The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 11
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TUESDAY: DECEMBER n, IOJG CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION nU »«r UQI for (OI*»C«UT« U ns: um Obirte BOO B pai ling Iflo ea p«r lln* p«r 4*y 1'lc Uiii«s yor lice p« d*y _.._, Uc litaea per lice per day 7c times per lino jior tj»y Be MootU iiar HDO • 50c Ouaut fkre a: draco wuids to tb« UE:*. Ad ordered for three or fi!i times aud ptird before eiylrJitloi will b» cbarg- for the niitnber of ttiues the &a ^Aipd end &d>URtmcut cf till wade. H Classified AtWeillslutf eoiiy sub- j^':d by pur so us re^idlug outeldo o( the r.-.f must \-c accotupaiitcd by casb. Hates j/ t>« easily coiupiutd Trom tbo »bov* I;] e. Advertising urd«r foi lrr«i«l»r inB«r- laVea ttis OQC time r*le. No r«spouslblllty vrlli bo Uk»n for tbau one Incorrect insertion of For Sa/e .oca i cu zi," ,\. rn-i. .) mum:, BLYT1IEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIRR NBWS PAGE ELEVEN For Safe Shipment of new tires just received, while they lasl. Can i;ive you any .si/e in' holli car and (ruck, (let yours today hel'nre they are gone. Hlytlieviili.'. .Motor Co. I'liont- -122. We have new l>od<-;e 1'j ton heavy duly Irud; and li'i foot .Naliors Van 'frailer. Ueady to deliver. .Must selt truck and trailer loiri.-lher. Hlythevillc .Motor Co. I'luine \'2.'i. 12-3-cU-l'i-S I l''or Kim — a (.emiiue IJaiiiboi Klv Roil fur Clirisl mas. SI 2 to $22. Haulers Hard and hath, in K'oiicl condiliou.i liuildinj; only for sale, j purcliasei must move house within :10 days. I'rice S2.-i 25(1. Terms can he arrantf-l ed. Tom Little Iteallv Co.. phone S«l. 12-:J-f.-k-H) Illylhi-vill,. MB- MllR-rk-tf ,,)! linr I- Simp. Wanted to Buy nA <ou't «»r.t Jo KAMI. H*l- Ell>frl Jluflinin l kl.ln Btr.u'l. s.ok-lt DO NT TAKIO A LOSS. (Jcl tin 1 top lu-ico for your cur »r (nick from I'UU.LU'S MOTOIl CO. Today. __ (j-8-ck-tf Used pianos, i\ny condition. Adams Appliance Co., I'lio. - 0 '' 1 - ll..-i-fk-12-ii Taken Up Help Wanted fl.m for K:uvli-i^ri l.n- MU built VeaelUn bli.i colors Three wceka ileli i.l A VV«ll|i»|>" <3lor«. B — 11 1»[IB i-ry. Dili's 10|7-c-k-tJ O. buyer for yoor home. U. Campbell LOjomj 440 — 2930. Or/ice f Komk Hoco.,!. 10|2-ck-H Nc\v 'l-ronm collate fo he 1 moved. Iteasonable. Dr. X ewe 11 ,!c runic, II wy. (ii South, phone .'1101. Also bathtub and lava(ory. ll-26-i)k-12-4 \Vnll[»(i]ier Stu [ust arrived—new oil healers —medium and large, ('has. lirighf, 3(10 South Secontl St., across from Armory. J'hone 2r><i(j. ll-25-pk-12 29 ],k( I'll.-. ] l4 ,.il,, is _:ui nni] (W Him*.* :.iu\ lot. 22I .\.l'in. Corner ]itl. Slightly used 1015 Chevrolet pick-up with heater. Look? and runs like new—IMioni. .•$78:1. 12-2-i>k-12-f> HI aero farm near Manila. II; acre farm on Mill'jjan Kiel go. Both on grave highway and bus route .1. C. Chiipin. Manila, Ark i.irro dinrtlh Brute; I'liHco r&illo tp.l.t rnrxlrf. Waits, 212J Carolyn Si.. 1'ri.l AJ.lition. ll|l2-pV-12|1 Business lot 127x3-11 ff South Division. See H. C Campbell, 120 S. Second. 11-22-ck-l (loothvilt Bibles, (he pcrl'eo 1 U'ifl. Call Mrs. R. M. Beck phone 2S!):i, :i(ll N. Broad way. "-ll-27-i>k-r>-i; arm M.. ru .Mill, 1'r ins I ll|i].ly of -ir," Ko ' L'LM Slrvrt. 1 1 :;n [.V II! i. tr.i; I^nr. A -Inlin l>.-cr«^ — m<u- n [iv:UO!-. 1 - 19 Jo 1! .Infill Drl- .<]lli[ 1. 1 I'.Ht* I'lir.l^oll ..|ui,,,,,.-lit. I— |.:,ir C. >,Mr mill.•». 1 farm trailer. 1 «nr ru •• :'. mill's KnM nf Mi., tinr- miff ni.rtli of (Irta. Harris. 11 !^7- \\e hiivc opening in our parts rleparlmenl for gcnn\ man. I'refer someone wli-> lias experience, (rood \vorki nj<- conctilions. peinianeiil position, good salarv. Call Tom l.illle. Sill, iilvlhe- ville Motor Cr>nii>anv. 12-.l-ck-10 nn.l milt rk. ( Ico in your cnr's c.'idintor or onuiiitt nm cnusc' seiioni; timing" :mct cost you a lot of money 1'ur icpiiirs. I 3 l:iy s:ife. Proltvl your cnr wilh ] ; onl A nli-Free/1\ 11 Is nisi and corrosion resistant. H will provide* protection during the coUlcsl wo^ttuT if uried it\ nrcordaivo wilh our l i 'ord K'ad ialor 1'i'r lection CJinrt. If you are not ccrf.u'n your car is sale, /*"?/ MS- c/u-c/t ffjc .\o/t/- /ion >'n your r^<//;i/or nou-, Hrller be s.'i/t* Iban ,vorry Ibis wiuteri .nil, '2 k.<rri'l tinili'n 1 <-«l. J. M. Htcv.-n« iu'?y-ck.i' Lort FARM LOANS RAY WORTHINGTON Krrvinc Tlili HtotUin fur II Y«*n Hi rii>. ltd, Hljrthevl))*, Ark. NOW you can buy... i^Kt I I MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut »t Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—3721 LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. Tone In rroiUntUI rroRrurn Sinul.n at 4 p. in, WIT WltCC r—• WASHER SERVICE I'lillllp l'ri-1 kcitiim OloKiictn, 1'niiK, llcum lift Km ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W AilAMH M«r. fjori? 1(171 '^UO-OH W, Ml USE OUift COMPLETE WHEKl AllGNMEHT Wonted to Rent Personal for Rent :jr-flronril—.Strain lifnt. 1'linnc ^20 II!'-'1 [i omfortaliJe lown. Mtn only. 310 W. Walnut. Ifflo* ftpftce for r«Dt. EDtire epcond floor nl 13B K. Mftin, Private en- tr.nee. T6ncti«n VHad*. Phono 801. cilrooin ronvi'nionr to lintli SI.-.TML hunt. I'ltnne y:i^r.. on w, .MHIH Il|l4-|>k-12|10 C!i>tnfor1nblc Ijoilrnoin adjoining l.atfu 1017 Walnut, |.}ioue i;51fj. 1 i; l!)-cV;-tf Services Tractor repairs and B*r»ict Electric and «cetylen» welding. Blacksmith work Delta Implement Co. T'lionr 864. 3-15-ck-tf rABblCf UACblDB BflrTtCB We repair all types waslllnR machinpf reKardlesB of kind rtf conjitlon. Al.-c hny »nd Bpll. |>icknp and deliver BlTtLu.'lile M.ictice Sbop. ('IV-ck-1- MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. MAX Logan, Realtor, phone 20Sz. Lynch Bldg., Blytheville. 9-23-ck-M Business Opportunities lia/aar — ,\( the Le Wcdiir-sday. . Dec. s--(ire<? hy ladies Catholic Church. ion Hill. •!, spon- of Hi.? 12-2-rk-l Kree lessons on Duck by world's greatest duck caller every weekday at 0 a. ni over KI.CN. Sundays at 12:1 S p. ni. Sponsored by Planlers Ilchv. Co. \Ve also .sell records of these hroadcasts 11-{)-ck-l2-!, Place Your Orders NOW For Christmas Ducks, Geese TURKEYS PRESC8IPT50HS Presh St.oci Guaranteed Huat Trlcea Kirby Drug Stores (IS m OUR NEW LOGATfOH Base Cabinets — Wall Cabinets Innersprrng Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 13 Kast Main ,» llone z:m All Our I'.mploypivs are War Vulcrans. American l.ady Foods PICKARD'S I'hone 20-13 CALL FOR 510 everything in INSURANCE UNITUI) 1NSUHANC1J AGENCY A. l<\ DIETRICH, J\Igr. Any Make or Model 1 to 2 OJIVK Service 'e Call For iind Del/vpr] PHONE 2642 Fred Callihani niOTOKOI.iV Sales and Service U)li Soudi I'-irst * Ixinf UlsUmM «Bt Ualv *n& «4|mliH loim*! 4«al«1y iBiuraf. •id Mill, ••rvl B*BM B»r»le» rkou HOI O*. Did you know Unit 11 ono ol your \vlioclc iu no Hltlo iio ono- clyhlli inch out ol lino, your tiro 13 clrn<jfjo(l oiclownyo appiox- iniAloly OS foot In ovory mlloV Jt 13 onoy (o BOO from thin (act, how much unnocoiionry wonr your tires roooivo it your wlioola nro out of lino. Faulty \vliool oligninont. liko Inulty kjokoo, clsomnkoa driving liav.atdous. Play aafp — drive !ni todny and lot us check your 1 whool alignment with our Donnott-Forngen ChaitU An- alyzar. In « matlor ol minutei wo can glvoyou accurate, »iiu«] piooi ol llio exact Alignment condition of your wh«»l«; If correction Is neceuAry, we cko put your wheoU tn pcr alignment quickly and ourpriolngly low • eoit. S ' ' LOY E 1C H CHEVROLET COMPANY Texaco Gas & Oili 301 W. Walnut Phon* 578 FEET feel better with better resoles and heels. Wo use famous NCOLITE heels for a better step, better balance, BETTER FEET HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. I'apcr nanginp Rail Pri-' 1 ' - "' Vrcemnn dial US35. 1 Ill3.j>k-12ini Weather stripping. Save fuel by having; doors and v.'in- dows \veathcrstrippcd. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. UHli. Phone 2293. ]l-2G-pk-12-2S (iOS S. First St. Duplex apartment. 3 rooms and hath in each apartment. T ii i s house huilt new in 1 !;•!'-. Can he rearranged (o (i rooms, ('an he !.on;;h! on yterms. 521 Uimeralc SI. (AT!>*riin housi has wa'.ev in UiU'hen and com mode on hack porch. Good location. C a n he purchased o n terms. Tom Little Ucallv Co. I'lioue Stil. 12-.')-ck-10 WAKNINC: ORDICrt In the Chancery Court. Cliirkrt- sawba District, >IissiKsiii|ii Ci.ttn- I ty. Arkansns. | LR Vatln Davis Plaimlll. j vs. No. 9877 HllRll M. Davis DpfclKi.ini. TIic defendant Hugh M. Davis is hereby wnrncd to npppnr wiiliin thirty <lays in the court urtnird in Oic caption liei'eof atid answt'r (he complaint of the plaintift l.e V>dn Davis. Dated this 2 day of Dec.. I0-!(i. HARVEY MORRIS. ClC'X By Mary Lee Jnrralt. D. C. Eci 11 Cook, Ally, for Pltf. Howard Moore, Atty. ad Litcm. 12,3-10-17-2-1 \\e have 5 new -I-wheel trailers left thai we will sell al our cosi to close o:il. (f you need a trailer see us at once. Rlnn Heath- Aulo K Home Supply Co. Phone _ S^S- 1^-3-ek-l 2-8 mntnr. SliM In Names Arc -Kcpcatrtl Nearly one-third rjf the S1000 streets in Greater Berlin have Duplicate names. Bismnrck i.s the name of 30 slrecls an c | Wilhelm- strassc the name of 2C. -24th- Yrir Hcpnlring Radios 8 in Blythevllle H. S. WERNER Call 3431 gVEN a Buick engine wears eventually, bur our factory-built "Power Package" is really a new Buick engine — makes your '37, '38, '39, '40, Ml, or '42 Buick hit the food again like a new car. You'll probably be surprised at the cost-it's much less lhan you'd guess. Come in and let us tell you about it. W« can arrange easy payments to suit your budge). V And you'll find this engine unit much more economical and satisfactory in the long run than part-by-pari replacement. One operation, and you drive out of our doors in your faithful Bukk that will now give new Buick cnsine performance! Langsfon-Wroten Co. Solo— BUICK— Servlc* U. S. Tire» Mobilgoi and Oil Telephont 55* "i'lg" Ansel Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams. Mi;r. I'linni) 2071 Mtli-OD \V. Mnln Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K, CAB J*ck Mirih, Owner RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (A 11 Tyni;5 Kxcc |] t C:in ccr) DRS. NIES& MIES <"linlr 511 IM:iln, Hlyllipvtllc. Arli.. I'honr anil DON EDWARDS "The Typcwrtttr M»»" KOTAL, SMITH, COHONA rnt REMINGTON TOKTABIJt 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 1383 (Every TranjncUon MUST BE 8ATIBFACTOKY) F O R S A L E Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb llwy. (ii wl Slate Line IMione I!lylli«vil,u 7M Farms For Sale! Arknruuts . Alt sl/u I.ouutlitnfl In N«r[ln:tist iiiuL 8nilllie;i]ft iMls^tn^rl Inirls — 10 arrun u\t. (>a Hi'hiMil hns Ei tui jnnll routfj, l*owtr Ihn!. Ciooil hulltlliiKS. C. E. GOLLADAY Uaneho Ho lei Ilayti, M«. Refrigerator Service ' Frrd Lawler ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, MIT, I'lione 2071 UOC-OK w. Main W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/enco* Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Sce us obout your MrT ' ico on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We corry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Storks nf Purls For Chrysler Trorlacta 121 !:. Main Phone »*22 BOOTS AND IIRR flu r'.K&KW PViP.TV 6f\\., tAW.RdGri\.tO ' I-'KRCKI,KS INI) MIS FKIKNDfi (WHAT \o( That BY MRRRIIT, BLOSSEP WHAT ON IARD DisrfA ME AMD I Bro»dw«y is our COI.D. MISS rt»\v ---WHATit. i DO' , WAKE UP/TllE CURTAIN IS UP/ VOii'KF GEOP.Gr WASHINGTON/ IT-,-}— YT~ • n \(&3 LARD SMITH DID . . TMiS.' AWOI j/c^NrJor TEI.L A ue • — I'M CO IMS TQ DO SOMETMIWG WITH M/ ' HATCHET/ . ,•::•*«*'.

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