The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 4, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NISWSl'Al'EU OF NOKTHKABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XL1I1—NO. 210 Hlylhevlllc Dally News lilylheville Herald Blythcvlilo Courier Mississippi Valley Loader lil,Y'niKVlU,K, AUKANSAS. WKDNKSHAV, DWKMBKK I. I'.llr, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WHIPPED UMW BOSS MAY CALL OFF STRIKE 146,286 Bales Missco Cotton Ginned by Nov. 14| Wllh fnrm lenders incrca-sinu Ihc estimated yield for the lUI'i cotton flop of Mississippi county, many now believe tho tolnl may reach as high n.s 215,003 bilk's. Tliut the harvest i_s far nlicad "f j year was shown in the offi- > ci:il report matte today by C. C. ] Danchower of Osccola. official cot- j ton statistician. There were HG.28G j bales ginned prior to Nov. 14, ; compared witli 5(j,783 bales ginm prior to tlic sninc date last year. Soviets Reverse Stand on Veto Molotov Agrees to Waiver; Action May Speed Disarmament Coal Shortages Result in Many New Restrictions Travel by Railroad Limited, Movement of Freight Restricted ' »V CIIAIUXHTK G. MOULTOX (tjiilloil I'l'L-ss Stuff CnrrespantleiH) WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. (UP) — Beciiusp of Ihc coat strike. Christmas. llKG, ];i onuses io be a chiU. tUmly-hi;htecl holiday season of little i ravel, fewer fjifLs, the barest of YiUclidc uimminys and drastic mniliny restrictions. Thai wits the picture today Io!- |VyvinK four nc\v government coal- Vavlnp order.s intended to conserve railroad space lor ihc most essential noods and services. These orders provide: 1. A ban, bogUininj; Friday, on all freight .shipments by rail or express ex-opt for specifically exempted commodities such as fend, fuel, medicine, newspapers iind sanitation supplier. 2. Beginning Mnmlay, passenger (ravel on coal-burning railroads wiU be cut to about halt of normal. A 23 IJIT cent reduction already is in effect. 3. Beg i mi ing today, virtually all rail shipments destine:! for export art halted. Exceptions arc bulk prjiin, livestock and .supplies for U. S. armed forces overseas. Others | require a special pcimit. ! 4. Beginning FYiday, no parcel packages may be mailed overseas, cx:ei;t io U. S. armed forces. For domestic shipment, jx>st offices will accept no packages weighing more than five pounds nnd measuring more than 18 inches long, or 60 inches in combined tenth and girth. Exempted are live, dr.y-old poultry; .seeds, plants and other I "nursery stock; eggs, butter and other perishables; and medicine, drugs, surgical inslruments and sur_ gical dressings. Defense Transportation Director J. Monroe Johnston thought, these restrictions would keep coal-burning railroads going until the end of Febiliary. The freight embargo is equal toj n cut (if about 50 per cent. It up-i plies to all types of locomotives, | although exceptions may be granted Inter to those which don't bu:n coal.j The cut in passenger travel applies for disarmament unit outlawing ol only lo coal-burning locomotives. atomic warfare in tho UN security To a nation already headlong in council. Once the machinery was the biggest Christmas buying spree j created for enforcement. Mololav in history, the pinch of ihc freigrrt; said, "tlie principle ol unanimity embargo was expected to b- sharp-i lias no "relevance."' cst. i "There is no reason to assert A Beginning Friday, Christmas trees | that any power, ty use of the vela, ™ jmd oriijimenLs, a^ we 1 :] as toys and al) other potential gifts, will b^ ruled off the railroads. Here ;irr some of the consumer .slandbys which the railroads may not move: c'othing, liquor, tobacco, dishes, kitchen utcnsil.s, re'rjwcra- Ions, aulomobiies, v:ashin machines, radios. phcnocrnplis, pianos, furniture, building materials and paints. Truman to Use Strong Words About Strikers WASHINGTON. Drc. 4. (UP) — Prcsicienl, Tiuman today was preparing a stroncly-worried message for the new Republican Congress with indications that seme of the strongeM, would be reserved lor the htbor situation. AL his news conference yesterday, Mr. Truman said Rep. John Rankin, j D.. Miss., war. right in saying tnc l Pro.sident would s"cnk forcefully i about labnr in his message to the nrw Con press. The President went on to say that ho would use strong language in dealing with all phases of government operations. It was Mr. Truman's first news ronffTonce since the coal strike bc- i;an. He declined comment on the government's victory in its contempt case against John L. L/JVVLS. Nation Rapidly industrial Crisis Million Workmen Focc Layoffs Before End Of Current Week. |Wer/y Denver Pensioners Use Electric Toaster to Heat Room P!TT.SIH:HG1I, Dec. -I. <UP> — The nation headed rapidly towiivd an industrial crisis today as a freight einliai-Ro. resultjm; from the U-day soft era! Miikc. left scores of factories, wilh only a few days lo op- More llian 1.000,000 workers. rii'il.- j ° rficll > ls -'" lld mlim-iiM'catnini; llv N'OKMAN A. JOHNSON Ignited I'rt'ss Slaff Cm rospinulonl DKNVIOK, Dec. .|.—Mr. inul Airs. Williiini V(in:li'f|>ai), olil ;IKC pc-nsiotiors, witrnu><! llioir hands over a :5r<-yi'"r-old electric toaster today and waited I'tn- ih ( , t . O!1 | strike to end. The couple, both in' Ilielr (ill's,* had no oilier lu-alini; unit in Ihelr; two-room nixirlnii'nt except Ihu kitcluMi stove, tired by natinal u^^- The Vandorpans and 449 other funiihe:, »L I lie hiiKe four-block fqiioie Ijhiroln I'urk llonsilli; I'l'O- Jcel liave been keeping Wiinn !)>' i'iucr(!etu'y measures, ever since Ihc cenlral healinu unil nin out of eoal five days ny;u. All Denver coal yards have uern empty just us [mm. and city lienlth LAKE SUCCESS. N. V.. Dec. (UP)—Soviet Russia today in Knrprise move agreed to abiniion nny veto power over United Nations disarmament enforcement and o]>cncd the way toward concrete moves for vrorUl reduction of weapons of wnr. This major move was made by Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov before the UN General Asscni- bly Politic:!] and Security Committee and members' immediate reaction was thiit Mo'olov probably has broken the ley-jam in the conflict between Western and Eastern theories of disarmament^ Moltov made cvai that Russia was r.ot giving up its veto power ovcr discussions of disarmament but said flatly that once all had agreed on a plan and it had been put into effect the veto "has no r relevance." Soviet reluctance to abandon the veto over execution and 'implementation of any arms reduction program had, until Molotov spoke, apparently deadlocked the powers. It was believed that Molotov acted nftcr receiving ilex instructions ! from Oeiieralissimo Josef Stalin in! Moscow. He had delayed his state- i 000 of Hum in the automobile industry, fucr-d layoffs next week as a result of the embargo, effective Friday. As the full force of the coal strike | bit into the nation's economy, ilicre wort- the following developments: The Ford Motor Company of Detroit announced It would cense till j | inanufacUiiini! al midnight Tluns- ;l j day. Assemblies will shut dow.'i a low days after that. General Motors Corporation announced H could operate "oiilv a few days at Ihe most" after ihe rail embargo BOCK into clfei t. Chrysler Corporation said it was c.;>n- lemplatint; an early .shutdown. Automobile parts manufacturers :i)".o were expected to close. Pittsburgh Plate Class Co. announced that all of Its plate nr.d window glass plants will be closed ' by Saturday because of raw matc- rial exhaustion. Woodward Iron Co.. at FJirmin",- liani, Ala., closed another blasl furnace to brinR the number down in that area to 13 and swell unemployment, in the district to 21.000. The Commerce Industry As.iocia tion of New York said Ihe freight embargo will idle n "high percentage" of ihe city's 2,SOO,Oufl workers with a resultant "tremendous" loss in wages. Solid Fuels Adminisira- tion Director Herbert F. Pfnff said at least 80 small Indus!rinl firms in New York area already were closed with 6.000 idle. . . . .. Scores of other industries planned to halt operations as ment several days. apparently j l " ,""."' "l' CT »"°'w as soon as pres- awoiling word from Ihe Kremlin. I cnt st °''"8e space is filled. Mololov said that the ri»ht of I Ihc 1wrl - nf Ncw Yolk f'":cd nn veto and big power unanimity must ;llmosl complete shutdown because • • • - - " rctninccMn setting up a. .scheme can prevent the implcmrntntion ol control ami inspection" for the enforcement of disarmament, Molotov said. ' | Motolov said there was "no foun- | dation' 1 lor even con.side::ng the vC- j to in connection with the two [ commissions Russia proposed be* t created under tlie .security council \ to enforce disarmament and the i | outlawing of atomic warfare. ; "Thus talk is an attempt to evade i a direct answer on the general i reduction or tinny," Molotov said. I Molotov made FI number of con- ] cessions toward the U- S. and Britain in his speech, reversing Russia's previous stand on several points. ' Moiotov aprocd Dial, other "mass destruction weapons" slioiild be outlawed along with atomic weap-unr,. of the freight embargo. O. C. P v sn- dall, malinger of export freight for Ihe American Association of Railroads, said there were only 11, POO carloads of export freight in the city and they would to moved in IWo weeks. After thai, only s!>i]>.-; carrying exempted commodi'.ics ! will be loaded. These comprise only | about 20 per cent of the vessels op- cralint; olll of New York. U To Distribute Mrs. H. E. Van C/eve Dies in Hospital Here Mrs. Bcrdic Van cleve. \vife o[ H_ E. Van Cleve. died this m.-,i'ii- iiu- sit. Walls Hospital. She was 54. Seriously ill for more than a WOCK sl'o underwent, a major operation :;evera! days prior lo her death at 4:L'r> c'cloek. £'cr\'iccs will he held tomorrow « 'ieinoon. 2:30 o'clock, al Cnlvavy xitlsl- Church, by the Rev. P. . 'jernisan. pastor, with burial al r.lmwnod Cemetery. Coub PM- neral Home l s hi charge. Horn near Ripley. Te'nn., slie lind resided in niytheville more; llir.n 2;> years. She lived at !11 North Twenty-first street. Besides her husband, she is si vhxd hy llireo sons. Wilbimi. I)e- Wi't nnd Bennic Joe Van Clcvc. nil of Blythcville. Active and honorary pallbearers will be: R. ij. Sanders. Vernon Boyd, Jim England, \v. M. Hayncs. B. D. McGhee. Henry Berry, Frank May. Waric Ward, Raymond Bclk- nap. Lee Powell, TI. n. Joyncr. O. W. nr.vis, J. P. Itocmt," Harry linriti'lt, C. 11. 'thorn. The Iwo banks of Osccola have announced that 531.G02 will be distributed this ucek to 335 members of Christinas Saving.-, clubs. 'Hie Mississippi County Bank, with n membership of 2-15. has mailc<| out checks tolalinc; S20.112. Planters Bank, with 110 club members, will distribute $11,-!50 to systematic savers. Lewis' Long Rule May End Soon Observers Sec Signs Of Breaks Which CouW Destroy His Power WASHINGTON. Dec. <1. (U.P.), .rohn L. Lewis' current cn;ii: strike may liavc wnnkcnorl ainij pcrhEips UTcckcrt his power Vo' :>\viTif; n new inttustry-widc contract \villi co^l mine opcraiori. | Intlustry and govcrtinionl shirccs, snirl lotlay that Ihc forced rcs'.g- j nation of Edward R. Buricc nsi 'president of Ihc Southern Coal | rrerliiccrs I hc-gnining headway ol the fuel short- uge. Muny occr.panls of the B5.00U coal-heated Denver homes turned to dead trees and scrup wood to keep the home files burning. People with no eoal at till run from store to store to urab for discarded wooden boxes. The yublic director nf public welfare said a cold wave would leave thousands of the city's 430.CCO |>er- sons "desperate." Mrs. Carlos Padilla. 43. her husband and their six children moved Ihcii- beds into the living room and spent the day huddled around a small electric bathroom healer al the Lincoln Park project. W. C. Thomhlll. superintendent of the project, notified IcnaiHs thai they must use their gus stove* sparinely for heating purposes. The supp'y lii'C to the building !>n'l large enough lo iirovide gas for healing till the apartments simultaneously, he said. A committee of coal dealers wa? cm|X>\vercd by Gov. John c. Vivian to lake emergency steps to nig: ant transport "strip coal" to Denver. Several childrcns hospitals ha( only u three-day supply of fuel. Miners Helligcrenl PITTSBURGH. Dec. 4. (UP)Western! Pennsylvania miners, angry over the conviction of John t. Lewis, accused the federal government of trj-lns lo smash the United Mine Woikcrs union today iini threatened reprisals if their inilfrr unit chief 'Is plil in Jail. The tap rooms and stores, nnd nn the street corner of tlie erai towns, the;.' talked loud ly. defiantly, and vowed Ihey would n't return to work "until Lewis tell us to." In Ihe big, rolifih, mining eit of Uniontown. Tony Miller a work er at Hie Phillips mine oi Ihe II. F-ick Coal and Coke Compa condemned Ihe government's lion as "Ihe poorest method they'v ever tried lo set i:s back to work. Another miner warned that economic revolution will hit th country" if j^wis is punished. "No mailer what happens now we won't go back to work unlil Lewis tells us lo." :.aid another. "The government can break our treasury, but they won't break our union." said Na~y Xupanio. a worker at Ihc Weslland mine of the Piltf-bur^h-Consolidation Coal CMl- pany. Canonsburg. "II they punish Lewis .all labor will conic out on strike," he adard. East Soon to Gel Fuel From Texas Big Inch Pipelines To Carry Gas During Coal Miners' Strike Lewis' Sentence Because of Conference in Chambers Oakland Council To Curb Strikers Dictatorial Powers Given Mayor of City Throttled by AF of L (iKOiuii-: i-:. HI:I:I>V, .M. I'nltnl 1'n-ss Staff <:urrrs|iniidriil WASHINGTON. Dee, •l-Cilirdi- '>' .Symonds, president ol the Tennessee Chin fc Transmission Co.. said today imlinal gus iun>' Iliwlii;; to bhlo. Tennessee- and Kentucky Unouuh the Hit; Inch id I.lttle nig inch phieline.s "In niatler of a day or two. 1 ' Symonds was Hie day's [irst witness before a Hniise special committee invcMie.ating dlsposul of surplus pi'oi/crly. The coinmll- j 1 ""' dletaloiship over Ihe rlty. tee Is inoklng lulo failure of the | irnder emi.>ri{"!icy powers, iii War Assets Adiuinlslnilioii lo i;et Id of [lie wartime, i-overiuiicnl- uill pipelines. Eyiiionds' compuny has been Iven Ihe pipelines on leiuporiiry lease mull next April l» help ic- llcve—n litde bit- Ihe fuel sliorl- nuc caused by the coal strike. The lines al flrsl will CIHT.V only gas lt> crjlla! iibonl one' lentil of one per cent of a day's normal coal production. "You tell us when It will ruin the swamps of Soulhrrn Utni- sinnn and f'll lell you when we'll Ktinl ])utllng gas In the lilies." Symnnds lold the commltlee. He pointed out that his firm hurt learned only two duys auo thai It had been granted the leiisc bp_the lines. y of ga.s through Ihc pipe- start just ns soon 1 as; con- can be made wllli Hie corhps'ny's present lines. Symonds said. These connections can be made quickly if the weathei- remains dry. he added. The two lines run from Texas to the East coast, but Hymonds said that there may be some dlf- I lenity, in carrying natural gas through 1'ennsylvnnla. OAKLAND, fjiil.. DPI-. .l.-.-illl'l-.- 'I hi- Clly Cminrtl declared u "Male "f nncrm'iii'Y" In Ihh :.h Ikc-lnnnul I'lty tmlay uhiTe n iniifs wulkiiiil i>l morn limn lllli,(KU) AI-I. wnrktM'.s lli'd U|i n population or 1,01)0,001) persons for the second dny. The i-lly council';; .net Ion i;;u'< Mn.viir llcibrit [,, iJniuli i!M.i-!inr- diirviy pouci's. lanlHiimnnt in vlr- m:i.v call out extra officers, imp a ','JTCI. mi-lew If IK- desires or en- ton-i- such li;ile-kno-,ui city nrdl- nunci's n.: those imalnsl "block inn I lie Asked al Ihc conclusion or ihe cmergenry li)-mlnu(c nu'i'lln« with (he louncll what, lir would do under his emergency powers. Beach said: "A [jencral does not broadcast his moves." Ity IMVAIONI) I.All It •llnltril I'n-ss KUfl t'orrc.i[»oiidenl . U'ASlllNG'PON. Uw. 'I. (U.P.)—Jiul K c T. Alan Oolds- niiKli lodny (IcfoiTnd inipo.sition of coiilonipl |>un»ltics on Joint I,. l,«!wls mid llio United Mino Workers (AKI,) ;imid indicatioDH Uiat Lewis w»s fonsitloi'iii;; tlio (wsrtibility of i-nlliiiK off tlie national coal strike. + Thfro WHS no positive liullcnUon i that, tlie Rlvlke acUmlly wonlil tin ciillnd oil, bill It wan learned on ox- cellent nulliorlty Mini Lewln' attorneys Iind nskeci OoUKboroiiRh wluU | the i.llnullon would be If Ihc strike I V.TIT ciitleil otr thlr. ndcrnoau. i C'roldshnroitKh Judged 1,'wls and thr- ntiloii finllty of eonlriii])!. yua- 1 l-rda yfor Uuilr refusal to ob'jy iv Chairman Hiqhfill Says 1 trl " |mnir - v c< ""' 1 OV(lor "' Nov - '" lo ii . n. . *» cnnccl the walkout of -1(10,000 sort. Meet Due to Open In Spa February'24 Oaklawn Racing Dates to Be Set lion strike Legion Sets Membership Goal at 1500 Community Chest £jn lc ui Fund Receives More Donations Several additional cont.ribulcjrs lo Ihe niythevillc Community Chest Fund for JfMT were listed tortay by Worth Holder, secretary of the Chest agencies, bringing the total lo SE2H.32. Estimates of the needs for the Association may be inciycar resulted in the fixing ol a goal of Ihe end of ihe na-iof S12.COO for Ihe campaign. With tnoo new members as the goal to bf: rrai^hrd by the year's end. lOi.t new membership;; have been registered to dale. II. was announced last night, at Legion Legion Kut. Plans were made at the meeting for the organi/iifton of a Legion basketball team to play in the f!ly- theviilr "Y" cily league, .i. H. Johnson was appointed learn mil linger. Chick Coach Uill Gnclwin explained the alms of the Cbickasaw • council's unpreeedenled ac- Wiis In ken as Ihe two-duy . sinned by Ihc AI-'L In pro- l<-st iiKiilnsl police CKooilliH; I a truekltiiicls of merchandise through u nickel Hue Sunday, clamped n stranglehold on utmost all of Alameda County, Thousands of wane earners slnyed awuy from (liclr Jobs loilay becjiu.w all public IraiistiiiHfiHnn wns hailed by the slrlke. Trnfllc "cross (lie bay bridge, only s| i n liniti unil Hi m li-rnni;!.!),.,, aeross thr hay. wns Jinmneil lo record hlgha. Mol/.risls reported II look us long us two hours to cross the spun. l'i"''sh foods were virtually un- nviiiliible In (he Onkland metrop- I "htiin ariT.'i. rive Ahimedu County j ni-wsiJiipcrs suspended publlentin for Ihe second day. Officer Admits Striking Voter •1ACKSON. Miss.. Der -1 (UP> — Kehert L. Williams, (iultport, Misa.. ji'ilirer.iiin. toda jlcMiflrd lie struck "Iwo nr three times with m v open at ii meeting r>l j ll; ' nr| ." a Negro vctcr.-m he arrested iTucl CIIMJII Post'" 1 " lc oit y '"ill piitling place ,|,ir- ini; (he .Inly 'i primary.' Williinra told tlu 'l'h« Stale Kachig Commlviion, which will meet Friday 'n Lltilu llnck. Is scheduled lo net, Irom I'i'b. '},\ Ihronnh March 29 as dates fur'tlin 1IH7 spring meet '.-.I Hot Springs' Oakliuvn Park. Formal application for lliese diili's hii.-i hecn made by Iho Onk- Inwu Jtjek<'y Club, Ihro^i^h us owner, John celln, anil no protest liiis been miide. It WJLS nnni>iuii:e{| here loday by n. Hl(jhfll!, ehair- mim. The 10-M season opened the lusl Monday In February. The Commission nlso will ])ii(>s ulioii officials for the Irnck this senson wllh Ihrec Judges mid Ihrce stewards lo be named. Of these employes, the Irnck owner f.cjecl:; Iwo Jurtgcs nnd Iwo McvAids. which must be approved by I lie Commission, which chooses one ciii-h. The nine members of Ihc Commission, appointed by Uov. nen Ijinoy. also will puss upon any odicr busEuess (o come before the Kiuiip prior lo Ihc Hot Spnnsa raehiK season. Chairmiui Hlfjhflll, who linn held tills iwsltlon since 1D3S.' will feo lo I.lttle Hock tomorrow night, prior lo the meclln^ Friday morn- Lewis Fifth District Ginners Hold Meeting in Memphis A number of directors, along with managers of the two Dinner cooperatives in North Mississippi County, attended a meeting of tne Fifth District of ginncrs yesterday at M?it)phis yesterday when representatives from Missouri, Arkansas i f' and Oklahoma attended. O. W .Coppedgc of WesUside Cooperative, and Chester Caldwcll. manager of Planters Cooperative, along with a number of the directors, attended the luncheon meeting at Hotel Claridge. lional agreement won by for the first time in 1SM5. Burke, who once took off glasses asd threatened to puncii Lewis on the nose during a nc- goliating session. rcsigiv.'r! J-is! S30.000 a year job yesterday. It' : wns the climax of a two->car j clash of opinion within the Son'.n- ern Coal Producers Association over industry-wide barsalninR. One informant said the associa- lion may be taking a step back (o individual company ncgoli.Mi^ns with Lewis' United Mine Workers. and away from industry-wide l»i- j Missco Doctors Plan saining. Sen. Joseph H. 3all. n.. Minn., has proposed that industry-wide bargaining i,c prohibited j la\v ,so an entire industry could not be struck at one time. Tlic eontribulors: Previously reported us! Blylhcvillc Education Ass'n. General Insurance Agency I W. M. Burns First National Bank E. U. Fom Farmers Bank and Trust (adciilional) United Insurance Agency C. E. Kdds ". W. J. Pollard Insurance Aa'cy Insurance Life and Health S.OO I (MX) VUO Co.— 25.™ IO.OW S.C'J 1-VOO 13.0« Total S61M7.32 Dinner and flection ib'cnale campaign invcKtignling commutcc he arrcsled the Necro us drunk and disorderly for "cussing and raisini: eulii." He said he struck Ihc Negro in (be county fall when th e prisoner refused It, eland Alhletic. Club financial campaign I search. now underway to provide grade- 1 ''''"' Ne(:ro. Richard K. Daniel. school children with protective ath-| v - : " veteran, teslilied letic etitiipineiil. and Irnlnin;: in :<L.' :it Williams blooilied his move to develoj> lat'nt competitive Blytheville's Price Control Office Closes I.tisl. vestiges of OPA price con Irol operation In Bl.vthevllle ciimc to a rleClnlte end thl.s nvorniiig (he liigl.nn Building office waf, vacated by personnel and furniture alike. Closet! by KOVcrnmciUm ordei Nov. 4. the files of the local ol- flee have been sent lo the rcg!»nn' OI'A office in Uallas. Texas, unc In Ihc Hoard of Economic,'; hi little (lock for slnlisllcal compilation. Although price control lr> n thing of Ihe pasl. sugar i:; sMll on Ihe rationed list. Applications loi yesterday, \ v . sent nose.I h] ih sporus material available in boy:;' 01 this community. , James Flanagan wns intrwUlccd new Lrgiontiaire. Clarence hlackeil bi,-; eyes anil knocked unconscious with a blow lo Ihe slomach. Williams wns su'Jpornaetl by the Senate canmuilrc for ils hearings stiuav ration stamp:? and questions (oni'crnin^ rulloniiig should now lo the district OPA otlice old Post Office nulUiliiR Little Ilock. nilners. He deferred senlcn™ unlII 10 a.m. today. Hut nl 10 11,111, the Jiidijc cnllecl .mlon and government cuimiwl lino Ills chaiulx;rs for conferences niid at noon he ordered u recess until U p.m. EST, \Vlilh: cnvrrnmcnt anrl union eininsel lnlUcU wllh (inlrtstwrauiih In the JmlRc's offlcf, IHe Cli-yrai'-. oltl IIIM\V chlrf struilr nrrvously back :ui<l forth it) u jtiry room adjoining Ihr cuurl rbainbcr or conferred wllh kiial Hides. API. Chief Counsel Joseph A. Puil- wny was Ihe onn who. (I was :%•ported, raised tlio possibility Hint the mine shutdown might be ended. He wns reported on good uuUior- ity lo have asked Goldslxii'ouuh what iwiialllcs Lewis and the UMW might expect, if, belatedly, they obeyed the Nuv. 1H restrahnnij ode. Goldxborough'K reply wns not learned. Presumably, he would sc- llcll. tho government's rcconunc'.ula- Voiia. Tho EovcrnmenKn attitude was mil li-iinied cither. 1 Cluldsboi'oiigli had originally (interred sentencing until lodny to give government-nml iinloir coiin- tiel n chance to advise him :is to 'hut Ihoy Iwlinvcd tho jwnnHics fliould be. The prolonged confcrenees in chanibern—iind the.ii tho until II o'clock—mudc It apparent lh»t more than routine matters about the r.cntenchifi were bc;nn considern.l. The Kovcrniueul hnjd Indicnle.llt would recommend a Jail sentence for Lewis and u heavy fine—perhaps ns much us S2(10.00fl a dny unl 11 the slrlke ends—for him nnd Ihc union. Gnlrisborough found the dcfor.J- atit.s guilty of both civil and criminal cc'iilomiil for refusing to ob-jy ' Ills court order. Under the rules of civil contempt the Judge may Impose any penalty ho consldcis np- prourlalc. C'onfcrtnccs Held The prolonged series ot discussions In C.ioldsborough's cb:uuh?r, : ; gave weight In the rpporl that Lowl.i wa;> r.splorlng the possibility ot ordering the. miners back (o work. They lasted from 10 a.m. until, 11:8!) a.m. when Cioldsboroiigh returned to Ihc courtroom and ordered the Ihrcc-hour recess. Goldsborough made no public explanation fur Ihe long recess nor for Ihc conferences in his oftlcc. When UMW Chief Counsel Welly K. Hopkins and Padway left the. Citimm of Meniphis at Ihe "meetin a Two Girls Admit Thefts From Apartment Here Two IR-year-ohl lilylheville girls arc being held in the C'ounly Jinl| on charges of erand larceny lol- j ' t j|"'"" lowing lliclr confessions yesterday f [Jltr afternoon lo the hell of articles of ",, n ^ clothing from the apartment ol : i hlcn Misdemcanor Hearing Reset ior Next Tusday Trial Of J. C. Fergison. 19-yoar- olcl Blytbeville Higli School student, on formal charges of disturbing the peace v.Ill be held Tuesday morning. Municipal Court Judge Graham Sudbury ordered tills morning. The ease had been set for hearing today. Fergison u-as arrested early Saturday [ olio-wing a complaint by Miss Minnie Lee Jonrs. music teacher living at 807 Chickasawba. as a result of a disturbance in her home. FerRison is alleged io have struck her about Hie fare and body Says Settlement is "Near" NEW YORK. Dec. -I. (U.P.I —Tho Magazine Iron Age quoted reports today that John I,. Lewis .-ml the soft coal mine operators have asreed on all points except IMC running time of a new contract. The trade journal's weekly summary said -It is reported that only the running lime of a new ron- The Mississippi County M",l;cnl Society will have election of olf'- ccrs for Ihe coming year, in n dinner meeting tonight at Hotel Noble. • it was announced today by Dr. J. E. Ueasley. president. Following election of officers, there will be. talks by Dr. Louis Hubener. late or Ihc Army, Dr. T. F. Hudson of Luxora and Dr. F. K. Utlcy. Miss Lucille Baldwin.' 119 Siutli; Lake. i Pnllpwhi!? their arrest and confession" "yeslerday. Roblile Mae i While and Moneina White weve ; turned over lo connly aulhorilies ns (hc rase invoK-ed a felony. They were arrested by Tilythcvilie police j nnri admillcd Ilie llielts to Iher.i. I The slolen clolhlng «ns valued ] «^-approximately $80. officers said. Two trips lo Miss Baldwins apnrl- j incut were made, the yirl.s stated. I visitor!'" 1 charge-, that while Mirprcmaoy rampaiyn speeches ijy .Sen, 'f'heo- :lorr G. Bilbo. D. Mis:: . incited violence and inllmiiliiliri]! lo keep Negroes from voting In the Mississippi primary. Willknus said he .struck Daniel hi the line of duly because it. was a Flnndiiti: order thai an prisoners searched before being Jock. He said he tried three or times to search Ihe prisoner finally "I hit him two or times In the moulh with ! hi Office space in Ihe m^ram Hulldiiiit viicalcd by the CPA will be used by Marcus Kvrard. who withdrew from the Reid. Kvr.ird and Uoy law partnership last law lo set. up his own general practice. His son. Joe Evr.i;•'.!. occupy a porliou of the c space for his accounting business cc. coiirtroom at noon, both replied ">vi commenl" to questions about tlin conferences. :\nd "no comment" was Lewis' only remark when he stepped inlo Ihr elevator outside the courtroom. With his lawyers, he went dlrccMy to UMW hendqunrierc. When Gjldsborough;; ann'oiisicerl Ihe recess, a loud chorus of "Oh'3" •swelletl from spectators in the lo Dr. Louis Hubener Joins BlytheYilic Hospital Staff . chry f ]c r my open hand." Temperature Drops to 30 The mercury dropped to a low of :io degrees during last ni<;ht. arrordini; |o Hubert K. 'Dinv\ock. i ollicial \venlhcr observer. N Y Storks 2:00 p.m. quotations: A T it T Amcr Tobacco Anncoiulii Copper Belli steel and tract between the operators the union | s jllll under discussion. Lewis, il j. s saj^. \vants it to run until April. 1948; the operators would settle for 48 hours liny lor n 40 hour week, but the on'.r.ict would expire at the end of 1SH7 " Weather ARKANSAS—Fair loday. I and Thursday Warmi'r l"d i loniiihl. Failure of Auto Lights Causes Crash Near Dell Damage to both vehicles resulted when cars driven by Willy BeiU- ly of Dell and Tini Hodges of Blythcville collided early last iiighl about a mile west of Dell. The collision resulted when "gilts on Beatty's car went. out. officers said. The front of neatly'-" car nnd Ihe right fenders and front wheel of Hodges' car WI-I-P damaged, it wa.s irpnrh'il. Dr. Louis Jlubrncr, late of Ihc Army, has become associated v.ith his brother. Dr. I.,, L. Itubsncr. op- orator of the city-owiiSu Blythevllle Kospltai. Komo from Germany three months HPO. 13r. Hubener has served 10 years in the medical Cons of tho Army. Hc and his wife nnd Iwo children have purchased a name at IOCS Hcarn where they will reside. Carol Hiibenrr is 20 months old and her hrothor. T.onV; is i'i::ht month 1 ; j C'pca cola r "-en Electric CJcn Mntoi.s Monlgoi'iei-y Ward . N Y Central Int Harvester . ... North Am Aivatton Republic Steel . .. Radio Socony vncuuni . .. Sludobaker Standard of N J . . Texas Corp Paeliard u H siri-l 82 •10 no B5 1-8 M3 1-2 .I-! 3-8 •in 7-B 60 3-8 16 68 3-i . 9 1-2 26 7-0 . 9 3-8 14 20 05 1-2 . 59 1-4 . G 1-8 . 70 1-:i Crittcndcn Libel Suit Transferred to Jonesboro A change of venue from Crillen- den lo Cralphcari Circuit, Courl was granted yesterday In the four libel suits tolnliug J-ID.OOO pending ngiilnsl the West Memphis Ncv;* and Jack and Pete Co'.ighlin, its cSi- lors. Atlorneys for the dclcndnnlr.. (lande K. cooper of Blythcville and T. J Crowdrr of Jonesboro. presented a petition in court al Marlon Asking that (hc change of j venue be mrvde. ! Attorney for the platnllff nlso is ' a former Blythevlllc attorney, \Vi1- | Davis of Memphis. c case was set for the Fob wary term of court at Jonesboro The suits were (lied against the nc-VTpapcr by Connly Judge C. H. Bond. Sheriff Cecil V. Goodwin and two deputy sheriffs. H. D Hollund and H. I. Dlekson, each charging libel and each asking damage of $10,000. mod conrlroom. The bailhT had rap for order. Also before Goldsborough for ac- j lion expeclecl some time today wos a Rovernmcnt petition for an m- ! junction to replace the temporary irder of Nov. 18. Meanwhile, the question was rnis- •d at ITlo White House as to v.'hc- her President Truman, in view ol See SETT1.KSIKXT on T.ijc 3 N. Y. Cotton Mar. May July Oct. HIV. (1947) open 3020 •2965 2R05 2530 high low 3088 3010 302S 2960 2S72 2W)5 2600 2330 2:30 3036 3026 •J870 2600 31 JO Compress Sells Car of Coal to Offset Shortages Whether the coal situation yet has readied the critical stage in -Blylhcvillc was debatable today as, the weather continued mild. "One thing was certain—there was not coal for sale. A carload of coal sent lo tho Blylhcvillc Compress was cold to individuals after it was received, here unexpectedly, which helped the situation lo some extent. Tlie compress, which, docs not sell coal usually, decided lo sell ll!C coal to Individuals after :i check revealed the firm had enough for present operations. Another carload .ordered also will be sold lo help relieve the • situation, if received. The public, schools have sufficient coal to last until at least Jan. 15 and perhaps a little longer, if unii^uallly cold vccftllicr does not

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