The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1946
Page 9
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WKDNKSDAY. DI'X'K.MHKK -I. 19-10 BLYT1IKV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Byrd Expedition Gets Under State Treasury Boasts I Surplus of $57,700,000 \ LITTLE ROCK. A'.k,. Dec-. •». 1 lU! 1 ) — Tlie StiUe of Arkansas l<>day liiul more Ihnn S57.700,COa in Us treasury, nct.'or<IUig 10 an iin- nou!:ci'HK'nt by Slaci' Treasurer J. Vance Clayton. Collodions ihit'Uif! Novi'mlK'r !"- tnlccl S.O.U87.0UO. which Cliiylon snW was a i;um of iipiMoxImiUcly ?'.>.- OCO.GOO over expenditures lor the mcmU. The treasurer .said thru the snfe- kt'cplnsj fuiul ac'couiited for utmost S13.t(l}.COO. leavlnji a fash uulnni'C - , . . i" other liinils of some S4J.845.000 operation ••Hl 1! lijii!ni>" - history:, | 01 , „ , , November. creatost F'oluv cxr.ifilit.ioii sleanicd j • . _ .. lllrout-h tvarmini; Gull .slic.uii w:>- | Ills due sotuli and headixl tors today O u tlulr w.iy lu tlie An- , into lh,> (nil: .stream current at nrctlc. - 1 loiirtei'n iinci Diu'-linlr knots, which Tlte task fnnv salleil I ruin Nor- ; '.\:is onlodaU'd to liiirii; ilit task folk. Va.. Monday, in advance of lorce in (he I'anama C'unal uy S-'t- Rear Adm. Rlcliurd !•:. livid, lender urdnv nflernonn. of (he expediiiou. He will sail, lal- ' Twenty-seven husky dons er and join the task forcr.- in Jan- ' lain nil nary. I yn\\mi '• • • 'PAGE MINK Made Penniless By Thief Eastern Vanguard to Pass Through Canal Into the Pacific ABOARD liYRD EXPEDITION I-'LACiSIIlP MOUNT OLYMl'US, 4.—<UP»—Fouv .ships lorminK '• Eastern vanguard of the Navy's ] San Uietfo, C.ilif, \va.s the Of departure for lour other or Hie advance K"ard. The Moinn Olympus liii water off CliarU'S'.ou, - e i- (-'•, aner rolling HUTU.;!', a cliill ground .swell off Cape; Hattenis Hear Adm. Uieh.ird 11. Cnr/en, Hie ol' Ilia Mount Olympus d. stretched un<l ihcir leashes while "yreen men >e'.tled down lo routine. Tin 1 expedi'-ioi) "'ill l)e particularly for virgin niinei'al <le- 1KB,its. liyrd said the Antarctic held VHM reservoirs of nnliirnl re- smivce.s, including pu-ssiijly enough at cro',v- .shipboard lonkiny commander of the task force, set ' coal to last 50 year.s. Bumpy Ride Dislocates Farmer's Neck anJ Injury Proves fatal Aine Finn 1 L,yile Dool nt n 1 Will 1 ! C L'O.SS ill services were conducted at :il services will be lield ul dale yeslerdny lor KMIUUI II 38-yenr-old fiumer who died MiiKiiolla hosplinl yesterday.! d sulfered a (Vlornlril neck] his liead hil ()»• top of u car | IR a rounh bridge Hulnrday. Typhus Survey Report i Issued by Health Agency ! Ke.siilts o! it typhus survey made : earlier Ihls year by Or. T. T., Arkitiisiis Klatc ' Health Oflicer. showed that 3.7 per cent o( Hie rule tmppi'd in IllythevtUe lor the test were infected with the disease. Nnne nf the blnnd sumple.s tukeii Irnin uu.s. which entry typhus, in Osceola. Manila and Luxom nave positive tests. Hvery slntn nnd _tenlloiy of me n nnllonal guard or state milllla • Onltcil ainles, except Nev.uUi. liuu prior to the war/ " : •" IG-yein-old pnvse-snuleher wlio (jot i'. ; ju; tror.i their Knveniber pen.'-ioii checks, llenvy Lapp. 8). :n-nld wile, "i C'l.'vi'liuul. Ohio, now llmsL wail until (htfir i check eoAie.s in nn Dee. 10. Moth of I he used pcopl.' were 'iv itrotnul !jy lh.> tliief. (N'KA Telepholo ) Lcacliville Society—Personal i.tiul. Kj! 10 Lr ti.c'.c-o i.ghll). ,i 1f, c Diamond Duo thai will mart. lilt huppicsi c.cnl ol your lilf . . . O n ; l I,,IJ, W i1hin ill Lflllionl cleplhv yout pledqc lo ful ut . yean ol mutual love end t!cvr,1ic.n Cliooic luch lingi co.clolly. Al>ov<! all, buy Iron o ic.-.cfer rt h w has olivoys lold iho truth. Ifie whofo l/ulh, r.nd no!h:,: 9 but the Irulh cboul every diorr,n;id hf PAT O'BRYANT JEWELER Main & Second St. Phone 3261 • clnuiihter. Miss Wllniu Jackson, ot Memphis. Mr. and Mr::. Herman £ pjccr : . sppnl Sunday with Mr. und Mr.\ liichurd Reviere in Klplcy Tetll). ! and Tlmnkstjivinj. will) Mr ' splcer's ' parents. Mr. und Mrs.' H. t' fcliiccr, in west Memphis. Miss Catherine; Tennyson Mvs. Cithin l.yucli had as Her Memphis visited her stslcr. Mrs tniest for ilk' weekend her su:i, [ Charlie Thomas, and Mr. Thomas Claude Lynch, and Mrs. Lynch ot j Thursday. • Corning and Mia. Halllc IA-MCM ' | of liellari , N. C" ' Miss iri:rali Lati^sicin. a at William Wond Cnlli'H'. 1 . Mo_ arri\e<3 liume \Vetlir 1 ;il,n r t<i. S])end the Thanksgiving liolKl.r.'s' ' with her father. R. c.;-.' ! >in. ' and mister, iMI.'.s BUIie L^'V.- ton. i Luxora teu.'hcrs who a!'.' \'Lsr L - inii duiiin: I!;:- holidays ai>- Mi'i'. ( os : otive jiayiics. \vitli lu p r .son, j William Haynes, and Mr;, ilavne.:; Jin West McmiJhi. 1 :; Mi 1 :;. AvisCrav:- Icrcl, with Mrs. Frances lU'limMy [ in Mem]iiii;i' Mi. l ;s Maxiiu- iht ; Uariy^ with her mortu'r. Mrs. H. ' Kemp, in Olmsteaii. Ky.: Miss j Keniief Mallliews, wiih liirlltis itl '• Memphis; Mrs R T. lialle'.v. \v:in : her daughter. Mrs. Rob Roy Lake, j in Memphis: and Oren HetfinyUm. with his wife who is coiivalcsclnr; after a :najf>r operation ]ier . parent:; in Coiuvny. i Miss Christine Cahert had i>s j her ^uosts for 'nianks^iviii:', .ier parents Mr. and Mrs. I-:. M. Cai- vert of Ivlarke{i Tiee. li 1 '!' aunt. M"rs. George F. Blul or Joiner. M^rs. R A Jacli.son and SOJTS Rofcfi't, J. T. (if Wliillcn. and I Gunmen in Tel Aviv i Kidnap Hospital Patient i ,i JERUSALITM. Dec. 4. 1UP3 — Five yninnen broke into Ihe optvalini: room of a Tel Aviv hospital Tuesday and kidnapped a patient iw- lir'ved to be one of (wo holdup men wounded in an ullempt to robe u Polish cashier outside. Barclay's Hank there One Jew was killed in ihe effort in hold up a reiiresjMil.ilivi; ol Ehugi-n Polish Irooos oul.sido the Tel Aviv bank. Me was shot down by Polish iKHlyeuiivVls after lie seized SljO.OOO. which \ra.s recovered. He was identilled a s [>aul RofienberKer. ^SrWt>&>ffij&m are- hr^h now i BE SURE YOU IUACH tHIM SAFELY FOR LONGEST LIFE Don't bleach the HARSH WAY with uncontrolled bleaches An uiKomrollcil hic.idt, dm vjrics in strftiKili, KKiy cause you lo o\(rblt,ti!i yout cottons ari'i linens. 'J'lii.s oxiJi«s fabric I|HC.T<!S. They wcahcji -nut soon fny oul. Bleach tht GENTLE WAV »itll Conlrolkd-Action Purcx! P.vciy Ixjnlc of I'nrcx IMS tlic.Mr.ic Etrcn.i;tli. same correct Mc.iiliinR action. Ufc.l as ciircac.i, I'urcx ;;.': rr ovc;l>lc.»clics. U provide* Controlled Action because ir's pu- rilici! an.i si.i!>ili<c>! by ilic Inir.ilil 1'roccss, t\tlHsite wirh E'urci. Oiitonr ,\r\<\ liiicr.s c(jme on: frcsfi, st.un-frcc an«i snowy. /:.r'> lo it?c!.,.no harder gti filings ilun oriiiiury w.isliing. Al >vr ;:r/,cr'j. These lalcphone men, v;orking sKoulder-closo in pinched quarlers, aro soldering in now relays at a telephone central office—about 7,500 separate soklerings in this caso. It's to bring telephones lo waiting customers- the kind ot job v;o aro doing today all over the Southwest. As fast as shortages let us get materials, we have skilled crows ready to jump onto the jobs. Four years behind when Iho wcr ended, we're working hard to catch up. We're gaining. Southwestern ^ • % Bell Telephone Company. \<(£& '' lilt CONTROLLED-AC IIOM 6UACH GENTLE TO LIKENS THE PUREX ' BATH- WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR FRUIT CAKE i Lemon Peel Orange Peel Citrus Cherries White Raisins Currants Nuts HENRY'S GROCERY and MARKET 309 N. 6th St. Phono 2003 High-Quality Aluminum with Mother's Oah! (AtUWff/UAt fACKAC!) COUKT A SHI ONE UTENSIL IN EACH PACKAGE! 1-Pl. Scoop-Funnol-Stralnor Coinblnallon . . . Meai- urlnc) Cup . . . Tablo-Sizo Salt, F'oppor Sol . . . Novelty Cookie Cutfor . . . Moniuringl Spoons . . . Dtcorahvc Dostort Molci . . . Kllchon Shaker . . . The very utensils you've hccn wauling .^o litiii;! Altiniiiniiu from ihe wnrKI's lur^cst mukor —c\ir;i- hurti, cKtru-Otirahlc urn! M-atnk'sst Wntcli your set nri> w wlit-'n yon MTVC Mother's Oals ri'^ulat [y! \\jur family KCt* ihHincul'.s l>L'ncln«i; iLiiily — niorc Proiein, \'!iiiinin Ki, iDOtl-liiu'rpy [hiiii any other inuural teri-al! A sit TODAY for Mother's Oats (WITH ALUMINUM) r ••#&•' ' 't^ / ^^ a Hert trt the 14 winnen in l/ic Old Judgt Coffee Contest. They were telecltd by an impailial and oul- side otganizalion of professional conies) judges, The Lloyd Hcriold Company of Chicago. They are lilted in ihe order of tncif rank as prize winners. \Vrilintj why ihoy like Old Judgo Corfoe bcsl ccrlainly'Cornes naluraUy and easily to folrcs. MHIions rnoro are cnlhtrsiaslic in ihoir daily praise of ihe "(favor" o! this fine coffee. Remember OLD JUDGE COFFEE is "//.ivor boosted"'. 1SI PR1IC — DODGE JEDAII r», Wnl 510000 U, 5 ^A Mil, IMn.iel KhtiUr M.i. John JoUVo. Mil. /uliui McKa i BO1IOS "l l-ia, ArVnn nl Olive, lllir $30,00 U. S, SAVINGS DO o T, /ohm, Date if.MiDonalit, V Mn. (la 535.00 U. S, lAVINOS BCTJC' Mf, t Mn, rovia.ltha.! Jf, 51, louii 16, Mo. I A. A, Clono, VJahMiri Crovoi, Miiiourl Mil. U. O. Biownlntj, D«Solo, Mliiouii Mii,WJ1i; 3 ni Katiing.Sl. Lovh 7, .Minovi! JUDGE CO The coffee with the "flavor boost" It's here! It's new! It's a with the Super-Freezer Chest • You on store up (o 57 packages tif froicn fowl . . . for lurniy <!ay-tn-Jjy use. Ami in ihc jnoist-coh! tonipjit- mcni )ou don't b.itf la (user fccn/i. Tlicrc's loads (if room Ci> keep ilicnt ffcsli an<J moist for days! Ounc in. Sec why more 7 tnillitui Vtitjldaifcs have been built and sold. And when you do, be sure to sec this new Fii^iJ.urc. Cold-Will Refrigerator ... anJ rnany other fine Frigid- airc Kcfrigcratots. Model CDM-7 shown vv!l£.7r> Q^her models from • ••»*••»••••••! !••*•••••••••*•« FRIGiDAIRE COLD-WALL FEATURES Meter-Miser Mechanism Simplest refrigerating mechanism ever buili. Scaled in steel. Never needs riling. Protected for "j years against scr%tcc expense. Super-Freezer Chest Combines fasc freezing with large frozen-storage space. Meal-Tender Hxtri-dccp for keeping meats. Use it in the Su per- Freeze; or on?, food shelf. Moist-Cold Compartment Provides proper cold with needed moisture. Preserves vitamins. Saves flavor, freshness. You don't have to cover foods. Frozen Food Storage Plenty of sp.KC for frozen meats, vegetables, desserts, for day-to-day use. Two Super-Moist Hydralors All porcelain, glass-topped,easy sliding. Provide extra-moist cold stortgc for keeping leafy gtecn*, vegetables and fruits. Positive Humidity Control New Moist-Minder and Dew-Fresh Seal safcguatd against too much or too little moisture in food compart* mcnr. Rust-Proof Shelves All-jluminum shelves, easy lo keep clean. Never rust.Sturdy, Lightweight, ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 2(IS \V. Alain SI. I'honc 2071 HOLLYWOOD STAR T1MF EVERY SATURDAY ^ ;()(]?. M. OVER STATION ='

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