The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 7
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TUKSJMY, DECEMI3KU 3, 1916 Tag Match Turns Into Big Fiasco Fouls Are Reported At Furious Pace in lion Arena Event BLYTHEV1LLK (ARK.) COTJUIKR NEWS Couldn's Quite Make It- PAGE SEVEN Nmeteen Men OnChickSquad To Get Letters Leg! Two'Warm-up' Bidding Starts Behind Scenes I" a fast, foul-a-minute third \ fall, i.eo Newman and Carlos Rod- j duped their way to a tag Fj match victory over Rex Mobley and Welch last night at the Le- Arena. caking uith monotonous regularity \\hat few rules roueh and tumble wrestling, Newman and lludi iqucv. turned the mulch into a fiasco ILS they chari;ed i unuu.gcd into the ring and with | iinpimity came to each other's aid 'o prevent Mobley and Welch from orinij legitimate viL'Uirii'.s. According to lay mutch rules, partners are not allowed to enter t|ie ring unless tagged by their teiinmiiiies. such action is supposed o constitute a foul and a break :>-t\veen the wrestlers is supposed to follow. A break is also supposed i to result v.hen any portion of any ' wrestler's body goes outside the! ropes. Any aid Iroin outside the i iN ' l " r -'"-' 1 ' '"• I> ' 1 "' i>a i' 1 '. '" Southern Methodist. Mil s!ioil ot uoal line, :is In 1 is stopped by He ivxu.-, >'lii|! by the resliii{; partner calls j Christian Hro",s. On the next play. SMU kicked i Held »cal. '1 he surrini; uiune was played at r>wiil>: r loi a break between the men in | .Stadium in Dallas before a capacity crowd, soinliern Methodist won the Maine by a srore <,i ;III-H. inlier Hie ring. . | players are No. HO. George ucal. 't'CU. and Hodrlqiic/, and Newman both | -scored heavily against MobLey and Welch by charging to their pan- tier's adi (o kick or silly his op- I ponent from near pinnings in both the second and Ihird tails. Ml. four were, guilty of excessive *.tside-the-ring lighting. with A'I'.Milan and Hodrktuez taking the lead. In the second fall. Welch barged into the ring umajjged to aid ' Mtjbley, being given a diuil working-over in the opposite corner, and pmmneled his opponents with a shoe he had removed to rest a "sore" loot. In the third rail, in the midst of a live-man free-for-all. Newman cornered Welch and proceeded to | choke him using as a noose a j handkerchief lifted from Reteree Mike .Meroney's hip pocket in the contusion. In spile of frequent fouling that called for a break between wrestlers, rarely were they parted. Referee Mike Meroney adtnitted after the matches that he was slow on ciillin» fouls and .said he was suffering from a cold that hampered his work. Roy Welch, he added, had asked him not to call breaks a.s he i Welch) and Mobley were determined to win regardless of inctics used by their opponents. The two preliminary bouts went vmmarred by fouling. Newman won lite semi-windiip in 15 minutes by ilov;ning Welch with an Indian leg-lock after vigorous scrapping by Iioth grappler.s. Mobley defeated Hmlriqnez ntter six minutes of the first prelim with a double C'hii'k ijlldiiU'll it managers \v ei.-. lor their work pas! looiball season, !] tindwlu uiinoun.'ed yts- iii n are i:n<ls: '•i.'iu.rtl, Dick Hhunks. Hoy l.viinic ricntry. - Kllfene Kelllper. .1 A. I liiyd. l.loyd Koun'z. Hilly itn!) union. ,i,,nn W, Kit/huiih. Hilly llallliai'k: Ihiltbiirk K. ( MUUl:iF 1 ,n.s to i • lim Dales. JJnhby Tlmiim-i Hell / To Play Tdriight £ On GosneN CoutC Ciosnell nigh School quints rm;ft :/'ooter. MO,, Ijoys and gfrls .-/Hinds lonljjht on the Closiielj court, witn (•lima time called for 7:15. • - ' ,- 'I'lie I'lritteK w|H be trying A break into the win column afttf- Oru|i|)lii|$ four successive gamss \o siruiii! competition The GosueJi Mhls. however, will' be oul to ijnfc HIT their fourth victory, havhig lost only their opojilng game. . -.% 1'iobable slnitlnt;'line-up for tli'e Pirates Includes While nnc[ Swni" (01 wurds; Heuiion, gpiilcr; . \ Harris and TO.rd. ijtiards. ProbAb starters In the girls' llnc-up n l-'orwardti licvlll. wisdom ai Grime's, nnd Cuard.s Jacfcs Brli'lH and Drown. Games Played In Cage League ••* -* For Players in \ Battle Rages in "II iniuli Big Leagues jack-knife. Golfers Discuss Plans For Play in Tournaments • ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 3. 1UPI — A committee of the nation's leading professional golfers took steps, today to meet ilia increasing number of tourneys as '$roup Chairman 13en Hogan announced that P.G.A.- spDiisore<l events would be gnaran- ed representative fields of top- ighl players. Ilogan. the P.G.A. champion from Hershey, Pa., said that the committee hoped to have its Player control policy in operation by tile npeiiii-j, f jl the first major" 1947 tournament, the Los Angeles Open | on Jan. 3. j Among others items planned by • the pros, Hogan mentioned stall- [ tlarixalion of fees lor player appearances, 'better advance promo- Metcalf lion of p.G.A. competitions, and Mehart; <Gi Uic restriction of tournament fielo's Stewart <3> to 150 players. Action on these Lutes 121 points, he said, could be expected Substitutes soon. A. Bunch <2j Teams in the U Y'' basketball It.agti" played two ; -warm-up" I games on the High school court [ last night, preliminary lo ihe opening of the-championship schedule. In the opening contest. FHKpat- rick Jewelry defeated Blytlieville Laundry 40-29 in a fast game. The. winners took an early lead and were never seriously threatened although oul.scored by 21-n in the .second half. Lipford was the big gun for FiUpnlrick' as he racked up seven lield goals in the first half and one in the .second for a 1C [joint total. The opposing center. Johnson of the Laundry quint, was unable to get going in the [irst half but op- cued up in the second to tally all his 13 points in the last period. Rakcstraw breezed in with an additional 12 markers for !he winners. In the second game, the Loy Eich Chevrolet quint plastered a 27-14 defeat on the Hays Store boys, the latter showing their tack of practice. The wjnner.s were off to a Ki-9 advantage at the intermission and proceeded to build on tlii.s by using t',vo full teams. Hays Store had a .spirited defense but were unable to hit the basket with any degree of regularity. L. Duclos of the losers was high scorer with three field goals and n free toss, while Metcalf and Meharg deadlocked for honors with U points each for the winners. The line-up: Fitzpatrick .Jewelry (40) Pos Kakeslraw (12) P Baseball World HOU-RU (71 LipfOL'd ilfi> Hou Poff <3> Substitutes Eubnnks <2> Di'l] Thompson Chnfin Loy Eich Chevrolet G. Bunch F O O Ci (271 Pos. (21 F IIV 1 IX> II.. I'KTIIEISI'N I'nid-il I'rt-ss Sports Writer LOS ANCiliLKS, ntx. U <U1M-- Mnjc>r li-ii^ut- l^uU ijluVL'rs vvi-i'L- yo- iuu m\ the niHiin^\luck in 'wholi 1 - sute lois unlay with Ihe Ittnis tuul i f^.jn the I'liillic.; uf ihe Nulianul tA'ayin 1 i ij l(in snul the Ki'tnvus ami Iiulluns nl th" American ilic, active bidders. I Thu.s far Ihe Infornnl conference's'h h:tve btM-n goinf; on | lor f'-'i;:- -;::;VM ;:rioi' lo the (jfliciul | oj;i?nin» of ihf winter iiu-ciiin! j'lburschiy hi»vr rrsutted LIT nn Urnls. ' b-jL (hen 1 are ph-nt.y on itic tire. 1 Most of itiL'ni may not be- complK- | etl mUil Into- hut u lot of ground I \\orj: hus been bid. ; There- have been .scnup definite of Iris and rejections. The Indians offered Ken Keltnur, their Ihird baseman, to ihe Urowns in t-x- fhan^e for ccnu-r fielder W«lly Jitclnich, hut Muddy Rue), the new manned- of SL Loins, nixod that- one ulllKjnyh ho Admitted ho de- finiloly wus tnUM'csled in the Ch^'ehuKi infielder, But Huel .said Ihnl Jiubiirh wn-; one of the live Brown players who \vei\> nol on the mui ket, tlu* others hrint; pitchers F?ob Munci ief and Jack Kiatncr. .shortstoji Vrr- nott Stephens aii{j iufiekier Johnny Bcrardino. Thc^ others, lie .said. iM-tv "np tor sale or trade. 1 ' The Browns v/yre out. in front so far :>.'; ih« nutnber tif players were concerned, but tlieir city rivals, the Cardinals, were: on the BlyUievilln other end. Owner Sam Breaclnn, Ladiiriry i'>9» ahhangh admitting that he lias Hart f'O eeived offers (or Marty Mnrion. Ilc-slei- f=O Hum Mu.sial ;1 iid Whiloy Kurowsl:!. Johnson (13' .said nono of iii.s stnr.s \vere for sale Spradley '-^« or trade. Confident that, both Cotrin:ui Howie Pollot, who WHS injured in l.'itc season year, and Jolinny Ivaton <'}.- Beaxley ^onld c^onio back ns Iront McOee Une huHers. the gray-haired Enhiii Cardtnrjl owu< r t^itj ]ie \vas Inok- Mt-Nnir iny forwani to another National League pennnnt and worlrl'.s chain- Pionshi[). LOS ANCil-M.KS. lli-e '.i i\j .1* i -- A U'hind tlie .scenes h:\ttli- was ;•<•- Itoittrd hivwhig tudny ov<-r a nr\\ r minor league b:\M-lja 11 ci-ar. IfnkUiif* thr key rpol in (lie wa:; 'n-Yiitr-oUI Judftf Wil- Cl. l-;r;inihain, who ha. 1 ; JKIOU to the minors .since \ l .\'A2 what \\\<* late Kenr.^aw Mtnnitain Lan-lis v;ns to thr majors. lirtnnliaDi may or muy :uil it - c t tin- when ih<' itiinur.s i^athor m' f:^ their annual reinvention lien 1 to- . tit morrow. Mr holds the whip hand in- \t ('tr.SA. Alt. i)cr ;i. - < h L-!; Thoin.i.s ol i;l;«y Him ALdiamu an invltatioji to play ] ilxlc Howl mniH' Tfiin. In 1 h;if1 eoiili'i'i'cd al hlrl ii' ('iinniiH ice and th 1 . 1 Memphis .spun^ni s nl il school ol tlionnht. invinnry ineellnus uf < he •):; minof lc-n(_;ur.s i e^ui'cd in a MiUluu-ii j,,, cionivt 1 TnMil-. "» :l " hiniLi'i- Aiiieiii'iin /vsMichition ];i i-:.]! 1 ,! ni mul no\vi K''iH i rn] inan- aiier ol (ho not roll T^rrs, as Hi'iunhunr.s Miecessor. A United I'ri-w. pull slioued -Jl ol the miners (Irfinju'ly in fnvur nf niiH- <,'pi»oM-d tu hhn (•fJMiriutiul. 'I'l.'Tr ;i])|>.'ai-((l lilt]- (Jfni')t Whlil TranlNLui could hsive "In- J- b - -Hn-inhiiin willliu;. |Uil wh'-th- "T Hianiliiun, \vlio i,as hecn In ill l"r sonic time, would it i iavoi- iif a man win, IIUK liand-plckod by tli r tn.iiovs n-i!iimi> wllliogl Important \VuUrwuy The Client. Lukes and their co ncclfiiK waterways lire the Important null nf Inland walc wny transportation In Hie wovljl 'the route of the .steamer tru from Duhilh, Minn., to the otiil of Ontnrlo meuMires H miles. Hcnd Courier News Wai.t. Adv (Gi 1 n situation [hat has exist Hi «n'. . lie question. Anolher ver since ori-milncd baseball came ; wile t'ii r Ihe minors would meet il<;» bi-lntt—wliellier the i-,u|urs lirajiiliiiur.s reliremenl term:;—buy hould rule the minrirs or whe'Uer i-lf Hi,, reitniinlnf. (wo years ol lie latter .should remain indop^id- : his ?-.!. r i.(ll)0 per annum contract in nt. The Judi;c is ol ihe iiKk>- SlU.MO'i a year Store <i4' Simpson ' •*' L>. Duclos i7> Jaeger U> 1 Mo.seley <2i 'lev Ashby J. Duclos i'2l Keelev i 2) Cl^apman O> Bowen Referee, Ei-xvin Jonp.s NOT5CE JUST RECEIVED NEW SHIPMENT ca njm Da a ?ri-s nd -Stud ded. FLANNELETTES BROADCLOTHS SKI PAJAMAS All Fine Quality Merchandise R. D. Hughes & Co. Phone 2721 310 West Mqin Street Gorgoons \vntches "^ studded with ROITIS. Luxuriously styled, Eunrnntced time-keep* ers! RI:S1'RVH VOI'R SI MiCHON TODAY Now Is the Time to Buy Clothes Your BOY Needs The most essential needs of your boy at prices far below normal. You'lMind his needs available in PINE QUALITY, NEW MER^CHANDISE as is listed below. I.ONf: SI.KKVIO SilllCI'S S|.70 Si/cs (I Him If) i rorroN ri.Ain sunn's s^.75 Si/os !l X' I (I NAVY U 1,1 IK I'AN'I'S SO-'i': I'ni-l won!. Si/t's !l-|(l . . . . V CKNUINK I.KATIIKH $7.! JACK UTS. Si/i' S only . . I KAhN COATS WITH HAT S*.( Si/cs I llii'oiiK'li 12 .L -All.OU SUITS ?».! Si/.i'i: I thru S •• (iiilmrdiiw Suits, KiK(>iih»u-i>i--|y|ii> .hiclit'ts, Ui'own nnd Nnvy— S-ll) Diamond mul ruby .studded cocktail rings, designed to Rr.-il ify :iny woman's love for beauty! 308 E. Main ' STORE Phone 3711 SAFEGUARDING THEIR HEALTH We furnish your homes with that most essential commodity, water. Clean, pure water so necessary for your children to grow up as healthy, happy individuals. Through our efforts toward improvement in supplying the water they drink, we hope to gain and maintain your trust and respect for the goodness of our product. Wc'ie pledged to continue our service of convenience plus HEALTH INSURANCE. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!"

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