The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHBA ST AKKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOI,. XI,III—NO. 215 Blythevllle Dally News BlyHicvlllc Courier HlythcvlMe lleiuld Mississippi Valley Leader ^KKANSAS, TIIKSOAY. DKCKMIWU !l, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS UMW BOSS GUILTY OF CONTEMPT OF COURT Missco Schools Obtain $102,851 In Aid From State Teachers in 22 of 36 Districts to Receive Benefits During Term BlythcYilic Community Chest Fund Grows Stowif; Tola/ of $72,000 Needed Two new contributions to the. Community Chest today brought the total for the 1047 operations to SBC4224. Conlrilnilions , arc bc- ln;: received at the Chamber of Commerce .office in the Oily Hall. nl the Phillip.'; Motor Company, ar.c at the Courier News. New contributors include: i J. Cohen and Co 21.UO George A. Hamilton 5.<"> Previously repotted $,8012.21 Byrnes and Bevin Seek Merger of Germany's Zones Secretaries for Two Nations Agree to Unified Occupation. ,Mi«;i.s>ippi County .schools yes-| Total .•"••• Irnlav received checks totaling! Chest leaders cslinmle $102.851 for tlie first payment o,•] MO .vi)l be needcc In• ca.y o, oi- .. S8012 21 Hint SW.- 45 per <;rnl of I hi; sn»i Uic Hlnto Education Orpurdiicnt v;i!l remit ; lo srj'iool (lislricL.s lit tenchcr sal- ;iry aid (hiring ihc current fiscal year There v/rfo 22 districts cinp'ny- itiu :j3;j ipiu'her.s in this county which f|iinlirk<I EOL Iho total iimunni of $:'28.5GO approved for payment uhcn sufficient fnml.s are ;ipprop] Ktlrd by the lcv.»if,lntiiro. Seventy-two lenchrivs in tho Bly- ihrvillr district will rrcclvr $11.794 us tlipir first installment ol n total of $39,542 .'ipprovcci for this the district in the county- Pcurtccn districts in Die county dkl not qualify for .slate assistance in the payment of .salaries of teachers. s for the next 12 months. ; duihn; iin« Merciless Killer Claims 28 Lives Seal Buying Urged To More Effectively Combat Tuberculosis With Mississippi County onn of several areas nf the .stain to show an increase in deaths caused by Cther districts receiving money lu h c rculosis in 1045, members of from tills source are: Arinorcl, , hc Mississippi county Tuberculosis UurdeUe. Doll. Dyess. Keiser, [ LeachvDie, Luxora, Manila Missis- j Association tills week :HT plncinR j greater cinphnsis OH Ihe 1040 j sippl county High <Etcnvali^ Os- j Christmas Seal $alp to obtain funds (•rob. Shiuvnec, Whiiton. Wilson. Ciosncll. Clear Lake, MiUlgan, Car- j-on. Shady Grove, Last Cane, niackwatcr. Rocky. A toliil of Iflfif) districts cm- I loj iii£ IO,fl8H teachers MI all of Arkansas qualified for the :»itl in tins form wHch totals S^.GGR/J'JS. The remaining 55 per cent will have io be appropriated in a supplementary appropriation in tlie 1347 legislature, before districts can be paid the balance of the Salary Aid they arc qualified Lo receive for the current, school term. After the legislulure makes a supplementary appropriation, balance of the Salary Aid will be paid as soon as records of certificates on the 1946-17 lists of teachers for these districts have bceive.stablish- ed, it has been announced by. H. R. Pylc. assistant commissioner and director of .school finance. T]] the table below is given disbursement of the money, according in nnine of district, the number, number of teachers approved, to wape a more effective war on this merciless killer which took 28 lives in this county last year. The 1B'15 death toll was higher by four than the 1944 total, and represents an increase of more than 1G per cent within a sing'c year. Deaths in Mississippi County ivere at "c rale of 35 ror 10D.OOO population, which is considerably lo^v- er t h a n the slate's average of 45.3 for 1945. and 44.9 for V' 1 Comparison of figures compiled by the Arkansas TuUerculosi.s Association for the j two years shows that the dternse ! killed 488 white persons in 1045. an increase of M over the previous year. While Ihe rate among the whites was increasing, the rate among Negroes dropped with only . . . Your FiotecIEon Against Toberiubils NKW YOUK. nee.. 3. lU.lM -•-: Thf Umlrd .Slates nnd OriMl HJ'Unin. on the ove of BJK I-'our diseusMoiis oi\ Ciermuny today an- tuiMnci-d a thrco-year $l,000,000.nfio plan for mer^iiiK their occtiiolton /(jjit's m CIcnuany anil for iiinking Ihe area self-suslntnUif; by 1050. Secretary of State Jiun?s F. Flyrnrs rx pi allied I he merger f>[nn al ji pref;.s conference at which he also predicted the beginning oj Hi^ l-'ont preliminary discussions on Cimmniy this week The Ainelrcan-Brilifili decision to mnke I heir xonc.s in c«enn'iuy an cconomlr unit was taken last Hummer afler a year of lulllo el- foit. Io Kft the four occupying powers lo fulfill the Potsdam agreement to treat Gcrrmuiy an economic unit. Details were worked mil in Washington last month. The merger plan will co,;t the Amcrk'an taxpayer more rUirm^ 1947 than it would had the t\vo zones remained separate. But bc,th Byrnes and Lieu 1. Gen. Lucius O Clay, deputy military governor, explained that r lly it wil ccsl a Ri-eaL deal less mil il n 1 1050. H is hoped, the area will be completely self-sustaining. | TD C^it Costs by litr.O Currently it cost the American government $200.000,003 :v year lo feed its 7,011 e while the British government pours about $400.000.000 annually into its v.ono. Bui Clay pointed out that if the merger had not been consummated it would continue to cost thn United States $200,000,000 a, year iiirici- inilely, whereas now ilii're is expectation that Uic " can be eliminated within lhn:c years •" •--"" - •- soviet President Again Plans Stern Measures to Prevent Walkouts n>; c. w 11.SON United 1'rrss Staff <'oM«pmidfnl WASHINGTON, DPI:. :5.—Tin- pi.Hlwitr rwonl of blior and niiiiiiiKcnioul todny sliownl lilllc ;i^ivt'nu'iil behvi'i'n lliciii on I'tiiulaniunlnls oxcppl lln- opposition of bolh si<k'K to comimlsory iti'bih'aliiin mid 'pivKiilciititl I'nt'l rinding hoards. * •• —President 'Human now is recoiled by a \V!itto House caller lo be planning In s-i. lo Congress "the strongest message he knows how 10 prepare" asking tor lahor legislation. Itrpuhl'catfons ai;e I h Inking aT.niK the same lines. Out neither Iteiniblhvns nor Democrats have come up yet wllh details of legislation which einihi obt.iln the support of I.nth the While House and a ('niiKressimial majority, Mr. Truman's first shot. at. Ihc labor prcbicrn missed the target » year ago last ucrk when his man- agcnicnl-laboi- conference adjourned here, a failure. The .delegates iTiirhcd iiRrecment on some general prlncLpIs, including opposillon to compulsory 111 bin in ion. lint the conference was utmbie i" MiUKcsl how work stoppage mil)Hi !>' avoided when the usual scltle- ineni p:ocedures had failed In polite language, Mr. Triiiiiiin told Congress one year ago todny that the nmlcri'iicc. therefore, had beer [i btisl. Hi- Ihen came up with hi:; owi plan for fact finding board* will tlie power to .suliprnii Individual: and records eompany or labot bock;, for Instance. He proposed i coolliiR-olf period of 30 days br-lore Sec S'l'KKN on l'a|;r ;i Government Expected to Insist n Stiff Fine and Jail Term for Lewis'Violation of In junction With Denver Coal Bins Empty, Residents Prepare for Worst C. of C. to Elect Directors Dec. 12 nENVER. Dec. :i. c UP) — Denver*-residents KOI set today to hurn i>v-[ eiythinn but the parlor piano wl:en tlie last, lump of coal goes np in smoke. ; Coal yards in Ihe city of 400 DOil were empty. Thi- Job 'of kcemr.g warm was becoming an "every rhan for himself" proposition. ", ' In what appeared io he the irio'st severe local coal shortage In the nation. Denveriles by the thousand were using makeshift heating methods. The kitchen stove bocama the (innily hearth. The :ixe was sharpened for use on the old oak tree in the back yard. iom dawn lo dusk antomohlles loaded heavily wjlli logs, rcnce- posl-s and combustibln debris strenm- total amount approved for pay- - 2 gg deaths reported for 19-15 incut and amount of first payment: j s i, n , T , contrast with 328 during net increase 13 ID 20 22 21 District Tellers Blythcvillc 72 Armorci nnrdettc Dell Dyess Kctser Lcachvillc l.uxora .Manila Miss. I Co. Hit'h Osccolu .Shaw nee Whit ton 12 Wilsnn 25 Crcsncll 12 Clear bake -1 Milliciin r. Carson 12 Shady Grove -I Lost Cane 7 I?lackv:atcr r"i Rockv 4 Total App'vecl S39.542 S 8.702 S 0.02!) S 14.031 Sin.287 S17.514 17 2fi 25 First ^44. H .,i t of P'ment (jealhs throughout the state can be SI7.194 | accounted for in the Mississippi S 3,916 j county figures where the gain was $ 4.0GH j [en,]-, ns compared to a net gain of $ 6.336 eight for the whole of Arkansas. S 8.679 Mrs. C. O. Redman, executive S 1.903 j secretary for the Mississippi Coun- S11.923i( y unit nf the Arkansas, and tlie SI2.G82 S 5.707 i National Tuberculosis Associations. S16.3GG $ 1.365 j said today that there has been a Igood response frnm the letters sent j S 3/158 j out, by Mrs. Roland Green, county i chairman, \vitli the 101(i seals en-1 closed. She also said that personal | workers \vere continuing their so- | licitalions and simgcstcd that tho seals may be obtained at her office in tlie Court House here by j any and ali whn desire to join in this mission of mercy against a merciless killer. Mississippi County j has a quota of $10000 for the cam- | Byrnes still- holies the Union and France will jjhi Hie Anglo-American 1 plan. He ' lias not discussed Ihe question with < ithcr Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov or French Deputy Foreign Minister Maurice Couve dc Mur| villc here, but he said the donr j was still opm. j Bvrucs and British Foreign ) Ktc MKKGF.K on Page S S 7.684 S 6,031 510.623 ? :U3f> Slfi.774 5 4.434 S 36'1 S 1.3S.) S 7.517 $ 1.207 S 3.118 S. 2.292 S f)75 S 2.7.U $ 4.781 S L501 S 7.098 S l.OTS S 164 S G2S S 3.383 S f)43 S 1.403 S 1.031 $ 439 i . While the 1914 and I94r> figures arc not ellconracinc. the stale as- socialion officials have pointed out (hat deaths from tuberculosis in Arkansas have declined from around 30(10 in 1911 to 786 in 19-15. "Christmas Seal funds cannot claim all of the credit for tills decline of 7-1 per cenl," one official said, and then added "they have LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. Dec_ :i. i unquestionably had a large part (U.I'.)—The United States today] directly and indirectly in this life opposed diplomatic or ] saving campaign. Through our as- sanctions against the Fraiv.'o gov-1 sociation. the funds have supplied eminent of Spain, but again a.'Acd leadership and information." the United Nations to call on ^ho Spanish people to oust the dic- lalor and set up their own democratic government. Sen. Tom Connally. D.. Te\., lold the UN Political and Security Committee that a break in diplomatic or economic relations with the Franco government would precipitate the Spanish pcop].- int.o the disaster of civil war.'' Connally spoke on bc'na'f of a U. S. Resolution, presented to 'he committee yesterday. calUnj lor Bilbo's Probers View Exhibits Negro Witness Tells Investigators of Having Been Beaten ed Into Denver from outlying rural areas. A dead tree was bonanza for the family man who could wield an axe. The last of the coal in re'.ail yards wns sold last weekend. Got doii ".'.Uliecr.. president of tile DriT- Committee Submits 24 Nominations With 12 Posts to Be Filled VIM- Con! MereliaiiUi Assochitlnn, s.tld "full scale disaster" was on the wi.y for Denver and would siviko by the end of Ibe week "unless dra.siic stops were taken." Faced \vlth a dropping thermometer In the living room, many families set up cots In the kilchen. stoves were tinned on full Ijlusl and oven doors opened, \viiiie families huddled around to keep warm. More than 2.000 people in one Denver housing project have bein struggling with the raid sitiee last Saturday night, when the central liealiii!? unit for the ITS •ipnri- ments ran out nr ronl. Tlie oniv source of heal in most of the <i|i:iil- ment.s was gas stoves. Parents especially were concealed about tlie health of their children, exposed to low temperatures ii;iy and niKht. Only a three-day supply "! *o;il was left. :it Colorado Cirneral i\ff- pilal. Cliildrrn's Mnspilal rrpniled ,Ub<i_| barely a week's supply .,f ,; rll i|. . n , c | ' =' Joseph's had a two-week Minpiv, JACKSON. Miss.. Dee. 3. Ri-hard K. Daniel. Gnlf|>orl. Miss... . Nc^ro war veteran .today showed | olllr .' ""'I" 1 ', hospilals In the city n Senate Investigating blood -spa It ei cd clot lies of a beating lie said he got "Tor Mississippi the Connally Urges Franco's Ouster trying to vote in primary last Jnly. Daniel testified lhal the in(! was administered by policeman named Williams Committed !ire heated by oil and gas .is evidence ]t "Ppcarcd Unit if Die soft i/ial he got strike was prolonged it mislil be necessary to transfer patients Irom Hie coal-heated hospitals to t'w beat- ol " " f i' n "gc of the shortage. city! Tn rural areas around D™nT. in llic; innn .v fitrmers were rutting dov county jail alter lie led. the pollin?] "'e windbreaks which were nlanied Strike Digs Deep Into Nation Half Million Workers Idle and Shortage of Fuel Bocomos Acute Twenty-four ineinbers of tV Dlylhevllle Chamber ot Couunea were nominated yeslcrd y for II- annual election of \i new membei lo (he Hoard of Directors to lj cornpleicd DJC. li. Noniinnled were Louis A]>(ilebauu Oils F.b^rdt, Marcus Onlnes. Nob Dili. Melvin JialseTI. Husscll Hay W. O .HlBBlnson. O. E. VV. K. McDiinlcl. R. A. Nelson, W. i Nicholson, Mnivln Nunn. A. OVcns, Jerry I'oe, W. .1. Pollar W. I,. Hoper. Murray Hmnrl, Oil Stanficlri. George 'stilwell. Alvl Huffman Jr., .lames Terry. Jin Tiiro. C. P. Tucker and Hoy' Wood They were named by a coinnii 1 ice ayMKilntcd by n. A. I,y;icli. Clutmbt'r of Commerce president. 'Ballots for the Hoard of Direc- ors 1 election will lie sent to members .lids week. Worth Holder, sec- re.tnry, announced, liallots inirst l)e marked and subniil.ted by 5:00 p.m. Bee.. 10, he slated. Counting ol ballots will take place the following day. ' On Dec. 12, the 12 new members of the Bnnrd ol Directors will meet wilh Hie 12 hold-over members from last year to nominate and elect, Chamber of Comme'rce ofM- ccrs to serve during 1947. Membership Drive. Conducted An eflort is b?inc, made by l-he I3!ylltevi!le chamber ol Commerce to hrinu its 1947 membership drive to a close in lime lo complete the flection ol next year's olfieers and new Board of Directors members by Dee. 12, Kccrelary Holder said this morning, urging I hat all 191 ( memberships, bolh old and new, be turned in as soon as possible. Due to an expanded program for the ensuing year, a new all- time high in membership must be reached to carry 1-he cor.t .mid work involved. Mcm'ucr.'ihip for 1910 was 282. I'l'I'lt'llllUdll, Dec- K-lUI 1 ) I 111 1 .'.(like i>( Jiilin I,, l.i'vvls' 'IUO.- .CIO united mine utirkerc now In l:i t^tli clay— gmiped dei-per Into he nation's economy and comtoil oduy. Cimirglc-Illinois- atct-l Coni.. II. j. Steel's lilgnenl protlncei'. nn- iiDiinced new production eulbiicks >s tjie result ot coal shorlni'.es. Clenernl I'.lcciili' Corp. iirrdieteil If li.s au.Otlt) workri'is would lie laid <i|f ullhln t.wn weeks. More i him H III,OOn workers. In- rhidlng ihe fofl eoal illggeu, were idle us n icMill ol Hie bituminous litrlki-. Conl ,',torl{|)lli>s were driilnlni; I'npldly, The Holul fuels Adintnlv tijilton nl IMLtsbnrgli salfl tiS.- f.OO Ions remiilned of the 110.001) tons frown at Ihe inliiu ininilhs when the strike chgnn Nov. 21. Asks Keennime.ininlion.s WASIIINCiTON, Dec. 3—IUl'1- JiKlge T. Alaji Ooldsborougli lodn> asked [nr reeommendalions ^111 tin M-nlencIng ot John L. Lewis. He giive attorneys for Ihe United Mine Workers and Ihe government uiilll M) lomoirow to express tliclr views, Counsel for both sides agreed. Owners Make <:t]:>n|[n WASHINGTON. Dn;. :j'.—.('ui'V->- Kdwnrd H. nurke. who propped last weel; [hat prl\ r ale mine: owners resume nogdilallons wllh John L. Lewis, was forced out today as president of (he Southern Coal Producers nssoclalion. Lansing Schools <:lose I-AMHIHG. Mich.. Dec. :(.—IUP) —All Lansing public schools i i ! Strike Stymies California City Violence Feared as AFL Union Members Walkout in Oakland *)• HAYMONI) I.AIIR. IJnllcH l*rriw Stuff Correspondent , ' ,..'.. WASMINIITON, i)pc. !).—Judge T. Ainu Cioldsl)orouch to" Imiml John I,. I,owls «ullty of eonlonipt but (loforreri ice? iinlil loniovi-ow, when tlio govci-nmcnl i;< nx[)cclcd ' iniiiosllion of u jnil term iyfid n \\cnvy finn. -* Tlie siivrrimicnt, it was unUcr- looi). IH rx|)L'ctrd lo ask the court In line l.cnls anil hK United Mim. Workers (AFI,) perhaps as much S^Ofl.OOO for each rtay nt (he soft coal Btrlkr. fliirli n due would stop whenever *W!R lold tho miner:; to go Imck 19 wovk. '..,.,• CioW.sUorongli ncccjitcd nil of VUe Hovoninicnt'R ingumonts of fact nnd aw In iHunonul-Ing Lewis guilty, of coiilunijH, Tho contempt was for gnorliig Hie court's temporary ov- of Nov. IB directing Lewis to cull oft the strike of 400,000 coal minors. -,• ,,.,.. OAKLAND, CHl., IXC. 3, (U.P.) —Pickets on du|.y In tho city-wide Aniorlnnn Federation of wnlkonl, Mii'kcrt )i>to ! jiollcp lines hofoi'o n downtown titore locluy iiflcr u s|;cclpi| officer stmi'l; n pli-kcMiig bus driver Oilier ulckcUi appnrejillv ' wen uUeinptlng lo reach the bus driver will) wai> 1)01(1 Inside « clolhlUR slorc. Al len«l f>00 pickets inlllc< iii'diind the entrances .pf ] Ili'liiirlmenl store, Jcc.rliiff mid IwoitH! :it n cordon o( police ol fleers putrollhig nciirby. A ulrl clerk, who nlU'iiiptr'l lo ]ni. i Ls Die picket, line Into the store wns niel ijy n Bollil wul| of plckct- \vlin pushed her Ijnck into th cr'iuxl. *l'lii> Leniulnglon nnd 31. Mary hotels, two of Oakland's nuernled wllh suporvlsocy employe liikliiK over as bellhops nnil cle vulor boys, uotli liolnls close Ihelr dlniM); rooin^, . Onklnnd's two Post.-ISnnulrcr nfid plnkeled nnd wlil i lion.'i today. ny o iu in. Hie )«i'Cv^ t}}f> "' i ' lot piiijlhh ncii- Snn Pr-ir.clsco The strike, now In Us ISih'iIay',' bus plowed Unwn Industry, forced the closing of schooli in m.iny plnrc.1, and has thrown mart, than half a mllUiin IKTSUIIS out of work. Immediately after hearing the verdict ngnltMl him. Lewis went 16 the tench, nnd accused pblitibnr-' of violatliiB the miners' con- stllullonnl rights. Lewis Breaks Ills Silence Tlie btuTcl-chb.'itod mine worlcera' chief broke a.sllenco lie has nialn- tnliH'd ever ii|nce the governinont olitiitned the Nov. IB rcslrnlnlng order Issued by aoldstwroiigh. • -, In a torrent of denunciatory words ho Invelglied against what ha culled n "recrudescence of uov- eniment by Injinictlon." . ' .'. He declared Unit the minors hud quit work be.cnusfl of n liibor dispute with tliij government over terms of (hi! coutrnct. under which they have been digging coal since last May 39. .Lewis read his statement slowly, his voice rising unrt. fulling wlthan RJnidstTttlfR.trlcal'nufOily. . ' "%,'"; HO accused OotrtsboioUgh flatly-,, of.violating tlio A «oi«tltutlon»l iua-'- nntccs o[ freo speech, press nnd, ns- Finst Bay area of LOtlO.OflO persons scmbly, nnd the constitutional \rio~ begun .to feel Ihe full impact ol Iilbltlon of •"Involuntary servitude v the ' ' fouiid thenisclves or close Kridny for three weeks because of (lie coal crisis, adding tt week's extra vacation l o the normal Yule holiday [or M.OCO pupils. Hup!, nwlghl Rich announced the closing a|. jm emergency meeting of the board of education, a few hours nflcr school olflclals In Van Dyke, a IMroil .suburb, and I3ioinon. in (outhern MlchiRnn closed ihclr ln.itLiu!l<m». slrlkc.' "Parly risers viiliout inornlim newspapers imblit: trnnsportnllon. 'I'lu Berkeley Gazette and Alameda Tlmrs-Star nlso were picketed and did not plan to publlin nflrrnonn editions today. ballot been place where j rejected. i He said he was knocked uncon- ! scions and held is jail until his family retained a lawyer who ob- latrre'd his release some time later. man 3 ' Senate Canipaigii' Investigat- in Uic 30's l<) protect crops from r l.r prniric Bi'U':;. Only the l>i t :h -incir of grain was keeping llirm !r>m InirniiiK wheat and other jr.iuis to keep farm hour,c.s warm. Mother of ing Committee hcariiii: charges that! Woman Dies in Mississippi campaigns speeches by Sen. Thco- j rr the I tfroes fvoin voting Democratic primary. The committee decided July lhal B/yfherrf/e Pastor Again Heads College Trustees \ wo ukl request the apiwnrancc of all LITFLE ROCK. Ark.. Dec. 3. principals named by Ihe witness i» (UP)—The Hev. E. C. Brown ol connection with the alfair. Blylheville was re-elected ycster- Daniel said it ail slavted when day as president of the Central] he appeared at the City Hall on College board of trustees. The Hev. \ j u \-; 2 with the Intention ot vot- Harold Tillman of Conway was! ing." elected vice-president at the meet- He 2 \ Olive Ilninrh. Miss.. moMiL'r o'l [ Mrs. j. M. Stevens, died list t, night, io o'clock, at her home Uicrr_ She %vas 93. Tl] several clays, Mrs. Slovens rind dauehlcv. Miss Maltha i-vances. had returned home only •-.•verai lion re before her death, after I'av- ing spent vcsterdav their. They Divorce Court Has Busy Month And Sets Record More ins here yesterday. In other action, the board named a committee to receive and investigate offers of Kites tor Ihc rc- nniiimi[C( ^trtiiiuoj. mii.iij ivi >V.Ts.i t^t\ ic diiio vji ,MLt:.s 101 Franco to Rive up his dictatorship location of Central College. nnd for the Spanish people lo establish a "broadly representative" provisional govcrnme/iit. > I'ranco Protests MADRID. Dec. 3. lU.P.J— Giill. Trancisco Franco sent re;).'csenia- tives to the United Stales toe-ay (leplorliiR the terms of .'. rcsn'mdo-i on Spain presented to t\v- United Nations by the American delegation. N. Y. Cotton The commit lee was named as the Rev. W. O. Vaught, Jr.. or Little Rock; tlie Rev. Mr. Tillman; A. N. McAiiinch, of Little Rock and ttie Rev. Loyd Sparkman of Pine Bluff. A second committee wns named to dispose of the school's Conway property. Members were named as the Rev. James P. Brewer of Mar- rilton. Ihe Rev. M. Ray McKay of iittlc Rock, Mrs. Fritz'oooribar ot I Rtisscllville, and B .C. Huddlcston j of Searcy. One 160-acre site in Sylvan Hills, five miles from the North Litllo Rock city limits, was inspc:tcd yesterday. pro pi f 11 vvrrr mart irtl in Mt.ssissippi County tlnrinf; Novnn- bor Ihnn wpcn tlivorcorl, n1[hout;h u new all -time record '*;i.'; set lor severing of marriage tics. There wore 101 divorce. 1 ; i;r:inlc<i in cou'rus of Mississippi C'ntmiy. wiih UoO'innrriayc licenses issued. Previous nll-Liinc Hipjj^ for divorces wa.s in November oT*19!5 when 79 were granted. Almost, twice as many vvcte ti-anl- Cd at Blytlievlllc its nt O:;crola with 66 divorces rrcorrird bere and 35 at O.sccola duruiR the pu.stj montlh Weather Slows Colfon Pickers Pulling ol cotton is expected tt Ir general throughout Mlsr.lssipp County within a few days, despite ctforl-s ol farmers to have as much cotton picked as possible. Thr recent rain and cold weather considerably sloped hm vesting ol (•he iiumjjei eion, along with J-llfrp decrease in the: number pTtkers. With abniil V5 i>rr cent of the county'.', col Ion i;, cstiinntcd to have been catliered, His generally bciiev- ed Hiat. RM per cent n| Ihe North Mississi|)))i County crop has been "ginned. Palmers .-ontinue to estimate more than 200,000 bates for tile :;ca.';f.m. | Approximately one-half of the. Latin Americans li;ivc rellirnrd lo their home:, in TC.XIIS willi the departure inking place gradually during tlie past two weeks and prac-; ticiilly all of (he fnmillrs from northern states :tn<l hills of Arkansas also have returned home. The;ile pickers remained longer than expected and there si 111 are :i number who declare lev plan to remain here unlil ear- Temperature Again Drops Below Freezing Point [Jclow frcc/.lng temperatures continued durini! last night as the mercury dropped lo n low of 2fi degrees, according lo' Robert K- Ulaylock, official weather observer, 'this reading runs yesterday's low of 24 degrees a close second as the lowest minimum .temperature of the season. "Your Injunction, sir, I respectfully subijilt,;cle|irlvcs the miner.) of these constitutional rights, told tlie coiivt. the .miners' dispute with Lewis : A the gov- Infant is Buried i The inhint son of Mr. an<( \Srs. William Grover Key was dead at birth late last, nlgbl al Bli'tlievllln Hor.pi'.al. The baby wns to have been named William Grover Key Ji Services were held this nftcrnoon nt .Sandy nidge Cemetery with C'obb Funeral Home in charge. Mr. a ' and Mrs. Key nlso have a. daUBh- 01 trr, Pearl Fay Key. eminent wns "the deadly, brutal, Le.wis asserted that the Issue In (H-holtr v/ork week underground." Hn'dWpH upon the union's contention, rejected by tho judge, tliul tho Nov. 18 court order wns llk'L'iil under the Norrls-LaGuardla net limiting tu'o of Injunctions in labor disputes. . ' That net. "in simple. ' language which -nny Intelligent person-, can tlncieritiind," Lvwta-told Goldsbor- OUgh. :"snj'B ho court can' Issue' n'n injunction In any labor dispute." . Ilul though the court had 'ruled the Norrls^LiiGuafdla act 'tllrt:;tipt npp'y- In tills cnse, j Lewis .ns'ieTtefl Hint, the Federal Constitution.dons. "That constitution." he said, "applies even to the miners.'" ";' Sentence Is Def( .. " Goldsborougli deferred sentence ' Sec I.BWIH on P»£c 4' - Y Stocks . I will return tomorrow for ic.Ttr-.s said a polluig place oificial, nlu , ,,„,;.,, 'looked me over and _tokl me I was I Wjd0n . Qf R p M< , C ;.rr.o. MIS. I ""Thc'nwiTiagc license business wasj "V "' Januaiy when, it is expeeled. 0 E 1)laco ' lo j McCargo was born at Olive Urnnn.! heller al. Oseeola lhan hrrr. how- the. crop will lie about finished, und ic ' where she spent her rntir-: Ii!e.iever. with 136 issued OL the Houlh Mar. May July 0(1. I )ee. open .... 3002 2044 .... 2778 hiah low 30S6 2087 2994 2026 2850 2774 2.WO L'5(J9 2515 3 OS I :t08S 2:30 3052 2987 2845 25G8 Jaycees Meet Members of the Board of Directors of the Ulythcville Junior Chamber of Commerce' held their j .semi-monthly meeting last ni^lit in [ the Juji-ee Club r<»>ms. leave, two white men near door demanded thai he remove his haf. He said he took olf his bat and both men struck him with Iheir fists. Elderly Invalid Dies When Fire Destroys Home JONESBORO. Ark. Dec. 3. IUP) —A 78-year-old Invalid burned to death last niglil when fire destroyed his house at Caraway. He was O. W. Cob'a. His wife bad gone to visit a neighbor when an overheated flue caused the blaze. Surviving in addition lo his wile are two sons and five daughters. less very bud weather ocrur.s. i Mississippi County office, compared Agricultural leaders arc hoping i with 114 here, • ! thai ar> mttrh cotton possible w]Ji be picked, in,lead of pulled, ne- 2 pin. quotations: A T *-. T Amer Tobacco Anacondii Copper Beth .Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen F.lcctrlc Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central Hit Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Rcuiio Socony Vacuum . . Sludebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Sbe last visited al tlie '-j' TC'is plantation home Iwo vcars :.c». She nKn i<: ^nrvivnrl '.v 1 Tn ' The slight decline in marriage bne also is sunned .* '; <1 , Mcens( , s , 5S1]C(1 |s (lllr lo thc , hrcr . eanse ol the higher price the bet- Weather ARKANSAS—Fair an<l Wcdil. other danglilers. Mrs. W. Inrd, wlio resided with iier ni";lier and Mrs. c. T. Winn . of Horn Ijakc. Miss . and three •"'•"'• H. P. McCafgo of Memphis, '.V. H. McCargo of Olive Branch amt Oeorgc McCargo of Fort Morgan. Colo. day uiarriagc law matted in JlH.i but il lias been noted Hie numbe": has not tallen off substantially in . recent months. Tractor Motor Causes Firemen to Make Run A tractor caught fire early (his morning in the second frctimi of Federal Compress riant No. 1 South Elm St. No damag cd Jcanette Wright Dies Jeanetle Wright, three and a half-month-old daughter of Mi", and Mrs. p. E. Wrighl. died yesterday I afternoon al Ihe parents' home in j Pride Subdivision. Her twin sister • died shortly afler birth. Services were held this afternoon at Cob'o Funeral Home by the Ucv. P .H, Jernigan, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, with burial at F.lm- Kire Chief Hov Head report- \ wood Cemetery. Besides her par- Backflrlnc of tlie tractor en- j cuts, she is survived by n sister. "•- Wanda Kay Wright, and a lia^i r'.KIer. nmlhi-a .hine l'Y>r:vlh.-. on •siilt- was believed to have been ler quality Pay for picking has increased from Hie S3T>0-S4 per hundred Level of eariy Fall with iiinre being paid for picking, instead of pulling. Reserve Army Officers To Discuss Forming Unit Tlie Reserve Army Officers Unil to b? sel up in lilytheville for lerritory will lie <ii,sausse<l by Major H. .1. im.ssey, of the .lones'ooro unit, in a meeting of the local group next Tuesday night, it was announced today by Russell llaynes Favr in making public Postponement of a meeting scheduled for tonight. Place of next week's niCA'ing \v. ho ainiouneecl Inter, he sV>\ Livestock ST. LOUIS STOCKYARDS. UCC 3__( up) _ (USD A)— Livestock: Hogs: 10,200; salable 8.- r r'0; weights 170-lbs and upl 50 lo 75c lower; mostly 50c off; lighlei weights in light supply steady; sows 25c spots 50n lower. Bulk good and choice 170 to 300 Ibs. to all interests. 24.50: 120 to 150 Ibs $22.00 lo 23.00; most 00 to llp-lb pigs 19.00 to 51.50. Cnlllc -1,300: salable 4,000: calves 2.500. All salable, about 35 loads of steers Included In moderate sup ply of cattle. Trading active on al elates and prices * fully steady One short load of choice steers 530,00: several loads nnd tots good steers 23.00 to 25.00; some mcdhin descriptions 10.00 to 20.00: i;ood mixe<] steer and 5000 lo M.ftfl. U. S.-British Pad Plans Are Denied By LEE !\"tCHOI,a Dnllcd Press S|«'fT Correspondent) WASHINGTON; Dec. 3. — High ovcrnment officials today flatly 'defiled reports that the United States iiul Britain were on the verge of a ecrct defense past aimed at Soviet lussla. - :"The United Stales is commitvd o Ihe United Nations for any ip.- crnational defense measures nnrt is naklng no pacts—secret or other- wlso—with anybody." one high ranking officinl said. The denial followed a statement n London by Konnl Zilllacus, labor member of the British Parliament, that a secret pact was being negotiated. He said It was aimed nt Russia. The Laborltc's statement created stir despite denials bolh In Washington and London. Sen Glen Taylor. D., Ida,, said It would be n "shocking revelation" if true. "The people of the Uiu'sd Stales place their failli In international cooperation." Taylor said, and have "turned their backs on the old power politics based on secret, treaties." Sen. George A. Wilson. R.. In., SB id he w-as "for Ihc United States betni; alone." Sen. Edwin Joluisjn, D.. Colo., said he "hopes Ihe centic- mau 'Zilllacnsi doesn't know what he is talking about." He noted "that Ihc story is denied Ihcre and (n this country." :• War Department sources here also denied any plans for a formal p.ict although they said they favor loiijj- neifcv ^carUllBS, I range military cooperation between 39 7-B 8G.7-8 82 3-1 MO 34 48 3-4 !>T 1-2 15 3-8 08 1-4 !) 1-2 , 25 1-2 . 9 1-4 . 13 7-8 . 19 5-8 . 65 1-8 . 59 , i ra I th e two countries.

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