The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 16
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PAGE-SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUIUEn NEWS .THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1947 Use of Lower Grade Beef By Housewives of Nation Can Aid in Saving of Grain * Lean, grass-Jed beef nnfmnls thai* Teach me. butcher shops without being "finished" by weeks of feed- Ing and fattening on grain are expected to save many tons of grain in tile over-aM conxcrvaUon pvo- gram requested by the President. ! A, housewife can roughly figure her share In this grain saving when she buys the lower grade beef valh- >r than the higher grades which fare "marbled" with fnt, say farm 'management specialists of the U. S. •Department of ABrionlture. Ordinarily, no grain Is supplied to grass- fed animals. The grass-fed beef, In meat counter terms, rates ns Utility grade. Commercial grade, or sometimes up to low Good grude. Around Ihree pounds ol grain on Ihe average goes into the produc- tion'of each pound of Good grade beef, in addition to much hay. silage and grass. Nearly five pounds of grain Is required lor each pound pt Choice grade beef. Thai five pounds, if wheat, would make fu'e and a half lonvcs of bread, ivclgli- a pound each. Although the grass-red beef Js less tender and loss marbled \vilu fat, It oilers more protein lhan lict-f ol higher Rradc. nnd it properly cooked so that it becomes tender, its flavor.Is very good, say home economists ol the U. S, Department of Agriculture. Some of the steak and f roast cuts from this kind ol beef may be broiled or ronsteil like similar cuts from higher grades of beef, if care is taken not to cook too well done so that they loughcn. shrink ; and my out. In general, however, | the success rule for preparing lower grade bee! is to cook it as loss lender cuts of meat arc regularly eooK- ed. • There arc two main ways or cooking beef from lough to tender, fay home economists of the Dcparl- ment. Or.e way is to grind Ihc meat This cuts the connective tissue Into •small bits. After grinding, the meat, can be broiled, panbroiled. or baked, Just as II it were a tender cut. It can be formed into hamburger pat- tieJi for rtutck-top-6f-stovc cooking, or into loaves for oven baking, 01 the. ground meat ce.n be put on toast and cooked quickly by the heat of the broiler. ••The other way to make tough meat tender Is to give It long. slm\ cooking with moisture, or luster cooking In a pressure saucepan. It may be covered, and cooked in its own juice,' or with added water ov other-.liquid, until It is tender. Browning the surface of the meat In a little hot fat before this moist cooking, gives it better llavor and color, and provides brown color for the gravy. This is the cooking method lor Swiss steak, pot roasts and other braised dishes (ui<l brown stews. Once made tender by slow .moist cooking or pressure cooking the meat can be casseroles and meat pie or other dishes, i An extra aid to tenderness is add j ing some acid food like, vinegar or " tomato to the meat, Tomatoes may lie used for the liquid in stews, pot roasts and Swiss steak. A little vinegar added to the water will help cook a pot roast tender. Whatever way the meat is prepared, the home economists say, the modern scientific way to cook it is with' moderate or low heat. High heat toughens and shrinks meat and docs not bring out flavor to well. Two Arkansans Accused Of Auto Theft Charges FAVfrrricviLijE. AIX., NOV. 20 (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dnv-.soii, Snrlncdnto night club operators, nre free on hond today following their arrest by federal olficials In connection with a stolen car. ring reportedly operating In Arkansas, Missouri Jind Kansn.s. FBI agents hr-re .said Dawson v arrc.slcd Monday nt Rogers and charged \vlth conspiracy in sleal and car5. Mrs. Dawson's arrest rollownd at Jopllti, Mo., under the Hyor Art. Dau'KQii was released followiriK n preliminary hearing herft heforn n. S. CoininlssidUrr CHTUm Wartfi nnd under S350D bond, Ills wife \va.s also released. Official .suUI four Negrot-.s were arrested in Indept-nrrnee, Knn.. in connect ion wllli tho .satnc They add (hat the cars, two of which were recovered with' the arrest of the, Daw soils, were .stolen in Kausus City and repainted in Independence. ( Sounds Complicated, But It Worfcs, Anyway wiirrriEH. Cai. (UP> — J. c. lunniciitt look Ilia; adage about •building a better mousetrap" to leart. I His deluxe "nuloinallc Jiill" ; trapped 13 ral.s In one night at (he city dvnnp. j A rodent who sniffs the ualt and enters llunnlcutt's gadget first trips a Hour trap which closes the door behind him. Then lie noes down a tunnel and rmtorzes through an op- enlnj! into a larger box. automatically opening the front door for the next victim. Hunnlcutt says he lin.s t>ecn working up to tills masterpiece throu^ SO yciirs' tray-making experience. once directed Air Forces procurement at Wright Field. Sonic because they wanted U> see, his young and blonde ex-actress wife. Most of Ilicm were enlisted personnel, as Meyers once was. And some had been disabled lighting for their country In the days when the now retired general was buying for the nation's Air Forces—and allegedly steering business to a company lie secretly owned. If they had any special thoughts about the fortunes of war, they did not betray them. "Coming here, was tticir Idea." explained a member of the American Women's Voluntary Services who brought them In from ne.irby Walter Kccd and Forest Glenn Army Hospitals. • "Tills Is one of our weekly sightseeing trips to town," she added. "We visited the While House this morning." Read Courier News Want Ads. Almost »n IJulishiiKiii i Napoleon narrowly missed belli;; | born nil Englishman. 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HUNTER'S THRIFTY SLICED BACON HUNTER'S LINK SAUSAGE 63 SWFFT'S CREST A STICK BUTTER , SUGAR CtlRKI) SMOKED JOWLS lt , 55 LKAN, FINK FLAVORKI) VEAL CHOPS 63 I'URK COUNTRY STYi.E PORK SAUSAGE ,55 CITY SUPER MARKET 109 W«ir Main —We Deliver— PSionc 2668 It's Kroger for Better Values in Top U. S. Grades finest beef. Tender, juicy and Kroger-Cut for better value! EAT WELL *»</» thcsc Kroger LOW-COST FOODS SERVE POTATO PANCAKES TO 4 for 5c a Person 2 cups urali-il. raw potatoes,, ,, | r -,. S| ,, ro , ls s;1 ](, ,) (c;,*,,,,,,,,, Z CKCS, well bttilcn, 2!i table- 011 | 0 ,,, Si m | m . e ,|. spoons fjiiur, tilft flour anil salt, adil bciilrll ryqs, potatoes and onion. B;iko im linl, greased griddle Total Cost for 4 - 20< "Cut by the ruler" to give you more meat less bone, less waste! LESS TENDER NECK BEEF AND LARGE SHOULDER BONE' REMOVED CHOICE CENTER CUT CHUCK ROAST Kroger-Cut CHERRIES No. 2 . Con KROGER RED SOUR 1'1'ITED No. 2 Cons CREAM STYLE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN AVONDALE HALVES OR SLICED KROGER CORN CREAM STYLE PEACHES AVONDALE HA TOMATO JUICE KROGER RICH IN VITAMINS CORN FLAKES KROGER—KRESH CRISI' CRANBERRY SAUCE OCEAN SPRAY OR STOKELY ST KROGER GELATIN ASSORTED FLAVORS WINDSOR CHEESE FOOD CIGARETTES ADVERTISED liRANDS RITZ CRACKERS 2 No. 2'/ 2 Can 46-oz. Can IS-ez. Pkg. lit 39* lit 3 Pfcgs 2-lb. Loaf Ctn. 23* 20* 87* 199 1-lb. Pkg. NAIilSCO, KKKSH t'RISI' 6ver See a Gut Without a Tail? N'n. \vc tiirln'1 say cat. \vo cut In thi5 case, n cut of sirloin stoatt Siicli stcnks are oflcn soM with n tonp, stringy tail. But in llio Kroprv I-irof Cut ting Mcthotl. this tail T,S t ninmcil down before (he sipak is weighed anH pricrd Just another example of the money-saving service you pet in Kroper stores. 29* Ivory Flakes ckaires 38* Oxydol 2 Small Lgc. Pkg. I';ickaj;es -'ilc Small Lge. Pkg. Packages ;Uc 37* Carney Soap of licaulifiil oomen Reg. 2 Bar for CRISCO Shortening 3-/fc. Ctn. 1.09 Chuck Roast KKOGEK-CUT SIRLOIN STEAK U. S. GKADKI) CHOICE OR GOOD KROGER-CUT RIB ROAST U. S. GRADED CHOICE OR GOOD », 79' 59 GROUND BEEF „, 39 KUESH DAILY 65 C BRISKET O'BEEF 42 U. S. GRADED CHOICE Git GOOD TENN. HAMS'„>. 79 C SWIFT OI.I) TIiME COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE Hl . 59 C AliROS. I'URE 1'ORK ORDER YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY NOW! Itc sure of the size you want in the finest of young, tender, juicy birds. See your Kroger meat-man! 49 FRANKS SWIFT PREMIUM TENDER OYSTERS P1 79 KRKS-SHORE SELECTS WHITING DRESSED lb. 19' ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT 10',4 45 Xr IX^^I ^X^ »m*f Texas Seedless—Vitamin Rich Sweet Juicy Florida IB Mesh Bag 8 COCOANUTS Fresh Full-o-Milk TOMATOES Fresh Firm Red Ripe CELERY Fancy Giant Pascal POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Washed 39c APPLES Crisp Juicy—Rome Ucnuiies PEARS Fresh Juicy—Redi-Ripe Half Hush el lb. 15 Stalk /ore Bag 10* 29* 25* 57* roU» NAME PI I NT CO ON CUDS. NO EXTRA ENVELOPES INCLUDED. BEAUTIFUL PERSONALIZED Christmas Cards 19 t LL £3 potiloti il Krojtr HURRY! GET ORDER BLANKS WITH DETAIIS AT KROGER SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 39 ENGLISH WALNUTS 39 Hot-Dated. 3 Hi. Bay; 1.12 Thin Shells KROGER COLA Plus Holtle Deposit 2 „;£ 19 C HOLIDAY CANDY ' "L 29 Hard Mix in Assorted Flavors KROGER BREAD 2 S: s 27 Twisted Dough for Finer Texture FRUIT CAKE Kroger Holiday Rrnml 2'/ 2 LI). Hor CRACKERS KroRcr Grahams PEAS Green Giant, Sweet Tender J-Lb. Pkg. Nn. 3« Can 23 C FLOUR KROGER AVONDALK MISS JULIE'S PIK CRUST MIX MILK DIMK HRAM) KVAP. MINCEMEAT KROGKRCOUNTRY CLUH 25-Lb. 1 FIGS Sweet Tropical Fruit 1J-O7,. Can 17 OLIVES Kroger Plain 20 OLEO fi-Oz. PkRS. 5-Oz. 27 C 29 C 2 ,,,,69 C Kroger Kalmore 1'kg. 19 SUGAR Hag. 48 Pure Cane

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