The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1947 __BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Senators Against Hearing Official Lawmakers Oppose Calling Morgenthau As Witness in Probe BV KI;X CHANEV tUnlled Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. (UP) — Senator. 1 ; rccclvctl .somewhat eooly yesterday the suggestion of Rep. d Craivford. B.. Mich., that for^Treasury Secretary Henry Mor- ithnu l>e asked to testify about wartime speculation o[ federal officials in government bonds. Several senators agreed that M. vigorous investigation should be conducted into -such .speculation. But most expressed the opinion thai further evidence -should be collected before Morgenthau is asked to appear. Ken. Homer Ferguson, R., Mich., whose War Investigating Subcommittee brought out the wartime bond buying of Maj. Gen, Bennett E. Meyers, .said the facts could be obtained from people who arc in Washington now. "I have said v*e wilt look into this matter further," Ferguson said. "But I can't see. that it i.s immediately necessary to call Mr. Morgenthau." However. Sen. Claude Pepper, D., Fla,. also a member of the war investigating committee, .said he Jthought it "would be perfectly al! "right" to seek information from and other wartime treasury officials. He atlcicd that legislation might be "advisable." Meyers, according to testimony given Ferguson's subcommittee. hjt;ht some S-1000,000 worth of gov- e^rnent bonds by putting up only one per cent of his own money. He borrowed the remainder from banks, Meyers suid he ran a $20,03:1 investment into a profit of S90.COO. previously branded as "an outright lie" Meyers' claim that the then treasury .secretary had told him he couldn't go wrong by purchasing bonds on margin. $70 Collar for $12 Dog Typifies How Living Costs In Paris Run PARIS (UP) — Prices? Don't, tell me about prices. The other day we bought a collar and lead for our pup Nothing fancy. Just an ordinary leash. -Several chewlngs proved. It v,as far from real leather. The price — $10. The dog hart only east. $12. Cost of living? In Paris it's all cftst und little living. Apart from the price of food, which is too fantastic lo be believed, the ordinary commodities of day-to-day ii[e are just about out of reach. The Illtlp l»x of five razor blades, for instance, costs about 25 cents. Toothpaste is as dear. Neither the blades nor the toothpaste are of good quality. A si"all '; fUtgc.inaU brush In a back-s I cl ] drug store .sells for Jl the kind [ I hey have in the five-and-ten tack home. In men's clothing pilces range from $2 for a pocket handkerchief to $14 for a felt hat of a ciimlity that, vioulri make Mr. Stetson sick. Wool socks are $3.&0; .silkk lies nearly $G. Th<> gloves are ! nice — SB a pair. Shirts average from $.•> to $12 for ixxir quality. IVherlbarrow Needed A woman needs a wheelbarrow full of 5,000-fvanc notes lo go on a .shopping spree for herself here. 5,0ttn iram-s. being a measly 40 bucks. A shop on th { Hue de Hlvoll displays an ordinary corduroy jack- i et for a gal to to,v> over her I shoulders on a mild fall day. It's only $01. -The same number in leafier 1 sells for i2M>. H the Inrty flRuieri j she would have enough money lefi. that It would be worthwhile hav- j Ing a handbag to carry It, she could 1 get a nifty leather nirmber In a wide variety of styles and prices, I starting from $66. A good-looking but not .sensational si* blouse can be found for : $30. Nylons are strlckly black nmr- | only with legal prlce.s in legitimate stores, but milady i-an gel a pair of ; rather coarse silk stockings, guaranteed to wear practically no time i at al!l for a little under $(}. UnAmerican Probert To Visit Hollywood Again WASHINGTON, Nov. » (UP) — The. House UnAmerlcnii Activities Committee plans to send a .special subcommittee to Hollywood to "etean up" It.s Invo.stivatlon of Com. nuinism in the movie colony, it was learned today. Committee sources sulrt It &IUI has not been decided definitely when tile .subcommittee will leave lor the West Coast, nut It presumably will be after the regular session of Congress convenes In January, they said. These .sources suld the. subcommittee will question the eight so-called "ho.slile" writers and directors it did not £ct around to calling rturihR its nine-day Communlsm-ln-llolly- . wood hearings which ended tibrupl ly here on Del, 30. They said they believed the now on-lho-sj)o! hearings will "clean up the Hollywood phase of the committee's investigation of Communism al least for the time being." | There's Oil in Georgia, Searchers Insist ATLANTA, On. <U!>>—OH pros- pectois have spent M.500,000 drill- inn In Georgia during l)\t past ten years, but all 31 shafts sunk were dry. Tin vnlu attempts, however, have not rilMXHirngert prmpeolori, who h«v« slcujicrt up then drilling In this roantal slate. Tim muthein third of aeorgla. embracing 35.000 squirt miles, has titvn approved 'Or many years as a likely oil-producing territory. Prospfwtom potnt out that 131 (Mil werr rr»de before oil was struck tn Florida, mor« th»n 200 in Alabama and more than 300 In Mississippi. American World marines are JUO feM long, hnve n dlsplmvment. of 1700 tons nnd ar t , each powered by four dlesel IT sub- engines totaling <i400 horsepower. Literary Gazette Demands UN Try 'War Mongers' MOSCOW. Nov. 20 I UP I The Literary Gazette, which once compared President Truman to A- ! dolf Hitler, demanded yesterday ; that the United Nations estah- • li.'h courts for International trial ! of alleged "war incendiaries." j The Literary Gazette said the United Nations General Assembly i denunciation of war propaganda, ; based upon the charges of Deputy • Foreign Minister Andrei Vtshinsky j was public condcmnatioi. of ''in- ' cendiarie-s." but this must be sup- I plementeri by actual proceedings. Tn addition to Vlshinsky's list., the Gaxctte named a few more j "incendiaries" and said there was' a "spiritual and political' 1 corinec- i tlon hetweeiwMv. Truman and "the i enemies of peace and democracy." ' Tde "incendiaries" named by the Literary GazcUe Included Winston Churchill, John Foster Dulles. W. Averell Harrlman. William C. j ajj'Jitt. Adm. Raymond E. Spru- luce, Norman Armour, fonner Am- i bassador to Argentina, Lewis H Brown, chairman of the board of Jodns-Mansvilie, H-jseln D-jahid' Ralchin. a Turkish publisher, and Lieut. Gen. Giffard Marlel, former head of the British Military Mission to Moscow. 1 The north star is a little more than a degree from the true north pole and is a much surer guide than the compass needle. ~1 After the rodeo • njoy EARLY TIMES Fifths . $S..(5 I'ints . . $.'!.•(:! Hnlvt's . SI.7-1 STRAIGHT BOURBON This whisky is S years old — 86 proof EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY OH, WHAT As NIG-HT ON WHICH TO SPOON OH, WHAT SENTIMENTAL MOON DARLING-SOON 0V ELLIS POOLE DEAL AT POOLE MOTOR Comfort Counts . . . Comfortable drivers arc safe drivers. Lpt us instnU a fnmoiis-WTskn fuilo licatcr for you today, before the weather gets really cold! Let Us Winterize Your Car for Your Complete Comfort and Protection! Seat Covers G;iy cheeks, plaid*, solid hues lo sri till upholstery and exterior body finish. Available in sets to nt every model. We'll install, if .you wish, [or nominal chfirpc. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator SouthHighway 61 at Steele. MO. Phone Steele 49 Read Courier New. Want Ad«. _? AGB Wh.'s i CrMk TM Oratfc YORK, Neb. CWP>—Tw> , Butler Ivory, 14, tad Fnpk Kim, 13—robbed a- fttUnj . of $25.6? In p*nnl«, nJcktla, and quarter.-. Tt»y '«uufnl« division of the loot. Ivory - Rlf;ghi« a r.rook and th« battle on. They wound up in jail. JIM 'S EXCEPTIONAL VALUES! Kuilio 19 95 /.<...! HufJrn'Ri Only S'/, In. \viilr, hill » ]un>rrliiiiue of TONE mil I'KUVOKMANf.F.. M.,,,,,,,, I'l.nllr,i,,rl ^'itL unnlj rurr) ing lii.inllc. All mail,',,, fr«. lines. Vnil'llrnrr) ll stilh C^,. firiile Mini enifiyiiiriit. ACMJf^ ^ll|ieriirtcrnrl; lie in Jvnry Plai. Ifc Oiibiiicl. AlnimS F'Vriiian«nt M^Kri'l Ojnainii: Speiikcr, Eiuill-iii Sii|icr-Loop Ajilcnun, .Sl'nJcntlc, Aulninatir Volutne C(iiurr>] — nl th[« low iirirc! Tlirrr nrr imp Krnrrttin Hmiiin fur ICe'll lie nlml "u'^mi'Jaral"."'" Men's 100% Wool COAT SWEATERS '4.25 Big Price Reduction "Tit Ibe I.ndles: Here Is one of the b««t b»ty« I ca'n siiBRcst for Christmas R|V|IIB. Show the. warmth of your hemt bv nlvlng yom- Dnri. Husband or Son one of these ICO'":, all Virgin Wool, solid color toil sweaters Hint will keep him nice and warm around the linusp, Ihe burn or milk alied durlnn tht coltf winter months. H Is a x'ft that lie sure will appreciate. The swenler has a button front, V-TMdc. double elbows uml non-sax poclteU. It ii m«d* lo wlth.siand Ions wenr and to retain lla ihapi even after constant\ Made of Iwst trarte' m«- ditim yarn, closely knit, lo uiye plenty of warmth. .Special prices nnlll Uce. 15th only. Thret' colon: Oxford «rny, N'a\ f y TMnc and Brown Heather, •• snrn lo state, color when orderinR. Save On This Fine HORSEHIDE JACKET The loLiKliPsl Oo«AR(:k «tyle jncknt you can buy, nnd an extra btR vuliui nt my spcc.lnl nalc pi let. Mfldr of Imrcl went liifi. Rcnulnt front qunrlcr hor.sftikle, foi- n lifetime of {service. Specially desl^ni-d lo glvr a better 1H In the .sliouldcrx nn<l chesl. 'I'ln; thick, warm lining is 15';;, ' icpioccs.scd wtuil unrt 8ri% rnyon. The full lonuth slldr fiistfiirr clascfi tlir rollnr up to the urrk. Pull lifl-tncli length wllh sol-ln sleeves, jmnrl hack nnd ncl- Juslnble Aide straps. Two roomy slash, pockolfi amt a . hrcnst pocket Are double edged. The entire..Jacket Ix CHlofully cut Atul stitched. Even chest'Mzc-s: 3ft to 4(i. Block only. Block Plaid Blanket '3.39 Favorite Utility Style Each A famous blanket, that will b« chcrliktd flnd I'cnioniborcd. The "Midway" by B«acon U an all cotton blanket thnt Is Idetl for-all 'round utility use. Has rich block pl»Sd fl«»!KII In cpiilcr mid IntfrrstliiB geometric border. Reversible with neatly hemmed ftnrii. Hull nap nnd tight wenve will re»l«t »««r t* Klvc many years of service; Colors: Rvf N'avy Illur, flrrc-n mid Rnse. Slxe 80x80. Mammoth Parlor Heater $49.50 Mammoth Coal or Wonri Heater provides tremendous heating rapacity and uusurpaMtui fuel economy. Extra large ftrcpot aiul fuol door lakt»s, kfg sl7,e ciuuik of wood or twit hip buckets of conl to Ri'.'c plenty of hent for sev- ernl rooms. Kxtrn henvy cast iron I\vc~ pot, ribbrd tnsldn nnd oiu for oxtra strrngth, Hot Blast DOVVTI Di'ntl draws fresh nlr over file, turns ismokc nnd Arises if]id; n bin saving In (UP! cost! Duplex reversible KiaLef;; cast Iron, legs nnd ashpit. Cast Iron top II.TS I wo 7-Lnrh lltis. Dimensions: Rasp 30x20 In., height overall 521» in.. fend floor opening 20x13'- In., pipe coll in- 7 in. SELF FEEDING HEATER $39.95 An pxtm heavy healer that burns coal nr wood In produce plenty of wnrmLh for 3 or 4 ronms. 'I'lie Aulomiitlc Baromnter Drnft Con- trot snvrs fuel rind Knls (lie most hent out of every filling. The firebrick llnrd chnmber holds up to 100 pounds of coal, enough to Insl up lo 36 hours, Has wide top fuel door fnr fnsy filling- Equipped with shaker BrrUes. Tho smooth rxtorior i^ eflslly cleaned with n damp rnR. 'Die CHst Iron Ifps nrc snfficleiil- ly hlpi\ to nrrnilt easy cleaning under nnd R round Llic hrnlrr. Takes n 6-inch stove pipe, Srlf-FpffHnjE Uralrr Game Traps Just Tn ITmr fnr (hr Trapping HMson. All-slcrl tr.ips w((h <-\lr» ulrnnt Imlcliiis powfr. Won't In- Jurr. K^-sy lo set. NO. T/ 2 THAI' . 59 C Shop today at Jim Brown's Shop and Save Every Day at JIM BROWN STORES Selected Merchandise For Quality, Satisfaction! BABY CHICKS 9.95

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