The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, m-X'-KJIHKR H, 1010 BLYTHEVH.LR (AUK.) COUH1KK NRWS Agencies' Cash ReservesDebafed Member From Burdclto Objects to Proposal Of Garland Senator LITTLE HOCK. Ark., Dec. :i. - <UI'i— Cash fllinls ill HIP hands of j directors ol 34 different suite in- < MiinUujis :iiul dei.arluiem.s llarcd un before the pre-lPKislative Jolr.i \ budget committee meet inn here ic.-,UMu:iy. After a lengthy di:;cns.sion. ho'.y- '•'•'cr. action on (lie explosive q;u%- H"" itgnln was deferred. The question arose. \vhen Sen. Hrncst Maner of Hoi Sprinys moved ll'at a cash runt! exneclod to reach $11.000 from tin; sale of cotton by the Negro Hoys' industrial School :it Wrightsville be transferred to tile general revenue fund. He proposed a $5.000 rcvolviiiK I lund to allow for floods or olhu j emergencies, at the .school. The mo- j (ion originally carrier! hill was \vithclravvn when the committee- voted to re-con.sider the entire I school budget. j Principal objections to Manor's' ]m>|H>sal came from lie)). L. II. An- j irv of Burdette and Sen. Hu:\ :il Elrod Of Siloani S|>rin<i.s. Aulry contended that the committee did | not have t!)e juiisdir.lifm over the I cash funds. Elrod said he believed ! that the board "1 control and ttu- superintendent should hnve some Mil-plus money for emergencies. Earlier in the day. Complied r Jcihn Truempei liad furnished the committee, at Mailer's request, with the names of the 34 state de- pirlments having cash funds. Included vi-erc i>H of the colleges, the University of Arkansas, the Hifih- wny Department, the industrial schools and various other institutions and boards. Ill further action, the commit- tcn approved six budget reriuesis as presented: A total of $177.974 lo be paid by the slate lo county assessors and clerks, compared with a current appropriation of S173.844- the usual SiOCI for the Civil War cnpitol: SST.aoo f 0r thc banking department, an increase from the cur- , rent S50,:i20: S103.800 for the white | l.oys' industrial scliool ,u Pine) Bluff, an increase from the cur- [ rent $88.400: $87.700 for tbr- Workmen's Compensation Fund. a re- f duel ion from the current S88 1<10' \ and S25.000 for thc Workmen's Compensation Fund, second injury.' a raise from the present $15.000. Action on the budget of the Oame and Fish Commission again j was deferred after a short discus- i sion. ] PAGE THREK. Get That Christmas Mail in Early! 11 I Mail puckaKcs for disluul idaoos not laler tluin December 1. l.ooal loiters and iiackuires should be mailed by Dec. 15. Wrap parcels carefully. In slriuiK containers, with nlciiiy of priiteotioii to Insure again:.! ' b.-eaki'ii; of (1,,. contents. Address letters and packages carefully, giving full name and cGiri|>U-tc arlilress. Sender's name in upper leftliani) corner. London Hospital In Dire Straits Over Dismissals IONDON. llec, a c U!'l —Sl.xly- four doctors aiui nurses, eotnpro- mi-iiiin the entire medical .stall "I lwt> London lio.\uittil.s, have been given dismissal imii.v.s for refu.shirt to juin a I rude union as ordered 'oy the WiHcsdi-n llinouc.h Council. | it wtis disclosed Kulay. j 'I'he disini.-i.sals bei'onie elfective | Dec. :il. Only tin- medical superintendent will i). 1 lei I til care lor 10J uatieiits ut the Wllle.silen Maternity IT'is;:ital if Ihe outer is not :escind- ed. I I3r. I'\ Anderson, resitlenl medical officer al the maternity hospital, said the Council's action constituted "fanlash:- Homing of iier.viniv'. freedom." t<'.l (.'initrrss j'.assed Ihe fast- following iu'eonnl,s ol Kxcctilois ni'd insurd lo Mary llurdestv rxe -,i tthieh xiv. Tunnm veuied on AdinlnlslraKiis have been fllr-d, f(,r Irlx. Armoicl, Arkansas on'Nov-m- 1 il. I'hc House sustained liis ..seltlcnn-ni arid i-miliiiniillon tu Hi,- i>er (). 1(11(1 bv a inui-i-in ol live voles. I'rolmli- r.mrl lor Hie (••ili-kusiivi V H<> 171W Kslnte of bill would have e-stii i- Dislilcl of Mississippi I. >'mly. At Kansas, and thai nu-h uccn-i il willi tlu-lr respeetlve .'.iliiii tla'.es a; 1 ti.s [nlluw.s lo-\vit: No. 1133. 1-M.ule "f ,1. II. llctuli • sun, deceased, I'lrsl und Kin il n inirl of I.Inn Henderson. l-lsmi'i'l; lllcd November 111, IM'i. No. 17:il. Kslule ol .lentil • i:i>' k-y. deivused. n-|j:irl ol \V. i [ln>niuson, Ailtninlslialot'. Illed Ni 1 i mlier 111. llllll and ii[i;:!leil Icdernl nnll-llieK. .1;' livws to unions. Il ulso !ia\e Uir-.-oiirii^eil nniom/a- >i snp.'rnsorv Ihe Case Hill. Mr. to prepaiv "(ier- luJor li-nl.sln-! nnt!iln|i normr JCMC ». l!e:\lhcni.!.'. deceased. Letters ol Atl- nuni-;liall'm Is-uvd to l,yls (.;. llcathcock. Admlrtlitrati Ix.ol lx'ac!i- vll':', Arkans:i!i on N'jvi:mbt*r II. JU-KJ No, IVUU. KMate i;f K. W. ifu[>' I liU::ud. dwaMd. l.i.-li:-i. p i rif i:d- luml.-iitMtlun Ivsuerl tr, I,L':mu Plnk- •ji'd. ndmhiKti'iilrlx. uf J»!yt!i villc. Aikrinsav on November 23, 1940. No. 1701. Estate o'f Mrs. Doliie Srnllli, deceased.. Letters test.amen- 'ary Issued to Frank 0. Douglis, Bxi-culor of HlylhevJlle, Arkanr.-is m November 30. IQlfJ, ' Witness'my hand ns »iich,Cle:k find the seal of snUI Court this the 2nd dny of December, 1010. T. W. POTl'Eri (County ,V Prob.ala Clerki ay Gllxalictli Blyllie, U. C). "! the b:u'l; und Mrlh l'i'- , and tile White, liiiwevcr, a patlcrn ol , i! ajipears In be ilevi>lo;ilni;. :c:;l% lhal ;• • nil HullIM 1 i"S i .Mlc-Ulii; ihe |iub!l.- welfare !,-• prnlecled lioltl Will ]( sio])-r i'V I'lllcs coiisuli-rjilily mol'e ] Hell Week" Continues On College Campuses I NEW YORK. Dee. 3 iUI>>—Col- lei;e . IriUei nities have failed to cilminule hr./.ing and "hell we I" despite the tilling ol the nulloilill intcrfrr-ternitv cc.nlcicn.-e ivuulnsl such nriieticc.s. Maurice Jacobs, chairman o[ ihe conference -said last niitlit. I l''-li If you llilnk some of your friends may have movej. send Ilieir Christmas cards by iirst- class mail to insure lleiivery. STERN * sure io resrister or insure nil valuables sent as clfls. re- iiuestinf; a rclurn receipt from Ihc recipient. DSL- air mail for distant points. The new five-cenls-an-ounrc rate nukes this cheap insurance of speedy delivery Illustrated above are Ihe Posl Oflice Department':-, niggcstion.; for insuring sale and pnimpl delivery ol Christmas mail—and for relieving mail carriers ol some of the annual back-bi-eaKinf; load. of America — me .snffrrinu because The tall Californimi is at liberty I of , lljs C0|1 , (ip _ up ,,„, ( , |c .,,.,, oi"' lC 'oint 5 n-H C 'Th' Ri'-h" 0 !' '"re ' '°" imolli S™ 1 '° '« -"«']>! ofl thoir Radio Fraud Aired in Court In Athens, Go. ATHENS. C.a.. DPC. S. (UP)—A fetlernl grand jury trying Ralph E. Richards, of Hollywood, for mail fraud, loday considered testimony that he promised sponsors of his radio programs such stars as Trill! Whiteman and Bette Davis, but played recordings instead. The government continued to pile up testimony 'from managerf, of six Georgia radio stations which prosecutor Jack Guatier chained were victimized by Richards' "scheme to defraud by sclliue latlio programs which he claimed wo'.Ud sell war bonds, but which only enriched berly, :-/7o.. and Ernest A. Sarnuei- son, of Kansas City. Ri?hards. who used the radio name of Pani Curiis. told inve.sti- !-ato:s !hat he on - was a Holly- \vootl a:tor. The three were in iictcd on five coiinls cliarniii£ mail fraud, and one alleging conspiracy to defraud by of the mails. The i;ovei ntnet^t contends violations of mail statutes crcurrcd when Richards mailed check- which he uot from sponsors to t' bank in Macun. Oa. Railroad Brotherhoods Urge Coal Strike Parley Around Conference Table WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. (UP) — Labor, weekly publication of '•! railroad brotherhoods, urged today that the coal strike, "like other industrial disputes, he settled at, the conference lab!? and not in tho courts or in Ihe newspapers." The publication said in an editorial thai "thc owners of 'hi-; newspaper—the Railroad Workers "Getting tough, ptitling John l-cwis in jail, practically outlawing the miners' union me just, about the worst waj-.s in the world to dig conl." the newspaper said. "Every sensible man knows there must be a settlement eventually. Then, why throw the country into ,an .economic tail-spin? Why. not start conferences no\v instead of two or three months from now?" Continued from 1'a^c I. stoppacc in any industry vita'.ly affer.thij; the public interest. Neither labur nor muuauemenl liked his plan und il made scant congressional prosjress. Last .spring's railway strike bronchi a showdown in which Mr. Trumiin asked emcrisency power to, break strikes against the Kovcrn-,) mcnt in any industry, or in an industry designated as ulfeciini; Ihc nation's economy. lie proposer! loss of seniority for slrlkors against the Bovornmcnt and .sought author- 1 ity lo oraft strikers Inlo the armed services, lie nropose.d that profits irom government operation of a seized industry be turned over to the United Stales Ucasury.| Tnc house passed the bill two hours alter the President asked' lor it. although tne lailway strike had been settled while he v/iss addressing Congress that dny. Thc Senate acted within a week on May 31 after clmu'nnting thc draft anil profits sections of Hie bill. Hut that bill never was finally na 1 lsM;e Is iai',ed dileclly by j fiurrm lunl .si-ilii- and woalo linr.ely dli|ilicnled in a steel j which is a possibility in ;, ^-heli the cnnent '.'<mlra:'l I'^inre.s II \vnulit reach at leaM and public M-ivii-es in ncneriil. 'I'iie dl.slin.'iion between '.iiisl.-.iuiil "tlu't- industry was emphali. ally re- fiiiiiiii'.'rl ill Ihe Hal-||-l)lil'U>n-Ullll • 'il! inl:iidti.-c(t in ihe Kenale un •liiai- :ui. in-ir> ar..l .since ilien siv- imi-d in cominlliue. 'I'hal bill \viv.ild ||'^\ule ccnipllsnly n: bitlill ion ils u la't re-:iu in ;i labor dis|)iilc I hre.'.t- <-mi:i'. "Ititeirupioii of ihe supply <'l a I'diiuuodily or lo a service (MI whii-h the comnninliy atle:-ted is .so dc|;endi-nl I KI( severe huril iliip would h- inllii-led on a .sub- ->t:i!ilial nun'b-r t>) i:c!sons." XOTICI-: oi-' ,\r<in\'is oi- i.x. IX'l'TIIKS AND AIIMIN1S I I! V- T01IS I'll.lHt. N'r.tiie is hereby itlven Hint <!-.:. !n !; His 1 month tit' November, ll)l(i. n i: - No llilia.'. 1 •:! William ,'li\ irl Thompsnu, tlci/i.M-d. ^uij.ili- nieninl r«|hiri of Kliiui 'riu<mii-.'in Adinmtsiialil:!. liled Novcmli"i :!! liilii No. IliTI. llstale of Gfiice l.'leill, 1 Wheiry. d'M'i'used. V-'li-sl mid I'l.ui ivpoil ol .litmi-.s T. llll'dMH 1 . A-lmill- Islrnloi. tiled Noyeinber 23, Ulli All iieisous Inleiesled In Hie ?ii- llelllenl ol any ul Ihe ahnve i'<tm,-! a i••• hereby Wiinlt-d to lil iti'li.s Ihircto. It HIIV have or before Hie sIMlclh day (olltevi-ii: ill- Illliu; ul I In. 1 icspecllve iies-iliriis. I'i'lHni; whlc-h I hey will be hunril forever from excepting hi tlv- accounts. i Witu-.'.s.s my hand us Clerk und the :enl ol said (,'ouil I his Ihe Liiid (lav of Drccinbi-i. llllli. T. W, I'OTI'KH Hy Klluihelh Idyllic, n. (;. j - • -. M'.»V ICfi'l'ATl-'S <)\ WHICH \|l- I .MiN!S'i'it f \Ti(»\ HAS ii i-: i: \ 1 CO.M.MICM'I'I). I Node.- In hereby Kivcn lhal :lie follnu-ln-.: l.s a hs( ul r.slates c-f -li . ! sriiM'd p-.'i'Kins U|iiiii wlneh lellers ' li-sliimentiuy or of iiilinliilsli-.niuii | were i:ranicd ihuinu I lie monl'i of NovcmliiT. l!l-lt; with Ihe dale ol Ihe i;r:inllni; nl sltc-h lellers inal Ihe name mid address of lh<- i x,-cu- tur or ralor: No. 17111). Kslnlr of C.'l). llardes- l.y, sleseused. I.elters tesliuuenla.'y Announcing: GRAND OPENING VICTORIA BEAUTY SALON .Manila Wednesday, December 4 <)|it'r;iliifs Now Surviuji You Vlclfiili AMiulirniiiiri', Hallli- l.< I'tiriKistii tit rainlill^ Early war vessels U812) usually were black-hulled, with their be- Imv-dcck interiors painted a dull ! red everywhere to make less con- ' spieuous the blood spille;, in an engagement. SHOP EARLY, MAIL EARLY! — We feature — American Greeting Cards flrricl pvci'vone you kr.ow with colorfii!, clicer-brinjiinn: American (tiTiMinjr Cards! NVc're ready now with ;i super selection — tor ovcry name on youv list! 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DHEIFUS i:l lircilii'; . 31B WEST MAI\ ST. nils IK UTIHfVtLK, JMMPHIS *NO O Across

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