Daily News from New York, New York on May 30, 1963 · 372
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Daily News from New York, New York · 372

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1963
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- a: D a; US i 4 1 Tj ! avF4 A V. Ar , - '55 Days at Peking1 Is Srrids Tony Huston and C'lie Brook Kirk Douglas Stars In Suscense Picture l!v KATE CAMERON Reviewers have lwen asked by Universal-International not ti reveal the surprise ending of "The List of Adrian Messenger," nor to srive away the idetitities of the players representine certain characters in the story. So our lips are sealed on h.th counts. However, one may be assured that -the finale will surprise and delierht him who sees the film at the Warner, Trans-Lux 52d St. and Braoklyn-Fox Theatres. Since the audience is aware that, besides Kirk Douglas, who appears as himself on the screen, Robert Mitchum, Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Frank Sinatra are in the cast, heavily dispuised, it becomes an accompanying e.iessini ame to the solution of 'who done it" fitting the i?uest stars to the characters they por-trav on the screen. UK A DKKS OK The News' serial story, "Murder Seed." will know the answers to the riddle why the names on Adrian Messenger's list have all met sudden, accidental deaths. But those not familiar with Philip MacDonald's murder mystery will follow the moves made by Anthony Gethryn. formerly attached to the British Secret Service, with absorbed interest. The MacDonald story mieht be designated a superior type of mystery drama, as the author has worked out his plot in an ingenious manner and has created a set of credible characters involved in the dramatic action. John Huston, who directed the film on location in Ireland and England, has handled the mystery in a masterly manner. His son, Tony Huston, makes his bow as an actor, under his father's direction. "The List of Adrian Messenger." a Universal release. Produced by Edward Lewis and directed by John Huston from a screenplay by Anthony Veiller based on the' story by Philip MacDonald. Presented Warner, Trans-Lux 52d St., and Brooklyn Fox Theatres. Runninar time: 1 hour, 3 minutes. THE CAT: .4mhMiy Gelhryn (ienr-rp f . Scon Lady JooH.mi BrtiUi-nh"i!ii . t):iil3 WviUiT t.-trijlll uf ;i-n"r( i i HrimK Sir Wilfred I.llianHel "hrt ,M ir-h.H Rami! I.- Born la.ii(l.-s R'ix lmiMN-tnr Pikf Brtl.ird Ar. hard Mm Kjri)ii.lii..n i.ll.lj- i.r iH-rek T'.ni Hilon A'trmn M-ntir John Metiva!e in .ti,tra:-ttr nfc-s T..n Ciirui Kirk TVju'3 Tillrt Lnii Hj-lcr Knlrl Mil hum Kiank Mtrilr: in the role of Derek Bruttenholm. a part that seems to fit him to a T, as it calls for a boy of 12 capable of handling a hunting horse in a dras?. Tony does his father proud in the role. HISTON KEEPb the action alive with suspense from beginning to end and has handled his large cast well. Besides Douglas, the four guest stars and young Huston, the cast includes Georjre C. Scott as Gethryn, Jacques Roux, Dana Wynter, John Meri-vale, Clive Brook. Herbert Mai-shall and Gladys Cooper. The hunting scenes are so well done that it is to be regretted the film was not in color. ;l Bv DOROTHY MASTERS -.' Comes the moment of truth or a refreshing; semblance thereof. "Fifty-five Days at Peking" spares none of the traditional trappings of a supr-duper spectacular, but these are only garnish, as should be, for something vastly more substantial than boy-meets-girl stuff while milling extras fight like demons. A powerful drama of global in terest, the film has integrity, a component frequently lost in the razzle-dazzle dangled by so many multi-million-dollar eolossals. AT THE RISK of bein something of an international emlar- "55 Days t Peking", n Allied Artists release in Super Technirama-70 and Technicolor. Produced by Samuel Bronston and directed by Nicholas Ray from a screenplay by Philip Yordan, Bernard G.ordon and Veniero Colasanti. Presented at the Palace, the RKO 2::d St. and Trans-Lux 85th St. Theatres. Rurming time: 2 hours, 30 minutes. THE CAST: Mai. Malt Iwitt 'hrUtt Ha!ftii Barones Natalia Ivstioff-ATaQarrtiMT Sir Arthur Robertson Iawir! Nivm The IMw -r Eroirt-9 Tu Hu Set. Hnrry Jrvlin Ireland Grn. Jlir-l,u. Prim Thuan Citl. Siuba H rr w Andrews Rtmm-i HelimnB Tt-fiii liamt Bsrun S-ri Ivsnoff Kiirl K 'MSuar Jul!ir.l PhiliiHe Lerwy Dr. St.Mnf-1,11 Pnl LilkM T-rei l.vnaf Sue Mixin k-nfk Arv t ' - A David Niven and Charlton Hestoa 11 O V I E TIMETABLE Asthk l'j 4,. i: 5-; am. s i 7 j .; 1 i I lUM.t 1.55. 2 5-1. 4 :. I H M:.;i Rrt.kMiv i : m. i. i. J 'in. :4.i in.15. INtl 1 li. 2. 4 05. J.M. iiM.m ii r: in os . . i. ISrKlH S : IUKUM.I 11.". S.1S. 4 .IS. 10 S l' KITKKIil V S llfc Mil I . 1 I :irt. 5 -is. .-.!. 1?. 1 1 or INK KTH 1 ! 4 ;;. :. lo lo IIIKI M 1 1,1 1-! 1 SO. . 4' S 1 7 -". ? 15. 11 05 Kl!-. HI - 1 i . 1 -til 9 15 i i ri i r i iKMi.ii 1-: ;s s ro 4 is. o I'l S l'l Ml H Hil l 1'i M 1 -it. 4 IS. 7 OH II MIKKWUII. r: ! 4 1 H. 1 ru.uK-i'i r: :ts tin s 4-.. h -!o 1 1 rK M1M M I'l !: n." i M 4 is. rl I ! SI! 10 1W 1 117 rivoi i ! 1 ; ".". : is s 40 s us t Kkll -T.lt ST. 1 1 3H. "f 15. S. 7 IS. 't. ri. i hiii r 1-; so. :ts a s. 1 " STm: s :w si mix 1 1 4.1 ! o .1 s 5 so .. lit. TrK K-T r; :t t. til. 7 W. i -,.1 TKVV-' IIV I"! -t. 4 OS. OS. s 11 in THwiiA -s-i -t. 1-; s -; ! 4 I 1 rn 10 Tll l K.VTH T. :.V i I S VK TOKI - - 1 ! : 1- 51 45 4 S ! ' i -J-"T I'l IS I"! Ol knkk 1 1-; 4 ; s-; 4 an 7 I 'il M -IS WO; I It 1 1-17 3 4 " " t 11 ! 1 I s:t ftii tf THPnum LUIIMl 1 .,.. 4 SO. 7 IS i IV KI.I Bl-l :l IS. S :t5. 7 40. H l-HM Kll '! :t I -:t aH H Ul UU ! It dirt 10 tl.. MKAMrr aMKVI'KltM i AHHI.II t,; .-.f.-rl iA t. i4lSS '.it. I.YKK' - H.:ti. 1 1 ;k : :s. n.i.3i. I.llKW s THtATRES n;tl -T. -.411, -(1. 111. I JftTH ST. -o. 6 IS. Ill W. IHKKU1V 14 ii ili if :;"!. RinirtXKii .':;4 Bos y::n I 111 MIIIMIKK .' IIS n us :i ss. I)l'l.i. -' IIS ri IIS. S 5j. p.HK.s 4S ri 114 H "ri. IHMII :tS. rl 111 ? 4S JlKH I IT II 45 .t i:.ri44 111 IS. MT. IKII I 'IS rt 4il. I'l l :. NATIONAL . I'l H 117. 5:1. NKK 1-J :l '.'ll ri 4H, in. lllMI'H i ' :t in. rt 45. in 10. OKI-Ill IM ; :m. M 15. in US. AKMllSK ! :M it 'M lu ll. MIKKIItN ; IS. 45 nl'IMINKK l:l. 5 15. Hll. VKTOKI -: ".-Ii IS 15 111 W HIT K l"I.AINi " SS 1 -til. lO OS. KKII THKATRK" SHTH ST. 1'.' IS 411 5115 7 -It iTH ST. 1 : ;.. 1 So S 15. 7:'!S. 55 AI'H lMKKt r: -;n. Mil. 5:15. T.S. 'if.S STIK HIII. 5:s 4:5(1. T:20 a 4S I'HKHTI R 1 '! 1 5 in is i v i rilKIIH m -::u 4KWKIIN 1' ; H AMILTON ! ; rassment, Samuel Bronston '3 pres entation is a fairly accurate and tremendously exciting recap of affairs in China during the Boxer rebellion in 1910. As a matter of record, the secret sect called itself "Order of Literary Patriotic Harmonious Fists." However named, this initial : band of foreig-ners-iro-home agita-! tors was tacitly encouraged in ; brutalities by an empress dis-j tressed by the concessions given I and taken by the major pow-: ers. U. S., British, Russian, : French, German, Japanese, Span-i ish. Belgian, Austro-Hungarian I and Dutch legations shared a ; compound in the Imperial City. : The polygot group numbered : about 500 at the time of the ! 55-dav siege. The film, at RKO's Palace and : 23d St. Theatres as well as the ; Trans-Lux 85th St., is notable :.also for its visual effects, begin ning with delightful water colors by Dong Kingman. Some of his work, whk'h augments the credit listings, is reconstructed (or vice versa) during the filming. A MAJOK contribution from the technicians is a rocket-launching device, a monstrous, towering machine lobbing inferno into the compound. Almost as impressive are the fireworks touched off by sabotaging a Chinese ammunition warehouse. The characters are credibly human. Charlton Heston is superb as a rugged Marine major dedicated to the service but not without an appreciation of such creature comforts as a hot hath or a pretty stranger. That's how he gets mixed up with Ava Gardner, not vita! to the story but another good name for the marquee. Vaguely interposed, she plays a Russian baroness whose husband has committed suicide because she dallied with a Chinese general. There is a general in the picture Leo Gennl but no relationship is established other than his being an eavesdropper when a shopkeeper relays plans for Ava's safe conduct out of Peking. When the guide is killed, she perforce returns to the compound and becomes an angel of mercv. DAVID NIVEN wears the mantle of the British ensign with majestic aplomb but considerable personal unease. He is the one negative vote when the ambassadors are requested to leave, and it is he who maneuvers a unanimous decision to remain desnite the imminence of attack. The U.S. representative is briefly glimpsed as a sick man without much to say. The stirring climax, contrived with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, has reinforcements for the beleaguered nations briskly marching into Peking with color showing and bands at full blast. The film ends, as it begins, with national anthems competing with one another in the compound. Director Nicholas Ray, a shrewd showman, keeps the tension high while deftly manipulating the human interest. One heart-warmer is Lynne Sue Moon, an engaging lii-year-old cast as an orphan I who becomes Hes ton's personal ; responsibility. Summer Schedule The Criterion Theatre will inaugurate its new summer schedule I of "Lawrence of Arabia" starting ! June 12. There will be two shows j daily at 2 and 8 P.M. Sunday j evening performances will com-' menee at 7:30 P. M. 'HUGE, SPECTACULARLY EXCITING!" Cut Magazine W B:45 i -:.. 4 55. 7 -- 4 55 7:' : so s i s nil. 5 7:-trt. in 2:45. 5:10. 7:3(1. i::V 2:45. 5 15. MXRKI K Hil l '1:5(1 MT. VUfNlIN 1 35, 4 35 7:1.5 JO. WANK 1! M :( .i:,. fl 45 lo H KIN HKI.I.K t 4 :15 7 IS 10 RK.KNT 1-2 IS -J -40 5 05 7 :!(l 5(1 KIIHI l-.' IS J 4il 5(15 7 !(! 9 5ft HHITK ri.llNS 1 55 4::t5 7 15 111 VONKKKN 1 55 4.15 7 15 lO IT-T! AlFBEO HITCHCOCK S THE mm 'fOURHITSl AN0 MISTER Samuel Bfonston Ipl (I Hesion , 6ip i Bi I KB BIRDS iCourtshiR Jt-NN The, SHMtB Cj j.AV T-L A '0f 'RIFiFI in TOKYO' NOW AT 4 THEATRES RKO Palace SOT 47 'Hsr RKO 23rd ST. TAUT -Trans-Lux 85th SL"40 RKOAIbee MUH- Premiere June 5 Billy Wilder' "Irma Ila Douce" will have its world premiere June o at the UeMille and naronet Theatres instead of June 6 as previously announced. Jack Lem-mon and Shirley MacLaine are starred. . New York's BIG HOLIDAY SHOW! TERRIFYING AND FASCINATING1M "HITCHCOCK AT HIS BESTIR ,ATHRILLERr C(KISU HAMILTON 5taST.3 asta st. KGtNT JtLHAIWIU FOROHAM CHESTER FRANKUN ROTU. CASTLE HIU MARBLE HUL MT. VERNON NEW ROCH. WHITE PLAINS TOWERS UNMORE OTHER PROSPECT TILTOU MADISON BUSHWtCK - GltttNPOWT ALDEN HEIIHS iu"iiS KEITH'S STRAND OA OopklM Cfofiic SvifMnH Sforyl ROD TAYLOR JESSICA TANDY SUZANNE PLESHETTE MTIPPI'HEDREN WSMATTERIN6 ALL RECORDS! - Fascinating . . . Shocking!" Wondo Hal Daily Nw FORUM 47th .a CARNEGIE 4' v a. -v t ? tun i Heal KMtatr pnicrs fwy larrfy VAIDK.VII.Li: MMtf i STARTS TOMORROW 13 I2&tk mar Itti Ave j mmtt r,jM0T0RT0L7JVsKcZ MIRACLES MJUWELETTES T.A.T ntr "JAMES CROWN"

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