The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVfLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Papooses to Play Memphis Juniors South Side Team To Sec Action on Haley Field Tonight Th« Blytheville Junior High School Papooses, their tomahawks sharpened to rardr keenness, wi! 1 be seeking their seventh scalp when they tangle with the strong Soulhsidc Juniors from Memphis at Haley Field «t 8 o'clock tonight. Thi* will be the Paps' Ihird encounter with Memphis' teams this season ^r,c3 their record stands at one "win «hd one tie against the Bluff City; competition. Their tie w»i. with the Bellvue Orange Jer- Mys in the third gome o( the season »ud their victory was against the Catholic Juniors Terriers last week. \ In the last prc-gamc scrimmage •yesterday. Coach Pop Moslcy put his charge* through light loosening up drills In passing and punting nnd * rough 'caiislhenlcK period In .in eflort to ready them for tonight* contest. Though not much is known of the Southsiders gridiron tactics, the Paps'' veteran mentor indicated in rough scrimmage sessions this week that he is expecting a lough gnmc. About the only thing known of th<? Memphis school's record is that it defeated the Joncsboro Whirlwinds 12 to 0 earlier this season and is > lecond only to Bellvue in the Memphis Junior League. The Paps will work tonight without their starting left tackle Bill "Buzzy" Wundcrllch Buzzy was tost to the squad for the remainder ol the season last week tine to at) appendectomy. However, Bill 13oyrt, a second-stringer weighing close to 160 pounds will be on hmut to lake over the vacant left tackle post. With the exceptions of the left tackle berth, the remainder of the Paps' starting lineup probably will remain intact. The Paps' so far this season have been fortunate inasmuch as they have not been plagued by injuries or illnesses to a extent. The Soulhsidcrs are expected 10 field R hravy and experienced .squad. According to the lust o[ players released' yesterday by Coach R. U Brl- gance, the visitors will average in weight at approximately 150 pounds per man in the forward wall anil approximately 140-pounds in the backfield. This will be the first meeting between these two teams and both will be seeking to protect near perfect records. Frcihablc. Starling Lineup USC-UCLA Tops Grid Battles; Trojans Are 7~Po'mt Favorites By KARL WKIRHT limn tops the Blue Devils. It will (Untied Press Sports Writer) | knock them out of the Southern NEW YORK. Nov. 21. (UP) — Conference title. Good old tradition and tl>i> steam ) A limited Midwest program (omul It is supposed to generate in Illinois at H'i orer Northwestern, "neighborhood" football battles, be- I Minnesota at n!4 over Wisconsin came the major factor today In and Purdue at A'A over i..dlnna In tin- bailie for the "Old Oaken Bucket." Oklahoma was rated at 13 belter than Nebraska In the only other major midlands p,.\me besides the«ii.l clash, while in the (he final big Saturday of Ihe Reason in which Southern California's clash with U.C.L.A. was lh c name of the day. The Los Anarle.s schools from different sides of the tracks will be battling with different motives In mind, Southern California with thp Idea of getting into Ihe Hose Bowl ngHltlst Michigan, mid A. with Ihe thought ot keeping the Trojans out of Pasadena on New Year's Day. The odds-makers gave Southern , California, unbeaten nmi tied only I by Rice early in the season, the benefit of the doubt, making the Trnjans seven-point favorites. Tomorrow also will be another big day of reckoning for the nation's four remaining perfect record football learns, Notre Dame. Michigan, Southern Methodist and Southwest Rice was s W, point favorite over Texas Christian, In the only other P.irifir Coast Conference, game, Washington was ruled 611 poinU over Washington Elate. Lull-Bef ore-Storm Is Status of SEC Weekend Football ATLANTA. On., Nov. 21 (UP) — This was to be the lull-before-tbe nuuincaii, ouuuicrn arm . s(nlm week-end in the Southeastern 1'cnn State, nnd the odds were sol- Conference nnd except for Alabama Idly with each of them to survive unscathed. The co-leaders for national championship honors, Notre Dame and Michigan were treated impartially by the mids-makers, with each a 34-polnt favorl'e to dispose of its opposition. Notre Dam; winds up a long inter.sectiona 1 series with Tulane at South Dend. Hid., while Michigan, with the His Nine lille nnd (he Rose Bowl ride already In the bag. closes out its regular campaign with Ohio Stale. Southern Methodist, top touRhie In the Southwest Conference, .was a 13-poinl favor II r to breeze past last place Baylor while Penn State's Nittnny Lions wore rn'ecl as 14 points belter Hum Pitt's punchless Pa til hers. Old Kiralr.. li.-m-urd There, was a probable Howl Bid and the and LSU. who couldn't afford miss, every club which scattered hither and yon (oday viewed to keep healthy at all costs for next week's all-Important finales. Nobody wns going to take n dive, of course, hi tomorrow's long list of non-conference battles thai don I. count In Ihe standings. But Georgia Tech. which meets Fiirman here tomorrow, made It clear 11 would not suffer any more casuatitlcs before (tie annual grudge windnp ugainst Georgia on Nov. '23. It was a different story with Alabama, whose Crimson Tide makes its last bid for conference gtory against LSU at Tuscaloosa tomorrow. The Tide, which was pro- noimccd In "excellent physical slmpc. "has only to meet Miami next week before the Sugar Bowl crowd cranes a-calllng—If LSU doesn't upset tho npplecnrt. conference championship j Any way you looked at it LSU in Ihe balance In tho Big I faced an uphill grind. Besides being Six conference clnsslc between Kan- a seven-point underdog tomorrow sas and Missouri. Kansas wns a I flinging quarterback y. A. Tittle C'i point favorite to top tlv Users I and a few others were reported de- [nnd head foi a major bowl, pro-! finitely not In top shape and pon- Blythrvillt Player Pos. Hutcherson ... L.E. , Boyri L.T. . Blankenship .. L.G. . Droke Phillips Prince Deer Mel Hay Lutes Prultt R- Reid C. .. R.T. R.E. Q.B. L.H. .. Kirkpatrlck R.H. .. Kirkpntrick pollnn Soullisiile Player . Harrison ... Beaver Williamson . Slaughtei .:. Gnrte!l Henley McAdams Key tile Cotton or the Orange, by winning the 51st renewal of tho oldest grid rivalry West of the Mississippi. Elsewhere most of the games were of lesser Sni]>orlance, although Ore- dcious Zolllc Toth. their hard-running fullback, appeared lost. To top it off, LSU still has Tulane on the calendar next week. Mississippi Stnte wns in somewhat the same boat as LSU. The Maroons Ron. playing- Oregon Stale, still has j tackle always dangerous Mlvihslunl n rhoiipn \r* tl« In* n,n n nn irl» r*_..,*. „, . ... ._ ' ""-"IT 1 a chance to tie (or the. Pacific [ Southern Coast Conference championship by winning, nnd was a six-point, fn- vorit- to do so. In the east, Yale was a 7'-j- poinl choice ovei Harvard In the renewal of Ihetr el. sses rivalry, Colunjbin rated 20 better than Syra- Stnrkvillc Tomorrow, with the eiul-of-thc-year battle against Mississippi and a chance Df overturning the conference leaders on tap next week. OeotRia's 44-irmn squad, meanwhile, left for Chattanooga early today for tomorrow's clash with the Moccasins with only two days' preparations under their belt. Foul weather has knocked out other preparations. cu^.c. Princeton was 7 over Dartmouth. West Virginia was 12<- over Temple and Boston College M over St. Mary's. In the Southern game (onighl, Florida's Gators were 6 point In- ; n i A i vorites over Miami, while the Sat- i KO Y a ' Arch on to the Slicar Bowl. Kentucky i LITTLE ROCK Ark Nov 12 1 over Tennessee, Vandcibllt ni (UP) - E. R. Wynn of Bald knob over Maryland, and North Caro- today holds the position ot grand Una 8 over nuke. If North Caro-high priest of ormid Royal Arch MANY HOURS OF SERVICE YOUR TRUCKS NEED ANNUALLY ? How many houn of service do your trucks need in a year to do theit best for you? Not very many, if your trucks run little and J o light work. More, if your trucks do tough jobi and pile up high mileage. Fewer service hours, if your trucks are new. More, if they are old. But no matter what the age of your , »nd no matter what their hauls, we can tell you just how often they should be inspected nnd serviced in order to perform at top efficiency. This "custom-made to your needs" service is a real money-saver and trouble-avoidcr. It pays off big in service economy nnd operating efficiency. So get in touch with u« promptly, and get the c\ocl service prescription for jswr trucks. 3/2 SOUTH 2HPST, »1 *A ? J PHONE863 University Freshmen To Play Tulsa Gridmen •;. Ark., Nov. 21. <UP) — fia/.orback slndlum will see its last game of the season Saturday afternoon when the University of Arkansas freshmen tangle with Tulsa in an all-Irtish contest For the porker first year men It will b f (he first time in operate us a team, although members have been playing with the Porker "B" squad, which Is undefeated In five contests-. Freshmen players, however, have played no nicnv than four games so far in compliance with a five- gamp limit for frrshmen which tho Southwest Conference Imposes. U. of A7"B''~C^ g 7Team To Meet Sooner Outfit PAYfSTTEVIUJS, Ark., Nov. 21 • UP) — The University of Arkansas "B" basketball team will open the 1047-18 season Monday niRia with a «am p with the First Americans, an Independent (cam from Oklahoma. Starling for the "B" squad probably will be Paul colonial), Jr.. and George Meyer at forward, L. c. •Smyth nt center and nob AclKms and Johnny Campbell at guard. Flying Hunters Return From Colorado, Nebraska C. V. Seabunch, W O, Reeves Sr.. W. O. Reeves Jr.,' and Orjert Hitch, of Dlythevilie returned today from n week's hunting in Col- orndo and Nebraska. •The four men. who flew to the hunting spots in private planes were grounded in Omaha due to bad weather and were forced to return to Blytheville by train. FniDAY^NOVEMBER 21, 1947 Browns' Sale Oi Top Players Is Criticized, NEW YORK. Nov. 21 (UP)—Pro- Icsl iind .puzzlement spread Ihrovifih Ihe American League today as the St. Louis Urowns' policy of selllni; their big-name baseball players came under fire from several club owners, led by Dan Topping ot the New York Yankees. Irked by the Browns' .sale of six lim-ranklng players within four day.-, Topping announced yesterday that lie intended lo file an official complaint against .the St. Louis club with Lcanue President will HarridBc and Commissioner A. B. (Happy) Chandler. Meanwhile baseball men wondered if the Browns' "bargain sales" presaged sale of tin- team by Its present owners. Latent Brownie biB-nnme players io tie traded away were slugging on I fielder Walt Jucinlch and spced- bftll pitcher Bob Munctlff. Both men. each 31 years old, went to the Cleveland Indians yesterday for pitcher B.vran Stephens, outfielder Joe Fra/.ier. another player to lie announced later, and an estimated $-'5.000 in cash. This third big sale In such a short lime spurred Topping to say: "We on oiu- pnrt do not want to ft' (he American League become a seven-club league. We do not want another 'Old Phillies' situation In the American League." The Yankee head admitted that the deals already made by the Browns might make tho Dostn'n Red 111* first national eollfge noclil' fraternity wax founded In 1*25 at' Union College, Scheiieclady, r- f. , .Light has a weakening effect I on all glades and Qualities of I papers. 1 Sox and Clfvelffnd Indians stronger contenders for the pennant which the Yankees will defend next year, but he emphasized that his opposition to the sales did not spring from this fact. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark: Friday & Saturday "Ridert of Destiny" with John Wayne and «»bbj' «aje Cartoon and Chapter 11 "Purple Monster Striken" Saturday Owl Show "FACE OF MARBLE" with John Cnrraillne & Claudia Drake Alsn Cartoon RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 1 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALL!HAN Electrical Appliance Co. Author-lied Motorola Radl* Si lei and Service !•« South Fint St. Not All Alike Thermos bottles are not all packed in the same way. mid milk wi!! not. keep In all bottles the same length of time for that reason. Read Courier News Want Ads. Chapter Masons, following the annual convocation here vester- day. Other officers elected included: ViUlRhan Winston of Little Rock, gtnnri king. Ft. E. Ulaylock of Blytheville, grand sriibr. C. D. Hill of Little Rock, grand secretary. R. D Adams of Little Rock grand chaplain. F. J. Scully of Hot Springs, grand captain of the host. J. W. Thriiilkill of Osceola. grand principal sojoiirner. Paul E. Butler of El Dorado, grand Royal Arch captain. J. Miles nobei-ts of Pine Bluff, grand master third veil. Wlllarct D. Billlngsley of Little Rock, grand master second veil. John W. Vnil c of Fort Smith, grand master first veil. Huso F. Weiss of Little Rock, grand sentinel. 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