The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1947
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1947 «IYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKVva Classified Advertisements For Sol*—City Property BualntEft for ule, RCKXI tridf, good location, hew building lot, Rood deed. Bad health cause for. idling, prlc* •1700. Phone 123. B0)c 131, Mrs. U. I*. Header, U*chvllle, Ark, KomM -- Lot (--Apart ment«. Holly Btreet--5 room cottage, • corner lot In. 1100 block, terms. On Lake, north Bid*, wm end, tome r«*l good buy*. De- wrKble r»c«nt lot*, phone Field, Remodeled iiz-room tioiue. front *nd back porch, full lot. 1112 South L*k* fitret, Blythevllle. Arkansas, For colored owner. Call At above number. lI|4Dk-12!4 for S0/«, Misc. Hotpolnt labletop electric ran Re. Can be seen at Home Service & Slor- aBO Co. Mrs. James B. Chirk, phone 2480. HIlT-ck-a* For So/e, Misc«J/an*ous One 20 cubic foot deep freezing t«- frlgtruUoii box, tns cash. Southern Ice Cream, Co. 400 West Ash On* Cash man Scoot* r for »*l«. For Information call 3891. Hattery. fed turkey*. GI«« your order now, Plckord'« Grocery, 1M4 Chlckasuwba. hl'oh* 3MJ. UllS-ck-22 New quills and feather pillows. 1901 ' ' A»h St. Phon» 43M. . ' )l|11-pk-30 H«/p Wanted, Malt SALESMEN Wanted hlgli type men to call ou ec- tabllshed trtute (chemical maintenance supplies) In Mld&oulll. Mmt be free to travel, car rssentLal. Write tlox 5S5. Ulylhevlrle. Ark. ll|l9-ck-28 FOR SALE Browning Automatic Sholsun 12- gause 30 Inch Full, $85.00. One or two room oil heater 115. 308 N. firm 11-1S-TP MAN WANTED TO SUCCEED T Vance for 1500 family llnwleltjh bvisl- IPSS In North Pemlficot County, Mo Tod 11 cis ROM 20 years. Permanent II OH Hre ft hustler. Write Hawleluh's AKK-2IO-123S. Memphis, Tenn, or s«V. Barbour 610 Ully St. Blythcvlllc Ark: ll|17-i>k-20 Regulation size pool table, with rut) equipment, $85. Lou La Flinches Paiu By rum Addition ll[19-pk-22 Tladlo tinri record plsvyer. new: walnut bedroom suite; llvlnpr room suite- platform rocker: 2 end tables; 1 floor lamps: telephone Ifiblc; breakfast room set; oil heater, new; occasional table. J&OO W. Mnln. phone 2794. Twin berta with Simmons Beauty rest mattress and box springs. Slightly used. Phone- <«7. ll!l9-ek-22 5 pool tables and fixtures for sal*. iV.icd at »650. A. I,. Newman. Liixora, jk.. Phone^24. . ll!19-pk-2« 14XI« Tent. 1 Incase trailer. North 10th Bt.. railroad. . . third house North ol the llH8-pk-25 7-B International disk, xcnlloped bladM 9-n IH C disk. 2 bottom breaking plows. See ,T W. Wldner. Yarbro. Ark. Phone «C9. Kpnmore electric washln? machine (rood condition »35. 1122 W. Ash. One nllln* lined 2 nelce flvh^ si Ideal for hunting. Phone ^233 ll!19-pk-22 Vnr oi.n COURIER NEWS OFFICE Rebuilt Army Shoes 1.1. Army Dserl •hoe packs, Halford'* Shoe Shop. 106 8. Second. ll]4-pk-12!4 Frlsldalre. Oil 31«? or 2245. Good, farm truck and trac :or mechanic. Wcll-ctjiiippet shop. Good house, vent free Attractive proposition 01 Devcentage basis. Telephone •1M1. ll-19-ck-12-3 PAGE SEVENTEEN Lett & found .OST - - One 1939 Mercury hub-cap 'In the Iclnlly of BlytlKvllle Stimlay. Flud«r >!tu« c«ll or return to Courl«r N«w« ,nd ««k for Rodiiert. iina-ck-tt A ridlotrlclin losl i tiny tilde rul* when he leaned out or the cockpit or an airplane Hying over Ohio. He tried or * week In • lo buy a similar Instrument without gucces*. He (Irnlly placed a "Losir ad "Jor a ill<J« rule tost (rotn on airplane " The lest dny a woman phoned that her son hwt round &0[|iclhltiR nnswerliiK he deocrlptkon. It wns the ntlsMiiK llde rtile, . found by a 10-year-oUl child who had picked tl up In till back yard. .,"' JJ 1 ,' lllt )ro " w w home from the Chlniu Dedication 8pr»lce at the Christian church Snndny doesn't III YOU. maybe Its mine. I w»s lell with » brown one, I'll K lnilly trade Sliol- burne Brewer, plione 2100 . 11'19-ck-u Notice Wanted to Buy WANTKD JO.OOO POUNDS PECANS Don 1 ! Sell till you 0«t our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 Ka>t Mnln ai. riiono FRECKLES A HF8 FRIKNDS By MERRILL J9L08SER Noseg Up , WANTED and machinery. Slate price dition. Clco Mlisselman. Oiceola, Odd china,.KIII8.1. Old blltloill. etc Call or write C. T. Lyster. telephone 2938. 1131 Wiilnul St. I1II3-PK-2CP Help Wanted, Female Gigantic Clnirch Bazaar starling at 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 FeauirlnB: Ilctuitltnl Handwork, pillow cases. lial)y dollies, nurons. etc. Also: Homemade cnkes mid caudles toad booth wllli cvcmhlnif frcsli 1 • from the country LOOK What the Fathers hnve cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BKST Fewer ^ame. 1 : * Belter prUus uiono less Hiati tS| ScnsiUloiiHl iii-w Ultimo cnrcls liJiiBO stimltiff |>rONi])tlv lU H:0lt I'M All m the l.cRlon Hut Sponsored by Ladles or tlic CiUtiolIc Church lllli-ck-12!ii Klrc But No Kxrltrmrnt NAKOMA, Wis. (UP)— Three hun- dreij pupils In (he Nakonm grade school took part hi mi orderly fire drill. Half RII hour after to Ihclr classrooms, (lie caught, fire. The children filed oul anal", thinking it (mother drill and there wns no excitement. ATTENTION OFFICE GIRLS— If you are not making $30 a week or more you should answer this ad. Local business establishment lias opening for good office personnel Insurance benefits, vacation with pay. Opportunity for advancements. Box Y % Courier News. , ll-19-ck-22 Wonderful opportunity for Bales- woman. In a field that Is entirely new ror u-omen. Interested In salcswork. Can earn 5600 monthly. Must He Iree to travel. Car essential. Tr Interested write to Box 585. Blythevllle. Ark ll|10-ck-2fi Lost and Found Whlte and brown bird doff. 40 Ibs, c»ll 904, $15 Reward. UiI7-pK-20 Want two Rlrls to share tour room piiM with one person. Call -\ra or Private Rooms bedroom, close In. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. Nice bedroom, i mt. Phone 2496. en only. 613 Wai- HIIS-pk-22 Studio nlnno. excellent Phone 2688. 11B W. Cherry. Bedroom. 3li n Ninth Phone 233& . 10:22 nk 11122 Bedroom, men only. 713 ChlcVnsnw- brc- llllS-pk-21 Bedroom lor cotiptc only, kitchen privileges. 2314 W. Carolyn, nhonr Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards Now Operator Featuring: •jf Gulf Courtesy + That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories Discount Kn> to Truckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m \Vcekenrts ' Wanted to Buy The owner at an nntlnue BhO|> In Washington tried for Ihrcc vcarn to locate 11 rare set of • Mn?cllnn fruit dishes. He placer! a Want Art In n Snokane ncvvspapRr. After all oilier efforts had failed, the act brought forth the rare. Hems. To Love- f © Af<cMJ, ETHEL HAMILL ,o Hotatt, Inc.; DisJribuled by NEA SERVICE. INC. THK STORY i Cum irll* k*r- m*\t It'* rid Jen lone in be mpmet bfcmnme Jtirl *e».t (lower* to Maurlne. B»( later In the 4my, Joel rldr- hy !• • •tndrni-fIllrrf all* Mgciit-hcArled reference to their XIX TOEL was headed homeward, but •^ not for quite the reason he had given his fellow occupants of the bounding wreck on wheels which Cam had seen him. The Psych paper was written already, nently typed and clipped together, resting in his upper left-hand dresser drawer until the next meeting of Dr. Frick's seminar His only remaining duty in connection with it was to move it along with the rest of his few possessions, to a cheaper room up under Mrs. Funk's drooping late- Victorian eaves. Today was moving day. Two dollars a week was eigh dollars a month. More, really He'd have to see that Ellen got it so she could store it away until i was needed. It wouldn't do I ^hing for Lon but plunge hirr Deeper into the despond back o • a smile daily becoming more 'threadbare and mechanical. I '. wouldn't mean the difference be i twecn those long columns of cal | culation balancing or not balanc ing. But if Ellen had it, s^afel_ ! stored away in an old coftct ja or under a mattress— "Conroy, isn't it?" The voic which spoke beside him migl have cut across th* yean he ha been away from Cartersville. Ye it was a mild voice, * voice wit an air almost of accident abou it. He remembered from the sin gle distant semester of his fresh man career that Dean Austin se dom sounded as it he were aito ether aware of what he was say- ng. "How are you, sir?" Joel paused xilitely. 'JOEL CONROY. Cam said you •^ were back with us, I think, 'arming courses, eh?" "No, sir." They were moving long together as Lhey talked, Joel utting down his longer strides to atch those of the older man. You have a good memory, though, t used to be farming.** 'And now?" lrl re-medical. Not aimed toward a doctor's pranlice, though. I want o get into a good-research labora- ory some day."The Dean, to judge by his stuffed >riefcase and the direction in which he was headed, was en route to his office in the Adminis- ra.ion Building. "Changed your ilans for tliL future, have yon?" "They've been changed for us •sir. For a lot of us, 1 guess. May- the people who'll have to Toot :he bill will figure that we're try- .ng to ride some kind of gravy train. But we want more. We want to do more. A lot of our buddies won't be getting back to do anything, and it's as if we had to accomplish twice as much—" Dean Austin had * faraway look in his eyes. "1 don't think many Americans will begrudge what opportunities you and your fellow veterans will reap from our educational program." "You're never sure how a thing's going to look from the other side of th" fence. Dean Austin. I'm jus one case. A suy who'd have gone back to farming, perfectly happy until about a year ago. And now I've got to get something 1 wan till I ache tor it. I couldn't havi paid to get it before the war. can't pay now. So my right ti have it on Uncle Sam—well, may be they'd be right to question it. The Dean fixed him with a sud 3 den. direct glance around which there clung not the faintest wisp of fog. "Don't you question it Conroy Don't you star- doubting you've earned everything you'll get. It means something else has come alons generally. Something oil want as badly as you want ollegc. or almost as badly or even lore badly. I: divides Tour il- egiance. that something else, and ou start questioning aims you'd ave done murder for a while arlier. That's not good." Joel found himself thinking gain of Lon Ludlow. Lon, he ecognized subconsciously. was lore than just a friend with his .eck in a noose. Lon was Joel Conroy who had—as the Dean put t—divided his allegiance. Suet) a ivision would have seemed righteningly easy only last night. 4 A BOUT finances. Conroy." the Dean was saying. "Your grades are high. I'm a bit sur- •risecl you haven't applied at my tlit-e for a Dean's Award." "A scholarship?" Joel shook his head swiftly. "I hadn't figured 1 rated one, sir. even if my grades vere satisfactory. I'm already receiving subsistence aid from one source." "Carter ofTorE the awards, you enow, to assist men with high standings when. as. and if they need our assistance. It might be to your advantage to slop in it my office and secure an application form, at least." "Thank you, sir." Joel answered softly. He was stili thinking of Lon and Ellen. Such aid would make all the difTercncq in creation to them. But Lon wasn't nailing the grades necessary lo secure it. Lon had started his course too far behind the eight ball. Lon had a family. William Austin coughed gently and brought up bony fingertips to cover his mouth. "It's been a pleasant walk. Conroy, very pleasant. If you decide to apply for one of those scholarships. ." He was off along the walk which cut toward the Administration Building. It was a full minute before Joel stopped staring after him and went on his way from Ihe spol where their nalhs had diverged. vTo Be Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NOBODV to x LAST TIME I V\'A6 HERB) HE VJIXS DEMELOPlMS J A NlTrVAlhi OLJT OR 1 TO GlMe. 1U& LADIES SUPER•SMOOTH SKlM CJMOES INS. TtAE PARK, ORMOMED AW WORE EITHER, 6ET.' VJELU.HE'S A PILLAR !N TH 1 CHURCH. AN THERE'S PART OF TH' COMGRE CVCTIOM--BOV, HE'LL B£ / JUMPED IWTO TH' DITCH TO SHOW US SAPS HOIV TO PLUG A LEAKIM' G*<S MAIK1- IT KNOCKED HIM. AMD THEY'RE WALKIM'TM'GAS OUT OF HIM BORN THIRTY YEARS TCO SOON MISS MASNOtIA BLOSSOM HAVE AM* MOfir cHoaeS Foe. •HER LITTLE, MOW MUCH DID SHE PAY AGCEFT1 rJ& MONEY FOR A! DINGA CHAJtMINA LAOV W DlSTBESS'f A KAMEFUL , SCRAM FROM THIS ' SOKOiP ATMOSPHERE "Tim isn't a happy world for men like him—macaroni and choose was his favorite dish until I started serving it meatless Tuesdays!" Yes, 1 Have a Very GiMitl Idea Hy MICIIAKL O'MALLEY nnd RALPH LANE kfiocUedout some bricks trt tti« fireplace «nd released the electrically-controlled bolt by hand. Then I carried Anita out. I HAD fOUND THE KEY ro FATHIRlb VWUIT ON WIUOUOWBY'S COLLAR AUNT LUCRtTIA TRIED TO HING WU ON THE PHONE. THEN 50MECWE STRUCK WE FROM BEHII NO.VK; HAVEN'T THE FAINTEST IDEA IT WAS QUITE I WS PUNNED sur rr WILL WORKOUT.. SET ME SOMt WATtR IN THE KITCHEN: SEE WHO STRUCK YOU? WASH TUBBS Bv LESSLIB TURNER TOttWI WDMT KNOW TKW FUHllf IOOKIU 1 STOWE MOMIC wisree... WE'RS 6ORR.V HE V.OST IT. SO MtM f. I'UE GOT TO GET IT BUCK. FOR-ER-LNCIE SAM. BUT IPS GONN& BE TOUGH ENOU5H WITHOUT HMJINS HOL1IZ.HELP'. COULO f l«D IHftT Trt' SU'TON SHOES WOT VOJ THINK. PICKED IT UP, TOMIiW! SURE! WE'LL SHOW THfVT DEFECTIVE'. BUT WE GOTTA G6t BUSY! ME V1WHW SOU, WIZZES..., SEEN fc SUSPICIOUS LWKW MW WITH By KRED HARMAN AHMHUE'AT HUPPS JHT WE OUL-un \I WANT 10 SEf. W ft)5f£R «TOK£S HlfA BEFORE IF 50ME60DT SWITCHET3 (AY WILP VtoSS FOR. . 61TL6 Hi* TROOBlE BV eOSH.YNEVEK KNOW WHA7LL HAPPEN NEXT.' PHWE T AM, PRVCTICM.LY A HECO.JUST CA.U5E ^ SOT TOLJSH NVITH JK DAME: GUESS I BETTER MY RESPECTS T'SUZ... HES peos't-^ DYIN' TSEE ME AGMN.' Dial 2231 l'"or Free Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 2016 West Main St. David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20.13 1011 Chickasawba HOOTS AND HKR HUDDIKS .Icop Is Srmtrl By EDGAR MARTIN

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