The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 4
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Suspect is Held Robberies Investigate Wave of Thefts from U. 5. Post Offices NASHVILLE,Tfh:i., D.'?. 3 lUi'i —A man whom postal officials »?- llevo mpy hnvc committed some l^U pbstorilc'v rtbijenes in seven Mates is h^hip held here today in drlautt cf S12.COO bnnd. The man. listed a1 Ray Earnest, acjtuallv is charged with robbing Die Lecma, Tenn., poaloffice more than a year ago. Other robberies in whinh postal olfislals believe lie was implicated-yielded about S1UO.- 050 to>.ibo..robb;>> or robbers. Panics^, wail r. ires ted by a Tt>:i- nes-scc-jslale highway patrolman Nov. 22r but the arrest WHS not nn- ncnnc>ed"'until today. H.* nisei is kiio-,vu._j?.s_'. Stanley B. HaviUn unit James I/ird. • All -of- the ro'r.-berics occurred nt- !"•• (yuricM/ csc!\pc-ri from Jail at .Iarks<iii.,'Mt).,. in Scp'cn 5>i>r, UM:>. '!•'••"• i¥-bb?j-ies include those of p-'M. officcsv»t t -1/ioma, Estill Springs, Suivuviltvllle-.' Devonln. Clnurls. C\-'•'"" Jlill. ^T~"l-?;iRle Cornel s'.'i'U-. F-I'n-.-jrive.and E\fj]evi!le in Tennessee. Ujd'Eaglevillo pnstofli-e b-nvj icbbitf.-'twlcc;' and Trenton ami -I'll .'i', ^'"'urkv. O.'her:! '.vere in Missouri. Virginia, Gporpin airl I South Carolina. foist pos- officials did not reveal speclli: SarucsJ,'..^ 'a native of JIawk Gnr .Examiners Named '• VlJjrfjj'HOCK. Art:, Dec. :i MirtKl^drs to" the State Hoard o: Bar F':2inincrs. ... ^ • hidTe car] Groonhsiw of Pay- r-ltevilly .ivas "appointed from tlie .' irrt- District lo succeed Vol T. 1 itid?ey : of. BentonviHc whosi- lorin hart te'ijired. John Brinzolara of rr>l 't ....Smith'.'was appointed Iroin "•f .)<ouvlh . ulatrlvt siifccedinK Tom Hatper v.hose term also hud i".):ire*d.' , - BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bones of Cortez Behoved Found TUJOSUAY, UKCIiMBKK ;;, 1010 and tlir union lo negotiate with th- covmimeiil. That Idea, how-voi-' has been abandoned, It was under-' Mood. When Ihe court uncord '•• ;:r;ir Lewis, he rose slowly from his ehah- ; 'I 111 '' 1 'on the ouler dm of hl.s i?ij a ] i, nl . , 31)-i tfry nnd walked s|r,'.v,y towm\| uv renter of hl.s owi, mronp. lie. litiliAl his I'.liisscs (coin nis hnndl(eix'hi"f ticket, dcliberatrlj adjusted them :uid ihon, tnkhiR Itip inaiuiscripi from his pocket, foei4iin rending. Lewis reiiti slowly. cmi>husi/iiiL I'nch wot'd. rolling his tench word tiered :< lutll-hour recess. , cc.u.i( not :;ur.' the j;i>vcr; A.'.iMunl Attorney acncra] John i whi't-h had control ot the mm r. K'jiniclt .said the Kovtriinieiit hadj Hopkins objected to the bdcf.s ,Mi'o!i'.H!cd nnrtiiu's lor the coiirl's|oii uruimds llicy were not lelevunt ;idop:ion und that ) 1C v/ciMd make j "to the nurruw iisuc ntjw on trial. Sjnnett insisted tliut li-.e. fact "Hint coiititiel subscribed to .1 \icw it now u]i]iouc» is rclcvani." Pile ar^uinetu prompted Uoltls- hort;u^li lo reeail a e-isc "down in tJie irjujHrj" iiu'oh'iii^ a suit :ili.'ii:M a man wiio 'sorrowed a s'.ill civrinn the prtihiLition era and no UiKil argument unless the de- OHM.' made one. At the urKn's (,.- IflncoUBli ordered tlio mule recess lo s-.liow' the ile- fi-jiv time lo study tlie f.ovrrn- tncnl's sluteinent.'i of Iliulin;;:;. Jnnsc Speeds Proceedings T.i" nKMiiiiiij's proccp;llnns were r.j:-.•'!«: by Ho|)l;iiiK' adini'isiwii thai lie suhl at L.i_>wl:i' piclmiiiiiny llu> er [ihoto .show.s men irmovln^ friiin [| lr , i: i (1 :'::x'j cl y. a c nsket winch il Hie br:ltr,isi j'l ture whii'Ii ci.!Un!n% th,. i, ri '.vail of Hospital' of; p;:r,s-dly conluin.; ttir honi'.i of troncc .-. a rlo;u'iip nf liio ...old rnnrnstcd, urn es \vrrip]«'d in lilibons. The urn ivii'i" onel'i:,tM tw; .;. :id ca.'C';. i NKA Trie]>hiiUis.> Doy Strike Would Idle 5,000,000 LEWIS mini .ixi- I. WASHINGTON A Bovrrnmcm r, yomerdav Ihnt a COO.HKi ivorl-.evs. _'i " Ir-^imoti, Hi-Hie-. r- dii'i - ccunrnm.s. !esti:i"il G.Ndav nutl sirikr OltDKK ! ,' " !'"•'t' n '-t\., .-', riven hy Or (lie Ch:ti:c:ry Court. Chkki- '"'"' l'"MI«". iis-klnnl lo the sawjfo Dlslrlcl. Mississippi Counly. Secrrl " r . v ° r Coinmerc>. rinrlni; the .Arkansas. .• " coi'lnnpl lli>l nf .lohll I,, low's. Robert, Wright Plni'it'fT ' 1I *»«r Irsilfied for the nwcrn • v|; ' No. 9393 ' lllrl " tll:lt If I!" 1 strike lasted I" Elvii-«> Wright DcfcniJcnl. ' inv '-, iiiiUonnl uvo-liicllnn woul' The-riefendaut Klvirn Wriu-it is I'' ron -' ; ' !>'''' ecnl. ||f said mni • hcfrby warned to appear vvllhi.i | ' ll- "' ll;llf "f.thc iril'-oads and f p o- thlrly. days in the conn narn.-;l in] -""s of Hie .siecl mills mid n'.l!!the caption hereof atid iuisv. r :r ui: 1 | ' "'^"U: \;c H jld he sh.itt ilov.'n compUinl of the nlnlnlifl Ualed this 26 day of N'ov.. in Hi "• HARVEY MORRIS, Cle;k fr By Mary Lee Jarratt, I). C. Tfrcy Wright. Atty. lor Pllf. 17. Q.^Partlow. Atty. nd Utcm. V 1213-10-17-2-1 OltDKK In Ihr LCftarccrj' Court, Cluckri- , sawh.1 District. Stistissipiu Cnunly, Hazel Zchnar Plainlijl, j v-. No. 0826 Robert Zelmar .Dcfcnciiml! 'ills defendant Robert Zchnrr is! hereby warned to ayoear within i thlrlv days in the court named in! llr^ r.Hi(ia:i hereol and misu'er HUM complaint of the plaintiff Huzel I Xr-lmar. Dated this Mi day of Nov.. IfHQ HARVEY MOnillS. Clerk By Mnry Lee Jarratt. n. (.'. I'rre.v A. Wright, Atty. for Pltf. that j He j,iii ; j Ilio lr,.- ; ,,f v: n PCS unc! I'tilnriM by ll'nt limr would be Sl.- |'.O^.c::O.Q05 a monlh. This loss would | mount rnoldlv if the strike went l.i'VOIlci (10 (l.ivs. llo fii-nred tho Income. Mnrld drn|) from ,-,n annual "fnlV of 170 liillirn dollni-j n year to ISO I'M i"ll clol'iirs'. Tlie com' nipi is'ai'.- hin;; C ,s on Lewis' failnrtt to wJUnlraw his ciin- r'rlbjion ivilic-c. t. •L'lPln.iliiij; (he -ineis' coi-.'.rnc!, with Ihe fDi'ern- iner.T. Thi> r.:)ntrnel Icnnlimllon was tin- ivlccc- livit set uff the strike of •!"0.0or> suit conl miners 12 days '•an. '!iie stiiko hti.s brcnnht rr''p- )PK rurnlvsis to tho iiiitiim's er-o- I'nniy, idling more thnn nri.ono | workers in steel and allied industries. In order lo avail him.sell of urin.scl tor both siiles. Hi: :,ald such a cimrse tiiigiht "be ;omcuhut, imu.Mi;ii," but bulli liie jovi'riinienl un<! defoiisc njjned lo it. Ciol<lsboi'ni!;;h set no hail for Lewis .'.•litu Ihc liiit'erinneiit a;;i'ced tlial .10.1.' \VJLS necL'siai'y. foo Lui-j t< Loans . Coiu'eluenl Way to HOITOW COMl'AHli: OliH IIATEB IVl'Ktiliil] l.uail.", l'\>r EOUCA'I'IO.NAL KXPUNSE. TAXES and MiMirance. Dot tor Hills. Ac\ imiulatctl Debts. QUICK, Confidential Service -sa! C. I. '|\ Cn-ilil ('oiui)iniy 11<> N. Second St. lilythevilic. Ark'. rs" u;i, precisely and crisply a.s though biliiiK llvin. Ills voice rose and fell from th,,.. to time, ftlvlni; an almost tlieatrri il quality to his rcrilation. There W!1 <. ; little llumdcr. howevei', When he Ilnlshed. Lewis i>nv/cd from Ihe waist lov.-ard I lie 'j-jm-h turned .removed Ills Kla^es, n-!,i walked to his seal. Lewis made II plain thai liliht Is orilv just hcj;iiinlii~. said ColiKlioronKh's rnliiiK ai;aijisl the union nil appllra lions of (Fur In IV «'as a mailer "for le';al rnii'i- si-l lo appraise ami evaluate" fur. ihl-r, piesimlahly on appeal. Heeidnu Hie history of ori;:nii •/;,! labors opposition in the use of i-^. iuncllons lo breal: slvlk"s. L.vA'ts •leuliired that hLs union's p<i||':v would no! be cliiiniu'd Iw thr, ,,,0'. •'''•diims befoi'e OnldsborouLih. Conerrniim Ihe Icf-llimauy of ih.' ; injuncth-e process, r.ewis asseit.-d ' Him "11 Is inconceivable I ha I such I an autocratic, despotic and ',,'rnn- ! nical power can lonn reniain' in- » ' democrncy." "Most respectfully." he eoiiilnned. "I must state lo the court that '! n consideration Hint prompted ou- irlKhinl course of action with if- pect lo llil.s coercive and :ill-eni- riiclii(! rcstralnlni; order, issn'ed vilhout nny opportunity Kiven'lhe lefendatits (o present Ihslr side of •he case, hnve not chaii'ied. "On the contrary, recent Brants •lave urenlly and acutely enhanced ">ur conviction." The iiovernrnent conchuied its .-i'.se ngninsl Lewis yesterday and did not reopen it. The defense resl- ed 25 minutes lifter the thai entered its fourth court day this inornini;. Although l.ho defense nffercd no witnesses. UMW chiet counsel wellv K. II- pklns moved that all government tpsllmonv be Mricken. Colcltboroutih promptly denied the o'f.i: it while he hail u. In thnt cast 1 , he sn:d, tiie deleti-j 'ii'!i::ii-.i Mov 25 that the uissrjn h;i<ldant made three paints: I :,jt. n no i'l'tion on (ne jiid«..-.-i ',,) „... 11( .v.-r borrowed the still;, r ",,,,,"' i ' u "[ ; '"',"''• U> it was broken '.vhcn he borrow,, : r li ;;;rin^cr!pro 1pl r e ;!o ; ^ ''• '^ j - h ^ > mti * - 1 inn na'l to Ml])|Xivt his cojiiKiition thai tin' defendants were at lensi briefs i'.s evidence. Bonnett said thu-iion-iiimciiL wus | relieving its effort to Introduce a May 29 newsreel statoincnt made by L?wls. Goldsboroiij'h admitted It as evidence. In that statement, lor newsreels in front of the While House after Lewis and 3ss.rrtary of interior J. A. Knif ;t | S r.e<l llm Kovornmcnl wage contract. Lewis ;:nld the agreeincnl "settles fo- the jjcriod of covernmeiit oiieralioii an the q'.^.ilions and issues." Ciohlsboronsh saiti he nncler.iloiKl Ihe union claimed th.e ru/hl m icr- minate the Krug-L?iv[ s ui-rcemcnt He said the .lewsreo) Matcincnt NVU:* I "sunn; evidence" Ili-.a l/;wi.s had no termination period In mind at. that lime. •Alter last week's slow start, the government rushed tlnough its list I of witnesses mid rcslut Us case at tiie close of the afternoon session yesterday. Once Cioldsliorough has disposed of the contempt case, )>e also must rule on the government icqitest for an nUeriiretation of Ihc UMW contra.; t with Ihe Koveriiincnt and for an injunction to foibid him from tcrnUniains it. Lewis has claimed Dial lie had the rijjlit lo terminate the agreenu'iil: the government has denied Ills claim. Rood condition. Uokisbiirouj 1 !, ,;:nd i[ there '^'as ... , i inconsistency i;y the i.nlon it "inlKht ."..!!.*'._"' i: " lU «- >1 "IH on; throw tome liglif 1 r, : , the union 1 :; sliu'ertty in i^iioiinu Hie court's ri:- .stiiiinin Bolder. The jucu-e hintt-d yr:s!eiri: j .y he uiu-ht be more ]l>:n- lent if Lewis rinil tl.r UMW could convince him they u'.K.'d i:i fioo:l fiiith in leiiiiiniuin'? r:.e coriirart, , i iJni.jii Deciles "I,, 1 c,:isistc,]ry" C.ohH^rollxh h-ui,|: thr d U", : M ;. L C(nl ,, s ,,] .„,,„.;,(, A. Padwuy i)ir=-'r'ciim», by refe.Tl,,... to U'l,'Is 1 .. : , Ki -^ l( on'l coi,,',-.le : ,ny int'on- .n the J'ai.-s unil L'jtfjhlin Mine i sisu-ncj'; in Ian. v.i- ,tU:.vow it/ 1 " cusr, «'hlch the gov( in-- •<•],(. ( . 0 urt lhim:> it < o:i,|:clent." ici'tii'c, th* Hcfiiriicy ot t HR ieniii!l:cd Uiat i court :it tin- jji' ( ,|!!ii- mude ;io slme- but el " hc- s|,c:ko tliroiinn thr du' 1 ,; :ii"iit . II. O. P.ullov. Atty. ad Out. of ll-i- ,|;;o:i varieties of now-. '•'.- sn'wn In r.nropf, orly 'ivtj ; 12i3-!0-n-M ihavc as-rceable perfume. ' I -Vonted to Kent or ">'room f"iimislied ;ii):irl- mcnl or house. In posiliiin l<; |>;i.v tip (d SS() mtinlli. \M\\ considci' sharing Lirjr. er hoiiir wilh Himily. 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