The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1947 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Advisory Group To Assist Army W. P. Pryor Elected Chairman for Unit On National Defense An Army Advisory Committee (o nci as a "sounding-board ol public opinion" on issues of national defense has been organized here, U was announced yesterday. Committee officers elected at r a meeting Tuesday nlsht are W. I Pryor. chairman; L. H. Son, Daughter Saved by Father Who |Broke Their Fall from Tightwire'Act and Worth Antry. vice D. Holder, KY FRANK EII>UK, JR. (llnllfrt I'ress SUff Corrwpondent) MIAMI. Kla.. Nov. 20. (UP)^-A brother and sister, tlghtwlre l»r- formers with the RtiiKlliiK Bros., Dai iiiiin and Batley Circus, today owed their lives to their niay-halrcd father who rushed to break then 1 fall, as tlii>y plunged from a liiRh wire to the sawdust floor of the tent. The father, unarles Dnvls, and his son Haiohr, 31, i»nd daughter Hilda, 16, were in serious condition in a hospital here today but were expected to recover. Davis was credited with siivlng ills son and daughter from what iniRht have been instant death. The slightly-built father had re tired Jrom the aerial act of the "Fiymg Alanzas," but Ills practiced eye could still catch the. slightest chairman secretary. Col. Hugh Fort, attached to the headquarters of the Arkansas Military District at Camp Robinson, LIU!.- R«ck, told the committee ,__ that il was set up for a two-fold [off-balance motion ol thv son ami purpose: I daughter he had taught lo ride tlie 1. To act as a barometer of pnb- J tifilttwire. lie opinion a.s to the [)ul)lic's feel- Ing. 1 : on matters of national de- ! — | on Its own initiative. 1 Oilier members of the committee 1 are Jlinmie Edwards, Fred S, Saliba, sicabert Jiedel, the Rev. R. . Watching them perform in a cli- fense; and 2. To secure in each lar^e community a citizens committee which will receive fiict.s from the Army on which to base its opinions. Scott Hand. Mayor R. R- Jackson, Col. Fort, who is also represent- i Mi's. George M. Loe, Mrs. Cecil alive of the commanding general | Lowe. Mrs. K. F. Hlomeyer, Max of the Fourth Army, explained the ! B. Reid. W. F. Mc-Danlcl, Jimmic committee's functions at the meet- Sanders, Hoscoc craflon, R. -B. Infj. - Slout and W. B. Nicholson. The group will meet when issues This committee Is one of 10 in involving public opinion arise and Arkansas. Approximately 1,000 such oti notification of the Army. The, ; advisory groups arc bcini; organ- committee can also call meetings, iscd over the U. S. max act of ''The Greatest Show on Earth" here last night, Davis was the first In the crowd of 10,000 to realize I hey were losing their balance a.s they rode a bicycle on a 35- (oot-hlgh wire with no net below, Just, in time, he rushed beneath them, His .still-.strong arms broke the impact, as they inirlled. toward the sawdust of the router ring and the trio collapsed in a heap. Hospital attendants said today the condition of all three was serious but the extent of their injuries was not Immediately known, Harold and Hilda wert* hurt worse Ihtvn their father, attaches said. l Just before the fall came. HiuoUI wns riding A bicycle across the wire with the blonde Hilda balanced on his shoulders. Two triijx' were, suspended frotn the wheels of the bicycle and two other members of the I:oop balanced gracefully on the trapezes. When Hilda and Harold fell (In other acrinliM.s, Minnie Davis nnd Elsie Mee, hniiR .suspended In inid- iintil rrcuers Imuled them safely to thr platform. The huge audience gasped » n: then screamed as they saw the da ring performers totter and then plunge downward, a few feet short of the platform at the end of the wire. Several women fainted, but the circus band immediately burst into inarch niusiu and .spectators- remained in their -seals until the confusion wn.s over. The Fly ins Alaiun.s trained in MaUby. Yorkshire. England nntt were »ppc*arinn with RingLing Bros., Barnurn nnri Bailey for the first time in this country. Their filled the next lo closing spot in the .show, which wtus In its filial performance of a three-day stand here, The circus goes into Winter quarters at Ssirnsolft, Fla.. oil Sunday. Texan on Trial For Shooting Peace Officer PACK ttEVXM, Uiieifi »f nbavil M jwr ci«nt of th« roffoc production approve I hi- pint), Uic Commerce IVptu-tnifiU will *n- (Sorse Ihr ulnnrtardljalion mid pub- IU'1/.e (he .sUmltud* in bookiH.v From there on II It up to the Industry. NEW OHI-EANS, Nov. ». tUP) — A Texan on trial for Ilio fatal shootiiiR of a Mississippi Slule Highway Patrolman today heard » I oserntion witness testify Irom • it'eU'huir that he saw Ihe shootlnK, Hobert Davis. 29, o[ New Hrann- fels. Tex.. Is on trim (or the mur- of Trooper Cyril Rclchcrt of Gulfpoil. Miss, Helcherl died last, February o! gunshot wounds in- flteted Jan. 27. Charles Mi-Sorlcy. 21. of IMroit told ihc c'ourl Davis picked him np January \\hile he was hilclt- hiking from Flori<la to New Orleans and ordered htm out of Hie car on a side road near : J earllnf;ton, Miss. There Diivi.s orilerecl him lo un- drt'.ss and shot litin twice, McSorley salt!. I^ter, atter the patrolman had picked htm itp and was taking him to New Orleans, McSorley suid they sixHted Davis. The Texan opened fire tin Kcich- ert when the trooper tried to stop him (or questioning, the Detroit j-onili lestilled. McKoiley api>oaied in court in a whrelchuir. lie said lie was still weak frcm opt'i-nlions made necessary by the guLisluit wounds inflicted by Davis. face Robbery Charges GKNKVA. MA.. Nov. *). (UP) — Twy Salmon, AlR,, men wvie Jiilletl lere today, ehniReil with the. Scpl, 4 rubbery of $433 from (h« Humon ttiKh School. State Criminal Investigator Jos Iliirton Identified the pah *ff Rftlph Phillip., ». and On*rl?« HouMcn, *»]>ift*rtl moilim i"k* !>MtU»rr^ATHKN l AL > V| t )/N . «v«rr *«p«c(«ni minim iv«iiE*. Kd WUimiix, jiruKUl*l CITY DRUG CO. K. M>!li 81. I'lioiir 2512 J/ :>. tft «* White Elk — Several other patterns in Genuine Buck and Kid Leather $7.95 Floyd A. White & Sons SHOES W. Main Stassen Addresses Florida Republicans ST. PETERSBURG, Pin.. Nov. 20. lUP)—Hiivold E. Stn.sson -said today thai renewed limited price controls advocated by , President Trmnnn would "strangle the economy of t lie na t ion a nd lower product ion.'' The Republican iirc.sidenLml aspirant said, however, that lie ngreed with the President that consumer crertit, excess inventories nnd foreign exports should be controlled. Stnsst'ii tilso urged .support ol universal military training as a "vitnl j necessity in keeping America strong.*' ' In another speech at Gulfport, Miss, yesterday Stassen tolri Mississippi Republicans he watUcd their .support, in his bid for presidential nomination only U they would not exclude from their ranks any cil- rwn retard less of race, color or religion. XOTICE OF FILING APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that Ui3 undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues ot the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense-vinous or spirituous liquors lor beverage at retail on the premises described as 101 East Main Street, Blythcville, Arkansas. Application is for permit to be iS- Mied for operation beginning on the 1st day of January,, 1EH8. and to expire on the 30 day of June. I!MH CITY DRUG COMPANY By E. C. Williams, Vice President Iff New — Now Open! AUTO UPHOLSTERY SHOP AT LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 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S. -Acts to Help Housewives Get More Uniform Coffee WASHINGTON lUJM—The National Hut can ot Stiuuiiirris, which lui.s done rcNc-Hrch on projects run-in K from .square milk hottlo.s to atomic energy, is hcMping now lu make drip coffee drip. Soon, the humui hopes, the liuuse- wifc of the Urnnx or of Pelalinim, Cal., \vill get tlie jihtid of codec .she n.ska for no mallei what her brand. The National Coffee Association askct! tin* bnirnn'.s t-onnnoility sinn- (iards division to set up commercial standards for t:of(ee grinds. Kil\\ai(i Aljorn, of New York, clinirnuvn o£ the association's brewing* committee, explained i]) lii.s rn- t|uo.sL that .such M:Bclni i dl7.uion would "add meaning to brewing In- srructions and assure uniformly better rosnlts in the cnu. . . ." Three SUtndnrtls Tropuspri Aborn pro]K).scd standnrds lor three kinds of grinds: regular for Old-fashioned coffee percolator, fine grind for vacuum coffee milkers and drip grind for coffee made by I he drip process. Such grading has been in commercial use but WHS not, always unilorm. He figured it out with sieves and witli the aid of nu industrial research firm. II certain percentage's of the ground coffee went through a certain type sieve, it would t>e marked regular. A finer grind which allowed larger ACL range—to pass through the sieve would be cliised i\s drip. And so on for fine grind. Aborn warned that the .sieves must be kept "scrn- \ pulously clean" to assure accuracy. Will iain K. Hniithwaile, bureau expert who has helped standardize tlems ranging from toolhpick.s 10 Ion d ing plat for ins, okayed Aborn'fi proposals, except for one thing. He asked the coffee rua.-ilcrs Lo use (he U. S. standard sieve, which has been standardized by the bureau, instead of the commercial .sieve which the indnstrv chose. ' Matter of Sieve* Brnithwaite explained he was trying to avoid publicizing any one commercial sieve. "I don't know exactly how muny holes our No. 30 standard sirve has," he remarked, "but our sieve expert, tells me that, it is the same si?,e as the sieve they .selected." Now if the Industry agrees to Braithwaite'J. recommendation, the bureau will follow i Us usual procedure under the free service it offers for commodity stnndardlzaiion. Tlir bureau will circu!ariw! the industry, grocers and consumers to gel their reaction. If the manufac- KKMKMHKK TIKI LOCATION . , . It's 305 East Main Street at THOS. J. LILLY & SON K)K Till-: BEST IN' T.MI.OUKI) AUTO HUM V Well...what are we waiting for?' SMALL MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS NEW LOW DOWN PAYMENT! New «<My-pay plan bringi you your do-«v«rythlng K«ndix Wathar now—Tak» your Hm* to payJ A small amount down—.small never-missed monthly paymcnis — and t Pcndit will he immediately insulltxl in your home! Goodbye 10 »or!c- filled washdays! Just let your womlcfful automatic Bcndix take o\tl ill your work for you-—bring your laundty out cleaner, whiter! 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ROSENTHAL INC. 226 West Main Blytheville, Arkansas Phone 2562

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