The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER W, 194T , Senators Score Colleague's Talk Four Say Remarks Entered in Record Were 'Irresponsible' WASHINGTON. Nov. 31. (UP)— • Four Louisiana Congressmen J'65- ,. terday criticized a colleague for In- ,«rling In Ihe Cont;resjlonal R«- 1 iS r(J r <™arks about Sen. John H. Jjferton, D., La., which they said _ 'were "Incspotisible and hysterical." . Criticized was Rep. James H. Morrison, D., La. On Tuesday, he inserted In the Record a:i article calling Overtoil a "senile and doddering .,old man." The article svas another in the continuing fight between Overtoil -nrid Morrison, ft was in answer to a speech Overtoil had Inserted in the record on the previous day. In • his statement, the Senator asked ..whether Morrison would "affirm or i.o'eny charges that he IE financed b.v Ramblers and has swung his political strength to other candidates (' : in past campaigns in return for .'rnoney. The attack on Morrison was led by Hep. James Donicnseaux, D., , La., who accused him of "irrespon- . sible and hysterical remarks re- sentfu; to the right thinking people of Louisiana." ,. Doincngcaux said that a resultiou " lo strike Morrison's remarks from r !fhe Record would be offered next /.Monday. He did not say. however, who would present the motion. '., Rep. Hale Hoggs. D.. La., said ,',ilorri.son's statement was "intetn- atute. in bad taste and uncalled , ,ary." He was joined by Rep. Otto E. . >assman, D. r La., who said the . Congressional Record is "no place for Louisiana politicians to be air, jing their political differences." .,' Rep. A. Leonard Allen, D., La., said he would support the rcsolu- "tion lo remove the speech from the Accord. .,, Rep. John E. Rankin. D., Miss., 'told the House he believed both the Overtoil and Morrison state- ,;jiitiHS violated parliamentary rules. ( 'T would suggest that the two gen- '.'. llemeu be asked to voluntarily re' ;niove their statements from the . .record," he said. BLTTHFVTLLI (ARK.)' OOUHIEH After This, Don't Mention Tomato Pie Again Achievement Day Held in Pemiscot 200 Members of 16 Home Extension Clubs Hold Annual Meeting OARUTHERSVIIjLK, Mo., Nov. Jl —Two hundred member* repreMint- InR Id clubs were present here (or Ihe Achievement I> R y «c- tlvllles of Ihe Home Extension Clubs of Pfiulscot County, held last, week end nl (he high school here. The arm llonje circle club of Carutheu- ville and Ihe West Haylt Club of Hayll were hostesses to the group. Officers elccled lo head lh« County Council next ye»r were: Mis- <1. R. Henderson, Porlune- vllle. ['resident: Mrs. Theresa Cinl- lnher. Unytl, vice-president: Miss Nora Stephens, Caruthersvllle. sectary; Mrs. J. A. Boone. Steele, parhamenlKrlnii; Mrs. Homer Smith, Slecle. SOUR and g«me imrirr. Tlirse were selected by the nom- inthiK committee at tlie morning session, mid elected »t the »ft«r- noon session. County Ajtrnt M. D. Ainbutfey Have a talk nn 4-H Club work, niul named several women of (he county as outstanding In ibis type of work. He also presented certificate* lo >ll conte y t ^O 1 ' ° enl p, r ' an f J ° e Clemmons, left, battle down the homestretch in « tomalo pie-eating comes an . a ' • ^' p nolnl '. f^oDoy is leading by H the pastry sweepstakes, as Jo« — ip or air. led Potter, right, has withdrawn because he's fed-up—with tomato pie. •'Accused Negro Admits Killing Second Woman 1J! K .-, IN'UIANAPOLIS, Nov. 21 , _.i — Robert A. Watts, Negro city truck driver who admitted on Tue.sdiy that he Killed Mrs. Mary Lois Bur. ney with a shotgun, yesterday confessed that he also stabbed and -killed Mrs. Mabel iUcrnfield, prominent. Indiana clubwoman, on Halloween Eve. .1 Police said Watts signed a confession to the Merrifield murder In i;Ls cell at Marion County Jail. , A grand jury Wednesday re .turned a murder indictment against • the young Negro for the murder of : Mrs. Burney In her secluded home ,Jast week. He confessed Tuesday to • slaying; Mrs. Burney as he struggled with her for a shotgun after . h.e attempted to rape her. . fn his confession, police said, "' ".->; stated that he stabbed Mrs. ificld. 68, after breaking into home on Indianapolis' South, side. He said Tuesday that he gained entrance to the Burney home on the .pretext of wanting to use the telephone and by telling Mrs. Burney i he had a "valuable package" for he..-husband, Herschel. " Stassen Hits Tool Shipments To Russians ORLANDO. Pin.. Nov. 21. (UP) — Haiolci E. Stassen today called the U. S. policy of x .shipping tools 'and machinery to Russia a "grave error that should be corrected without delay." ! The caiiiiioi tc for Republican i piroidentia! nomination spoke here I last night before a regional Youn;, ; Republicans Conference to conclude a tour oi the South. I He departed from a prepared speech (o charge the Truman administration with two other mistakes in foreign policy—the lack of a a. S. stand against the spread of Socialism in Europe, and til'; failure to make public minutes of international conferences, especially with Russia. Stassen also criticized the President for his proposal to return to "OPA controls. He said he doubled that Republicans could crack the solidly Dcm- jocratic South this year but predict- |cd that the GOP will win the White |Housr: in 19« if it "meets the needi jot ihio hour, in affairs at home snd abroad." | Alter his speech. Staiscn left bv j piane for Chicago where he has ] ihree addresses scheduled for 'o! dny. Witnesses Link 4 Men To Surplus Gun Thefts ' AUGUSTA. Ga., Nov. 21. (UP)-Four men on trial for conspiring; I to .steal surplus Navy guns and smuggle them to Venezuela today heard prosecution witnesses link them with the plot. ! Je.ssc Taylor, iiangur roreman at Baltimore Municipal Airport pointed out J. Meredith Russel of Baltimore i,s Ihe man who met a surplus B-25 bomber that lauded thera with iwo other delendanu April IX. Two nt her airport employes idcn- titled (Irlrndnnt Edward Browdcr. ; Jr.. of Aiiiarillo, Tex. and Karl .1. I Eisonhardt. of Ellicott City, Md. as occupants of the plane. FBI Agent J. Stanley Rotz of Baltimore testified that .machine Sun part? ;u:d an inspection tag of tllt> type used lit Bush Field arsenal, . from \vh;ch guns were allegedly stolen, were found in the plane. Circus Acrialists Hurt In Fall Suffer Injuries That May End Careen MIAMI, Fla., Nov. 21. (UP)— Two circus performers who plunged from a high wire and the father who saved iliem from instant death were in serious condition here today, but hospital attendant.'; snid all three would probably recover. Harold Davis, 31, and his sister Hilda, 16. received spinal injuries when they Icll 35 feet from a tijjhU'opc during their act In the niiipling Bros. Bnrnuin and Bailey cii.-us here Wednesday night. Their father, cn-ycur-old Charles Davis who rushed beneath them to brcnk their fall, suffered a broken neck. The brother and sister were members of the Flying Alzanas, star aerial troops that trained In England. Hospital attachccs said Ihe aer- inllsts .would recover but would probably never perform again. club» In lh» county which hud reached th« "8t»nd»rd of AchleM- ment." Principal speaker for 111* utter- noon wan MlM Nor» Holt, t rlele- g«t« from Missouri lo Ihe Associated Country Women of (h« World convention held In Amsterdam, Hollnrtd. Sh« related »om« of her experience* on Ihe tup, >nd said .she had learned that « smile In a unlvent»l lunguiRe In helpliiii one lo get nloiiK mid be understood In » foreign Unit where ItnKimge burrleri c«n, not be overcome. Mrs. Dickey ot Hit Carter Ohib, • ml Mm. I,. B. Ctrlnrmm «l»o p»rtl- clpnled In Ihe progrum, rendlnn the scripts for tin- Konu-liinplnitiondl md Ihe Pioneer Women'* Pageant respectively, wlih Mr». Austin Cuiiis «nd Mtsx Murjorl* riKinon serving an pianists. There were M number of exhibit booths, Including one by Mrs. O. II Henderson showing flans niui smim she collected on her trip lo A meet- Ing of lh« Associated Country Women of Ihe World »!. West Virginia. In the flower nhow, ribbons wem • warded lo: Stanley' Olub, blur- Sleele Club, red; King Luke Club', white. Judge* were Mr«. B. A. Bum • nd Mrs. Hllle.i, both of Idyllic vllle. M th«y e«n b» constructed ind IwlnUjf,, The work U being don« by Kllery Lonon, nign p«lnter, who provided the materials and !»tior, »nd l« placing jluns ot dtjferent firm* on lh« c»n« to defray tlulr cnsl. »nd Phi D'AMn*. Unued i« 1« JTMI* t niorwy from nnlT)»n<i4 nttM. . Inviitigat* Parole of Four Convict* ATLANTA, On., Nov. M. (UP) — Two Congressmen JnvfMlg»l.tng the parole of four convict* Identified »'llh the old Al C«ix>ne g«ng todny hart no comment alter a conference wilh Warden Joseph Saniord of the Federtl i'enllentlnry here. Sanford ulso said h* h«d no .itali-inent In coimectlon with his I conference with ncp.s. j"\ e d E Bu.i- bey, R., .111., and W. J. B. Horn, U,, 8. O. Born »tid Husbi')'. mcmten of a imb-commUlee looking Into Ihe |i»roles. .vild that Ihey came here for Intormilioii on Ihe [our convict* who wrtn first Imprisoned here but later Itnnferred lo l<Civvenworlh and purolerl. The lour RntigMers were Paul Rlc- c*, lyiuls Campagna, Charlpn Gloe Showing Civic Pn'rfe :, MO., NOV. »i, —New rubbish cam Imve been plnc- nri on most of the business utreeU, with olheiR to he placed a» soon With the Courts Circuit Associate Discount Corp. vs. John Lan Williams, suit for reple- "••vin. '^COMMON PLEAS . : '." P. B. Tillman, vs. Un Bryant et al, suit for unlawful detainer. CHANCERY Genevieve McNfturty vs. Raymond ,... McMurty. suit, for divorce. WANT FAST HELP from ETTING 1 Lots of But Drink It? No! Harrlsburg, Pa. (UP)-Frederick jT. Geldcr buys liquor by the carloads, but you couldn't get him to ririni: anything stronger than ginger ale Oelder, a white-haired man jf 13, Is chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which annually does a S250.000000 monopoly trade in Its 578 stores When he was a justice of the peace in Forest City In his earlier days, Oelder decided he never would Rive alcohol a chance to ruin him as It had the many inebriates with whom he came In contact. The board chairman figures he'- nol missing anything?. He said he' icnnt rcmemucr ever having been sick for even a day. Bargaining Election Won By Oak Ridge CIO Union OAK RIDGF Tenn., Nov. 21 (UP) —The United Chemical Workers of .America rcid) will remain ns col- UP NIGHTS? SHK:HC~«: National Labor Relations Board an- I nounced today. The CIO union received 2672 out' of a possible 2,872 votes In a three- day collective bargaining election which ended yesterday, they said Five ballots were challenger! airi (here were not votes for anv'other union. F. L. McHancy Dies in Tupelo, Mississippi Funeral services for L F. Mc; Haiiey. 37. of Tupelo. Miss., who I ;died yesterday morning after a long i illness, were held this nfiernorin m Tupelo nt the First MctliocilsT" Church. The Rev. J. E. Stevens 'pastor, will officiate. .Hurial will be in Cilcnwood Ccmclcrv, with j Pcques Funeral Home hi" chnire ' He is survived by his wife and : Mr, McHaney was connected with C. A Cunninglnm. lawyer, here when hp first began h!/ law practice, but left nine years ago to live in Tupelo. He si survived by his wife, and one son, Tom McHaney. County Judge Elected Mayor of Knoxyille KN'OXVILLK. Tcnn.. Nov. 21,— (UP) — Knox County Judge James W. Elmore. Jr.. was mayor-elect of Knoxvillc today as unofficial returns from yesterday's runoff election gave him a close but adequate lend over GO-ycar old George R. Dempster. Returns from 41 of the "42 ci'lv precincts gave Elmore 11.202 votes ' to 10.503 lor Dempster, former Knoxville city ninilitger on three different occasions f.ud prominent ma- ichmerj .manufacturer. Observers saici they believed less than 500 ! \oles were cast in the remaining precinct and that Elmore wouH • lead thert. also. • Here 1 * s o<i(l neVs for you Inlki vi'ho havo to get up nt ni e ht lo pa«i »-aler. have bicicarhe. too. because of minor functional ' kinripy disorders. developed a medicine for thij very trouble. Now millions have used it. often wilh Hm.i7tng!> last.effective results The medicine is Ur. Kilmer's S*anip.Root, mad. .of 16 herbs, rools. veeclahtei, and bal. .tarns - Iruly nalure's own u-ay to relief. ,. instantly you take it, it nan, to M-ork , .flii-hinj aiit kidneys . . . i ncr(>ase , the -.tlri-v of urine, helping to relieve excess .—tcidily ... so irritated bladder e ets , ! flushing out. too. Caulion: Take is :tcd. You'll ,,y it', marvelous. ;; To, free trial supply, wr j,, D ept. D. u.K.lm.i & Co., Inc.. Boi I2SS, Stamford, KConn. O, _ ; « ful ,.. iMd bo(|] . 0 , i;S*-«mp.K!)Ot today at your drujstort. Marriage License* The rollowing couples lime obtained marriage licenses in the office of Mfss Elizabeth Blythe, conn ty clerk. Charles Hague and Miss Thelma Ingram, both of Manila. George Smart and Mrs. Eddie To\vnsend, both of Kevv Madrid, Mo r A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Merchants Plate Lunch Regular Dinners - - • FRIED CHICKEN • T-BONE STEAKS • FRESH OYSTERS • RIVER CATFISH GOFF HOTEL COFFEE SHOP Open All Day, 5 a.m. 'Til 9:00 p.m. Turkeys For Thanksgiving Battery Fed — Place Your Order With Us Now! ?ICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1014 West Chicknsnwha IT'S AN RCA VICTOR * Has buitl-in handl« for «aiy carrying. Slondard and jhorl-wove band,. Maximum leleclivity. "Magic loop" antenna. Powerful eleclro dynamic speaker. Beautiful ivory-plastic cose. Walnut-platlic fim'ih o sliohltv lower <osl. A Cnrnplefp Hiidlo Service hi Connection $44.95 Syitem Adams Appliance Company J. W, ADAMS, M?r. 206-08 w«sl Main Phon« FOR SALE Complete Equipment Blacksmith, Woodwork and Welding Shop (Building can be leased if desired) All tools in Excellent Condition! Phone 868, or Call at Gateway Welding and Blacksmith Shop iresh STEWART S POTATO CHIPS T H f H r S Oislribultd by C. K. DAVENPORT Top of the Stack! Flavor-fresh DIXIE Crtimy rich DIXIE «ddt rtw fin*!. fl«vof-tuH teuch U « fUcIt of d»)'ci» qood—btctui* it > ASK YOUR GHOCIR FOR iloui—b*c«UM it'l Vilimin A. Iv«ry •rcund li ««i MH«< with Vitwdhi A. DIXIE MARGARINE 1948 Nash ImprovemeiiL-i in styling, riding comfort and performanc« have been mud* In 1*48 N»»h mod«k| now in production. The Ambassador und "600" series feature 26 engineering improvement*,] including the new larger, low-pressure super-cushion tires. Added lo Ihe 194R N»sh line M •< deluxe business coup* in th« "600" seriea »nd special "custom" interiors in both the "600" and Ambassador .series, i Now On Display At Shellon Motor Co. 119 West Ash Street Improvement* hi «lylin?. rlrling comfort and mechanical r»r- forirmice are features of Ihe new medium and low-priced lines of 1948 Nash automobiles. The new cars are belnB Introduced this week Hi SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY, 119 West Ash Street. Both lines are charnclcrUert by changes In exterior and interior design providing more luxtirioii* appearanct. To avoid Interrupting Nash production schedules. »l,ytlng changes tni.-.illng new tools »nri dies were held to > minimum, Recording to H. C. Doss, vice-president and general sales man- «ger. Tn Its 194R "900" scries. Nush Includes a new deluxe bnsincs* coupe. Nash also has added lo Its medium and low-priced carl a new line of special "custom Interiors" Incorporating Interior styling, color treatment* and upholstery reflnc-m^nU formerly available only in cnsUim-bntlt automobiles. The new Nash '48's feature 26 engineering Improvements. Mechanical changes include advanced cushion mounting of engines, better cooling and lubrication and new larger low-pressure super- cushion tires. Nash Is ofTcrlnR the new tire recently pioneered by Goodyear as standard equipment on all 1943 model*. The new cars Include three different body typ« in prlcert Nash Ambassador serten and four type* in .tht lo*»r- prlced Nash "GOtl" series. A new array of striking colors and drimmtic ootor eombina- tlons will be available In Ihe '48 Nash Ambni»«dor» and "KMt". Factory ilelivered prices of the new curs r«n|re from-ttMt.M for the '600" series deluxe btisines* coupe to (IUO.M for Mw "super" Ambassador series. Body styles of Ihe Ambassador series Include a iour-door trunk • retail, a six-passenger brougham and a four-door "»llp«tr««m" sedan. Similar body styles are available in th« Nub "V»" ttrt« to whlcli has been added the new deluxe business eonpc. An exclusive feature of the 1948 Nash line of on U H« fiMou* "Weather Kye." a built-in conditioned «lr venlllatlnc «y»t*m which niters and dries the air before It enter* tht' O«T. I« th« summer the Nash "Wenllicr Eye" provides «bund«nt Ventilation without Insects, dust or rah\ entering the car. In the winter, a thermostat automatically controls the temperature of the air. The "Wealher Kye" delivers up to 600 cubic Jeet of tempertol frosh air per minute and almost completely tlini!rtit« draft*.

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