The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1947 BLYTH1CVILI.K (AUK.) COUK1KU NEWS PAGE wnne War Plant Deals Termed 'Stupid' Senator Soys Policy Of Administration Aided the Russians BY JOHN 1* STfctl.K (United I'rus SUff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. <UP> — A Senate Investigation into th: transfer of German war plants to Russia was promised today In connection with congressional action on the administration's foreign aid Chairman btyies linages. R., N. H.. of tlie Senate Appropriations Committee accused the administration of "asinine stupidity" in agreeing to the transfers ami then asking Congress for new funds to help rebuild Western Europe. Bridges said his committee would investigate fin agreement last month for tlie dismantling of an additional 682 German plants in the British-American zone. Many of Ihe industrial facilities, lie said, would go to Russia and her satellites. Meanwhile, Chairman Arthur VandenbiTj;, R., Mich., of the pen- ate Foreign Re.alioti.s Commute? rushed action on tlie administration's $597,000,000 emergency relief bill for Prance, Italy and Austria The committee had these two major amcndmenti to consider first: A proposal to permit up to SH9.- 250,000 of the fuel and famine supplies provided by tlie measure to be purchased in foreign markets. 2. A proposed preamble to the bil Slayer At Inquest Glenn Marsh, 28, sits in the foreground Rc'ckord, III. Glenn's father, John Marsh, biiL-kcround, as CSiarles Williams. Audrey's recommended that Marsh bn held lo the at a coroner's inquest in supports his wife, Audrey, father, watches. The jury Rrand jury lor murder ol Venion Anderson and his folhcr-in-law, Grant Muhrlein photo.) (NEA Tele- efforts lo put their owi in order. The foreign purchasing amendment represented an effort to reduce the impact of relief purchases on the U. S. market. It rellecled ,a reversal of earlier congressional thinking. Many members had previously favored permitting the use of only about six per cent ol appropriated funds for purchase outside the U. S. The proposed preamble stemmed directly' from suggestions by John Faster Dulles, a Republican foreign policy spokesman and U. S. delegate to the United Nations. Dulles recommended that Congress and the administration s'eek agreement on specific steps Europe must take to receive American aitl. Bridges' move to investigate American reparations policy in Germany would be made in connection with a forthcoming Army request for an ! additional SSOS.OCO.OOO lo be spent In Western Germany. Any extended inquiry, however, might delay funds for the entire emergency aid program. j iS'^ Henry Wallace Defendants Enter n economics .,..„' . . kl~i. /^- 'la... D1 _ ' Segregation Demanded For Freedom Train Visit HATTIESBURG, Miss., Nov. 20 (IJP.1—Mayor George Calhoun said today "there will be no Freedom Train in Hattiesburg" unless Negro and white spectators are segregated , . „. , during the document-laden train's ' |x " 1 °" Clll " a ' scheduled visit here Nov. 9. He said he hoped some plan might, be worked out "that would conform to our traditions and would Will Speak in Atlanta Today ATLANTA, Ga.. Nov. 20 (UI J >- Hcnry A. Wallace was scheduled -o .speak here today nftcr challenging Secretary of State George C, Marshall to assure Russia's Premier Joseph Stalin, "before he dies," that the U. S. wants no war. The former vice president a nil "had boy" of the democratic party spoken In Macon. Ga., last night. Wallace did not imply that he thought Stalin would die soon but he said he was uncertain what attitude the Russian Premier's successor would take toward recent "weight-throwing" by the U. S. He spoke to a mixed-race audience with Negroes sitting across the aisle from Whites as police stood by to guard against any Infractions of Macon's segregation law Wallace poked fun al the use of the "Communist tag" in this country. He defined a Communist as "any democrat who has an office a Republican wants/' He .suggested that the Secretary of 'State keep silent about "iron (curtains" until he releases such vital I information ns the Wcdemeyei" re- Not Guilty Pleas In Gun Theft Trial AUGUSTA. Ga., Nov. 20. (UP)— Defense tit torn cys today sought to establish that dclcndtuit-s in a gim- thcft trial here had bought the !',«"& i hey were charged with .stealing from a U. S. surplus material Arsenal. The four defendants, listed a.s Kail Eisenhnrdl of Elhoeotl City, Mu.. Edward Browdcr of AmariDo, Tex.; J. Meredith Russell =T BuHi- mcre. Mel.; and Manuel Fucgo of Miami; ail pleader.] not guilty Mon- riay. Government witnesses testified that three of the defendants had been present at Bush Field at the time some $20,000 worth of machine gur.s. were stolen from Navy planes. The tour men sue charged wilh conspiracy in connection with the t he-11 o [ the gn us an d (heir re - Lnoval from the field with Venezuela their alleged destination. A .surplus property clerk at the field, Bernard Cross well, denied nn- (U't cross examination that Browner had ever told him he would "let h!m know InLer" if he wanted to buy the guns. Hr? also denied that he had asked Browdcr whether he "could use those scrap machine guns/' Body of Recluse Found in Shack Member of Family Once Wealthy Had Been Dead a Week NASHVILLE, Tenil.. Nov. 20 (UP) —The body of Edward Jloyl, 5a. member of a one-prominent pioneer, wealthy Nashville family but who imd ucen a recluse for years, milling garbage cans for food, WHS} lound In his ramshackle vnraKol iiome last night. Police said he hud been dean lor about K week and tlmt Ills body wus ''In bait shape." They sen relied his Rarage when neighbors reported they hart not seen Hoyt in some days. Hoyt. World War One < aviator nnd great-great tirandson of .the founder of Hie George 1'eabody College here, hail lived In a 16-room mansion for nearly 52 years hut was evicted In 1945 when the house was sold (or taxes. He had lived In a cellar room In the house for years and was twice arrested after It.s salt when he attempted to continue living In the room. Hoyt then lived lor a while In the band shell al Centennial I'nik but later moved to the garage described by police as "an old, beiitcn- up shack filled with boxes and tin cans." His homemade bed was imulc . of springs ,sus|ient!ed on wires si rune i from the walls and covered with old millU and dirty lilankcls. Hoyt's family at one time was wealthy, his father owning the Webb Manufacturing Company,.makers of flavoring extracts. Hoy I al one lime owned one of the few i private airplanes In this section. He was a disabled veteran, having I been Injured when a stunting plane ' crashed Into a lice on the Vanilcr- bilt University campus shortly alter Hie armistice ended World War One. Hoyi's only known Immediate relative Is Mrs. John Vertrease, Jr of New York City. Christmas Street Lights to Go Up In Caruthersville CAHUTUEHSVIU.E. Mo., Nov. 20. — CtmmlHT of Commerce Secretary I J"-'l. ment used by the Junior chamber ol Commerce beloie and dining the war years, and \vlll secure «omu nccc.ssary additional equipment. I'rlor lo, and during part of the win 1 years, Hie slreet lights for the Christmas holiday season were a tmior Cluwnber ol Commerce pro- I'at Patterson Mild today that Christinas street lights will lie put up here by Dec. 1. 11 was decided to put up the lluhst by members of the Chamber nt, Us first Merchants Lunrheon Hireling. The organization will use eruilp- It was voled lo make the merchants luncheon meeting a monthly a!fair, and lo be held prior lo (he rct'.uhvr Hoard of Directors meeting on the first Friday of cadi nionlh. Head Courier Hcvt WtiH Ads. Look ... for this Label at your Favorite Package Store YOUR ll.«lira.,lT f n (.„,„(. HoUlcil in Boiul slriiijilil Ki'nlui'ky nOUIIHUN WU1SKKV • Sour Mash—100 Proof Also Hlm-k l.uliel—till I'nmf Barrett Hamilton, Inc. Distributor, l.itllr Hock. RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SErtVICE ON ANY MAKK OR MODEL. (IK- LI ABLE WORKMANSHIP PHONE 2642 \\'c call for ami Deliver FRED CALLIHAN 10Icctrlcut Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Kadi* Sale* and Srrvlne IW South Flnl HI. be satisfactory to all our citizens and to the operators of the Freedom Train." The mayor and his nrranRements committee were scheduled to meet today with Eric Friedhcini, area director of the train. Earlier this week the train's scheduled stop at Memphis, Tenn., w:is cancelled when Memphis officials insisted on racial segregation during the exhibition. In an earner address In Macon Wallace scored the house Un-American Activities Committee for noi investigating racial violence in the South and censured President Truman's Civil Rights Commission for falling to order a federal probe of lynching:;. Wallace's Southern speaking to :r is sponsored by the Southern Conference for Human Welfare. One tree will make many matches yet, one match has cost the loss of many trees and human lives besides. Be careful with matches. Oldest Newsboy, 93, Wed to Bride of 35 SAVANNAH. Ga. (UPl—The old est newsboy in the world, 93-year- old George L. (Dad) Howe—Is off on another Journey—over the sea of matrimony. Last fall. Dad left here on a trip to the West Coast, but. he was stricken ill In Lafayette, La.,' and 1 returned home with funcU contributed by Savannah residents. Now, after six-months courtship, he is married to Willie E Lord, 35. Ole Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Let us remove tlie Hater from your Ures and fill them with calcium chloride antl-frceie solution. We H||| hr clad to makr an appointment In can for all four tractors at your farm— thus savinj; you lime. RKMKMBKIC WE SKKVIGK ALL MAKKS TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CCt. So. Hiwny til Phone 2171 THIRD ANNUAL TURKEY SHOOT ON HIGHWAY SI, .HIST WICST (>!•' TOWN CAIUITHICUSVIU.K, MO. SUNDAY, NOV. 23, 1947 I'KOiMCTI.Y AT 1 :(HI I'. M. SHOOT KOK TURKEYS — DUCKS — GEESE 1st — Nc\v 1(i--;iiiiKe Winchester l'iim|' 2nd — Now ,22-cnliln'c Automatic Hi He :ird — New Hinson Umlynnni'd Hunliiij; Coal SrONSOKKI) UY CAKUTHKKSVIU.H Junior Chamber of Commerce and Used Electric MOTORS Suited In nny, use. Come In 1 /.'it) to 1 i/j horse power Supply If Not Unlimited Medlin & Lane ELECTRIC COMPANY 120 S. First I'lmiie 218(1 FOR SALE 4-in. 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