The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1947 . BLYTJIEVJLLE (AUK.) COURIER NRWfl luick Justice : or Two Slayers Former Convicts Serving Life Terms On Pleas of Guilty MADISON, Wis.. Nov. 20. 'UP) — iBu/orcl Sennett, 22, und Robert Win- Islow. 23. began serving life terms §n Waiipun State Prison yesterday i |'or "perhaps the most cold-blooded, 1 ' r '{jb "I'd revolting crime in the i-^vy of Wisconsin." The two pleaded guilty Tuesday f.o killing Curl L. Carlson. 25, Supor- fot, Wis. Charges were still pending iin-st them on their confession rapins Carlson's sister-in-law, Janet Ann Rosenblatt, a 19-jvar-old University of Michigan student from Cleveland, o. Today the j'ouny killers wciv piling through ihe prison adniLnisua- i •live processes which will convert I •them from gun-handy hoodlunn (o Ilife convicts. Both have served pre- |vious prison terms. Semiett's home was at Rirhlaml Center. Wis. WlnsloWs parents own I i farm near Owen. Wis. They confessed, were arraigned. • Fcnter.ccd and on their way to pri- l^oii within 23 hours after ilicir ciip- Iture and less than four days after i Itheir crime. Wisconsin law does not t •require indictment by a grand jury, I • arraignments being held upon tlic j |fifing of a criminal information by : i county or .state Prosecutor. i The life sentence was mandatory ; lupon their plea of guilty to first de|Biee murder. Wisconsin has no cup- lital punLshment. Promotion, Pay Got to Sergeant For War Deeds HONOLULU. T. H. IUI')— Muster Set. Richard 1'. Hough of the 7th Air Force Is a persistant man His persistency has paid off—SJ, 0<J» worth. Hough was a stalf sergeant in the hetic days of 1041 just before the start, of (he war. He was sent from Hawaii to Clark Field in Manila only a few months before the Japanese unleashed their attacks on 1'earl Harbor and the Philippine*. When his outfit was evacuated from I lie doomed Manila base, ho was made a first sergeant and transferred to a unit at Mindanao. Ordered to Surrender Shortly before the Japanese at- lack on Mindcnao, the officers in tack on Mindenao. the officers tin useful areas in the South Pacific and Hough soon received orders to surrender his outfit to the Japanese. Almost 40 months behind the barbed wire of prison camps under the eyes and boyoncts of Japanese guards cut his group of 80 men to It) or 12 survivors. MouRh was beat en and his teeth were knocked out with the butt of a rifle. When Sgl. Hough finally returned home in 1945, he knew he ha:! earned" that promotion back in tha Philippines. But there were no records to prove It and no officers available to vouch for it. Kvidence Found Between hospltallzallon. he began a two-year campaign to produce the necessary erfdcnce of his promotion. A six week search in MJaml last year produced a RUT- Police Put Bite on Paris Prices A gendarme checks the price list nt a fruit and vegetable stand in St. Qucntin market in Paris lo see i( the proprietress is complying- with slid new profit controls recently pul in effect. Arrow points to official Cards, which merchnnls are required lo display, Siving the wholesale price paid for produce and relail prices charged. If lire lixcd-nKirgin-nf-uYolU plan is siUTCssfu! in Paris and suburbs, it will be made nationwide. field Yields Corn Crop 76th Straight Year KALIS CITY, Neb. iU.P.1—Bx- ixmcnls of crop rotation to the contrary. Lloyd and 1'aul Bai-limau planted a 21-ucro field of corn (or what they bi-llcve was Hie 70th consecutive year. Ordinarily, K ood (nnnliiK prac- llrc is to chunse from corn after I wo or three crops, mil the nncli- innns hove a natural fertilising system which co.Ms them no money or cfforl. This your, the 21-arro fldd dropped down to in estimated yield of about CO bushels to the acre. Thi< land is second bottoms on tlin Missouri nlver. H Is nbovo norniBl flood slajje, bill catches the silt which comcx down from the hills. Klril Mrdlcal Hook The. first, American medical Iwok was written by two A/.lcc Indians about 1850. Tho Smithsonian Institution has a photographic copy of the book. A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Merchants Plate Lunch 50< Regular Dinners - - • FRIED CHICKEN • T-BONE STEAKS • FRESH OYSTERS • RIVER CATFISH GOFF HOTEL COFFEE SHOP Open All Day, 5 a.m. 'Til 9:00 p.m. COOD/YCAR " ^TIRES. " GRIP is what gels the work done — and Jamous O-P-E-N C-E-N-T-E-R Sure-Grips are unequalled for lake-hold traction in lough going — in any going, with minimum, slippage. More, you get i smoother ride on paved highways—and longer wear. D} more work in less lime—a< t Goodyear Sure- Grips, Ihe fastest working tractor lires built. GOOD/VEAlt " TIRES For extra drawbar pull FILL YOUR TRACTOR TIRES WITH More drawbar pull • —more traction GOODYEAR 110 \V. Main Plume 21!)2 SERVICE STORE I Sugar Chiscler Foscs His Guilty Conscience JOJIN3TOWN, P:i. (UPl — The death of OPA Inilfcl lo i-ase liic Biiilty conscience of one Pc-nnsjl- \ p ania \vonnn. Leo H. Akrrs, licart of Ihe Area llonl Olliup norc, received n "To Wlioin u Mr,,y Conccrry Irttcr from n housnviJc. It began, "i just wanted to wrilo nnd tell j-on 1 had a boy that went into the army, ami i US ed his sugar stamps. I understand I \va.s supposed to send tlieni in. rjiit I want yon to lorj'Jvu me. "I wouldn't want a .sugar stixini) lo keep me out of Heaven, for r believe Hie coming of the Lord K drawing near and ] think everyone should be ready when He comes. "If you would bo so kind ns to forifivc me. drop me a curd." A iit»'..scrl|it amended her con- vlvlng officer who confirmed llougll's promotion to first sergeant. With Hint evidence and a po.rt- uilcrmncm promotion automatically given all prisoners of the Japanese, he became Master Sergeant HoiiKh. He received 53,000 due. him for back pa> - . But. liiiit wasn't all of his satisfaction. Master SR|. Hough rend in the papers recently that the. two Japanese Ruards who had knocked his teeth out with their rifle bulls had teen given 40 years Imprisonment each by the wnr crimes tribunal In Tokyo. With the Courts Chancery Kisic Fi-user vs. William J. I'Vn.s- | cr, suit for divorce. John Hnrper vs. Marie Harper, j suit for divorce. i Circuit | Clarii Wellh vs. Ola Wilford, suit 1 lor unlawful detainer. fcssion. It said. "It wasn't all the time sugar was rationed; just a few times." KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H«lp 15 Milei of Kidney Tub«i Flu»h Out Poisonous Waits If you li Five ft n pscesBof ncl-la lnriMii-bIo<vr, jour IS mile., nf kHnci- tube* mny lie over Corked.Thctcljnir Allrnnnd lubciarcirorli- Ine <lny *n<! night lo help Nnture riil jour •J-itcui o( «c«« «cWs .rut rotsonoui w«Kc. « lien dhorilcrnr kidney lunclion prrmlu roIssnoUH matter lo remain in your htooil II maj'causciuiKKiticl^cknrhe.rhciimiilici^iris, Ire tiBini. Idi! of |irp Bnil cnsruy. Bellini! lip nights. Bivclllnir. puffincii under the cyc.i, hudMliu »nd iHlllnm. Krcqucnlorioitly f*u>n> with Bmnrtinir nnd Irainlnu «om^ tlrnra shows Ihcro I; Bomclhlnir wrotiswllh }our kiujieyii or bladdtr. '•• KidnejB mny nesd htlp Ihr. mnij «! low- el;. EOmk your dniBelil, for DOBR'H mil „ Klimulsnt diuretic, uicdiucccnrnlly hy ra'il- notiB lor over so ye«r>. Do.n'n nLve h«ppy rclltr -n,l nill help the 16 milts of kidney tubew flush out folionouB waita f loin jour blood. Get Do»n l » PiUi. NOVEMBER 29th Last Day to Pay LEVEE TAXES If you have not paid your levee taxes, be sure *o see me before HOY. 29th, or maill to me your statement together with check (with exchange added) or Money Order (without exchange). Mrs. Lynn P. Gooch/ coii«»or BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS 107 M»ln St. "They're the talk of the coffee stops!" "Try thai nai,'i fully od- (uilublr. They 1«!l /n« It'i got 12 inchet mora fool room, and eight fnth?: more leallng a loo, Man, whal comforll" "Talt» a look at thai cab, all W, on* pi*c«. Not a rlv»| or bolt, ffj Thcre't 22% grcaUr vliibilily ^L —and eren mar • with tfioi« n*w rcar-cornvr wlndowil" "You (Wght »o ael o looV a I thai n«w from*, ll'i bI 0 , andir. REALLY buillL" "That's Ihe rev/ cab lhat 'breolhei'l II 1 in- hatei' freih air — 'en- halei' uicd a \r — drawi Tn freih clr Ihal'j heated in cola* svealher, and ton Out oicd air."* mil Dtart any IrucV |' v « «enl V/hy, K wr>7/'\ bui " t0 do ANY S$Ml'i\ iobi" nav« you leen Ihnl nsw Chevtol.l IrutV, Mocf Htre'i DlfFERENT! ll'j Ihe wilh Advance tab'* >p«clally mounted ... cm rubberl Fl praclically «riminolei roocf-thocV, Ionian and vibration!" look a look under the hood and, bay, ir'i itill got thai valve- fn-heod engm«E ll doet more work on fen goi than ony olh«r engine of ill lite I" Choott) Ch«vfbl«t truck* for Transportation Untimitedl Thete's a new Advonc«-Design Chevrolet truck to meet your houling or delivery Toqulrcmont$-T07 mod«U and eight whsel- baset. See them at our thowroom . . . tee the cab that "breathtj." eplunut al let* nil CHEVROLET LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phon* 57S Priori* 2054 W. H. (Bill) PEASE LocnI Ajjciil For ' Mutlli VfnelLin BlUut* Mftltr MeUI WMther HIrJpiiliix "I..In" AH MfUl 8cre«ni N'Bllnn.l window Screen i)o«r Grille* Mute Hid. N»-Top B4»fln« Aiphall Tile Rock Wool Initiation —Free EiUmatea— PAGE FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 23»1 Busti fb— • ARMOREL • HUFFMAN • PROMISED J,AND • NO, 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES fat Shop In Connection S E B A TUDEBAKERg CHAMBLIN SALES CO. J SolM * STUDEBAKER * Sorrko »TTE\TION, 8TITDF.BAKER OWNEKUt Driy t br for a frw check on your cllmaUwr HfaUr and D«fro«t«r. B< for wlnttr. B A good Ml*ctlon o( in* ,nd uwd trucki. Al«o, » attabv o« l.U mod«l IUM c.r, . . . .u »u,tu,U«dl Jf I**. OiuMUin IM.I 2185 IWH CkuiMlm t* p STUDEB AKERS BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3!51 FARM (£ LOANS Hem* Offlc«, Nnnrk, N. J. torn nut MANTT CLOMMO tow BAYS CALL, WHITE OK UI RAY WORTHINGTON US «. TkW St. BljrUwrrllte, Alt •*nlB( TM» Scotlan a Tcmn AuMiifcui Mfrtttff Lot* t««ri(w ttr TM MUDEKTUL INSUIANCt COMfANT OF AJUUC1 ''Mnybe it's the latest,thing, but I get better per- foi-niancc out of my old bus with thfSEAY MOTORS ogerhaul!" Pride & Usrey Genera/ Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 CAN WATER AID ARTHRITIS? Tlie aid thousands have received from Mountain Valley Mineral Water la proof that thi« deUetoia water from Hot Springs, ArkinsM, U a n»tur«J bete In Arthritis. "" Do this — rklnk six to eight gUtses • cl»T for ' next few weeks, and judge for yourself lh« ml' of Mountain Valley—the famous mineral America's most popular health reiort Free health booklet MI CROSSTOWN WHISKEY.SHOf

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