The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1946
Page 7
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\VKDNUSDAY. DKCHMBUR -1, ISMU BLYTHBV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t.' Amendment Irks Budget Makers Mississippi County Legislator Joins Bloc Causing Delays LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Dec. 4 IUPI Amidst flashing orulory. the budget request of tlic Arkansas Ciamo and fish Commission wa^ cleTeireil yesterday for the [onrtl! time 1 bv the pre-lcfiislnlive joint, budjei eonnnittcp meeliiiB here. Action oil the request \VLIS dcl£i eci until today upon motion of Hep. Dick WriRlil of Arksulelphia lo rccail Executive Secretary T. A. MeAmis for luiriitional (iiiesi'miinf;. Wright had been instrumental in delaying the re<|uest from time to lime. He was uidccl bv-4|.:p. L. H.I AiKry of Bindcltc. The ]):iir leveled their attack, not in the budget which the commission would raise from $339250 a year to $55G,OCO. but, at Hie constitutional amendment approved by the pi'cph 1 in 194-1 taking roiilrol ot the commission out o[ the of the legislature. Wright said that Tie considered it aT/id policy to let a commission pass its own rules and regulations winch "{tis^'imin^tc against certain groups." AlUry Opposes Okay Autry iis.sertecl that to grant the entire budget rct|i;.st was to encourage the commission to t;o higher and higher and that it might eventually end un with excessive limitini! and fishing fees. The budget was defended by Reps. Edwin Cash of Mnlvcrn and Russell Roberts of Comvay. In ihe greatest outburst of oratory, Roberts said the commission was .set up by tbo people and that money paid by the sportsmen hould benefit till' sportsmen. In the only other action yesterday, tlic coniniittoc approved the | jr ol the Bcurd of Pal dons, t paroles and PrcDations sifter hte-, i cntive Director \V. P. liLill voluntarily reduced his req'iest from $52,720 to $4«520. His current mid- Bet is $43,100. The committee also approved us requested the budgets of 8eueia'\ of Stiite C. G. Hull and State Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey. H.ill requested $28.400 anniKilIy compared with his current $23.DOJ. Humphrey's request Mas for $48,IJCO compared with ins current budget o! $43,COO, The committee deferred action upon Ihe State Police request until Sen. l<; J. Butler of Forrest City could be present (lUCSlS tit Trlll'lUTS The i;roi:p attended a luncheon r-^ the Atk^nsns Ti'ir.'k and nus Association holding its annual convention here. I The committee M-uitlay lieard I Gov. I3.M1 L'lney ash for an 11111111.'.' budget of $32 ICO. more iiian $7,C'Jii over his current fiminrial set-up of Si4,8CO. The new budget would ])rovide for salary boosts for all employes in the ' chief executive's office except the governor's secretary. Rov Smith. Smith's present | hands) salary is S5.COCO a year. Most employes of the State land Office were provided with small raises when the committee approved a $60,531 budget, of that department. The new figure was well over j the present budget of $40,930. /Vjso • gLven the nod was the $48 8.i3 asked by the state treasurer's oltice. it represented an increase of not quite S3.000 over the treasurer's present appropriation of S4V8UO. One financial bombshell thin aroused the legislators yesterday was a proposal for a S'JUDCOO appropriation to launch, a renovation Tips on Trieste House Group May Subpena E. Rooseyelt ony The' Investigation opened yo.s- ii'filny «ltli secrcl qvu'SlloiiliiH of a nullo coinmcntnlor ninl « iinioii i;oi/. VWOO1). Ore. 4—IU1>) - Krp. John s. Wood, IJ.. On., ehalr- 1 louse Coiniulttee on Activities, suld today iifiin Bllloll noosevell I cut his controversial •nun of th UnAnierlcai lie might to testify Moscow s Wood said he was inixlotis to lucsilon the lute president's son iboul reports Hint ),e crltlet/ed the \Liii'rlcan government in Ills speech it Moscow. wllucKS: 1 :; hail Mikipeiuu'd and two others ii'il VDluntarlly. Hundreds viilunteered lo testify, he he said. A short (line Inter Ills body wu.s found nenr a liedroom closet 'whcro I lie rllle WHS kciil. 'I'he weapon lav i>n Ihe llooi' beslilo him. Although WiishtuKlon C'ounly Coroner |.;dni'.)nd Walson reported Hint ycmnu Hooker died of \ si-It- inillc'.ed »i;ti"«l. he asserted Hint It WAS possible for the nun lo have Ihe bin acclilentiklly (|[scliiiri:ed when ho opened the closet door. High School Student Dies of Bullet Wound l-'AYI'MTEVIU.K, All;., Dec. •!.— tlll-i-- l-luiil rites were conducted lien- yesterday for Jtviin-.s Harvey llnokor, 18-yeur-olcl T'ayelle- "I would like to know Just wlial I' " u> h| Sli school student, who wns le snid—If lu> said nnylhlnt!,-" , ,"'" ul sh ° l lo (tl ' lltu ll> I'" l>tm "' P.ilir.iru Togliatti, ahi)\'c, Italian CoiLiii'umst leader, is reported j lo have- said Ihat Marshal Tito is icady lo H'\'e nuich-tlispnletl Trieste lo Italy if Yugoslavia gets city ot (Joriiia in reUnn. ( tHap.l iron COMI.S. two feet 111 letii-ih. and modeled after a thro.v- in(! knife, are used by natives ol tfqnatoibi Africa. iiiH ut be uL'e.spuled direct to the lecislauuo in January. A yearly budget oi sti.UOO was appro\'ed the building. said, "i understand he wt(l •rinc buck from MOSCOW Dec.. 16, ind if he does I will Issue- a .siilJr iL'irn for him." '; Wood cuijie lirri! to invc.slljial.o illeiied subversive actli'ltles liv eailers of (lie molloa picture C"(- te Moiiiluy afternoon. 'I'll'- youth wus Instmitly klllixl struck him In th Ills father, IK imcstlmitors tin turned from srl he plaiuil'd to |!( from forehead, ward Hooker, I'llle told his son had J'e- 101 iiuil hml Hiiid lo (he boy.s' oliil). Dinlnr, tlv past half-i'e:unry, modem [renellclsts l;nye |)lun*t<n inute'thnn I.OOO.CIJ') cvenliv; primroses, Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do fulse (ceth drop, .slli> or wabble. when you lulic, en(. liuiKh or sncc/a, Oon'l Ixj annoyed and enibarrusseil hy such handlcaiw. I'AiiTEETll, nn iilkiillne (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your iiliites. keeps teeth more llrmly set. Cilves conlldeul feelhiK of KecuriLy mid iiddert com- foil. No unmmy, ijooey. pusly tnste or feellns. net I'AS'l'HKl'Il toilny lit any drug s(ore. Wtntfr F»64 Umppl, 'Hie groirtidho* *torej ho food for Ills wlntrr lilbcrnntfon, but lives on (lie excess body f«t accXnnulat- cil under his skin durlnu the winnicr months, Tired Kkfaeys Often Bring Sleepless Nights tttooi tired .n.i doh'l wo I rlcbt In ()>• diytlmr. . or K* i il y I*UJMXM « lUnawM am mat Ixirnl n» •oiii.llH*. (how. th*» U wawtklMT »ron« vjWl your kMi»p or buUtrTDca't B.«l«t IliUcon HI I Ion *iU t«M nhubU, rwtf a) lUtv . Wh*n <!!>ur&rof kldnn rnKtlm ctrmltl IK>tonou« MttlUr 14 rumJn In your Wood, it l«m<, I •wtllf • ml dli ,, 1 lib, • ill!. nil. nt Jl, u rn<u by mlllluii. for uv.r »p r~h.. DA.n'« »l h«npjr r»M .nd will Utf U» It niu, „[ kidney lnli«« i dui), mil polmioM wuv> /PPIU ' PAGE SEVEN ?, Don't Neglect \ A Bronchial ; Cough Due To A Cold i Wk«* your mU tri*M •« • «M»y treubly;, *>nt« t>romlii*l couth, HN*4 +* «"« •* •»*•< dru* Mor« for • fcottl* *l tUCKLtiY'S CANAIMOL MIXTURE — wipl* «ti«« — 15' r«IJ*v« rou i Eiii* (KM. T*k« a <«Mpoofflul • nJ hold It an ih* (an^u* • miMMitr, iS«n •willow *io*1y 4*id (»«l it* fH>w*tful* pwfl|*itt icttau «prt*d ilnnu*h it*< iKroM, K**d »n4 tiromWI I'.t.r,. BUCKLEY'S MIXTUKIt MI* pntniptlv ta h*lp lofl*** M|t (KWtf, Micky lix, Jau o( . w.ill A A »ur drattlit for nj.n'. lutntl^, •nd i*<( Ii«n1 con (fun i **v*lfi. . r MOM «IL OniJ* knjw. BUCKLEY'S — folk* wl.o lUr up Nnnh %lim . <r»M«K «ii«iur* r.4. 101 in <Jn . r«.l joh, bi«p BUCKLCV'S h*ni[y. So itf 11 ilit v*ry iwu ii«M i colil **Milu in • MrtfLinit, xubtorn rough — 6nJ Wil lor yui>Ti«H in it how i^J fe I* (•>!• ton.1i. .j.i. 10 nildi. G*i lll/CKtliY'S CANADIOI. MIX] IJWi; — -,.l- in iW U S A — I O I) A V — M til an. a .lorta- WOOIVS I>RUG HTORE KOT1IKOCK DRTTGB CI'l'V DRUG STORE 'COLD BUG program the Memorial for (the old State capitoll downtown Little Rock. Discussion led to tabling of the suggc.stton, R|Jg 0^3 and an observation tljai the request MCMTUni ATI III/?/ should oe rn-orporated i:i a special WlC W 9 MULAI UM/* o ^Oj — ^% ^ f H6LP EASE ACHING CHEST 5AVE --PayCash GAY NORWEGIAN- TYPE SLIPON WOMIN'S iOVIlY feLUE D'ORSATS TOASTY WARM CHENILLE ROBE MAKE from Your Store of Better Buys! •' f"! I' I! BflMLflJ terms con be arranged too? What smiles of joy come Christmas morn when she opens her new wool jacquarcl - . . with its Oiicliy all-over design, cheery colors! Sizes from 34 to 40. She'll find leisure-time luxflry in n thickly-tufted, kitten-soft chenille, Ihot fluffs right up nfter n tubbing! In colors she'll lovct Sizes H lo 20 cmd 38 In •!•!. i i. A gift she'll really appreciate! So drtwy', yet comfortable I Soft, warm quality corduroy in pale blue with fluffy white electrified •heading collnr. Sizes 4 to 9. K\i|uistlc! Floor Lumps Sll.ll."> l-\Viiv Floor l.iinins • SI9.50 Bridge 1 .anips, clever <U'.sij,'iis :s:?1!.?)r> Vanity Lanip.s S.T.7S up Mirrors with (Joltl Finnic .... SI 1.50 to Xir,.|r> Gifts that last all Year long CONVENIENT METAL SMOKER WOVEN FIBER UPRIGHT HAMPER Slunly loom-woven fiber ... sclf- vcntilntcd so clothes won't mildew. Washable while enamel finish; black imitation leather top, padded softly. A practical gift! Moke Dnil's a useful p,ift . '. ~. this hnndsonic smoker! Well- made . , . all inclnl with brown crr.chiu finish nncl chroinc-plrttc {.rim. I,ov/ priced! £ A handbag like Mommic's . . . and mactc of practical plastic that can lake all sorts of hard wcarl These are boxed ready to wrap as ciftsl Plus 20?.' tax. litre's a nice dinette suite for any .small space apartment or efficiency. Comes in s«licl oak with two extra table leave*. Set of four chairs and table for onlv 44.95 Just Received Shipment RED WAGONS for Xmas 113 E. Main ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. Phone 2302 m. a i if. is *! I I '#. si i JUICS-O-MAT ^579 FRUIT JUICER ™ Removes ALL the juice from citrus fruits without seeds, pulp or hitter rind oil. Easy to use and clean! Rust-proof moving parts; while enameled. K: ^ *. i HEATPROOF GLASS COFFEE MAKER 3 45 4-BALL FAMILY CROQUET SET L4S You can't help brewing delicious, clear coffee in a modern glass coffee maker! Cool plastic handle, heatproof glass, 8-cup size. A useful, ever-welcome pittl i Croquet's a game the whole family can enjoy! This set includes, 7-in. polo style mallets with »crew-in type handles, maple b«U«. wires, wooden stakes.

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