The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1947
Page 13
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1947 Classified Advertisements Property . DONUT SHOP - On tccount ot ' Ji*£Uh. I am olfcrlug my Dixie Cream . uoiiut Shop at ParaKOUld. Ark., for aaje. The shop li netting 8375 • • month above 'expense*. Bee or write •' C. Gramllng, 1028 W. Court Street. Farasould, Ark. ll!] Property »nd Business v location in Blytheville. a. capacity business with small overhead. STORE Infant and children's wear Doing good business. Will inventory fixtures and merchandise. A good buy. CITY HOME Beautiful city home, best residential section, .modern, deluxe in every way. Material, floor plan, and wall space will suit the most particular ones. Brand new, can move in tomorrow. 5 ROOM BUNGALOW and bath. Modern, extra well built and plastered throughout. A floor plan you will like close to high school. New $8,000. 6 ROOMS AND bath, close in, good condition, inside and out. 55500 —Several good residential fiflts. Above shown by ap- poiutment only. JOHNNY MARR Real Estate Phone 4111-2596 112 S. Second ll-20-ck-27 Sir room plutered houw and store doing nice bualneu on «ame lot Phone 2960. Fr.nlc Htxjge 826 Ol.rk °'"et. _ W«t Main b.rb»r shop, HIS W Mam. Good location, plenty 'of busl- neM. j .hop. Wi\k-out propoil- 1!°," * h »n «>1<1. Living .qu.rtera. . 4 room. b«th. hot «nd joldwater. Phone 351 For Safe, Mite. Hotpolnt tiblttop electric r«nie .Can b« »een at Home Service dt ator- .•••£. c °- M«. J»m« B. Clark. »"„". • <*•""• • llll7-ck-24 FOR SALE l Q Regulation .ize.pool table, with full , B^^ffir/^ ^(a-pEg ••- Twin beds with Simmons Beautyrwt SSrt p>,n" n<l ^jS 0 * iprlngi. Silently used. Phone 4467. llll9-ck-22 « U « nel « 1<1;trlc fter 6 «'". Phone __ 11I21-PK-24 5 pool tables anil mture* for sale • -i°' u «l»t «SO. A. I,. Newman. Lu*o a •*^. Phone 24. llll5-pk-26 (Ijilver fox neckpiece, perfect con•Bon. Mrs. W. E. Hunt. 403 E Bard phone 140. Oiceola, Ark Butane gas tank, 1000 gallon, used only few months 450 gallon tank, new. Will sell at big discount. Tom .Little Realty, phone 861. Ill20-ck-27 in i =. .1' ll 'BB»se trailer. North 10th St.. third house North of the ff"><»d. . llllB-pk-SS Kenmore electric wiiahlne machine -Itxxt, condition MS. 1122 W. Aih " ' One piling linen 2 pelce flvlmTsuiT Ideal Tor hunting. Phone 4233 Cushman Packine Kar comnletelv overhauled, ticelltnt condition. Priced for quick aale. phone 2003. _ • 11IJO-PX-J4 Fnr SaTp OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIZR N«WS omci ebuilt Army Shoe! »3, Army Used •?>oe packs. Halford's Shoe Shop. 106 S^.Seconu^ _ ' _ 1114-PH-12I4 Studio couch (opens Into bed) and kitchen cabinet. Call 2«77. _ One Cushman Scooter for sale. For Information call 3&5I. Battery tea turkeys. Ql 7 e your order now. Plckard-/ Grocery 1044 Chlckasawba. hl'onc 2043 Help Wanted, Male Start a Rawlclsh BuslneM Keal opportunity no. for a permanent, pro- ncabte work In Cltv nf ni«t>,.,,.ni~ ;„ •""'«• ™ w . '<» a permanent. pr u flcable work In City ot Blvthevllli. -• Write RnwIelRh's. Dipt AKK 210-K • """P""- T " m - _Ull2:plc-2i Help Wonted, Male ' SALKSMKN Wai.|.cd hlBh type men to cull ou N. tabhsml tnult. icliemlcM uiulHU-iiance 'lfl I" Mldsouth. Him be r«e "S,** 1 ;,. c «f "sentlal. Write Bo« .JHythevJlU. Ark. llll»-ric-a« Good farm truck and tractor mechanic. Well-equipped shop. Good house, rent free. Attractive proposition on percentage basis. Telephone 4141. ll-19-ck-12-8 MAN WANTED TO SUCCEED H An- «ivLi i • " a *'<"Bll business )« Soiuli ^X^^^t'-juRs 1 M^MS::' «g".v. A g. K o J ,!S:°ife (.lark St.. Blylhevllle. Ark. Young men VETERANS PREFERRED Assist, malinger with advuillslng erouiis. Must bo 18-26. ncnt. free to travel entire USA. No experience necrijsstiry. Men with cars average over 575 weekly; wllhom cars transportation furnlshel $50 to J15 weekly. Only men who desire sne- clol promotion. See ROBERT DUNN. Hotel Noble Room >°«. FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY 4 to 8 PM. !l;21-llii-22 Help Wanted, female JtLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIKR NBw» '.Lost A Found One 1839 Mercury hub-cap In thd vlclnliy of Illyllievllle im.uUy. Finder please call or return lo Courier New» and ask lor HoflBen, If the hat you wore home from tilt Clilnira Uccllcmlon Service al the Christina clnirch Sunday iloosn'L fli you. limybc lie mine. 1 was left with a brown one, I'll Klidly unde. Sliel- burne Blower, imoua 2700. ' - llilB-ck.ll Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starting al 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 rraturlux: Bi.iutlful handwork, pillow rases, baby clothes, aprons, etc. Also: Homemade cakes and caudles Food booth with everyUUng Ires" from the country LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer name. Belter prizes (none less limit »5) briisnltoiiiU n,.iv bhiKO cards BIllRO Manlnu promiuly at 8:00 PM All at the I.ccion Hut _ _ W«n(, two Rlrls to sharr four room house with one prrson. Cull 423J or 3S ^>- llllQ-pk-22 WANTK1) 20.000 FOUND! UOU'l Sell til] you Get Our Bid Blytheville Qurb Market 130 East Ualn 31 Phone 973 One-Man Protett Halts Boost in Milk Price MACON. 0«. (UP)—simply by ripping down . posted order mis- lug the price o( milk here Uvo cen!,-;. an linte nislomer led brains slylihcd RS (o whether the order could b« entorcfd. T |le O ' dcr ; P°* tfA by the Slate Milk Coiil,-ol Bonrd, was supposed to hnve remained on (tie cotirt- house bulletin board 10 dnvs before becomliig effectli'e, nccnrtUnu ' to law Unl It W m torn down it couple of dnys allerwnrd, Whnl further compllcnted (he problem w ns u, e tmofflclHl opinion of ICKHI experts thnt » second post- iiiB mlKlit be lllpcnl. 'i'lie state board is studying the Private Rooms ATTENTION OFFICE GIRLS— If you are not making ?30 a week .or more you should answer this ad. Local business establishment has opening for good office personnel Insurance benefits, vacation with ijay. Opportunity for advancements. Box Y % Courier News. ll-19-ck-22 Wonderful opportunity for saleswoman, In a field that Is entirely new ror women. Interests*! In saleswork oan earn $600 monthly. Must be free to travel. Car eisentlal. If Interested wjlte to Box SSi. Blythevllle. Arlc ll!19-ck-2S As the people's chosen medium for Its own advertising, classified provides indisputable evidence of the people's faith in newspapers »nd all newspaper advertising. , DI ""oom. close In. Men only Nice bedroom, men only. 611 Wal- !i).'^Jl'wj«j«s«. __ _lli_15-,>k-2J studio piano, excellent condition i Phone 2688. 118 w. cherry. "•""""'"" ' _ ...... _____ - ll!!B-pk-J5 I Bedroom. 3H N Ninth 1'honT 2338 ! 10122 pic Ht22 j Front bertrooin. close In. constant hot water. Phone 1062. ""muni r-h!ril!i« m v, °" lal 1' entrance. an Chlckaja»'ba. sentlemen preferrcn Front bedroom, private entrance, private bath, oil heat. 023 Walnut. irltVl'T 0 " 1 '°' co " nle onlv ' kitchen 6 ^ ll'in-nk -26 Wanted to Buy tl , Tri * owner of an antlciuc shop In Washington tried Jor three year, to HI il a ,, r " rc , scl or ««l- T c"«n fruit dishes. He placed a Want Art In » Spokane newspaper. After all other efforts had failed, the ad broiisht forth the rare Items, WANTED ll b.,v f«rnT~lr*lto7s anil tnachlnery. Slate price and condition. Cleo Musselman. Osceola Iowa llts-ok-lJli FHKCKLES & HIS PKIKNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB • ' • -..;-, ^ ~ -, :f *' Soulh«rn Exposure , WHY. 6LeSS MAH *\ CORW PONE >J.JD BLACK tVED PfAS / I SHO' DO MISS THE SMELL OF JASMINE ALONS ' BAYOU / SMITH PLANTATION. MAGNOLIAS, KOVST POSSUM, X WHAT A OOPS! IF AM ESKIMO SiaL, HE'D YAP ABOUT THf OLD FAMILY • IGIOO / Tearfully Refunded Bj AL VERMEKR Cla.vsined's v»hie and volume de- pond eiitliely upon what the public thinks of It and ;|OM with It from day to riny. NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blythcyille, Ark. . By ETHEL HAMILL Arca<)Ni Home, luc ; OiiriibuleJby NEA SERVICE. INC. THE. 1TOKV, M^urlnr bn. . nl» to nrei Jjirl me Ktrmulk. . »ke» C»i ..k. .t, t , doc.n'i II al it,r bim.r. Maarlnr .•<• li»l Jorl oon«r»«»d hr „„,; (-„„ ' '""" --llckT" lo.l •>< I. • hnnf Can. I. • „„ in cru ,inrS Vo'»rQT» la^Jnrl thai nhr dltliTI inkc bin, XXI JT got around Carter with the speed a rumor con acquirt only in a small college community that camellia Austin was practically engaged to Professor Powell of the English Department. An Eta Mu murmured it discreetly to a Chi •Zcln, A waitress al Kremolka's asked an arch question oj someone tn Cam's Greek Art seminar. The boy who collected for At loctl dry cle«ner it the Faculty Club reported that the professor's best blue serge was gelline pressed practically every oilier day now Cam had been the uncrowned queen of the campus for so long that her romantic doings were high-priority news. In a sense ai had certainly proven true even in the nonexistent affair of Gary Marlowe, any love of hers was a love of Carter's. Trie college took il to a collective sweathered bosom and cherished each small detail of it And, too, there were other students—sex female—who agreed with Maurine that Herbert Powell was divine looking and that his mustache was like Ronald Col- mnn's. And mountain climbing was sort of adventurous. But—"practically engaged?" That, Cam felt, was an unexpectedly strong term to describe her suddenly appearing in public with Herbert more than twice in succession! She wns the burned child, the victim of another rumor which hat. mushroomed through Carter less than a year ago and changed her whole way of life and her whole hitherto light- hearted appraisal oJ herself with its passing. Well, this time there was going to be no nonsense about any "tragic romance." And nobody WOE going to be hurt by it. Certainly Herbert didn't consider them engaged. She had taken meticulous care to tell him. fairly and exactly, where he stood. • • • "I'M not going to (all in love with you, Herbert." In a rear booth at the Kamly Kitchen, one afternoon about a week after her canoe ride wilh Joel, she had nut it into words as definite as thnt. "You might try. you know." Herbert hod suggested. For onc.e, he had soundad almost wistful. "1 might be an acquired taste like—" "Like olives. Don't say it, Herbert, please. But we both know there isn't the slightest clinnce of thnl. don'l we? We are good friends and we're Roini; to slay that way You don't ha.>e to be afraid of traps." "Afraid?" He had regarded her mournfully. ."You know very well. Camellia, that nothing could mall- me happier than Tour accepting me." "Now, Herbert! You don't even have lo be gallant about it," she had assured him gently. As much ns possible, she strove to create the implication that she hadn't token any of his advances as <e- riously intended: strove to spare him even the slightest inflection of that sick sensation of valueless- ness which had surged over herself when a tinny jaloppy had rocketed past her ot an intersec- lion and a hideously hearty voice had shouled, for all the world to hear. "How did you survive our soul-searching session oo the river?" It would have been easier, much easier, for her to have relapsed into her previous recime of ac- cepting no masculine invitations Going plnces with Herbert, as she now had begun to do. slit was bound to run Into Joel lime and again. Carlersville was small and its places of entertainment few. And every unexpected elimpse of those wide shoulders and that bright, tawny hair brought her heart twisting painfully into tier UlroaL • .... In deciding not to retreat again as she, had retreated once before actually she had been .thinking more.of. Joel 1 than of herself. J WON'T'havehirn feeling chained lo me by any implied obligation!. Cam assured herself savagely, time after time. He was perfectly lionesl with me right from the first. It wns my own Imagination Ihaf did the damage not anything he really . intended me to believe. So she find started seeing—and beins seen with —Herbert. He knew she had not the slightest inlenlion of marrying him And. in all f.iirncss, he was getting as much as he wa« giving That was the way Cam checked it off (n her own mind. As a sort of unspoken business denl so much For sr, much. Elein» seen in the consinm company or another man as she now was. she need be no problem to Joel; he should be convinced that h« ncedift think twice about her. And in exchange Herbert had an audience for his incessant stories about mountain climbing and his perennial clilss- room anecdotes.- The program she had set out for herself with such s,ilt-in-a- wound determination had already begun lo bear the fruits of success. Cam could not help noticing them, and witli a bilter satisfaction. When Joel hnd a date with Maurine. these days, he walked into the old Georgian house on the cresi of College Hill quite unconcernedly. He wns likely to be thp.te in the front parlor al almost any hour, singing lo Hie rippling passage of Maurinc's fingers across the yellowing piano keys. Well, that was the way sJ;« wanted il, wasn't il? (To Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople, OUT OUR WAY vo8uvNOU A PRESENT' res. YOLK ANNIMERSARY OR , BOMetWlrJG,MftaTH(V,cpR ue.i_P- ' tiXC, TO R«=>£ ^V BOY AMOS/' MI CODLDMT T5EC1D& 3TWEEM A CAMOe iMD A * TABLE 50 HERE'S THE . THftNK VOU, PAPA.' THIS 15 SETTER. SET OF MATCHED POLO MW-LETS.' //• VJORD: ThlPvT ROLL IS LftRGE EMOGSHTO , f PAPER ( AOtJVTORIUM,.' iroUUDt^T CRANA. IT IKKO A' / I NEVER ( COULD SEEM ~\ TO CATCH YOU —i. AT HOME TO / FIT THESE ( ACCH SUPPORTS I SO I TALKED \ TH' WATCHMAN ^ 1MTC LETTIM' I ME !M.' HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?ARCH SUPPORTS PER A <3LJV WHO SITS DOWM <K) PER CEMT OF MIS LIFE. I SDU'RE COOKED WHEM f VCD GIT ONE FALSE THING, UKEGL , 1 ER TEETH-VQU GOTTA V HAVEJE_M ALL THEM.' V TAKE VOU OUTO' NDUR SUIT AM' PUT MEW YOU ,iJ.8^!-.'..-S, , THE SB VIC FLINT No Music for Growl ?*>. By MICHAEL O'idALLKY «nd RALPH LANB Si left Anita at Ubby Lariji and BETTER WAIT-UWTIL I HEAR IHE TRAIN COMING. OTHtRWISf SOMI MtODilR MIGHT PUSH IHE 9TAUED CAR Off THl CROSSING. OF VOUTOTAHElMISS WADHAM. VIC dropped in on Inspecfcrtrowl Mt IN tIKf THIS, I QUITS VRKJUtNTLY S LANG. / LEAVES 1QVELY DAMSEL IH DISiaiSS IN MY CHARGE. IT'S SIMPtE. WE PICK UP THIS LUCRHIA WADHAM.TORNON A . LITTLE HEAT. AND / iE SINGS UfJDBtSIDE THE BOOT OUGHT TO HEIP THE PO1ICE MAKt IIP THEIB MINOS WHO WtltDTHECXD WAK UNO ANITA/ WHEN VOU DO wen HER UR'GROWI MAVBf SHE'LL K IN NO CONDITION WASH TUIiHS By LESSLiE TURNER ... BEKTH5 HSO MEN'S / V«'U 6IVIE FORGET I EvERMEF 1 SHOE*, M0> WHICH HOD KIDS! ^A. H«> WIWMllM'Sl J. ONE OF By FRED HARMAN Irt OF? To THE MINE, FR 5TAT AvM 3WISH R5TAK KJOT AfTER WHOA.E&ONY.' WHAT'S E.APY Yo FOR THE MINE—HE** PROBABLY IS>tHE &1LV. HUPP WHILE lV\ By V. T. HAM UN HOOTS AND HKK HUDIHICS KDGAK MARTIN i Q» NQli . AViO 5 Vf *. 1 OOoWVt i 1 .

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