The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1947 By UN Committee LittU Assembly Gets Assignment to Make Study of Situation LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. Nov. JO. (UP)—The United Nations political committee struck at Russia's use of the great power veto yesterday milling on the "Little UN Assembly" and the Security Council to conduct * Joint, one-year study ol ways lo modify the veto. The program was approved as proposed by the United States in the face of Russia's warning that attempts to tamper wUli lhe Big Pive voting privilege would lead only to trouble for the UN. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister , Andrei Gronvyko left litlle doubt tliat Rus- the U.S. Again Hits Red-Dominated Romanian Rule WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. (UP) — Tlie United Stales yesterday again assailed "the unrepresentative character" of the Commtmlst-do- minated regime In Romania and the method's by which It came to power. In a note to Romania, the United Slates salcl it "deems It unnecessary and Inappropriate" to recent Romanian charges thai tills government conspired to overthrow I the present Romanian regime "by force and violence" The alleged conspiracy was brought out recently during the trial of Jullu Mnnlti, Romanian antl-Commtmlst lender, and other meml>ers of hU National Peasant Party. Romania charged that Ame- Copitalisfric Love Just Bunk, Soviet Informs Latins MEXICO CITY (UP) — Misunderstood Latin American luubands and wives can blame their troubles on the capitalistic: system, If Soviet propaganda Is to be believe]. A Spanish-language article the Information bulletin dLilribul- ed by the Russian embassy tells about, It. The latest issue sandwiches E neaty of love Interest in be- ween thc usual photographs and their questions. He — or die—also | Interested '» tlle other's hobbles." way he puts It r.nswcrs them. The bulletin docs lie explains that "this does not not mciuion whether Vistlnevskl Is ' mean the wife has to be as Inter- a man or woman, j ested In iootball as her husband Plunging Into the subject, wilh ; is > hul ln lhe spiritual world." th c statement thai "he majority of Soviet families are happy." Vls- Linevskl wants to know why. sia would riot participate in study. The American resolution was approved 36 to 8 with 11 nations abstaining. The Slav states were the only dissenters. In single votes which led up to the overall ballot, key parts of the proposal were accepted 30 to 7 with 11 abstentions Chile was the seventh 'no' voter. The action came as in the Palestine case the Arab states unveiled their minority plan for an independent Arab-controlled Palestine together with a warning that the United Nations will have to back up US decision with "rule by force" if it partitions the Holy Land. The veto negotiations will be the first assignment of the 57-nation "Little Assembly" which will meet between this and the next session of the full General Assembly to debate political and security questions. The Soviet bloc Intends to boycott the new agency. ^The accepted proposal also asked the Big Pive to confer privately on the veto issue, American Delegate John faster rican Army officers and diplomatic representatives were Involved in the alleged plot. "The government of the United States has taken note ol these accusations, not only as to their substance but also as to their character and as to the-manner In i which they have been put forward, ' which In it.rt'lf affords eloquent commentary on \heir ]x>lHicnl motivation and In.slhccrlty," the note salt! FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarass Simple Russian Answer The answer is simple: "Genuine and natural equality between husband and wife." That means equal contributions lo the family till. It Is just, he continues, since 42 per cent ot Soviet workers with higher education are women and many earn more than their husbands. In one statistics on turbines, dynainos and j respect, however, he concedes that The embassy's counselor on marital problems conicdcs that an husband Is still to be found, even occasional counter - revolutionary Wives have a gay time In thc'In Russia. He cites the case of an Soviet domestic paradise,. !( Vis-1 engineer, a good provider In any llnevslci Is to be believed. When j country but "brusque and imperi- thcy ar c 'not attending "lectures oils," who resented the fact that on politics, science and art," they his wife was hardly ever at home, "frequent theaters, participate In social activities and study at In- stitules and universities," leaving the children behind In an "extcns- j "Later," observes Vistinevskl, "the engineer realized it was better that way." One of thc"princlpal causes of numerous family tragedies In certain countries." says Vlslineskl. is marriage for money or social If they sometimes carry their} position. Since the revolution, he Pea Brained I'lloU Organize MILWAUKEE (UP)—Any ama tei'.r pilot nonest enough lo admit 1 a blunder h eligible for member- hip In Ihe Pea Brained Pilots club. Members say the club Is not a guK- They hope to create safer Ilylnq; conditions by publicizing confusion of pilots resulting from non-standard airport and cockpit equipment. ive chain of cradle kindergartens." Husbands Don't Mind homes and NEW Candy Plan Takes Off FAT KIKBY OKUG STORE .... . :. > »'« * * . u :. .. f»« by Me la skylarking Russian peasants, It features a three-page spread of pictures of the idyllic home-life the USSR with the text by a Russian Dorothy DIx named capitalist and communist marital relations may be alike. "In many families the principal weight of the bills falls on the husband .Inevskl. Imagining himself in the ' There Is no such animal In Rns- slioos of unfortunate lovelorn for- sla as a misunderstood spouse, clgners, Vlstlncvskl asks himself Vlstlnevskl »ays, "because each Is Many wearers of false teeth hav* sulfered real embarrassment t>e- their plate dropped, sllppcc or wabbled nt Just the wrong time Do not Ive In tear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH, the alkaline (non acid) powder, on your plates. Holds „...- IR\S?, teeth more firmly, so they DuUe7'e'mpna7lzcd°tn"aL"Lhc program ! feel more comfortable. 'Does no was "not intended to destroy the i «° 1ir - Checks "plate odor" (denture veto," but was aimed at finding "a ' breath). Get FASTEETH tt anymore moderate and rational ap- I - - proach" to.the use of the big power voting privilege in the UN Sccur- ity Council. Dulles said Russian participation in veto talks was "Indispensable" ana offered before the vote to modify the American proposal In any way which -might bring Soviet representatives . Into the veto talks. Last Chance! Coupon Not Good After Sat. Nov. 22 CLIP THIS FREE COUPON FIRST TRY VITAL TONE SI Bottle Two For $1 Got a BOTTLE today, improves digestion, relieves gas distress, billiousuess, so-called rheumatic pains over lhe liotly, back-ache, headaches, nervousness, so frequently accompanying faulty elimination. Limited time only. OWENS DRUG STORE and American standards, Vistlncv- skl hints, a good Stalinist husband doesn't mind. "Tile cause of the majority of matrimonial failures in the USSR Is not deviation from generally accepted moral principles," is the Russia. that is Impossible hi In New Zealand, a crow-shrike spent a month building a "fireproof" nest, using wire as material. Tiie wire was stolen from a workshop. 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The idea, ns one tiipl& city official explained it, is to translate the talk.of Christmas spirit, into tangible deeds. The first UN personnel lo hear that the - plan had gone through greeted - the news 11 with unbounded enthusiasm. Plans were set in motion to fill out the list of those who will make the three-day trip, starting Christmas Eve. Major Jan Eiscnhardt, chief morale officer at the UN, predicted that there would be a rush lhal would exhaust the 200 to 250 openings in-short order. * i ••.••:•>: in to this Star DAVID 6. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality 1101/2 E. Davit St. Phone 4641 Come To Our 10 In. TRICYCLES SD.05 Overland COASTEIl WAGON ... $8.05 BLAN HEATH It's the most complele toy ilisplay in Blythevillc. 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