The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1931
Page 6
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sn BIA'THEVILLE. (ARK.) COTJIUKR NEWS D SOU SUFFER Headlines Fight Card Big Pickery Club of Mem- •''•"'phis Blanks Light Hit':• ting Local Array. "The Blylncvllln Red Sox failed to break out of the losing column ' Sunday and suffered llic-ir fifth elralRlit ilef-at nt the. hniwls of the Big Plckcry club ol Memphis. ' The score was S lo 0 with ihe locals failing to score n run ngatnsl Uie pitching of Mnlilcy, plckeiy ice. - The game was really closer Ihan .Urn score Indicates. wllh Monk Wright receiving credit for an- cther nllhouxh he lliullcd .the Mrmrlilans lo four lilts nnd struck out l«» men. 11 w.n a tough San'" f° r tllc Manila IK >>' to lose bul as 10:13 M lh« Eos (all In R'l Ihrir share cf run? and commit nilsciies nl crucial moments the lanky rlghthandei will probably continue on llie losing cixl. ; All the scorlns In Uie rtata was confined to two Innings. The Plrk- ery boys, secret! o:ic run In Hie third wh'ii llicy mixed a sin In. .belwccn two errors lo pnl run ocross the plate. In tlift fifth innlm two successive errors "pill Jwq Piokf-rv runners on base and a single follou-fd bv a tremendous .hcme run clout by McCalman sent fo:ir more runs across the plate. . The fans were treated'to an assortment of. fancv hurling by (he- two pitchers. Monk Wright struck f'Vf:. men ou( In succession In (he eecoiid and) third (linings. It wn? in-the llilrd with two men dew that nn error save the • F'lckerj club their first scoring opportunity. Tim Blytlw.lllo boys could no hit their balls onl of Hip inllclt »nd Mi>-!)ley received flnp sun port c-xccpl. In one Inning. In tin . sixth the Red Sox were close to Wore on n lilt ninl an erro but Mabley pulled out of llie hole . vtt.hout trouble. ^..Ttirnshcr. pinth hilling in the ninth, revived sllelit hope for a Sox sccrc when ho singled past first base but Mabley rellrrd Jenkins nnd. Wright oh strikes lo .' end the came. . John Smith, buslr.rss manager of .the! Sox, asks that any biisl- '. ness men or firm with a job opra '- may aid the tenm secure reinforcements ,by supplying a job for a • my player. Bo\ Score rig Pickrry Ab II II E Merhlo 2b 4011 Harris cf '-\*rih*4 000 Yomw If 4 0 0 Fanning c 4020 Johnson Ib 4002 Abernathy rf SPLIT IV DON HiiliTON A local boj-, Don "On? Round". l)i:rlon, will a|>;r -ar In the wind-up ol Tuesday nl'<IH's Dalit card nl the Ar;nory. 'Ill:' local li::hlli; will Di:|X>su Billy llyrd ot Tmniw. I-'la. In the llual six round en the program, which incidentally Is Ihe of the spring summer sc.ison here. Bin ion's fcite b; nn accuralc left hand. bout Wardcll, Holland And Slcclo Turn Tn Wins Sunday Wnrdc-ll, the l?ndlng tcnm in the Sontlieast Missouri semi-pro Irasuc, drfcati'd llnyll at llaytl, Sundny rj In 0. Kteele staged a parade to beat.lVnton, 46 to 7. Hollnnd won over Cooler nl Holland, 10 to 1. The Cootnr team was well in front until the sixth Inning when successive errors by Hcnson and a bad ho 1 -?. put Asher In Ashcr remained on l!oslc:i liy M.-Urnw several years :i;;u in tlic deal for Joe Oencwich, hns bc:u.n lo fullill llie promise MeGi'.-m fii'.v In 'him when he scouted Den while ilie young man VMIS |)!lc]m>[: for Jacksonville. Fla. Nul Slusjcrs The 1 are (lot,- a great, hll- Ilii!; loiim. They liuiire to hnt ntciil sixth in Hi? league. At field In^ they should run .s-omcwhere In (he first division, bcliln:! Ihe fllauls nnd pcrhajis Ihe Pirates anil Car- (iinals. But flcurcs sometimes lie, ns the Alhlcttc.s hiivo conclusively proved by scoring fewer nuw, making Yankees Bow Before Macltmcn; White Sox Win Pair, Nats Triumph Tlic (Ivlng Mackmen jwundcd o'.it (heir 15th straight victory yesler- day nl Ihe expense of the Nnw Ycrk Yankees lo lend (he American Icon by Icap^ and bounds. In (he National circuit the Cards were forced lo dlvlil" a pair with the Hods but Ihe best the Glnnls in Ihe nnimr-uii pos-.uon got was nn even break. Rube Wnilx'iK lol the Yankees jhave 11 hit", but three double plays ul crucial mnmenls helped the A's cnu.^e. Huffing was the las hurliT. Foxx and Bishop of the A'.s and Ruth and Chapman of Ihe Yankees crushed home runs. Till' Washington Sinnlors nosec: nut the Bn.'.lon Red Sox at Washington 10 (o i). Both learns yol 11 hits bill lluei. 1 Nat hurlers were mure siirrr.^ful hi scntlcring the Sox' blows than their opijoncnt. 1 ? Boston rallied lo score four runs In Iho ninth inning before falling one nin thy. Web!) hit n hoinei for Boston. 'Hie nelrolt Tigers and Brownie, divided n tirutble header at St Louis with the Browns copping th>, opener. 10 lo 3, nnd tlic Tigers taking the night cap, \\ to 1. Stcwar was the winning pitcher in thi first game and Bridges in the sec mid. Uollai'lc homered In lli.-> firs L'nme nnd Gosiin and Owen in th second. While Sox Win Twice The Chicago Whlti> Sox bent th Indians twlr.? al Cleveland. Th Warrington 3b Jenkins ss Wright p jTlirashcr Tctab; Birthevllle Trout ss Trevlva 3b McCalman Ib Byrnes rf Barlow If Mabley p . Colman cf King o Crew 2b Totals 0 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 36 0 -1 0 Ah R ir F. 4100 4120 4121 0 0 0 0 0 1 000 000 1 0 0 1 0 0 .he mmind for Cooler despite (ewer hits and batting last in the leavy hitting of the Holland club. naileries for Center, Ashcr and Blxler; for Holland, Edwards and Aiken. The Team Name three League, l.'ul I'jadiijg the IrflKiie- The BLTIVC^I right now hnp- p:n lo b? .leldin,; tlilrd. and that tlic is where the team stands as this l£ written. Glice'uy. llx 1 bast-iiinn cnc<l from Iho minors, leads tho limvcfi ut bnl \vnli ii p.i-.^-iiln^i.- nrcnncl .313. Next tonics Worihiug- Uui. a recrnil ffoin Hoeheylcr, bal- Iln'i n round .330. Ucrger, Ihe cen- U'rllekic'r, who cam;; from llie const, ^~sl year, lias be-a uatttiiJ around .310. Catcher Cionln hits .300. The rer.t of (In: regulars, Maraiivlllc, Mnsuire, Drecscn. Wilson, Cliat- Uwton i iia '"' Klcl| biii"¥. Schiilmerlch and MAY 25, 1931 .•^*--»- "^™*^ T » THEY STAND Southern W. 28 Irmingliain en' Organs 20 leinplils 20 llama .............. IB tiattanoogn ......... 18 'ashville ............ 17 Ht!e HocW .......... 10 I,, p-l 12 .100 17 .541 .513 .486 icbib American 'hiladrlphla . \ T ew York .. Vn.shiuyton JlllCil'JU )clrolt .... Cleveland .. ,t. frills .. kj.-slon 15 W . 22 .10 . 20 . 14 . 17 . 13 . 12 . 11 move the r , | fourth |s .750 .ess .GOJ .43U .4*7 .394 .400 .355 Why L, it dliislrous to lift or ' ead in the golf s»inj? ' * < T , , .-, | i •••- •»•>* Is ihel anchor of (lie travelers Lose fourth|s c1 ' swing, ir i t remains stin Cj • i. wn-i M i- lhe dubhead will. travel in i Otraight While Mcmphl- [right groove and the hands ^ ans Are Riding High. jfo "£?£*£' prolwr placc dur " Have you noticed Hagcn, Jones Eara/j?n and other K oll stars? National it. l/mLs •Jew York icston 'iltnbiirgh CliicaRo .. ,'liiladelphla :irooklyn :.. Cincinnati W. 18 19 17 15 13 . 15 15 7 L. P<-> 8 .632 .679 .586 .484 .4B1 .455 .441 .233 GAMES TODAY .Southern league Mobile at Memphis, lliiniinekiiii at, Atlanta, New Oi'/mns at LiLtle Rock. Only panics scheduled. American I.rague Chicago at Cleveland. Detroit ;it St. Louts. Washington at Boston. New York at Philadelphia. Brnv/rs. It's hard to do, unless liapiwn to b.J followlns the team yctlr ' Clark, have been iimler .300 this J i ncbody knows. Not -counted ns a, first division contender when viewed In training at St Petersburg In the springtime, the Braves have ama/cd ths .sUitis- by slaying in Hi:' rncv 1 dur- Reports Received of Only Two County Games Repot Is hud been received here »Z the first five weeks of the cam- ! today of trie outcome of only t\vj palgn. nnd by giving nil sorts of of the rive games scheduled hi the Iroublo to ithe clubs that \vcre ex- ; Mississippi County Baseball league :ccled to brat them easily. Hrnndl Btils Over l^.d by thr, a.i»zhi] pitching of Eddie Brandt, who won six Uvalght starts, the Boston boys have been chasttw the Giants nnd Kumtay. Tim Promise Land team defeated Hermo'.irtale 11 to 9 and I.i:tcs won over Ekron 12 to 0. I Cardinals for the Inst couple of 35 5 4 2 I weeks v.-llli blood in their ryes, and I'liblinks 1'tiy In August The tenth annual amateur piib- ;lic llnkfi eolf cliamplonshln, spon- ; sored by tlie U. S. G. A., will be scores 4 to 3 and 3 to 2. Ted Lv fms was tlie winning hurler of th (list pnme In a dual with Brow nnd 1'iit Caraway let the Indian down with live hits In the nlirl can opiKisiUR Toinmy Tliomas. Ly ons drovi 1 across his winniny an Ivlni: runi nnd Camvvay scored th wliinliv: run in his pnmc. SI Johnson limited the Cardin nls lo six hits and th; Nation'? league chainus lost their first garr since .June 1st, 1030 to the Cincinnati Reds. The score was 3'to '2 with Burlciidi Grimes the )oshi3 hui'ler. In the second ^atr^ the Cards batted heavily behind the pitching of Hnlnes for a 13 to 6 triutnph. Hottomley, Card first liasrman. made nn unassisted double play in the second game. Ttx? Brooklyn Hobins came from behind to beat the 1'hlllic.s in the tenth inning nt Brooklyn yesterday. The ECOVC was C lo 5. The Phillies led 5 lo 3 when the Dodgers counted twice in the ninth to tie the cniml. Gilbert scored the winning run after doubling and counted en Fin's single. Herman [lit a homer. The Olants won the flrst game o[ n double header from the Boston Braves, 10 to 7 but the Braves came back to take the second. 2 to 0. Clarence ivfitchell was the wimlng hnrlcr of the first game wlille Southpaw Ed Brandt marked up his seventh victory Jor the Braves in the second contest. Fitzsimmons hurled good ball for the Ghmts but the New Yorkers only sot four hits off Brandt. O'Farrell and Chatham hit homers in the first, gaitu?. Tile Chicago Cubs \Lsed five National League Pittsburgh nt Chicago. KL Louis at Cincinnati. Only games scheduled. The Birmingham Baroa 1 ; won over, the LUlle Hock Travelers lo swtcp the four game yerlcs at Little Rock. Tho .Southern league mn'<! 'setters were far In front of the'r. nearest onponcijls. the Pelicans, at the close if Sunday's t^c-s. The. Barons staged a rally to come, from behind av.d beat the Pebbles. Thftv drove Knit Greenfield from the mound .ind scored on his successor, Nn-jent. The rons counted. 14 hits. Edwards was the winning hnrter. The New Orleans Pcl.cans won and tied in two gani.% with the Nashville Vols. The scores were 15 tp.7 and 4 to 4 in nln> innings. Johnson was the wlnnlm- liurler In the. first fiame. Davts. C.cero nnd Taylor hit homers in 'he first Ranie. Both teams slugeeo the ball In :the second game although the rims were few. The. Memphis Chicks wm their fourth straight game from the Atlanta> Crackers at Memplis, 8 to 4.'; Harry Kelly was the vinning h«Her and Francb wius tredlted wllli.' 11 ic loss. Cnrlyle tS the Crackers hit a homer. The Chaltanooga Ixwkout; de- fealed the Mobile at Ciia'tfdncoga, 8 to I. Tausdier in h\h -rt^bnt as a Lookout wis the winning hurler. The Loikoute pounded out 15 lilts. Burii; was the : losing hurler. I Ditchers, but were unable to hold the Pittsburgh Pirates and lost 10 to 7. The Bucs combed the Cub pitchers for 15 hits and the Bruins got 14 off two-Pirate hurl- crs. Braine was the winning Pittsburgh hurler. Hornsby of the Cubs hit. a-homer. . HAMILTON, Out, U. Reverend Monsii Sullivan was recently clevaUd to he position of Bishop ol Clurlot- etown in St. Mary's Pro-Ca'\hed- -r' f e Osceola Wins and Loses Reports Say Reports have been received here that Ihe Osceola Indians won from" Forrest City at Osccoln ycilerday afternoon, by a decisive score and were later willoptid in n niyht game nl Cnrnthersvlllc, Mo., last night. The scores of the gnmes .have not been received. mmm HOME THEATRE Last Time Today Runs balled in — Trcviva, Me- 111 Isn't ever yet. Brandt, a pitcher ; played on Uie Keller course in St. Caiman. who won only Ilivco sanies last! I'nul, Minn., the week of August TVo base hit—McCtilman; Hoine|yc<"i wcu six In a row to start, lire -3. Gold., silver and bronze medals Run—MeCalman. Bases on balls, oIT Mabley, one; ofT- Wright, none. 'Struck cut—by Mabley. five; oy Wright, ten. 1931 season. Ihe other I3raves f pitchers, down- Uoddcai in oilier years and miiiiuer- ir-g a cou;}!c cf casloffs in their ranks, have been helping [lie biy sotilhpnw keep [he Braves up In the D ^jgfesJ^__ Irace. Harry SelboM, who broke mm ^^tilll 1 cv-'n last year in 32 frames pitched, Wl Mllll 1 has staittd ns Ihousli he means to •"" *>•••*' *•*• l\viu 25 games this season. A pair ol castolTs. To!ii Xachary, ihat ace of "nothing" pitchers. unJ Willie Shcrdcl, have materially aided In Ihe sp;irt of Ihe McKcch- One \>ar ASO Today — Tcuy l nlc forces. Ben CiintwcM. sent lo Freitos. southpaw rODkie of S.icra- menlo, and Ed, veteran rlght-hantfcr of Los Angeles, pitched a 0 to 0 tie in 12 innings of a morning gtunoi in the Pacific Ccssl League. The Earae was reward the winner, nmncrup and semi-flnalis:s. respectively. RADIO REPAIRS 'Phono 121-122 R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today All Iho World's Gone Talhilah! She'll Get You, Too! (UP) - The ;nor J. A. O'- al,- wh?re he was rector lor'sev- ral : years. LEO WLiiEL . P.G fc. 1928-1929, KEEl^S HIS ' CXJWM AFTER TH£ BALL ,HAS BEEM HIT. remedy !s another one of the many riytivs that encumber the nation T!-,e most effective cure | s the suction system, which Dr. Kelly said has proved effective In 97 1.2 per cent of the cares treated. MANV WATCHES SMlKjCIIED NEW YORK, (UP)—Some fo'rly per cent of all the watches Imported and sold in the UniU'd States today are smuggled goods. The loss to the Government In duties from this source is estimated a' 52,000,000. They keep their iKttits .still flnd looking down long after the ball has been lilt All contra', of the club is lost when the head is lifted. This usually causes tcpping and other miserable results. A smooth ba:k- s»[ns and a kVownswing are of great assistance to the golfer in keeping his head still. • • * TOMORROW: Where should the wrist be broken, in the batk-swini? Says Whiskey Useless Snake Poison Antidote SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. (UP) —Let no man tell you, that a couple of long swigs of whiskey will poison of snake Howard Kelly, surgeon. That] counteract the bite, warned Dr. noted Baltimore MAY 30-31 ST. LOUIS AND KKTURN' Over-Decoration' Day BASKRAU^-Doublp-Hcadci- Ciirdinnls vs. Cincinnati .'May (30-31 For truin schedules, etc.. ASK THE FRISCO AGENT BI/YTHEVILLE. AUK. ROUND TRIP FARE called to permit the teams to go ahead with the afternoon contest. Five Years Ago Teday—George tlhlD, Indian mound Etnr, struck out 10 batters and smashed home run in the 11 In inninj to give tho .Cleveland Indians a 6 to 4 victory over the St. Louis Browns. T« Tftun Ago Today—Allan Graham of the Royal 'Liverpool Golf Club eliminated Bobby Jones of the United Stnles in their fifth round match of the British Amateur golf championships. Gra- htm's margin Tas 6 and 5. ALL THE WAV THROUGH TH€ DA\ *IN HIGH* High speed, regardless of heavy S"dcs, taxes the human motor, every hour of the day. Keep reserve power at high pitch, with cstrj nourishment at 10, 2 and 4.1'rc-digcstcd' in Dr. Pepper renews energy; gives you more liorre-powcr than 1 6 cylinders in line. What Would You Do If Your Husband Loved You Platonically? i VIRTUOUS HU1RAND —a screamingly funny comedy of a husband who said NO and a wife who said YES! with Elliott Nugent, i Main Street Goes Rio Cebolla! You may have a flair for formal attire, flannels or Palm Beach togs .. . i You may want to dirie a la Shanleys, ; Rectors or Delmonicos ... Your home may have been appointed by the New York Galleries . . . ••• In other words—your tastes run to the really better things of life . . . . But you'll never know what a real vacation is 'till you come to Rancho Real It's a Park Avenue Club transplanted to the wilds of Rio Cebolla! • Well-groomed in all things.. "Forget Business I Lay off go'.f for one vacati n—The ticker can wait until you come back!" Your vac ion from business worries and a high-altitude physical t ild-up will treble your punch when you get back to your d The LJies love it—and the young folks—and the young old folkspo. It's paradise in the mountains with a million acres for st our folks to play in—no outsiders. •BANKHtAD CUVE \3ROOK TEST NEW LOCOMOTIVE ' PHILADELPHIA, (UP) — The Pahnsylvinia railroad Is testing n 1 n«w. type electric, engine which It b hoped will soon replace the steam tocomotvcs now In service between New York and Washing' AT 10-2 & "Let'sgo fishing— riding — hunting— poloing— swimming." Choose W own amusements morning, noon or night on your own tiie schedule at luxurious J?ancho?ea — most glorious moun- , tain rerft playground in the south- ] west. . Betty Compson, Arthur, shall. J. AUlscn Dirccled Moore. Also Comedy and News. Adm.- OCLOCK The ravishing rage, of a'.l-Kr.i;- !and In her first talkie ro!e. See and hear for yourself! t\\?Q News and Novelty Adtn.—Matinee—10. '2'\ & |0 C Night—15 and -I0o. "oininsr — Tuesday, \Vwines- Coming — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — TIM-'day and Thursday — Bert MKRON". ;VViiecIer and Robert Woosley PomiiiK—Roliert C\tont K «Min-rv in "HOOK, LINE AND in "SIIII'MATES". ' SINKER". ' -Matinco and Night— •10 and 26c. ie most elite hotels of thia countr can't give you finer luxury nor Wer service. It is only natural that farming people come to Rand Real fht thousand feet up in ' ' je cool, green JemezMoun* . ans of New Mexico . . . (ason—MaylsttoThanks- ving Day . . , Reservation* pinf rapidly. — , V ,._ x . ' Aff"." ^ Jenie/ Springs, New Mexico Pita ^ Ac/drat Chicago O// ct 155 E. Superior Street, Chicago, III.

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