The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 13, 1975 · 79
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 79

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1975
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The Citizen, Ottawa, Wednesday, August u, io, rage Sunday Too Far Away: intimate FDmexpo, Sunday Too Far away By Noel Taylor The output of the Australian film industry as far as this continent is concerned is confined to two films. Outback and Walkabout, evocative words which sum up the image of a far country. It comes as an agreeable surprise therefore to find that another Australian movie, Sunday Too Far Away (showing tonight at 7.3Q at the NAC Theatre) had caught the eye of Cannes this year, and to discover that it is indeed for good reason. Sunday is one of those native films from whatever country it comes, which provides for the outside viewer a total impression of one aspect of life there. A girl no longer, but . . . De Carlo 's By James Bawden Soulhtm News Services HOLLYWOOD The most beautiful girl in the world jumped out of her flashy white sports car and dashed up the hotel steps, her long dark hair streaming behind her. Heads turned, as usual, because even a middle-aged Yvonne De Carlo is a strikingly handsome woman and one who doesn't mind the stares. Adjusting her form-fitting red sweater, she glided past the lineups and swept into a swank lounge, choosing the best table with all the imperi-ousness of a great star. "You want to know about the title, right. The most beautiful girl in the world," she giggled. "My cousin was in the RCAF at Saskatoon and knew I desperately wanted to be in films. So he cooked up this scheme of having the guys in his outfit write to Universal saying I was the most beautiful gal anywhere. "It was a straight publicity thing but it ballooned. Of course, I never could wear blue jeans to the market after that. I had a reputation to uphold." Batty dames Yvonne regards herself as living proof that East and West do meet. "I played so many oriental princesses and cowtown saloon madams after that I lost count. I broke in all the new actors, to use a phrase. I acted with Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis before they became big names." De Carlo is too much of an unaffected person to drown in her own publicity.! "Baby," she said, "I've never been drunk in public and I never run around with men half my age. The dames I started out with are all batty today. They had their looks and nothing more and now they think they're finished. One's a drug addict. Another drinks all day and refuses to see anyone. "I say if they want to act like that, fine. But it's not for me, baby. Reality to me is a home, my kids, best friends and only then a career and the limelight. I never thought like Marilyn Monroe that I ,was washed up when I was 35." The people staring from THE B0DEESH0P 371C RICHMOND ROAD 722-4710 . SHOW TIMES: Mon. complete show 11 p.m. (with FREE LUNCH) FULL NUDE SHOW , A tofaa mm . . . COFEATURE 'CHEREKEE Bar Salon, which opened Filmexpo 15, did it for Quebec, and Sunday Too Far Away repeats this rare experience. The two films are not too far removed from one another in spirit either; both depict a threatened existence and both end without much hope for its protagonists. Peculiar rules The Australian movie, which records a six-week stint by migratory sheep-shearers on an outback farm is obviously a more saleable proposition. But sheep-shearing, you ask in disbelief a film for all audiences? Well, actually it might as well be coal-mining or surf-boarding for all the difference the occupation itself makes to the film's underlying theme. nearby tables could testify De Carlo has lost none of her sultry looks. She still boasts the fine bone structure and flawless skin that made her a sex symbol those many years ago. And as audiences recently saw in her latest movie, the made-for-television The Mark of Zorro, she has the kind of tempestuous loveliness that might make a woman 15 years .younger green with envy. Yvonne admits to being 51. "One critic called me one of the most magnificent resources Canada has allowed to escape to the United States," she chuckled, "Because I was born and raised in Vancouver and lived up there until I was 17. My kids sons Bruce and Michael are, of course, American citizens. But not me. I defiantly refuse to change." De Carlo has swung with the changes in her career, retaining her equilibrium in an ever changing business. But one thing she's found out that's unchangedand that's the market for suitors for one of the world's most glamorous actresses. At times she's been close to Howard Hughes, Ali Kahn, even the Prince of Persia, the Shah of Iran's brother. "Now what a man he was always showering me with jewels," she reminsces. "That kind of taste for elegance never leaves you." She was born Peggy Yvonne Middleton in Point Grey. She was a year old and her mother only 17 when they were deserted by her father. Mother and daughter lived on relief for many bitter months, renting a room for $5 a month and living off handouts. "My mother was the shaping force in my life," boasts Yvonne. "Don't ask me how but she always had money for my dancing lessons. She was convinced I was going to be somebody." Yvonne was only 15 when she landed a job dancing in the line at Vancouver's Palomar Supper Club. She'd stay after work when the place was deserted to try out new steps. She was 17 when she crossed the U.S. border with her mother -in the dead of night because to Sat. 7 p.m. Last Friday matinee 12 noon VANIER MINI THEATRE 149ft MONTREAL RD. Cofnpien Shows: 12 noon. 2 pm 7pm 9 pm Showing This Weefc- FANNY HILL tesincted! I q r- WW' Sheep-shearers relax: rugged individualists all But this is Australia ists with rules of behavior exponents of the code of and the shearers them- peculiar to their isolated "mate-ship" (to borrow selves, rugged individual- circumstances, are leading director Ken Hannam's own description), a uniquely Australian institution. The title itself is a phrase which sums up the a beau they'd been refused visa papers. Mother got a job waiting on tables at the 20th Century-Fox studios and sneaked home sandwiches for her daughter. Yvonne soon became a chorus girl until she was discovered by Paramount Pictures. Tinted turkeys But Paramount used her as a threat to keep Doro-' thy Lamour in line, and Yvonne made minor film debuts in This Gun For Hire and For Whom The Bell Tolls. She was waiting in. a Universal office for an audition when producer Walter Wagner happened by and noticed how much she ressembled his wife, Joan Bennett. He prompt-edly made Yvonne into an Arabian fantasy. She appeared in such tinted turkeys as Casbah, Black Bart, The Desert Hawk, Song of Scheherazade and Slave Girl. "How I survived those I'll never know," says Yvonne. "But I was constantly pressing for better pictures." Eventually Yvonne got the scripts she desired. Scarlet Angel with Rock Hudson. Hotel Sahara with Peter Ustinov. Then The Captain's Table with Alex Guinness. Showman's star Then by accident Cecil B. De Mille was watching a film of Yvonne's to test her co-star Nina Foch. "When I came on the screen he jumped up and yelled 'Cut. That's the face I want for Moses' wife.' So I went to his office where HE read for me all the parts, all the HI m HI BAR-RESTAURANT immrnAPmsr TONIGHT IAN TAMBLYN WiS. TO SAT. MKHUIHASSOCTSIAM NIGHTLY from 7 p.m. SAT. SUN. 3 PM BASELINE-FISHER TRAVIS McGEE BANK ST. South on 1T IDOESNTUVEHRE MM I ANYMORE P3J ELLEN BURSTYN fSr.1 KRIS KRISTOFFEP p Robert Y VEW "Jeremiarm A jvV I Johnson" U J I HI us. t ty s till parts. Then he said, 'We are now to be married professionally.'" De Carlo has been married once to stuntman Bob Morgan. Their recent divorce after 19 years of marriage shocked the Hollywood community and Yvonne says it's been a bitter one for both sides. "I'm ending up paying HIM alimony under California's nutty divorce laws." In the 1960s, Yvonne's career turned to character parts first in movies like McLintock where "I wrestled with big John Wayne" then in the smash TV series, 77ie Munsters. De Carlo keeps busy professionally developing a singing act that came as a result of her smash Broadway appearance in Follies. WED. 7.309.30 LA NUIT AMERICAINE (DAY FOR NIGHT) JsequalfW UtMt, VitenUiw Cm tin, Alsundrt Stwnrt, JtMPitm LMiid, J n-fHwrt Aurnom, Francois Tmffaut (Eng. SufeHtitHM) THURS. 7.309.45 MI SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS NataH Wood, Warren Butty TT Students "FIVE EASY PIECES" Jack Nicholson 6.30 9.40 P.M. 'EASY RIDER" Pat Of Fonda Jack Nicholson 8.05 P.M. Bank at Sunnysida 234-3403 GREATEST SEXARAMA i EVER! ADMfTTAWCI -""'J F "joyyin lid T 225-3004 ADULT ?er AMDER" AJbioa 521-2844 adult m KM ?.7 FEVER , shearer's cynical pride in his work. He would never admit to enjoying it. NOW SHOWING ADDED ATTRACTION. FREE PARKING mm ffllkllMuH.lllf.l.l.'.lW'lU 9mb)s axil!UVEND0ME BOO. ST.-JOSEPH AIR CONDITIONED JAN MICHAEL VINCENT IS HUMMED! - MM.- ADULT INTIRTAINMfNT BBTELSFftB A COLUMBIA PICTURES M INTERNATIONAL CINE MEDIA CENTER PRESENTATION 1.30 3.15 5.15 7.15 9.15 Added Driva-ln SOMERSET AT BANK 236 9528 ... f ys-y NIGHTLY SHOWINGS AT 7.20 9.20 2 PttfcK . s .j a lam 9 i aw - It ; THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN MAI1IIHSSETT l.m.tK-om iMlHl BKIIlCESDl S-l NIGHTLY SHOWINGS AT 7.00 AND 9.00 study of mate though he competes massively to match his mates' output, and the weekend when he can lie back and swill booze and do nothing much else, is always too far away. Hannam captures the sweaty close-quarters existence unflinchingly. He even spends some of the time watching the shearing itself with documentary interest, but only to stress the skill and endurance the job demands. Violent strike The men themselves, led by Jack Thompson, are rangy products of the outback existence. Their camaraderie is based on a dependence on one another and an absolute intolerance of the intruder, or the lone wolf, among them. When the time comes to put their group loyalty to the test, there's no sidestepping. The film ends with a violent strike, not so much against a specific issue but because the legend they have built for themselves has itself been threatened. 18ANS Adult mm ANNA HENKEL PETER FLEISCHMANN HULL 776-1440 3 at "DARKER Ortfy THAW AMBER' II IOUIH It CITY I toe 822-2254 TNM KIT m UUOft tO A STREISAND & CAAN Jt'oui lucitf Co QW NIGHTLY SHOWINGS AT 7.00 AND 9.30 INTIITAINMINT WELLINGTON AT PARK DALE 728 2333 ...andftaranlhaLj! ?i v . Mt St ofiuic L"HL Recommended at ADULT INTERTAINMiNT MONTREAL BO k QUEENSWAY E 745 7T45 a Mike Nichols T Jack ; Warren Nicholson Beatty THE A Columbio Pictiwes pecsentotioo Ql.EENSA? AT SI li,fNT Hannam's richly detailed tographed (by Geoff Bur-movie is about man in a ton sPa around only adds point to the closed environment every- unevenness of their strug- where and the lushly pho- E'e- if w r m -am. iiljc LOOi. vxxh wort: rfrf i THE (IT'S ALL NEW) CTOUR MUSKETEERS 1 OLIVER REED RAQUEL WELCH I RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN 1 VT J MICHAEL YORK MO'ArUgmm 1 1 . " . ' '.. f T DOORS OPEN DAILY AT 1.00 P.M f QUEN ST. 2ja-aa4or 33H a NORMAN JEVL50N r,im TOLifRDALL" JOHN HOUSEMAN maudaCams XDhndkk mosdgunn RALPH RICHARDSON 1 I ADULT ENTERTAINMENT U. SEATS CHILDREN T) fREf LET QUEEN ST. 235-9546 AGE PASSES SUSPENDED 2-00 ) t.S .51 r Hi the REfURfJ r? Panther 2nd MONTH! DAILY AT 1 1 "1 LAST COMPLETE' SHOW 9.40 i USM AT LIS6AI W-Ml 9) 9) TO0DY ALLEN DAILY AT tt. Alrr 05 4.00 C dim 6.00 7.55 ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ITtH til,' tTAMLXT KU&RICX1 v leliUQIQRQQ Q JON VOIGHT BURT I IHI'lilU Vnr.n.JISS! .?. RIOEAU AT DALH0USIE 234-2117 TUs story Cutord BCP presents I L-PflRT2 HE3 ADULT Added Hit: "RIDE A PINK CAR" iiTTflW(ri I'firr.n Siiii;illii '4 JT 7" f. mil ,s Daily 2.15-4.35 7.00-9.25 5 IS IMAU AI MUM tH-tm Walt Disney Production' DUMPLING IKHNICOI.OK' 1 ' : A . . . and more FUM for EVERYONE DUCKLING GANG HUET.0CWEIM1.OUC QUE EN AT BANK 231UAi 7th BIG WEEK! n i 2nd MONTH! - ship caoR FEATURE AT 1.30 3.30 5.30 7.30 9.30 'JD UL 1AME5CAAN. $3.00 I DOOM OPEN ,KhwCOlO- $1.25 I DAILY l r.w. AND GOLDEN FEATURE AT: 1.30 3.35 5.40 DIANE KEATON , nr 4T,r ULilXl 1 1 Un.tBd Artists THE TWO MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILMS OF OUR TIME! REYNOLDS j "CLOCK" AT 4.00 & 9.05 jj "DELIVERANCE" 2.00 & 7.00:1 Pusser wanted told. In Color I 3090 CARUNG AV. 828-2672 The terrifying p motion picture from the terrifying AW best seller. 1 i OPENS 8 P.M.-STARTS AT DUSK! . m I 2nd FEATURE DRIVE-IN ONLY! KMsli ll "NEWMAN'S LAW" McCAHTm -torn am u n m A DUO OF BANK BUNGLERS... all three of 'em! t SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE FOR ADULTS AND YOUTH AT MATINEES ONLY' DOORS OPEN DAILY AT 1.00 P.M. COMPLETE SHOWS AT 2.00 - 4.20 - 6.35 - 8.50 Jacqueline Susann's bold best seller that explored all the avenues and darkest alleys of love among the international set. "Once Is Not Enough". '0s2B Pjramnirt Prtur (jnvrt M.IaiueIirH Susann's unceis.vKtnougir DAILY T: Hi 4: JO L.CS. W. 00- (WtlkalllM U li AtT awtta D AT: 10 MM M C:2S I t I M OutEN IT. 2)7-J$ t:10 t-H

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