The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1949 BLYTHEVILM5 <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE SEVEN THE NATION TODAY [Income Taxpayers Are Urged i To Claim Maximum Exemptions {Allowable Under Federal Law ((Editor'! Note: Tills Is the ninth of 12 stories on who has to do i what about his IMS income tax return, for 'Me deadline is March 15). By Jamn M»rlow WASHINGTON, March 3. t/P|—Claim all the exemptions you cai n filing your 1948 income tax relurn. You'll save money. You can get $600—for each ex-+- emption—froirt your total income before what's left is taxed. You get 1 a $600 exemption for: 1. Yourself, always, whether single or married, when you file a return. 2. Your wife, if she had no income or Ules a return jointly wit" you. 3. Each dependent. A word on exemptions for hus- Jaycee Oratory Contest Winners bands and wives: When a wife has any income of her own, no matter how small, no exemption can be claimed for her unless she files her own return, separately or Jointly with her husband. Remember: A wife is not clarified as a dependent, That's why the rules covering exemptions for dependents are a little different. $«** Exemption for Ucpendnts A dependent is any close relative of any age—age doesn't count— win got more than halt his support from jou in 1948 and had less than $500 income of his own. You can Mill claim the full exemption for a dependent even though he turned over to you his less-than-$500 income. And you don't have to report that income of Acheson Says Pact Nations In Agreement WASHINGTON, March 3—</T|— Secretary of State Acheson said yesterday there are no outstanding dtferences among the negotiating countries now on the proposed North Atlantic Security Alliance. He also told a news conference: 1. He hopes the negotiations can be completed and the text of the treaty made public In the near future. 2. The negotiators have been discussing the possibility of bringing other nations into the talks here but no decision has been reaced. The nations now negotiating the pact are the United Slates, Canada. Britain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Acheson said the discussions as o possibly bringing in other na,ions have touched on Italy. He said the mutter is till open and under New Aid for the World Plan Advanced by Truman's Point '4' chairman of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Americanism Committee, is shown presenting first p)nce awiirrt hi * public speaking contest that \vns part of the club's Americanism Week observance to Coleman Borowsky, Blythcvllle High School student, nex Lovell (second fiom left) won second place nnd Miss Roberta Brncey, (left) received the third place award. Dutch Press Plan for Future Of Indonesia But—you can't claim as a dependent anyone who had *500 or more Income even though he had more than half his support from you. And note this, because it's a silly spot in the law: A person who had $600 or more income, must file his own return and claim his own JGOO exemption. II he had less than $000 exemption he doesn't have to file a return. But—a person who had $500 or more Income, even though less than $600, can't be claimed as dependent. He's in & mind of no- man's land. Besides the usual $600 exemption you get for a wife, you get an extra $600 o!f for her if she is blind, plus another $600 if she reached 66 on or before (but not after) Dec. 31. IMS. Biit you get only the usual $600 exemption for a dependent, and nothing extra H he is blind or over 66. Cine Relatives Defined These arc the close relatives you can claim as dependents: * Your child or grandchild; a stepchild but not his children; a. legally adopted child; a brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister; your parents, grandparents or other ancestors; your step-father, step-mother; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, al! related by blood; and your in-laws; lather-mother-sister-brother - son- daughter-in-law. You can claim as a dependent for the lull year a child born to you as late as Dec. 31, 194S. And—you can claim as a dependent lor the full year a child born to you anytime in 1848 even though !(, died a moment after birth. If il was born alive, you can claim it as R dependent. You can't claim an unborn child or one born dead. What ol some other dependen' who died during 1948? You can claim a full exemption for him. even though he died on Jan. 1, 1948, 51 long as he was truly a depeyden during the part of the year he was alive. You don't have to do any arithmetic with $600 exemptions If you use form 1040A or the 1040 short- form. They're all figured In the tax table used with those forms. You simply note in the proper place that you're claiming so many exemptions. In using the long-form, you subtract your total exemptions from your income before applying the tax Ui to wliofs then left of the income. discussion. Swedes Find Neutrality Is Expensive STOCKHOLM </Pj—Here where everything is costly—and nculrnllt) is no exception—the Swedes seem to be buying largely of ttsl commodity. Norway may have made up her mind to Join a western alliance 'enmark may have done the same hing. But not the Swedes. There isn' sign here which might Indlcat liey'll go into any western, or fo hat matter, eastern military a! ance. Its straight down the road fo Sweden as usual. But, »11 this I :ostly. Prices are high and there ots of things from the west tha one used to see around this beaut ful, charming city of the nort which Just aren't here anymore. "Dollars." You hear that wor In a lot of places and usually acorn panied by "Oh, how I wish I ha tome." But then they shake their heads und say, "well, there doesn't seem much chance of that." The Swedes are not exciting themselves with war talk. Many with whom you talk believe that should a third one come, they will probably be able, as in the case of the other two. to keep clear of shooting. There may not be many Americans in Sweden, but, there certainly Is a hlRh population of American cars. The people here seem better dressed than many places in Europe. This goes for the working class, too. and while the housing situation still appears to be bad, it is getting better. With her pre-war German market gone, Sweden is still looking about for buyers and markets, and apparently finding both although perhaps not in the quantities she would like. BATAVIA. JnVn. March 3—< The Dutch appeared today lo be pushing ahead their plan to settle the future status of Indonesia des- tc rtcpubllcan opposition. T h e Netherlands government vc tcmorary recognition today to new representative body for the iitch-occupied republic. The announcement said it was ot 'desirable to set up an actual ate at present but it was urgently ccc.ssary for the 7,500,000 people ivolvcd "to have n voice in the dmtnlstrntiou of their own lerrl- ory and in political discussions ith the central government." The fromcr Republican lenders clused to fall In with the Dutch ilans. President Sosliarno and other ndoneslan officials exiled on the sland of Btingkn are reported to lave notified the Dutch they will have no part of their proposed ound table parley at the Hague March 12 unless they arc restored n their former capltol of Jogja- karta. C-47 Crashes In Mountains; 9 Are Killed DEI, RIO. Tex., March 3. (/!•)— Sheriff A. E. Stehunctz siild todas that a missing C47 crashed In th Colorado Mountains soulh of her in Mexico and that all nine nboart were killed. The plane had been missing for several rtays on n flight from Hamilton Field. Ciilif., to Kelly Field in San Antonio, Tex. II was last reported over Wink, Tex., In the southwest port of the State, nt 8:20 a.m. Monday. It Imd landed earlier at El Paso, Tex. The plane had been the object of an extensive search both by laud and air. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. March 3. MY— tUSDAI—Hogs 6.500 fairly active: barrows and gilts 25 to mostly 50 higher; later rathe show; sows mostly 25 higher; bulk good and choice 180-220 Ibs 21.50 22.00; top 22.00; 240-270 IBS 20.25 21.25; 210-325 Ibs 19.25-20.50; 140 HO Ibs 20.50-21.75; 100-130 Ibs 16.50 19.75; sows 400 Ibs down 17.75-19.0C over 400 Ibs 16.00-17.50; stags 12.50 14.50. Cattle 1.500; calves 700; activ and 25 la 50 cents higher on steer heifers and cows; bulls steady; vcnl ers 1.00 lower; mostly medium an good steers at 22.50-24.00: odd lots 24.25-50; good heifers and mixed yearlings 22.50-24.00; common and medium 18.00-22.00: odd licaci good cows 18.50-19.00: common and medium cows 17.00-18.00; canners and cutters 14,00-17.00. Arkansas Ex-GI Testifies in Trial On Army Cruelty FORT MRADE, Md., March 3. «' —An amputee-veteran testified li he court martini of a retired Army oloncl here Ihnt his feet were so wollen from the cold after a week n an Army prison cell he couldn't jet his shoes on. The amputee, Pvt. Joseph Sugg-i ot Arkansas, testified from his wheel chair In the trial of Col. Harold H. McClune. McCUme Is charged with cruelty to soldiers confined :o his wurzburtr, Germany, disciplinary camp while he was commanding officer there. McClune. who lives in San Antonio. Texas, is the fourth officer to be tried on the charges here. The other three, all of whom served under him at Wurzburg when the alleged mistreatment took place In January 1947, have been acquitted. Suggs, who is learning to walk ngain at Walter Reed Hospital In Washington, wns questioned in de- WASHINGTON—A bit of K 8a(H in the program of Hit United Nation* (UN) to aid underdeveloped trtm would be tilled by President Trum«n's "Point 4." Officials of United Nations' wn- ctes here point out that nine of UN groups have extensive programs concerned with labor; food mid agriculture; education, science and culture; civil tvlatlon; health; telecommunications and so forth. But when you want to help out the underdeveloped countries by Increasing their food supply, or Jm- provlng their health, labor or educational conditions, you tnvarlabl) trip on one stumbling block. Thai s. little can be done In any of hese fields unless you ainmllan- ously begin to build up the coun- rlcs' roads, railroads, industries ocks, power plants, elc. The UN has no agency directly oncerncd with the latter field, Tho icaiest thing lo It is Ihe Internn- lonal Bank for Reconstruction nnd Development. But the bank's funds re very limited. Mr. Trumnn's proposal In his Inaugural address was for a plan vhlch would encompass the whole icld of development—"n bold new irogram for milking the benefits of our scientific advances and Indus- Uhil progress available for Ihe improvement and growth of underdeveloped areas." Secretary of Stiilc Acheson explained u few days Inter that II was not n program of heavy government expenditures. The Men u-u lo use technicians and various spe clnllsts to tench other countries lo help themselves nml.lo create con itlons which would encourage th nvcstment of private capital, This is the technique which th United 1 Nations and Its affiliate mils have been using for a Ion time. Teams of experts from various countries go out Into an area whic ms requested advice nud asslslanc After a plan has been agreed upoi one or another organization doe what it cati to put it Into effect. Most active inithis field has bee tlic Pood und Agriculture Oi'gnnl/i lion (PAOl, which seeks lo Increa the food supply by helping countrl to Improve tliclr (mining tcclui qucs. When Irrigation, hydroclecti power or roads are essential to ii prove agricultural methods, the FAO technicians have at times joined the financial experts of the International Dank to determine whether the bnnk could finance the necessary construction. The UN General Assembly at Is session in Paris last full took a step to broaden the field of de- nce tfd to antet wu flnt ttu- icd. When lli« plan was made Point in his inaugural address, how- vcr, It became a major Amerlan diplomatic policy for the Ilrst line. Bold in Gold CHllup, N. M, fa OIM ot tb» frontier town; Ln th* Indian try. The original home of th* dcttruo- tlve boll-weevil U believed to IM Central America. ARE YOU PLANNING A PARTY?. > MAKE IT DISTINCTIVE with these Eileen Ommmoiicl will ciikli n lol of nllcnllon with this j;olil lame bathing suit. Anil she can even swim in II, which should utU.ict n lot u( llsh. Kilcen dls- l>l;iycd Ihc gllllvring creation nl Mlnm|. Bench. Flu. 8 SUGGESTIONS ending rolo hi all tlu'so project,'; lo foster economic growd., for this counivy alone has sufficient citpl- Inl resources nnrt luchnicnl skills to provide substantial usslslancc. lie- sides working through UN nycncloK, \ve liavt; done much of this kind of thhiR on our own. We have made Icmns through the L'xpoil- Import Hank. We Vmvc sent technical missions to the. Philippines, nrnr.ll. Bolivia. Greece, Turkey. Sy- rln, mid other countries. Some 05 nations have sent representative* here to study our soil conservation problem alone. As an extension of our Rood neighbor policy In l.nlln America, two ormuiltfiUlons function under the State Department to promote the interests or tho other American Republics (which arc among the lands ruled a.s underdeveloped). They arc: 1. Tho institute of Inler-Aincrl- 2. veiopmcnt work, It Instructed its ™" Aftnlrs, which assist* the sis secretary-Keueral to orgnnlze teams tcl ' "publics lo p nil, finance am (nil by (lie court concerning trench foot he contracted In combat in the winter ot 1945. S\igt's said he suffered no III effects from the trench foot until he was put in a solitary cell at Wurzburg without stockings or shoes. of experts to advise member governments on economic development programs. It provided fellowships for study outside the country involved and (raining for local technicians within the country. The plan is large in concept but limited In application. 'Hie General Assembly provided only $2118,000 to carry It out. The International Trade Organization, a UN affiliate, in the charter which it drafted at Havana last March, pledged itself "to foster nnd assist industrial and general economic development, particularly of those countries which are still In the early stages of Industrial development, and to encourage the international flow of capital for productive investment." The united States has taken a execute proJeuU in tho field nil of public heallh, agriculture, education, etc. 2. The Interdepartmental Committee on Scientific- ami Cultural Cooperation, which works with the other republics in the Interchange of knowledge nnd skills and In rendering certain technical services The Idea bill new to Mr. Tnt- man. He said at a recent press conference that he hail been thinking about it lor two years, ever ' from Foster's Mixin's and Fixin's To hi'i^li It'n your luncheon try one of our 6 fancy soups . . . iitrludiuK Minestrone with Chiantl Wine, IUK! Vichyssolse wilh Sherry Wine . . . 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