The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYT VOL XXVIII—NO. 0!) s Courier, BlythevUla Bally N "erald, .Mississippi Valley LLli THE TOMINANT NRWSPAPfCR OF NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTl'lKART MISSOURI NEWS HOME EDITION W,YTilKVII.I,K, ARKANSAS, TUKSnAY, .MAY ^(i Mt:!| - -- -- '' '' GLISSIG CHS FIT eedway Moorish ('a n't I'icat- \Vi .Joe Caccia and Clarence Grove Burn to Dralli in Car at Indianapolis. INDIAN-ATOMS. Ind.. .May 20. (UP) —.Ine Cacrin. Bmi .Mavvr. Pa., r.iitomcbile race driver, and his mechanic v.'cre killed I-', m •> .-.r. lice inn at ih;> I H d i a n apolis s]ieedway. Their racer, a .Inncs-Malay special' they were (unins mi for a (lualifyint r;m in llje Memorial day race.s. leaiicd th» outside wall ai Ihe turn, hit a tree and b' intD — flames. ll11 ' The mechanic killed ence Grove. 23. NKWAUK. N'. .1.. May -JO. (UP)-! In the fourth pvecmrt court, earn- ! LiillK-r F.lmorc, nemo ch-n "\i I \sith bealiii!; l:is wife. Arf.i. Luther admiUcd el\nMi,i n ^ ,\d i bi: 1 , nrote.sled at hi-\K; arr,'<i«| b^- cauw lie was, h? said, "a ii-iim-p!- i?.ed Mom-lsli-Aincrlcan Mrxli-in from Morocco" and therefore was oalside the jurisdiction of |»!icc "Why," inmiiretl Jud-e Albani B1I CIISE SET FOR T10RRD Tentprrnl Jmrlyn in Conrl on Kampai^ \Villi Slipper Conspiracy Trial of Thomas, Crowrler and Sliir- mau Probal)ly Up First. "did yon bi'al your wife?" "I was tryiii" to convert h-r (a beiii;; n Moorisli-Anieiican moMem " Luther said, produrhig a ci i liich sliowcd he had IXM (he triflinij sum of fifty c M-rorish-American mr^Hi, You pee. Jutlse." he said 'it iin't right I should be an ori-ni-,' '- ind my wife a B;ip;i!;i." If you beat her any m 0 ,-,, 'end you to jail." warned tjc ji 'Case dismissed.'' Allah be praised.". .',iid '! | marrow t.KS. M.iv :!li. ilil'l . -T'tCl-lVLl I.-i 1 . Ill'- litin OI'Tes-;. Wl - fi.v Mi!:iy iii'i'er SKiu bord af!rr. (•MiHH 1 . \ r .crr marlo ::bi' broke ):: wiiidoiv;. jdiuo-.i v.recked a lioirv :>ml knocked out a man with hci slipper. ; Tl 1 .* 1 rh:ir::i-s were nnde by T\'rni Rl. Jiilm. |lo:!vuvo<l MI-||I>I- aii:l y\ rricml nf I.II:!IT Heed, Mi!is Leo 1 .' ! fcrnifi]- bii:Jjand. I Ueed tiM Jmlqe Georgia Thlllncll | • the trouble ftarn'il :if[i", he weni lo ; • his former wire's lu-mc hist Sunday ' ; and no! his t'.vo children to Inke : them (or an :r.]Xmol>i'e ii;b n? his • | recen'.- divor' 1 " drr ree priivided hi 1 i wanted (o : Lu; fiu .'.ns Clar. , I'avcrford, Pa. Roth \vrre burned to death. Twenty-four drivers have nunli- fie:l for (lie 5rx)-mile race- Saturday, lenvini." .',2 others to cram siie?d tcsls Inlo t-.vo days or will:ihaw. Only five drivers qualified yesterday, atthoii;;!] condilion- were iric?1. Siisnect SUB Insists He Is Not George Perry E. B. Thoaias and Ardrn Crov.-- der, and possibly J. K. Shlpiuan will be brought lo trial in federal ! court ot .ionesboic. at 11 a. m. lion charges of conspiracy. iSSO.OOO First National ri:>.:i',: of Hlv- imliihl. lie raid Miss l.e'e ! IhcvMle shortage, il was indicated aci-:j!ii]).iny the V-n-.h'cn i today. A. E. Scolt. former rashier i,f ilio l)Ank ami ap;iai-er,rly !•;•- ;inn \\h'i played the leading part in Ihe em- , bci«!eti'.e!il. will nni IK> brmi-_-ht to : bezzlMivnl c,f SM.n'lil. icial, .Scott has abeady ..-nlereLl j n "" pleas of guilt}- to conspiracy and false entry, and Max alrorncy, said loday 1 ready lo plead guilty to e!:ibc-?!c "T (o!d h?r my n'.tiriiey had in- -li' I inc> lo liave luithiiv; (o tlo liev." I,,, leslilli-d. He said ha t":'k ;lu- children In Hi. Juim's . 'She shotted up there all of iiildi'li mill insi.-.tMl ivjaln we ' '.:•:• hui." J!iv:l Iratlsli'd. '-rnn refiiMM and file look nt[ slipiK'i ami slavicil Kinasliim Ht. Juiin testified the lhhi-s !u.i<h,-i included lilnwlf. 18 wln- :!',»• p.inri. and several walls which !'i' s-ild v.ere nol exactly smashed b.idly dental. At his ica-ii! divorce action need I '.--'.iiicd that duriii!! tlii-ir hoiu-v- :n«on a! Agua Callente Miss lee !h:vw a handful of fllver dolhirs In iiis (iipi- and on another occasion bit- him on Ihe head with an ini;- Mr.iui. Secretary May Also Rnc- coiuiucncl.Revival of Federal Sales Tux on Aulos. arlicipatien apparent em- . nnitliT tins major pnrlion of tl has [lsj>iracv an:, i • "I'J'iti- OIULI n;is acKnnw leci^e.i II. Reid, his! abstraction of a snb='.anti:il .•.urn. Iliat lie was! 1 ' 11 ' Shipman claims his irresularl- .^.™.i LU I.IL-.IU ii""« t" e!:ibc-?!c-! l ' (ls v -' orc coniined lo the coverim ; . menl if the prosecution was mr.vill- j "I' of small overdraws of his nnr- i iif.g to permit him to be .sentenced ! soln ' account. Thomas and Crow-! [only on the two former counts. T; ' (1 " r tio " ! deny any iiimlication in / WARH1NC.TON. Mny 20. <UP)-A fCilerni tax on gasoline and restoration i>f tiie federal sales Inx on automobiles tire beini; considered by Scercrlary ot Treasury Mellon anil lili ex|ierls in formuladng a Ion,; I line program to nuvt dwlndlhu; revenues and Increasing cost o( ;;ov- ermuent. Mellon fs planning to submit his program lo congress In lOHi! nficr the election, as announced by the United I'ress several days ago. I.i I'ullhiK Out Feelers j nrnTim " K "'" rce "' rs /[ II I [1 I UL !lc realizes neither party would T 111 H I II li S!JOnsor nll V lnx Increase on the I UL.II I IIUjcvc of a millonal election unless il Near Death From Attack By Pet Dog CHICAriO, May 20. (UP)—A bull dn,; wlileii WH.S Irnnsformcd suddeu- 1 !y Irani a |iet Into an liifmlak'cl I bcavl became Us owner tcok a b:me | away fnnn It. attacked Hie owner. Mrs. Mary Uiretta Wutsnii, -13, an.i clawed and bit her so severely il I wns feared (inlay .she would nut re- j cover. .His', after taking the bane from the d«sr Mr.-,. Wntsim started aw.iy. As s!u- Inrncd her back to the aul- iiul II Jumped for her. sank its Irelh into her ley, and drajitril her In the lloor. She screamed ami fought fur half an hour but the dog made one- rush after uii[i'.!i?r, (earim; lier ilesh each (hue mull she became helpless from loss uf Two ncljihbor boys heard her scicams. Investljstleil an:l drove Ihe ceaNi into 11 corner where a p;iiien- inan shot It. Physicians said if Mrs. WaLion recovered H would probably be iieivsswy to ampulalc her left- lei;. Green County "Bar! Man Must Facr: Charges < NJgli! Riding. • PARAGOULD. Ark.-Chnrgos I ni'^iit riding have been fi'e.i KAN FKANCTSnp. May r2G (UP) j Green county circuit court as i—A man who insists he is Fra::!t | suit lor activities of Fswl irorlun .). M. Morau appeared rrslgn-rt to i 35. farmer living bp.twccii Cm!"!!-' his fate today whin he le.irr.pd i and Paragould. = Wisconsin extradition p-ipors had i Deputy "sheriff R. R tj,,ff of bsen signed, nllevin" he v.-as the j Corning, said the charges fu! ! ,iv- Oro.-ge W. E. Perry wanted for I "I nn attack on mi Williams' 18 i" ^";IM..,H ciiarije im-oivin" tn»-,.. ..... the murder of hi? bride. Mrs. Cora | of Peach Orchard, who was -"n-j-' I other defendants will prcbabi- b- I ""' rc ) lrof/1 »'-' ; nell Hacfcell-Pctry. led" by liavin» parts of lit "—-• "i" "rincin.ii u-ir,, n « .,,,-,;,„. A.-.- ""n and Tlinmas. and 2. B. .is no; expected that he will be fen- jtcnccil until Irinl of tiie o',:rer de- ifcnciants has been coainletcd. Shipman to Admit Guilt I Shipman, it was predicted tcday • «ill enter a plea of guilty :o ens- , bczz-cmcnt of a small cimoun'.. in;'i JI lit- appeared probable that, h? would! . | be brought, lo trial with Tli'-nnsl i and Crou'dcr 0:1 the conspiracy! ' charge tomorrow moniin *. Demur- i nf rers !o false entry charges asiunvj ln i Shipman. Thomas and Crowderi were sustained by Judge ^vtinr.?:- j ycsleniay, but (he judge failed to I sustain tiemurr.ji-.s to the conspir-1 acy charges Scott, who has pleaded railtv to:,.... „ „„,,. a conspiracy charge im-olvin?,'the' Mr> " "' RcKl the matter, and tt was learned to- • day t'-at certain officers and dircc- i lor; ct (ho ba;ik hid advised the federal p:c.s[cut'u' il:a( they were not interested in the ohar^:s a?nins'. the latlr-r pair. There seemed little likelihood Ui- y that lc=tiiuoiiv at llie Irlal (Vlministerccl Arsenic Ohlaiu Insurance Money! 51011 " - is imperative, and Is leaving; the | Inllialivo for early .presentation to 10: President Hoover and l!:e conares- CHICAGO, May ;G. < UP i—Four persons who died in the home of Margaret Summers. IcaviuR i'.'j HI.IL vi_--ii,uu.,s ui nit; mai \Mii;"'-^. .'I.UI^.IKJL mirmmT.s. leaving produce any further revelations as j her as the beneficiary of Insurance to w::al became of the pr.riion of policies, were killed by arsenic pois- •'- «'""•" -' ' m ,ar.- oninst. Dr. C. M. Meuehltwrsjer. coroner's plivsician. te-tih'cd today at S50.POO sliorianc ns ye counled for. Scott, in conferences with the United States disirirt at- a " h' In which the Inches toniov. J.ns^aOKfri'ttl, jo .his «;/£•.• ; prosecuting officials of the county that. lie knows nothing of what be- j joined, came <j'. a Im-pe p-irt of the money. Separate "coroners jui v verdirti A number of Blyllipvillc attnr- I returned in the four deaths accus: r.cvi are inlercslrd in t'-.c ea^e." fd Mrs. Summers of causing (hem i t . T— i- ' \ The proposals for the new tax S IliqtlCSt I'indllK'.. : plan, while yet s cncrnl and va 3 ne I mid jwl oul as n feeler, already have stirred up controversy among members of congress, Itic burden of criticism being directed at his SUR- ccstion Ihat more people should pay Income la\cs and thus the burden of the average taxpayer be Increased. This would be done by reducing or cllminathiit present exemptions. llorah 'Oppnsfd "In my Judgment the lowering of Ihe (HioinptloiK and (be taxing of the smaller incomes Is ou tlic ii:i is attorney for .Sroft. O.I II is the principal witness aeaiiist them O. CilHUinp i:,- j.-> LILU MUUIIl I *•"" "Hi "I i in rt JIU \\ ;1 rf inLstaken identity Moraii ap- other depredations. pealed to his wife to mortgage her I Williams, accordi property so hr coidd resist extra- • n " 5s ditioti. Mrs. Morasi. formerly Miss Anna Gutierrez of Salvador. s<ud at tlic time of his arrest that "he couldn't kill anyone", but refused. to n-.orlgae-o her holdings. — .- -._.,.., |/.ii i,> ui nj_s t :if.s *••••- i" 'ii'-ntm M iiui:a,'i .11; .ill] hi I uClTT i Cllt ott. and who was tlie victim O i "• vhen 'heir case comes up for t'iai " :1 "" "" — •'-"—- I The charge makes the allegation Jig to reports,! thai embezziemrnt of bank "funds Icrrorized and tortured fpr l v<:i s accomplished whh (he knowl- somc hourr, by Morton and two'edge and through lire connivance otner men kur.wn as Howard •"' al! of the defendants. A :inmb«r Wheeler and Clyde Croosin. The. °- officers of (he Pirst National Coniinq dcjy:tv -could nor verify'bank have also teen called as wit- lire report that Williams was nrsr-es. Bap!i-,t Church Plans Vacation Bible Schoo Tiie Pirst Baptist church will con duel a Daily Vacation Bible, schoo: for boys ami girls of [his .... Eation from June ! to .lime 12. The school will be in session, at Ihe church, each morninir from 8:30 until Ilr30 except on Saturdays and Sundays, with toichers and workers in charge. There Mill also be parties ar.d picnics alona with Hie daily sessions Students between the ar^es of five nrd 17 years are asked lo register FrHay afternoon. The wojmn's missionary soriety is spytisoriny this srliool. fnr a short, lime and ,let down. ai:d later was tin : cnto a brusii pile, which wn.s i on fire. ] "When we raided the still." the i Deputy Sheriff said, "which is f aid | to be ownrd by Morion, xvc found Mnnoy set both arTmi:-.rd UnaccnunK-d r,,r S!.lp iBal , hav, u ; mcnsnve of Fin. r;. E. Alexander and C. Cce.ptr are counsel for Crowder. Bebe Daniels Expecting Mr, Stork in September HOLLYWOOD. May M. (UP) — Bebe Danielo, mo'.ion H'ctinc actress and wife of Dc-n Lvon. also a fcrecn player, exptets (•> heromr a motlicr nest September, it, Ic.-.rnrJ today. by ndminiili>rlni; Ihe ni>enic and recommended (lint the widow be held fr,r (he grand jury on murder charges. Mrs. .Summers, dark, short and stout, still wearing a black dress and coat as mourning symbols, moaned in protest against llie ac-, cuslns testimony ottered by Dr.! Most members of congress and other witnesses. • opposed to any (ax Increase Total lix'pciuliture of $4,000,000 Planned on Extensions From Memphis MEMPHIS. May 215. (UP)—A contract for the construction of a natural gas line and extensions. into Arkansas and '.veslern Tennessee lo cost $t,000,COO has been awarded lo Kord, liactm and Davis of New * York, 11 was announced today. Preliminary surveys and rights of way have been obtained and construction is expected lo start within ten days. Extension of Ihe Louisiana nntural gas Into Ihc a'ddi- tlomil territory will rcmtire service? of hundreds of men during the summer and fall nioulhs. The gas will l» piped across the Mississippi river to lilytheville. Ark. The Arkansas extension will cost approximately $300,000. Making Test Flight for Chicago Newspaper Big Ship Wrecks. CHICAGO. Mny 3U (UP)—Four men w(rc killed today when the No Information wns available today at Ihe oinces of the-Arkansas-Missouri Power company concern- inn prospects for natural gas. scr- . vice in Blythcvlll!?. The local, oftlco had not been apprised of Use ,JcU : lliiK of the contract for Ins north- cast Arkansas line, but in view of" previous ncg.,'-.'•'VMM It.was hoped that bulletins i.'. .he line would bring mitural gas lo lilytheville. The Memphis Natural Gas company recently made n survey of potential pas consumption In lilythc- vlllc and other northcost Arkansas and southeast Missouri towns, and il is supposed Ihat 11 is on the re- sulls of Ibis survey that the train- 1 Mississippi pipe line is being .undertaken. • : - . : While the above dispatch from line will Memphis says suburb, 'llie dead are: Shirley principle ns the lowering of wages." |pilct ami famous flyer, HIchard said Senator Borah. Republican. Trek, co-pllol, Louis s. Rice rai Idaho. • ._..._ "Both would have the effect of reducing Mill further llie purchas- powcr of the greater body of MRBICK, Mich.. (UP) ,. has the shortest postmaster in the United States. He are . j Senator Couzens, Republican. MichMeslcl: 'B n ". ' s an excepliou. •"Taxes must be Increased." he . . and four foci, fctlr inches in liciKlit. ami he has a brother six tcet. two inches tall. Floyd n. said, "lo balance the government's budget." but he urges the increases be applied to Ihe wealthy. Con/ens is many Mines a millionaire skui15 nnd Believe Mine Commissary Fire Work of Fire Bug , vchtvi' ! """" '" crossbones pained on con-re- thc * l ' n ma on trccs lltul clhl>r '• ,, •" i places about the cam]). The slit] I was located in a secluded place! where, until a short (iir_? ago. it i was very difficult to reach, even c-n horseback. i "Morion had the idea he was a • bad man. ar.d reports are that he i had warned sev.r-ral IKTSOIIS to • I"ave tlie stale, threatening them if they did nol leave. Just what i connection Williams had with him' is not known, but soms say he was , toitnred Ir-.-cause Morton thought' ire had turned him in to officers. Others say there was a woman in the case." Morton was taken to jail at: . Paragould where he. is held in dc-! i fault of S-1.000 bor.rt pending trial' HARLAN. Ky.. Mny 2fi (UP)—: at tl« December term of circuit A rommifsirv on th.- pro:>eriy of court. The boy was taken lo the' the nertan-Wallin.i Coril company, j home of relatives near Peach but privately owned, nl Molus. was Orchard and piven treatment. He. binned tctlny. «il| recover, officers are advised. • Auihorities believid llie blare N'o trnre Ins Irren found of war, of incrndiary cvi::in. ! Cro«siu and Wheeler, bin warrants ; The Molus iniire -.V.T; shut down .'or ilicrr arrest arc in the hands; hvo we-ks n.- ( , dilriiv; the lcn:;o i fi'uatio:i ff>i:o-,vin7 'mobilizalion of i n.ilir-nal euarosi.-.n, n( Evarts ivi>r| hero ai:d wiclrsprad walknul.s from' mnrr-s in (his coiinly. ! No'iiinrr was r ivrd fc'.iiWiiis f:lay. Dar,:a; mr.lfd a; $1S.OOD As Uncle Sam's War Birds "Defended" [Nation's Largest Cily frrm the (sti- New York Democratic j ; Congressman Succumbs Cherry Streel Dweiiing by ! NEW YORK. May M. (UI'l — :Re;-rc.vntat:vc Mnitiiew V. O'Mal- ; lev, :i4, of the serni'.:i cmr;ii'5sioii- ' nl district. Brooklyn, diet! at his !lumc toda !'. He was a Democrat. j O'Malley was elected at a special i election early (his year to nil the . All empty dwelling. Its West vacancy cau=ed by the ccnth of Cheny. properly of .1 CV Aiford. : John A. Qur.yl:'. ill- was damaged by fire of an un- term .sl.irtcd March 4 D'ath n;i- • known origin about 1:30 o'clock ' prirently was caused by heart di=- lliis ii'.ormng. rajp ; N'o clue as lo the origin of the j ____ __________ . | fre w,is obtained, naniace to the J^_-._ il f , >~ ln;:?r was estimated at $3SO by I Re flneln VjCnlry Fire Clvof Roy Head. Furlough by "LITTLE . H " vcy Panic " - Ves:crt1ft >' Manila Man Filial $50 fnr Sa'e of Home Brew H - - .(ir Od.L in liume uii-w.-m indefinite furlough to Kenneth ~ -- • -• .-^1 Gentry of Mississippi countv, fen-. MANILA. Ark.-Klva Crow wnl tenced In Novetnber. 1920 to tl'r<>" ! nnrci SM ar.d eosls in Justice E. F, ; years in the penitentiary on rharg- | Alston's co-.irt foliowiilit conviclloit es or srand larceny and bl»amy : by a jcvy on n charge involving (hs . Clemency was recommended by 7 sev- rale of luime. brew. lie will appeal crnl cili/ens of Mississippi comity. to the circnil court. ](he proclamation said. o;:eralor, and Hobcii fj. Goimley. mechanic it Ix miderstuod the plans call for a cro-isina irom a point near Ripley, Tciir... lo n point on the Arkansas side In the neighborhood of the Ashpnrt ferry landing; with blanch tines bolh north and so'uth from iwlnt to serve T.uxora. The bis Plane was wrecked and osctola, Utvihevilic'or" olhcr"n»rnts apparently all of Us crew t,,s(aniry j where suniclent drlnrt L P °" ! killed. The plane was making .. series of test llighls over a measured course between the Curtlu- Keynolds airiwrt mid Ccrena. 111. It had .completed one i-ouiid trip and wns on (hr/ first lap of its second when Ihe crash occurred. Both motors e.f the bis plain- died simultaneously as it crossed Highway C-l ami tiie .ship crashed into a fieid. Tlie scene of the accident h about 25 mile:; wesl of her<\ Witnesses were unable lo account for Ihe crash, 'llie plan? fell suddenly and without warning. Parts of the. ship, named the nine El leak for Ihe D.illy News' late edition, were found 1.500 li-el away. , where sufficient found to esLsl. demand may' be Including what appeared to be fabric from a broken win?. Tlic plane descended so suddenly that altlioiiKli twn of the occupants wore parachute:! neither had the opcnrluniiy to use their;. All Ihe bodies were niauglc:! am] were Ink-en "to a camp mortuary in I Wheaton. j The Whealon was called lo did not break- i Georgia Sattoon, 18, Dles> at Her Home at Lone Oak Georgia Bell Sattoon, 18-yea.r-old daughter of Me. and Mrs." G. Y. Balloon, died at the family home in Ihe Lone Oak community at 8:20 o'clock tills morning. Tlic sc.V.rwl girl was a victim of tuberculosis. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon al 2 o'clock wilh the Rev. A. S. Harwell orrichthi" Interment will !;c made nt Mapfe Grove cemetery. Funeral plans are hi charge of the Cobb Undertas- in? company. Tlic deceased Is survived by her parent*, three brothers. Burton Sat- tuon of Callfir-rnia. Robert and Rav and three sisters. LaVerne Rubv and Mollie. fire department the scene but fire Larceny Charge Against : Major Lemp Dismissed Ex-Lieutenant Governor A charge of petit larceny against _____ ^'^Jor 1-,-mp was dismissed by Judse Of Arkansas Wr-nmlici ' D ' Gr;1vrtt<v in i™"" court thus VI rtfHrillidS OUCCUmOS | mnrnin?. Lpr.ip cHimed tlie p-o«c- MEMPMTq T. — o- - I 0 !"'" 5 witl "' ss h:lct P" f «rPd the MLMPHIS. May :„ ,IJP) _. rh ni -. TC re; ,| n .,;. .. im a(lcr L h , filed a liquor complaint ^ainn hin- ,io!in Lovelace fine:! S10 o-ii . C.eoiw Olis Ark., former totrle. 47. lieiiter.ani Ihinkley. governor He was .idmit'.ml four days nt;o' to a local hospital for an eye i Irealmcm. He developed h:<;h ' le;r.;>eralur,r early today and died a shnri lime later. Physicians raid they wre unable to account, for hi", de-lh. In recent years Bocie has been a^ ir,cml:.?r or the law firm of Bo- 5le a;i<! Sharp In Drinklcv. He is iiirvivcd by his uido'.v and one daughter. Frances Slurp Bo->!e Mrs. Bo5le fs visitincr In California a:id funeral arrangements will be delayed until ter arrival in Briiikley. probably Saturday or Siuutay. vivid ;-ho:Miaphr, taken bv st?iT cameramen for NFA Srivice nation's largest c'iy 'o^ Vor^ cllv !^' H'? T' P "° IS '" " 1C 11U =° • 1 ™ ftd1 ' i .o,. Nr.. York city ICOKC.H. to ;l-.o nation's war birds as they as a portloir of the sky armada flew past It l . i\ .! rcl " a t ' 1(1 ° rc11 "' enemy atlack. | LOWER CENT ER-Aa aerial ciBvnp of two planes as thev flew over R Ir,, i-A spr-,dy pursuit, plane layinj down a smoko screen ! the Gc . oreo warlrnctou b.idce at 178th street m. 1 .;^ p n T°r';- C T I LOWE[l ™»r-*™ ^'^ <^^ «*r l">o'as II m ™<* from .R ntt.Hr-P.irl. of t.ic R97 planes nying in formation ow the I the air during tho great maneuvers. WEATHER local ARKANSAS. — Cioudy. tlniiK'oi showers tonight and Wed- ncsdav. FLASHES SKEK GliOUXDS FOR 1IOHTON IMPKACIIMIIXT XASirvlLl.i:. jfay 26 (irpi_A rfsnlutlon creating a ccmroitlec of five members cf the Tennesscc housc of rtfresentalives lo study Hip niidlnfs of the slate affairs Investigating committee and report whether il finds sroimds for impcadimcnl of Governor Henry Hnrtnn pastil today bv a vote of 71 lo 25. i According to the official weather: !observer. Charles Phillips jr., tiro: maximum Icmporature here yes- j ,» om scniencc suirmcni pvcn I tcrday was 33 degrees and the mln-; lo ll-.e press by the \Vhile House |imum. G5 decrees, cloudy with .001 rc.ul, "The president and his ad- inches of rair,. Today a year ago vlscrs have been goin^ over tbn FIXD EXCOURAGEMEXT 1VASII1XGTON, May 26 lUP) —Prrshlent Hoover and his cabinet have made a study of tlic rctnrmic slluillon and after today's eabhirl merlins announced they "find many factors that arc favorable-." A one sentence statement given llie maximum temperature was 83 decrees and tho minimum, 50 degrees. c!e»r. ercnomic sitiutir.n ami liavc round many factors that arc

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