The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 13, 1971 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 13

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1971
Page 13
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Saturday, February 13, 1971 Ths Ottawa Journal El MacCABE SAYS: A Weekend Roundup iCJ Of 3dds andfEnds, Just Stuff and Nonsense For weeks now, the Canadian Ski Association has been fixed by the unnerving stare of Imminent bankruptcy, and it was considerably more than an idle threat 1 They didn't have any more , money, and they didn't have high hopes of getting enough, soon enough, to continue their program. However, alpine program director AI Raine said last night from Quebec that the crisi9 is over. He didn't know where the money came from or how much, but he aays his understanding, from CSA President Scott FenneU, is that they now have ample money to continue. . ; There had been a report that the national team activities would be cut after this weekend's meet at Mont. Ste. Anne. Now, Ratne, says, they're continuing along the campaign in United States events, following the world tour. v , . . ! .. '. Had Betsy Clifford been In contention for the World Cup, she would have been sent back overseas', when the international circuit moved. But she isn't a contender, and barring unexpected heroic deeds in the , next couple of weeks, she won't be, and so she won't be going back overseas. But, according to Al Raine, it won't be on account of a lack of funds. ' ' ' IMAGINED SLIGHT , . (V There are those now Jumping up and walling because Satchel Paige's plaque in baseball's Hall, of Fame will not be in the regular hall, but in a separate spot being set up to honor old timers from the defunct Negro Leagues. They imagine they see, of course, the evil noggin of segregation rearing its. horny head. The fact Is, the rules of the hall specify: 10 years in the major leagues, Paige didn't have them. He had foun Also, in the leagues in which he played, there were very few records kept, and innacurate statistics. Baseball is a game of statistics. The Induction of Paige into the hall is an acknowledgment of his great skills, and something of en apology from baseball for. sins past. But they can't put him into the regular, hall, according to the rules. Jackie Robinson and' Roy Cam-pattella are Hall people of the first water, and Willie Mays. Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks will be ... so the segregation bleat is hardly valid. 1 .. See where the Royal and Ancient sent Alan Shepard a reminder of a rules violation during his golf- on-the-moon first? There has been no mention so far of what brand of a ball be used, perhaps deliberately. If it is made public, you can see the ads now. Will Brand X go? Farther than any golf ball ever ' to the moon, please! Rivermead Golf Club Superintendent Phil Glover Is in Denver,-Colorado, attending the annual Interna tional Turfgcass Conference and Show .. ; ..The Quebec Golf Association has announced that Claude Dufour, from Islesmere, is Quebec's golfer of the year with a stroke average of 72.75 for the required eight of 1. rounds. Mickey Batten of Beauchateau was second and Guy Cardinal was third. Top Ottawa swinger in the list was Rivermead's Glen Seely. He was sixth. Next Saturday and Sunday, the, -Winter Carnival car racing on ke goes as scheduled at Dow's Lake with Labatt's providing a prize of J 1.000. . . . ; CALLERS HAD ANSWER . A couple of days ago, dealing with some old time ads, one of them describing a house, we mentioned a house had a "kitchen and S.K." and added, whatever that is. A number of people called to answer.' It's a summer kitchen. That was the ,term in the tonler neighborhoods. , . Elsewhere, It was more famrrlar as' the back shed. .... Wllf Parmelee, of the Hunt Club, and a rough-going Rough Rider back in the twenties. Just got back from Jamaica and Florida. ... Detroit Red Wings' Larry Jeffrey, .whose career was abbreviated through a knee injury, has been named Red Wing scout. . . . Edmonton Eskimo Coach Ray Jauch has Just signed a new three-year contract. . . . The Quebec Winter Games, on now until March 7, were helped by a $10,000. grant from the Federal Government's fitness and amateur sports branch. ... Schools for umpires and scorers for Little League baseball will be held February 16. 17, 22 and 23 at 7.30 p.m. at the Elgin Street school. All umpires, or anyone Interested, is invited. For further information, call Bert Coughlin at 234-4983 or Ray Leduc at 234-0614. . . . ' Scorers should call Dick Ager at 733-3972, or Mae Buchanan at 733-1585. ... THREE BALLS FOR A WALK? Charles O. Flnley, who owns the Oakland Athletics and serves as a constant embarrassment to the other owners, is not plumping to change the- rules of baseball to allow a walk on three balls, instead of four. He says it would "speed up the game and put more runners on base." Gump Worsley, sCill kicking them out at 41, has a basic contract of $38,000 a season with $500 extra for tach win, $250 for a tie, and an extra C-note for a shutout. ... A notoriously bad air traveller, Gump says If teams still travelled by train, he'd play until he was 99. But even his terror' in the air doesn't rob him of his Wit. One time, years, ago, we were flying from Chicago to Montreal, and ran into some rough air just after the meals were served. Food and drink flew about, but Gump wasn't partaking. He was bent over, head between his knees. The Stewardess came on the PA system and apologized for the "unexpected bump, and Invited pas-senegrs to submit their cleaning bills to Air Canada. From his hunched position, Gump yelled: "Does that include underwear?" ... - And before we forget! A lady called yesterday to inquire about a hair treatment we ran yesterday, quoted out of The Journal of 1916. To her, and all others who might be tempted, we ran the item for ks novel value, not as a recommended procedure. It might work, but) we don't know. So you're on your own with that one. Nepean Rosts Cage Victory'. Nepean posted a 69-46 win over Borden Friday in the opener of their two-game-total-point high school junior basketball playoff. ' In other playoff games Brookfield downed St. Pat's 67-42 and Canterbury won over Ottawa U 60-52. John.Woollatt led Nepean' with a big 35-polnt effort. Chris Leigh-Smith had 20 for Borden. Tops for Brookfield was Ross Dillon with 18 and Rick Cepella- had 17 for St. Pat's. High man for Canterbury was Paul Hines with 28. Louis Michaud contributed 21 for Ottawa U. . INTERMEDIATE St. Pius X 69; Bell 28. St. Pius X Larry Brown 33. Bell Bob Hutchings 13. Laurier 55; - St. Pat's 46. Laurier Ian Rawes 17. St. Pat's Dan Ryan 21. Ottawa U 51; LaSalle 49. Ottawa U Clem Pelot 17. LaSalle Francois Paris 17. Border! 81; Nepean 40.vBor-den Bob Turner 21. Nepean Dave Muny 19. ' " q SYDNEY, Australia (Reu-ter) The England players hit back after Australia had shot them out for 184 on the opening day of the seventh and final cricket test here, grabbing twowickets for 13 runs by the close. Hamilton Convinced 67s on Top to Stay , By CLEM KEALEY Ottawa (7s own only a piece of first place in the OH A Junior A Hockey League' standings but. talk to the Hamilton Red Wings and they'll tell you they're in a league by themselves. ,'. j . . v ' Following Friday night's polished 7-J win over, the Wings before another standing room only gathering of S.tOl at the Civic Centre, Hamilton owner Nick Durbano said: " "I predicted In the first month of the season Ottawa was the strongest club in the league. Now I know it." Billy Harris, the graying ex-NHL star, who Is the fourth coach Durbano has hired since he bought the club last cummer agreed: "They're strong , . . real strong," Harris admitted. "Tuesday night they beat us 3-1 in Hamilton and they beat us with great goaltending. Tonight they just plain beat us and in both games I really felt my kids played pretty sound hockey."- '. . Even Hamilton defenceman Billy Forrest, who fears he has a touch of mononucleosis and viewed last night's game from the press box says the. players' feeling is the same: - "67s have much more balance than Peterborough and there's no way' we want any part of them in the first round of the playoffs. I believe Murray Wilson is one of the toughest forwards to handle and he hasn't played against us in these games," Forrest said. A lot of other teams are. of the same opinion. A story out of Montreal last week said it'd only be a matter of time ' before 67s overhaul the Petes. So a lot of teams are buying the argument but Peterborough . isn't one of them.. Peterborough doesn't lose at home and seldom on ' the road. And while they're not a flashy outfit they are methodical and plodding and their persistence pays dividends. . Hamilton came m here last night wedged in sixth place in the standings with flickering hopes of overtaking MKarlies for fifth place. They left with no hope if you listen to Durbano and Harris. They also. vame here with two goalies, physically capable of tarting but neither was physicallv capable of showering at the finish. Wings played the last '40 seconds with defenceman Mike Healey In the crease and Harris didn't make the move with the hopes of getting a goal. The face-off . was in the Hamilton zone and Mike Vei-sor, Wings regular goalie, skated over to the bench and Harris said: ' "Tears were coming down his face he was in so much pain. He 'needs at least two, maybe three weeks rest and he's ging to get it. I want him balthy for the playoffs. Veisor started the game but re-injured an old groin injury making a split save hi the second period and Harris took him- out. His replacement was an Indian boy named Merle Pegahmagabow and 'if that doesn't look like a typographical error It'll do until Ell Grba rejoins the Yankees' pitching staff. In any event Blake Dunlop tore In on Merle (everybody's on a first name -basis with him. even his enemies) and caromed a shot off the top of his mask. The puck creased his forehead and banked into the corner for Dunlop's second goal of the night and his 31st Summary Pint PtrM 1 Hamilton, Moheod (1 - HMliy, Moxey) .... Il 3 Ottowo, McShetfrey (17) (Merrick LHl . 17.17 Penoltlee: Potvln (Oil) 4 04. Hlckey (Horn) JS. Tosh (Om II.M. found Porto i Hamilton, Money (t) - - (Nooly, Hfoliyl ... .N 4 Ottawa, McSheffrey (M) (Merrick. Potvln) 10.S7 5 Ottawa, MorrK (14) (Loo, Potvln) . 13.0S 4 Ottawa, Dunlop (30) (Bobootto, French) 1131 7 Hamilton. Moxey (10) (Nooly) 14.47 Ponaltlos: Koolor (Ott) (doubt minor), Gllbort (Ham) (doublo minor) 4.41, Potvln (Ott) S.M. Jolly (Horn) 11.14, Jolly (Ham) 11.41. Third Portod Ottawa, Morrlck (15) (McSheffrey. Horllck) S. 0 Ottawa, Dunlop (31) (Bobborto, Horllck) t.U ltt-Ottowa. Cowoll (3) (Bobbotto, Barker) ... H.3S Ponaltloi: Tosh (Ott). Mahood (Ham) 4.49, French (Ott) 0.45, KHltr (Ott), molor, Mahood (Ham) major, Nooly (Ham), Cowoll (Ott) 13.17, Morrlck lo.SS. Shots on goal by: , OttOWO IB 11 M-Al' Hamilton . .. I 7 11 Goallee: Larocquo, Ottawa Volier, pogohmogabow, Hamilton. Attendance: ,01. Standings i OWL 4S 30 10 4 30 11 43 M 11 44 IS IS Ottawa Peterborough Montreal k. St. Catharine Toronto 45 10 Horr.IHon .-. II M London .... 45 15 13 Kitchener .... 41 17 14 Oihawa . Niagara Palls T P A P illtll $ 111 135 OS 114 HI SS 4 134 174 54 7 144 J 41 1 171 134 30 7 171 1M 37 1 170 IN 3o 41 11 15 7 HI lit ! 44 7 34 S 141 174 17 MSULTS FRIDAY Montreal, S Niagara Falls, 4. Kitchener. S: London, 1 Ottawa, 7t Hamilton, 1. OAMRS TODAY Montreal at Oshowa. St. Catharine at Toronto, of the season. Merle was stretched out for a couple of minutes and-left the game "with a minor concussion. Veisor hobbled back in ' and this gritty performer allowed only one more goal that to rookie Jim Cowell late in the' game. And on that play he damaged his groin more. In addition to Dunlop's pair, -Wayne Merrick and Bryan McSheffrey also hit for two apiece to round out the Ottawa total. Merrick was at his glittering best all night. When Harris 'learned, Just before game time on the phone from Hamilton that the, club physician, had studied defenceman's Forrest's blood tests and ordered him benched immediately, he dressed another forward and threw to- Twim ev. - -m , .-Kmfr it ".-.- 0 V mm ONE OF MANY PICTURE GOALS Last night's OHA' hockey game-at the Civic Centre, which 67s won 7-3 over Hamilton, was brimming with picture play goals. Above Blake Dunlop is shown scoring one of them. Ron Bobbette fed Dunlop on a two-on-one situation with Hamilton defenceman (No. 5) Mike Boyle .back and Dunlop stuffed it in the top corner for his first of two for the night. -Bryan McSheffrey and Wayne Merrick also scored twice for Ottawa before another standing room only trowd of 9,901. ' (Joomol Photo by Dominion Wide) getlher a fourth line. -The other forward was Jim Moxey and the line scored all three Hamilton goals. Moxey with two and Doug Mahood with his first of the season. 67s get a holiday today from practise with the Civic Centre booked for another engagement. The Niagara Falls Flyers play here Sunday night with game time 7.30 p.m. 4 MEN'S AND BOYS' APPAREL STORES 1 TO SERVE YOU 0t your plotts as soon as you can. C.W. wrlfts What art ft most common reasons for on tngln falling to start In cold Wtathtr? You have until midnight of tht 28th of February to get your new Licence Plates. If you try driving after that date with 1970 Plates the police will certainly remind you with a summons that you have broken the law. The new plates, which ore white numbers on a blue background, hove been on sale since the tirstot December and so far there has been only a very small percentage of some two and o half million licences sold. The "Ontario Department of Transport reports that last year more than half of licence plates sold were Issued during the lost two weeks of February. This caused chaos at the Issuing offices. To make things easier on everyooay including yourself Two of the .mosT common causes are battery failure and an untuned engine. An automatic choke which does not work properly would be listed as a third reason for failure, to Start.. . For any questions pertaining ' to your car, call or write Mr. Jack Dustan at Minute Car Wash 270 Catherine Street. Questions will be answered every Saturday In this column. '1Ls29 mm mm mm mm wm mm mm mm warn mm mm irrT I, ... i . mi in ERSS Look ... Now Just 9'4 SQUARE F00TI 32" x 8' First Quality 4mm. Lauan Save On Finest Quality Doublacoat Whit 12x12" CEILING TILES SI 34- TILE In Carton Lets mm 64 SQ. FT. PER CARTON! SALE 3 DAYS ONLY I Starts Monday Ends 6 p.m. WadnesAryt nunlihi Buv! Post Formed COUNTER TOPS FULL S' LONG Don't Miss This CASHWAY PRICE SWASHER Vflluell! I No. 1 Common 1 Bettor S harts RED OAK FLOORING 13 off $ Our Reg. Price' 98m 40'B(fc(xl")$3.92 4?Bdfe(3.xln)$4.41 . Wfcata Ttoy Lmf Sites As Stocked 2x4-8's ECONOMY GRADE SPRUCE H" 1 M.T. tt-SfA.Awiloble .41 0 0R bwSd 8.90 doors514.75 7-0 (Mi HoreWt (lira) SH-Extintishing Rigid Fooml 1 "7 7 INSULATION 4' x - $ 11 77 Slightly Higher North Boy, Soo. Sudborv dii 1 !' J"in!IVTai!aT MAHOGANY 4' x 7' $-27. 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