sale! I.ocullaiin In N(ir(ln:n.U ArkHtua null Soulhe.t.rl iMkstmrl. All slie tracts—10 acrus up. OH i;ood rouris. Scliou] hn^i Httd mull routa, ' Due. (iinitl bullilliiKi. C. E. GOLLADAY llaiioho HolcM Hnyti, Mo. Refrigerator Service Fred L»«l« ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. ! i ! ). W. Adumv MKI'I Phguc 2871 2W-M IV. Main W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 for A Taxi O. K. CAB Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. See us about .your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry ail sires of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. " Clinic 511 M.vln. Klyllirvlllr. Ark., 1'honc 20i T. !. SEAY MOTOR CO. DON EDWARDS Cumplrlr Slocks or Purls For Chrysler Product* 121 i; - M" 1 " Phons .,22 KOVAI,, SMITH. COKONA rn< ItrMlNdlO.V f\>KI\nt.I 110 N. SECOND ST. I>!IONII 1SH3 (Every •miutlicUoa MUST B> flATlnr ACTOKY) RV RDGAR MARTIN [ G»i<« GOGH'. TtM O'CLOCK I'.'.'. ' 1V\. HfVOt (O GW ftM «V«RI-\ WITH R BRft^-i BRNO 1 . V.OOK<i UKt ft JU-iT Vb RfcSlfoKitO TO ( > ,— rt^iV-V'. i, N <:.% dm^> ' ' iMii^fct-r-^ll Ucir *-—•¥•!: i -\* f lfi^'^:—r- ^ -^:*r*M^ p^^tfS;®! 'KKCKLfiS ^ \"D HIS KKIKNDfc BY MKHR1M, BLOSSBP WOULDN'T- MiSS ) IfTOFlTKr y I CAM'r FlMD 1TRVW6 TO tY. sojAsst^iD'YOU'RE- ^THIS LARD. svLvtSTFC.' ;MAKF FRIENM Nor soProsED TO COME I WAS ow rot TAO ACTS.' Ger I ' ,.,— --TMiS 15 \.-,- — -.r— •( rosED rc B ,>V v.vP WHERf IS ME? 'JWITU THAT • HOR5ST rot TAO ACTS.' Ger / HIS Sr^or/ „ — -•/ ^ ^ M^iSi p^mj ,i 1^3.' •H-A^o copfi""i*--: ^ y * EA SERVICE, ir.c. \ ^y^r^i^ Ji._fc>_. RCCi u. S L ^AI. OiT./

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