Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 6
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Indianapolis Sale Controllers end Distributers. nirel Culls. i There are- many birds of which the ' male n-nd femaje have t-He same call, such as the raven, the rook, the Jfew 'Zealand parson's bird and tho pull, and to the highly cultivated municoJ ear • e. difference in pitch may be perceived •'•. which would escape I he ordinary ob... Server. With the true song-sters there • Is little difference in the vocal organs of the two sexes, although the males of most species sinff better ond more continuously than the females.—Chicago Chronicle. Tlire* Ctlinutes. Abyssinia, according- to M. Ma reel, '& French traveler, lias tliree climates, according to the altitudo above the sea. ' In tho low country, or vnlk-ys, dates, indig-o, cotton a-nd other'tropical plants . flourish, elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and gazelles abound. Tho intermediate zone, recalls the cliYr.ate of Sicily or oE Andalusia in Spain. There ' is good pasture for flocks and herds •in the highest region.—Cliicag-o Chronicle. —ATiy new or useful art, machine. nmn-afiKVtiire or method may be pntent- . ed. ' VITAUS .^«^^ pnoT<xntA?n£D T M b IV B§ VV THE NEW FRENCH REMEDY. THE ABOVE RESULTS. Sotb Day- 31 quickly rnid suroly ro-t .——-—•• moves Kcrvousnoss. Impotoucj, j %*&™ CALUMElf MEDICINE CO., CHICAGO, ILL For sale by Ben Fisher and B. T Eocsllnp. CERTIFICATES. Issued In'dcnomlnntlonB 01 $50., S100., $250., $500., $1,000. Tho intercut ia giiarantcpj forS years. They nottlio jjurchaser Spcrct. pur.dunum. The interest Is from onrumgs. • „ TAo coupons anO:piiy»blo acmi-nnnually. , They urc similni to Colla,toral .Trust Bonds, Tho principal 13 rapidly en h Tlicy arc a nafo invoatmcnt. . SYSTEM, Manhattan Building, Cuicugo, Ills. FiUot of Salmon. Cut tlie fish into fillets and vnpe with a clean cloth; egg and bro.Tcl' crumb these; fry in hot fat ujitil they are lightly browned, about ten minutes-, put them on blotting- paper to free them from fat; serve on a napkin .nnd garnish with parsley,—Cincinnati Enquirer. Cyollnsr In Australia. Tho cycling- craze amouat-3 to a positive mania In Melbourne. Tho Uitlsy In AB«tr»ll». The ox-eye daisy, which bot.hor« American farmers, is now spreading 1 in- many agricultural districts in Au-str.i- liti, being 1 introduced wit-h hayseed. It oniyses dnmag-e to grass lomJs. THE MARKETS. Uralil, I'rovlslonM, Etc- Clilcafio, July IS. \VWBAT-3Ioaerately active and weftXtr. July, nCfar.n'ic: September. OC-;-i@DT-}io: De- comber, 'uSii,ifi)"«-iic. CORN-VVeoh. No. 2, &•,%<&*!KC; No. 2 Yellow, 27ii27%c; July, 2C%«; September, 2TVli4ii2TV£c; December, 27%<ii-SSc; May, 29%® OATS—Good trading and lower. No. 2 cash, iT'AfMie; September, J7V»SJ"%e: May, '-Oiifi'"^." Samples steady. No. 3. 1C(£M7V»e; No. 3 White, 17«j)16c; No. ?, 10->iS'17c: No. 2 White, IS'/ifWOVic. JIKSS POKK—Trailing fairly active nr.d market lower. Prloea lower at SG.Sj'/jifj) 6.37^ for cash; »C.35®C.4o for Soptember; $(;.37Vii[f(J.30 lor October, and |7.30@7.4!)i for January. I,yVP.D—TradltiB fairly active and prices lower. QuoUHlong rangect at JS.SOffS.SS'.-i for ctiHh; $3.57Vi©3.00 for iSeptember; S3.C5 03.B7Vj for October, anil $3.07!-i@4.00 for Jan-. \iary, l^IV.13 POULTRY—Only n-.oderaio demand. Turkeys; SOlOe; Chickens, S%4?9e; Sprinc Ducks, S®So per pound; Geese, per dozen, S3.00©4.00. New York, July 18. FLOOR—Dull. weak. - . WHEAT—No. 2 Red dull, steady. September, C2%SiC3%c; December, G-l%<g>(Sc. CORN—No. 2 dull, easier. No. i, 33 : >i@3'lo;' Soptember, 33i,4@33 9-lCc. ' OATS—No, i dull, steady. Western. 22 @"7c- September, 21V£e bid. BEEF—Steady, dull. POKK — IC'isy. quiet. New Mess, S8.5C© 8.75; old mess. $7.7"4fS.25. 1 LARD — Quiet. 'Steam-rendered, $3.753 3. SO. PUTTER—Steady: fftlr (!em.and. Western dairy, 9<S>32c; Western creamery, 11% (Jfinc; Klflns, ]je; Imitation creamery, lO© CHEESE—Quiet. Part skims, 2fiUVic. . EQGS—Quiet and steady, Western, 11@ 13c. Live Stock. ChlRogo. July 18. CATTLE — Murkot nominally steady. Fair to best Beeves, $3.4C@*.JO: stockers and feeders, 52.20i{J3.60: mixed Cows and Bulls. '$1.1003.50; Texas, $S.K@3.40. _ . HOGS—Market generally'steady. Light. K 30@3.CO; rough packing. $2.S5®3.00; mixed oiid butchers', J3.taff3.50; heavy packing and shipping. $3.0u©3.35; Pigs, 2.M@3.00. •• MADE PUBLIC. Oorrespondsncs of United States and England on Arbitration, Vital Points Are Not Yet Settled- Salisbury's Remarks. Before House of Lords. Washington, July IS.—The efforts of the United States and'Great Britain to iia-rec upon n general arbitration treaty i'or the settlement of all controversie through the establishment of a perma iient tribunal, as weli as the progress of diplomatic negotiations towards sol ing the Ycne/uehin problem are set forth in 13 communications nuule public by the state department. While they constitute the first • nuthoritntiva disclosure upon these great questions since Preside/it Cleveland's famous Christniustido message to congress, it will be found that previous reports in these dispatehes of the negotiations between the two governments, luive accurately outlined the course of events. Little substantial progress toward a general arbitration trenry is discinsocl by the documents. An outline in part of the prapnseil procedure is laid 'i:iw.n, and the news of the two Sffivenm-.i-nts nre so explicitly skiled ;hnt future dis- cnssion may be confined toward -arrow.- ing flic few (livorgencics of inutlfd. The fiirlhpr fact is made app.iretr -h-itthe United Slates has not r.-laxf' 'ii vigilance in flcMiKimlincra ju.->t si?i'' mcntot the Vencxuelaii bonndnrv qu *iion,nnd lias ri'jectrd the lii-i'.ish pmposnis for ni'bitrat.ing that disputo under terms involving tlt(> sun-emli'r "f any part of Vcne-/.i:la's claims. A synopsis of the correspondence follows: Sliliftmry'H ])r:ifr. Trpiity. Tho ro-i-nsnoiKlencc proper bffflns with n. roto dated FoM-unry 27 !.-•=;. from :,rr. Bay nrtl 10 tli«! mr.i-quis or S:illsl)»ry. Within four days of the receipt i,: Oils note Lonl Siillslniry m-nrti^ iwply, rc.'utlly i-oiKnivrln;; In tie HUk"' r cstIon 10' iiotrln ticirotlutlons, and nutins-tiiP d"slri! ortlv; Dryish scivtrnmpnt •o brl:iu- the diffcroncfs lictwor-n tht>m- selves and VuneauulH to 1111 rqultaWc set- i!emftn',. This illsrussion w.s at loi\Tth diverted from the spocfHr sul-jc-ct o:' t)K- Vf-r.exiiflan !iouncl:iry dispute to Hie sroneral arbltrn- ilor propnsltion. Lord SnllfiUiry ilraft"! a trnntv wh!«;!i provlilfK 'or !ho appointment Viy' the Ui-.lu.-cl Stntus and Great r.ritnln of two or mon- iK-i-mnncMit Judicial ofllci-rs. •-.rtc of \v!iom :.•-: to he Ueslcnntci! l)y Ills own mitlon to net as ur. arbitrator u-Uh onu -timed by the other side on the appearance i,f any diffori-ncc buiwecn the two power* which cannot be si'tt!nd by iKjgor.littloii:;. Complaints made by the nallonnls of ono t-ower af.-alr.st the ofllcc-rs of the other: t-'l pecuniary cla!rr.s or groups o!' claims. bmounllnfi t,o not more than £100,000, mart-o tin ulilicr p'uwer by '-ha nationals of the- c'ihcr, svln-tliei- based on an alleged rl,-fht treaty or arrrocmert or otherwise: all claim* for d:<.mnsas or indemnity \im\nr thr- -said amount: a" questions an'cctin,? diplomatic or consular prlvllcirua: fi!l nl- l'e' r Gd r'.Kht^ °I-' Jiwhery, ucc-oss, navigation nr'camniorclal privilege, np.d all questions referred by special agreement between the two parties, shall .be referred to arbitration, I" accordance with tills treaty, and tho av.-ard thctx-on slmil be final. Scert-tary i>lni'j-'» ObJt-ctloaK. Secretary Olncy begins his response by ain-otlns attention to the fact tiiat Lord PixSHbury in terms excludes from consld- cratlon the Venezuelan boundary dispute, but nevertheless declares that "so fur as he manifests ;i desire thdt the.two great EnB- llsh-spi.'aklr.s peoples of the world shall reinriln in perpetual peace, he fully reclp : vocntes that desire." The secretary points cul an objection in.that the draft does not M-curo an end ot a controveray unless an i.ward ia concurred in by at least live out nf the six appellate arbitrators. Therefore, by direction of the president, Secretary Ol- n'oy proposes a substitute for that portion. The ghunfre contains provisions that either congress or parliament at any time before the arbitral tribunal shall have convened may by act withdraw particular subject matter from arbitration as Involving the national honor or Integrity, and providing further that award shall be linu.1 If concurred In by all the arbitrators If assented to by a majority only, the s.warcl shall be final, unless one of the Larries within three months from Its promulgation shall protest in writing that the Iiwunl Is erroneous In respect to some issue of fact or law, ' In such case the award shall bo reviewed 'by a court composed of rhree United States supreme Justices and three British supreme justices, who shall. In advance, agree upon three Impartial jurists to be added, to their body 'la case they shall bo equally divided on an award The award of this court, whether unanimous or by majority, shall be llnal. Lord SiiliHbury's Reply- Under date of May IS J.ord Salisbury replied to Secretary Olney's statement through Sir Julian Pauncetote, beginning hy an expression of regret: "That in some essential particulars the opinions of the two governments do not, us yet, seem to come to a delinlte agreement upon the whole of this Important subject. "But," says Lord Salisbury, "J was well aware that any settlement to which we might arrive must, In Its general principles, bo applicable to disputes, not only between Groat Britain and the United States but between either of them and any other government; and, therefore, with certain adaptations of detail. It would'apply 10 a dispute between Great Britain nnd Venezuela." In concluding this note Lord Salisbury expresses an apprehension that if Secretary Olney's plan were adopted a nation whose territory was claimed would avoid all risk o£ on adverse arbitration by refusing to iccept It on tho ground that It .Involved .liulr honor and integrity,. Frlciiit of Venezuela. When the arbitration matter Is again resumed it Is through the note from Sir Julian to Secretary Olney, June 3, submitting In behalf of his government proposals for tho settlement of tho Venezuelan' boundary question In the form of a mem- 'i-andum from Lord Salisbury submitted to the United States, as "the friend of Venezuela.." Ho says that from tho first his objection has been to submit to a for- ti~n arbitrator tho rights of British colonists who had settled In a territory they had every ground to believe British. He was willing that the unsettled territory should, bo subjected to arbitration,' oven though some portion of It should bo found to fall within the Schomburgk line. This tribunal, It Is proposed, shall fix a line binding upon both countries, provided that It shall not have power to transfer to cither Venezuela or Great Britain any territory hona fide occupied by the subjects of the other country January 1, 1S67, although in respect to such territory the tribunal may submit recommendations to satisfy tho equitable rights of the.parties, j Declined l>y Otncy. On June 12 last Secretary Olney regret ; fully declined this proposition as nofcal- culated-to terminate,speedily tlie boundary dispute pr give djie recognition to the Just •|ghts,of the parties. - . . • . On the same date Secretary Olney notlr led Sir Julian that our government would, not be at liberty to .include- the Vene-;. Buolan boundary case .within.the scope of a general arbitration treaty, although it would welcomo a'-settlemont of that-con-. Lroversy by a special treaty. . . ' In the last letter of the series, dated Jun« K: Secretary Olney devotes himself to an twerlng Lord. Salisbury's statements re- tpcctlng the general arbitration proposition, beginning with the statement that our government cannot refrain from hoping that persistent eftort in the lino of tho pending negotiations will have results which, If not all that the enthusiastic advocates,of international arbitration anticipate, would bo a decided advance upoo anything heretofore achieved In that direct lOE. TRADE REVIEW. Continued Uncertainty orFlnniu:liil l-'ntnr« CUUHU Doprtisrtlun. A~ew York, July IS.—JI. G. Du:: & Ca, Jn their weekly review tff trade say: "Disapproval .of tho action at the Chicago convention has had some Influence In the markets the past week, but a fur morn Important factor has been tho feeling that the financial future Js still uncertain. ThU acute attack of doubt, coming at- a time when business Is for other reasons seriously depressed, bus made tho week unusualt ?y sloomy In speculative circles. The average price for 00 active railroad stocks ):as declined from $-17.2J to M-I.7C per share, and the average of titist-stocks from $47.3] to HI.48 per share. "The wheat market has been remarkably well supported in splio of a very favorably report by the government, and prices aro a shade higher than a week ago, without any discoverable reason connected wild American supply or demand. Cotton has fallen about hull' a cent in options and one- quarter !n spot 'prices, because the men who were sure there would be a cotton famine In July arid have buen holding lni*gQ quantlilusoCoottonln expectation of higher prices have changed their minds. The closing of about three-quarters of the southern mills In producing capacity and about nulf of the northern mtllr for part, of tho time until the lli^w crop comes forward will help to prevent n. disastrous decline in prices -o!' goods, but if accounts of condition are not misleading and the general rains in Texas have helped the crop as much as many believe tlic yield is likely to bo more than 0,000,0(10 bales. The decrease in consumption here Is not, as yet, erfe.-tive In helping tlio prices of cotton (•oods, which are stll'. selling at about the lowest quotations ever made, "Tiie woolen manufacture Is waiting, nnd h.s new orders are exceedingly slow tho sales of wool at (.he three chief markets were for tho week only 2,250.000 pounds, ti-AP.Hact.iony :it Eoston being reported the lowe.sL ever known at that market. The average' of iron and steel prices Is the- lowest since a year ago. The manufacture oi' boots and shoes Is weakening under the i.'lTort to secure an .advance in prluo. 0.1- '^lougli most of the worlis have orders for some time ahead. Hut the demand Is very light, and nearly .ill the shops would havo 10" close If dependent on new orders. "Failures for the week have been 2G9 In the United States, against 2SS last year, and 35 fci Canada, against 3'J last year." Brticlstroct'ssays: "Nearly all general merchandise markets continue dull and the volume of business Is smaller than anticipated. Little or no disposition is shown ;o engage In new enterprises. Among more favorable features nre relatively encouraging reporta concerning trade at nine business centers, together with an improvement In quotations for wheat. Indian corn, oats and l.ork, and firmer prices for wool, sugar, lumber, leather and print cloths." • NEWS IX BRIEF. Sonic important- discoveries of iron lirive been reported in i.he neighborhood of the town o: JJruJe, IVi.s. The seeivui-ry of t.lie interior has approved an Idaho school li-st coutn-inin^ S.02C ncres in t-lic Boise City la-.ul district, Charles Miirprnve, the postmaster at Emory (i;ip, Teini.. was shot 1'rora nni- n-liile g-oin:; home and fatally ivoumlefl. ' A enuij;;niy has been orfi-iinixed for the purpose of build:):;;- a line of railroad in Missouri -from Versailles to Lebanon, a suiuee of (10 niile.s. , . Anton /ivcsky. Sr., a Union Pacific sljops" employe, clcjirrxseil by the lo.*s oil fricrnls i" t'ne I^o^a.n wivek, :ui'l in trouble \vi:,!i lii^ lod;.;e over fund*, eoiu- iiK'd su'ii-.kie front f.hn combined wor- •ies. It h,-i.« lu'eii decided thn'l the body of •x-Gov. \Vii:in!ii K. Itusscli will riot lie in suite. The .funeral services will be lu'Jd at four o'clock Monday afternoon in Shopard iU'iuoriul church, Cara- bridg'e. The mothers of a number of soldiers ivbo were abotit slortins' from Snrtv ijossa for Cuba, have ir.ade ;i proti-st to the government a^n-inst their ^" lls ^ L '- inff sent a.way. The g-ovcrnmem an- Mioriv.ies ascribe ilie protests .ID the influence of agents of Cuban filibusters nnd ii-rjj det-erminvd to prosecute aay such persons a-s they nmy <ind. ticntl" Av*-nicciil:i.':. -\n amusiiijT story is told of how the late shc.Ii fell a-sk-op when he should have been the chief guest at a reception. Tn Persia they believe that a midday awakened person suffers grievous injury. What was to be done? A. lmn<3 was dispatched to the s'.iaJi's rest- place, wit.b special iustructions to the big- drum. The result was success-' ful. ' _ Not In the Embalming BnKliieRW. Once, when n, man of great note died, his friends tried to g-et D'r. Holmes to"say a. fe^v lund words about the deceased wbielimig-ht be published." But tie declined. "Uo you se.c?" he said, 'they want to engage me in the embalming- business! But I cannot help to this fly in umber." CARTERS •IITTLE flVER |HUs SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these : tittle Pills. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty^ Eating. A per- cct remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsi: icss, Bad Taste in tlic Mouth, Coated Tongue _>ain in the Side, TORPID 1JVER. They legulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.' • Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price. __ _ BKYAN AT HOME. Greeted by Neighbors on Arriving at Lincoln, Neb, Thousands of Citizens -from All Sections of the State Join in a Big Demonstration. Lincoln, -Neb., July IS.—The demonstration iu honor of the li-jine-eoming-of Hon. \V. J. Bryan w^s un event in the life of that tfeiitleman of which he can be proud. The dcmonstraii-:n line) been \VL\] ndvoi-tised and it hull the efl'ect of iH'inrring-an immense crowd to Lincoln. Tno Ciliulliliiu- Arrive. As eiirlv sis- five o'clock the crowds beg-an to niiirch to the depot to awn it tln> nrrivnl i.if tin; party-. Tiiu nry:m train arrived at soven. p. j«. The ru- c-i'iition committee from Lincoln'joined •the (rails at Table lioek. A dek'gtilicm from the Lincoln' Sorosis also greeted Mrs. Bryan there. When the train rolled into the union depot in this city Mr. Bryan was giver, a ireincndousova- tion by th2 assembled IhousanJs. rumlloil 1" U'<- Run. At S:30 o'clock Mr. Bryan weuttoihc .Lincoln hotel in a carriage to take his •place iu the parade, Mrs. Bryan and a. ^number of friends pi-oct-cding 1 directly to the legislative building-. It had began to rain by this time, but the ardor of the people was not diminished, and when 'Mr. Bryan drove up to the hotel he was greeted with a repetition o£ the delirious enthusiasm expressed by lung- power and by the instruments-of torture that had boen jjiviMi him on his arrival at the railway station. Then the procession was started for the Statehouse. Police, inilitin, state;, county and c.ity oiliciii's followed in turn and the rest of the procession iv;is ninde up of eivic organizations of every character, including; traveling- men and relief societies. The Bryan home guards bore fiiimboaiisand discharged rockets, while ninny oft the other pM-aders also indulged in pyrotechnic display. A brass band headed nearly every organization, and there was DO lack of musical effort. B>r. J.ry:in Hixnilcs llrU-flv. Packed iri the r;ii:i outside the statehouse were peopie by the thousands. They cared nothing for the wet under foot" and the wet overhead, and stood in the mud as patieMiy as if it.had been the most propitious weather. When Mr. Bryan was introduced the shout that went up was a mighty one and ;t was repented over and over again. .\ temporary platform had been erected at the north exterior o£ the building-, nnd from, this Mr. Bryan spoke. HJs re-marks were brief, and were confined exclusively to expressions of appreciation and gratitude for the welcome extended to him, containing not the slightest reference to politics. After the speaking Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, standing-.in the rotunda of the statehor.se, received the vast concourse of pcopJe. STOLEN BONDS RECOVERED. Detectlvcfi Uncartli UiirRrr Fort of Miser Schriifjo'w \Ycalth. Chicago. July 3s.—The bonds stolen iu March la.st from Miser Sehragc have been recovered. At nine o'clock this morning Jack McLean, the bandit, who has been under arrest for sonic rime, charged with the robbery of these bonds, was taken out by the detectives to the South side. McLc*n directed the police to the house at 541-1 Shields avenue, a.nd buried in the cellar of the house the bonds were found in a tin case. AlT of the city securities and a large amount, of the county bonds, with the exception of $12,000 worth, were secured. Krlward It. Smith, proprietor of tht well-known roadhoitse at 773 Fifty- n'rst. street, was arrested at, noon, eha.rged with receiving $21,000 -vorth of the bonds stolen from Christopher Schrage, of niJelrerson street, on the night of March 24. The warrant was dated July '2, and cJiarged the ron-dhoti.se keeper with running a "fence," in receiving from "Jacob" McLean the stolen bonds to dispose o:\ Out- of the $53,000 worth stolen up to date $27,100 have been recovered, Edward Smith had in his possession for disposal $21,500, which the chief of police confiscated some weeks,ago, and Friday night Jack McLean led detectives to 5114 Shields av.omie, where more bonds to the value of $."..000 were found. The case has now been practically cleared up. . , A South Caroitn.il V.y nchinc. Augusta, <3:u, Ju'Iy IS. — Da.it Dicks (colored), iyn.s lynched early this moraine- at Ellentown, S. C., ior attempting, to ^outrage Mrs. I. W. Hill. The crime was committed yesterday afternoon and Dicks was immediately .arrested .-vnd. identified by Mrs. HH1. He was lodged in ja.il, from which place he was -taken by the mob and s\vj;ig'to a tree shortly after sunrise. One Fullnre Oinscs Another. Chicago, July. IS.—The failure of Uie Schacffe'r company was the direct result of the .failure of the Hallett & Davis company Friday. The Schaeffer company manufactures pianos, and much of their product was handled by the Hallett &, Davis company. Those connected with the company place the assets ftt about $25,000, and the liabilities at about $30,000. • •Heavy Frost la JHIrhi(-;io. Scney, Mich., July 3S-—This entire section of the state was visited by frost, which completely ruined the largest berrv and fruit crop ever seen in this country. Ice to tlie thickness of n. haH inch formed on several neighboring- lakes. __ - ' T.OHO Tliolr.l^nltloun- - Kockford. 1"., July J8.—Consterna^ tioh has been created among the Northwestern conductors because-of the tinnoujicement of.wl)olosa.)e dismis- Ba-ls, some of the oldest conductors in, the road being let out,and it.issaid that mart discharges are soon to follow. MORE GOOD NEWS For AH Womcii WJi»- Arc Sick: [firxciAi, TO oun LA:>V IU:AI»:RIJ.] "I am happy to say your Vegetable Compound has cured me of painful •menstruations :iud backache. " MysufTiirinj: every month was dread, fill, i'hc doctor gave wo inorpliine to case the pain, but nothing '.a cure, uit; anil I was obliged to spend two or three davs i!i lied. Now J. have no pain at all. " I can work liardV.r, and oe on my f<?i:t longer, lhn.ii I have for years. I cannot' }»-aiso your mc-dicinfi enough. I am glad to lelfevery One that I wus cured by LyiHn E, .'Pinklianrs. Vcsel.ible Compound."— MDS. X'iwroN- Conn. M.ir.- c.'-oster, Ohio. All druggists sell it. The COAST LINE to MACK1NAC —-i>—*-TAKE THE-*-"£-— MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOrcntcit Perfection yet attained In Boat Con»truclion--Luxuriou.s Equipment, Artistic Furnishing, Decoration and Eificlent,Service, insuring the highest degree of COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. (•oiin TRIPS PER WEEK BCTWECM Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKSY, ''THE soo," MARQUETTE., AND DUUITH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mnckiiwc •nd Return.- Including Heals and Berths. Front Cleveland, $18; from Toledo; $15; from Detroit, $13.50. . EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and, Cleveland Connecting'nt Cleveland with Earliest Trains fora!) points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for t U points North and Northwest. Sund«yTfiptiuno,July, fluousf and Septembar Onl£ '.EVERY DAY BETWEEN • Cleveland, Put-in-Bay $ Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. 8CHANTZ. a. r. (..DETROIT, MICH. Trie Detroit aun cieveianfl steam lav. Ce. . ONE-HAUF SIZE OF BOX. •POZZONI'5 'COMPLEXION POWDER! ' has Tiocn tho nuinrinrfi for Tony ycnra and 13 more; popular toniay than ever before. I Is tbo Ideal complexion nowdor—beautlfylnir, , rcfrpsvilnst cleanly, healthful and hannles*. rjj A del'oaii,. Invisible protection to the.faco. • iiO^ id K»'«tt free of cturfte. • 1 AT DEUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES.' REV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. waterioo, ind., Sept. 8,1896. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—T have been afllicted over twenty years witu dyspepsia or souc ptomacb. I nave tried different -remedies without much benefit Finally, I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Per>sin. and found that It benefltted me. I am convinced that it wiU do what It Is recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel Hie' a different person. S.P. KLOTZ. For sale by B.'F. Keesllng. : Typhoid! and Scarlet Fever. .Taken in time Brazilian Balm .prevent! typhoid or .scarlet fever. Also makei these diseases very light and alirnyi prevents deafness and-thront troubles, whicJt«c»rlet;ierer abil meaale* ao ofte. leave behind. Always keep o

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