Daily News from New York, New York on February 18, 1959 · 42
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Daily News from New York, New York · 42

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1959
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OR STAGE - V PON'T TALK ) I L.I'M NO MORE ROT... SUPERSTITIOUS J I 5E VOU STILL WEAR THIS TOKEMENGE AMULET. HAS IT KEPT YOUR. CEVUS AWAY ? I HOPE N'OT AT ALL. YCSS LS 1 IT WON'T J A VERY CELICATE J I WAS SURPRISED TO HEAR THAT YOU WERE WORKING BE TOO EFAUTY ! Tr-F MUCH A WRCSS HANITS CJ BOTHER. J AVSHT EE.J NE. THOUGHT YOU WERE TOO SUPERSTITIOUS TO WORK in A HAUNTED THEATER. V v e AN ANYONE ul V I J?!! H 2f- VT VUVKfUK, 11117 i v x r -a -j . i i k til in ? t -- .r.viwv j 1 1 1 1 Bv NANCY RANDOLPH Tie Town (s Filling Up Palm Beach, Feb. 17. Visitors are pouring in to fill hotels anil prhate houses here with a number of regular winter colonists finally opening their villas for the remainder of the season. All this, alled to 1 he already lively social schedule, has ent popular persons to the fashionable Worth Ave. stationers to shop for eng-ajrement book. with larger padres. IHstimruishea among m-er.t ,'"'" f Far ILils a c rival-- aie Prime ami Prince--- Tia:tiiian, ar-d M r.. M. H ! ian Windisch-Graetz of New York. I' .y'e a- chairman f f.e u.nne who are Maying with Charles and (-..mnihtef. Jiorolhv Muni) at Ainado. their l.a.itit'ul place in North r.,unty High Life at Resort Koal desigmd t,y tin- lae famed The ...-;t Heart l!a ' architect, Addison Mizner. . i, , ,,. ,. . . At luncheon there ve-ter.lav. ,. .it ... .. . .. . .11" , , liatn ati'l le'!,.s l 1,11 1- j iniisch-( iiaetz to 1 u he n fxhihit his i-aintintrs next month Wltn t'"' t'1" 1 at the Sagittarius (ialierv in yi-Unn that tr.- p. i-New York. The couple recently y ;W!ia calotf over fioni Nit-liu, whele !,'!U over i:to t.'ie ,.. .. thev visited Livingston and . A '"r" "' ' ' 1 r Tiinniy Sullivan of Philadelphia. M-t s Mlo at ;. nJe! the p. en, Walt Disney's Latest A Four-Star 'Beauty' By KATE CAMERON ' L .I f A 'Hi t ' g ! e or L t';e Paris unlit Waiter Shirley Mon day nioriiiiii.'. with the voice of Maurice Chevalier ar.n'cincij.g that he'll fly in here March 1 1" May with the Shiileys. That night he'll give a piogram at the Society i,f tlj. K'e.r Aits, one of life! fe:, :ne. v- d . V v ' " if Mn. Bmrd Cooiey Wiite lac and ellow tatm 'he :ead,i.g ivie. I',,; a-!)e 1 1 om a in;!l;o::a:! e or fAo, a vi-i;:r-.g i '.'! i s 1 1 ;;j ' tycoon, M.ii,t ive aM-1 (tatr.ir.g '(-a.ities. ts-.erf was iiot:- Mary Jloes Sunday evening ,,au; (-u;,.t u.,;v , .;,za;e " . har.u-er- were Ferjj.-cnda M j: tel. alter. Hio,i-ed at aji h"iir FiM'.ch s -.ei . an i Marsha'! fraily even for a g-HVi. i: kiy (iiavt of ti.e lr, i, h play in ) einemhei eil t hat it was getting :;f- Ce'.-siitv lc... 1,. close to lunchtiine in Paris, ll,. jt wa R pir.k a-..J u hit- ee- l--'d Maur'i e say he' going to niIur Here i many of the New Yolk for a few davs. then ..t ,;i .i I '. . -. .l-!.n 01, ...... o I'.. .., Ho;iyw.od t..j ,1,- la Yai iec... -j ,. fo.o e. inur.u Around and About N : ' 1 t.riti.y I a. in Ueach. (iue-t, ::i pir.n 1 niffoti hM ,i;a- ( r M r. Miiiitv nas leit ior Ae.v ,.n.!-; ,Mr. l.ad-ne a' "id n o-. wneit iioctoi atesi't cei- v hite !:n; a!-i Mr-. !:l l.ar.i tain hther she -houi.l undergo ('..ng.ion laie of New Yolk and a tonsilecton.y. N'a--a Mr-. J-.ri. N'eff . f N'ev 'l-.ib. hat only watching tin- p. a; Mr-. William Jane Pick - -1 York in shrtntp pink -at in with ,.). He'll n he ,.jt on t: J.ai.gley has ift her yacht. Cot- diamond. In ..tier ):-: Mi, greens. . . . The Kaiid. K.-e : ton. , 1 -pend a few dav in Mai.- M-ssn.i.re Ker-ia!l in pale yeilow N w Yoik ai d ti.eiV da ii.te hattan it n her coii!o!Ttee work- h.l'fon. Mr-. Peed Aiot e in gohi Phylii. in thtir B.ai ttoettt er on the Hea't ii.ili wnich vvill hr ade. Mr. P.er!iard Coiey in l.;,Ke IO:ve. He's !;.: ,.f i;-i he tie'd tr.ere A; ;', s it -j;,. white lace with a ye!i"W at n ran Kxj.le . . . . Pa-. t,ar: et P'u.a. Jar.e i ge!ieral chainna': -a-!.. Mis. Join Yolk in l-iack foi nier (.erit'ia. Mo'.oi - v.:. for the fete, with Mr-, t 'narie. hue. Mi. Vt-.n Seyhmsi 111 .haige of p-.ii.iic.tv. . ;e' ' w ; Enchanting- i- the word for Wc.it I': animated feature picture-. "Sleeping Mv.. .;..'" unveiled at the CriUri n Theatre la-T 1 to audience. w : "Ht-epini: frt.iuti," : tear Li;., I-:-; ;.-r. fa tro.. Pea i'l It i- a J.ut .le t t he vo.ii. g and ti k.- ad tt.e old fa;'y ta'i- ha- i.. feired to the i :.-er, hv w Co kept -. .' g ,e in i i- r're. k It 1- a Li-hjvf jl at.d a;i.-i:r.g aj -t-M-n. f.ln:--.; in T- hr. a ar-i T1-1 h.'i!-. .-.oi ith f j.l 'ei eoj h. -umI and wa.- :i::.i!e i y t -.e Walt : Ii! e- Co. at a : i f . .01 10 1 ion ' Iist.;i..;t..i hv li ,e!.;i Yi-'a. , "S: eping P.ea j h. ing ) 'e- ' set.'fl ). a rontir.'.o:;s -.eifo) , ara e t.a-:- arc: :- -! a: :r. f e i- Fer le f,i..V. j i"n pi. .a! ant w it n at.o-f ei I'i-- a' y-.r. "e" i feat :;e. "Ciami ';.:',." : .. " ' THK VI KS OF the r..!:!ur.ri.- f c i i-i : tcc:;. Pimie-s A.. iota ar. ; Pi.r i e ha-.-i'. Phi.'.ip. in '-Sl.-e; dr.g P.. autv" ale I II F S( EN IC Pf--. 1 h -en a 1 ! :.:.g hy Ma-y '.. a C;.- y ti e P: i::i c-s r,d Mil. Shit ley ti e el tie role of The Fn-.ie. T; .- 01. t' TV. nigi t .! :h ita;nei al.d the .;y -agt loin.ei is ; lieeii wme-coiored sat:n. ar.1 Mr. . , ' ,. ter has .ii--ii:i: Lom. e Jiear-t veai :t:g an t-i: "i- . .- nii-ieai aid grt-en satin thvativ en-eirr 'e. p., av R" f." vo . a. ,-ect lor; a -r. : . :t l... a-t'.e ar.irr.ators rave i-o'ttaved topher imr. p r. y. i. ,r,,.,,, ,.n ;ti,. ,, goifer recoveiirg from an ope!- Til E VoK IIS OF Eiea-'-i ation. seen at :h Seri -.oie il-.'.f A .; l ey. Per-, a f ei..-!. .1 A leii. :r'.;:gen.,-,.s p.r.i.' a-e . pi . s-e,; "K A.M. For Youngsters i'...-t.a-a I.. P:l! Tr.on p Ml-- A : :ie- Ta . H i '.e cv.. 'a .e M F. jjl JS3J Mfn ff Jazz p1'Uf'u I Con tad Jat-ls- ' InAj Pai.r.ti' M- : H . fat- 11 . ... F;. 3 - K All f P- - Th ; - t !...-: Theatre Diredorv "A LAVISHLY COLORFLL. DLLIGHTF1.LLY TLNLFLL. L0 ELY SHOW ! R.;cg-is iN H -.ft. t-. i?. -:?, Flower drum ong ST J4WE TniCiE i- s- t . . h ,11. Mo. HI I. 1 I I , .1 n ii ii. F I li k Pit 1 1 i:f f i ED A -CRD MLLHARE : I'.-: N'.. GASOLINE ALLEY ; 1 Y FAIR LADY i 1 A Ml 1. Ii i-KI V I I - I 1 I ! l !' e! . Hj.ll.'-O'i o fc.- r I- " .. . "T"- 4-. S ; -' V;-, -c 4 si- . t t.i . te 4 i - ' . : - T., ra . - , .t -A MKk lit I 1 l. IK. "1 f - ' C , t'IC'- . . S s t ;f .s jw V:i:'. The .U1( . W A .0 r.;t- 4 i , - - : ; : . KijtiTir T-f- f-t- r . , . ' ' HrinuMir I h - ! ' ; v: :'V kein McCarthy , a---.: -r ANNE BAN' ROFT ' . es.e. I WO FOR ' ; i. I if 60CT w '- E . - - - THE Css, Uncle Walt. coT.e in.' IVs fssn thinkina atrout vcu. V v V Kin trjhd, Scj acric toe S2eziN. Let I hard. Ycu need z 9it in thi9 ea9V V , vacation ir -for a of xeeks and just rest. Il'pv not lav Crf -For 3 month and ts3 yourself 3 nice trip to Florida? - xl in csnootst vr. -9 .9 teliina re tne 93e f'cz ! fa V1 V J J

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