The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ickes is Critical Of Truman Aide ',~ * i Former Member of Cabinet Hurls Blast at Steelmdn and Lewis IpKES IS - WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. (UP) Former Secretary of Interior Harold L Ickes asserted yesterday that ifiitenoi Department plans to transport natural gas through the Bie Inoh pipelines to relieve the Eastern fuel shortage do not "consli- liftc evoii a minor setback to John IA Lewis." . v-John. L. Lewis has been given a pit on the wrist with a feather when' there, was an opportunity to begin to organize real competition in fuels that might hs\ve helpscl to • settle the present • eo«| strike earlier, as well us to prevent another. strike when cold weniher is duo a year from now," Jcfccs said. > Ickcs testified before u special House committee- investigating surplus property disposal. The committee earlier heard Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug reveal an emergency plan under whicM a private .company will deliver gas equivalent in fuel value to 2.CCO tons of coal through the lines each day. Tills is squat to only one-tenth of one per cent of normal coal production. Ickc;; assailed all parties to tlie pipeline arrangement. Had the government at the con- elusion of the war planned to use the lines to establish natural gas in competition with coal, Ickes said, the United Mine Workers chlel would not be in M!s present stionfposition: "Today we are not at war with Hitler but we arc in a desperate Jight to keep our economy with Its nose above water, to protcol. tlie interests and advance • the welfare of our people and rebel the assault of our own domestic Hitler, u ruUilcss dictator who goes by the name of Jolm L. Lewis." Ickes said. , Ickes suggested that Reconver- sion Director John R .Stcelman may Jinve prevented use of the pipelines for gas up to now. He implied that Steeiman, one of President Truman's close advisers, favored Lewis' interests to the point where he could be considered an additional branch of the union which now has 50 branches or dls-' triets. "I liave already suggested that the--District 51' ol the United KTnc Workers Union, otherwise known as John R. steelman. inigni Mavc bsen whispering into t!Vj right car the proposal that these pipelines \>s sold for the transportation of oil." Tekes said. Cioseup of Plane Crash In Alps Virginians Delay Case Against Lewis' Miners 1MCHMONI), Vn,, De:. 4; (UP) — The Virginia Corporation Coinmts- •>ii)ii todav continued until Dec 1'j'n hem-inn on charnes that United Mini; Workers President John L Lewis had violated state "blue ^ v ••' smn-ity laws hy unlicensed scUlii-- ol union inemberslifps. " Brown-out Delayed -- JCN'ESHORO, Aik. rjec. \ (up, - llrownoiil restrictions scheduled <j have .staite<l yesterday Move H'l-n Lcniporarlly delayed. City ufiicluls wei'c assur«l by t.yo Illnuls coal companies that thriv ill receive suffleienl. fuel to k,A, he coal-biiniiiH! power plant in Iteration. ^WEDNESDAY, DKC1CMBKH -I, 1'JdC, ju UiO.iJ poim,-..! n-ioq O,M:I( SM iii ;i]iM|pll! 0) in:) K..II [»|( ..I'llj! Jig.I, -pumcii: eg i(|i,v, jfii|> ;c 1J).IO([S1IB.I.1. J\V XllI.IV Hi! I" .>:(«)).M.I.'A .'ill) . Red-Faced Artists Get Chance To See Prankster in Action 1,03 ANGELES. Doc. 4. (UP) — Prnnkstor Jim Moran. miffed oy artist Leonard Hester's cry t>l "fraud," today unpacked lii.s nan polish, "oils of clunk, und magazine cut-outs ami prepared to repaint Hie abstract monstrosity vvltn which lie hoaxed the .'.cdnle Uw Angeles Art. Association . Kesler. who hu.s other paintings hnneini; in the gallery under Mis own name, says he painted the "Masterpiece 1 ' himselt in a moment of \vhimsy. Moran says he did no such Ihim:. Moran says Mornn did it. And lit; .snid lie would him) his easel am! palming year Into the United Press offices this aflenicon and do the thing over before witnesses. He dared a panel of experts tn compare the two and name anybody bill Mornn ns the artist. "It won't be Just n job of ropy- Ing, either." he said. "I'll leave my original, the 'Three.. Out of Five.' in the nailery, where it's still Artist John Decker, drinking pal of the late ,luhn B.irrymore and u famous painter in his own ri^ht. agreed in be one of tlic judges. So did composer George Anthell, whose TIME CALLED! Chvislmns <U'li Aeries f«r TIAN 1ILINDS will IJK gunrim- li^eit If you pliu'c your order defer e J)oc. Jilli. 2 MORE DAYS I.el us Kami :.n,- rcllnish ynur Ihinrs. We can make them limli like: new— we Kiiiirantei! satisfaction. DEAL'S PAINT STORE lO'l First 1'hon.u *!G<! alcids include music, writing, ani- itenr inventing, glitudtilar criminol- .v and jiraftieally everything but intin^. Muran admitted the painting. nude uj) of nail-pollsli swln s and' •us of paper dolls clipped from Lhn;e:irs ads, was u pretty lousy )i|)e::e ol art. He slapped it to- other, he said, to ]ircive his claim the ait association doesn't know what's good and whal isn't. DID YOUR TIRES TAKE YOU TO WORK THIS MORNING?' Operation Pays Dividend MAGNOLIA, Ar,:., nco. 4. (UP) — - I'liysictuii.'! woni probiix! by in- slruincul to retrieve ci llvo cent coin four-yenr-oM Phyllis Oeati i>[ llarlun, Ky,. swallowed. Hlic was rushed licrc for an op- uiitJoM when ilw nickel loclKntl In lit-r lln-OHl. !5nt when |)liysii'la:is |Hilli'<l onl'ii fragile luljiilnr liisC'ii- IIUTU tlioy turned over u 200 ]jcr ccin lo th« yoini(;sl.jr's l>arcnts, Al<iri(; with tlio nlckt'l cdine ;i illjni' Phyllis swallowed tonic li;:-.e buck. Land Mine Kills Four Dec. 4. mi') — i [•our British constables were Kill- j cd. pJii'ec of (hem ouU'iRJH. ; v.-.- liriUiy when their jeep struck' ;n> clw.-tilciilly detonated mine on the Tel Avlv-Jcnisnleni highway. The fourth victim <llr<| .shortly after the attack. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves promptly because It noes light to tlie scat of the trouble to help loosen ami expel eerm laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- fiainod bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you n bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way It fjuickly allays the cough or you are xo have your money back. CREOMULSION forCouehs.ChestColds. Bronchitis ft t | GIFT GOODS - TOYS i j \Vo Imvc i ho largest .selection of gift goods and toys J <HK|tI;iyc(l. You will have (o see our disnlnv before you i t-;iii reali/.L' just how lur^c our slock really IK. \Ve iu- ! vile yon to visil our si on-—new foods arriving daily, j II will pay you (o buy t .;irly. liudtfel salt's can he had j Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply I'hone 828 419 West Main St. IN A HURRY? CALL 2611 • Tire Repairing & Road Service • WASHING and LUBRICATING • POLISHING & WAXING • ESSO GAS & OIL, QUAKER STATE OIL Wo carry all sixes nf fires and (ul)cs fin cars and trucks. Complete Slock of Horns and Accessories I.KT OUR MECHANICS REPLACE YOUR HROKKN AUTO GLASS MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Second and Ash Sis. Bombs Wound Six r'OAIRO, Dec. 4. (UP) _ Plying squads of police raided scvovai quarters o! Cairo yesterday rounding up students and workers lor questioning in .bomb explosions which injured at least six- persons 1 litre and in Alexandria Monday! I^rnlii" i Husbands! fcs! Want new Pep and Vim? 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