The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1947
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1947 Ex-Convicts Face Serious Charges After Surrendering, Pair Confess Rape, Shooting of Students BY JAMES HUG UK S (United Press Staff Correspondent) NEILLSVILLE, Wis., Nov. 19 — (UP)—Two young ex-convicts who admitted killing a war veteran and raping his .sister-in-law for "Just about no reason at all", were in Madison. Wis., today to face murder and rape charges. Buforrt Sennett, 22, and Robert Winslow, 23, surrendered meekly late yesterday at a farm where they had stayed for 11 hours while policu closed in upon them, cautiously, in anticipation of a deadly mm battle. Sennett and Win.slow gave tSiem- selves up without resistance when authorities told them over a loudspeaker that they would be "hurt" unless they came out with iiidr hands up. State prosecutors were expected to demand life imprisonment i.'r BIATHKVILLK (AUK.) COUUIEU NEWS Truman s Message to Congress Wins Praise and Brickbats, Too the pair. Wisconsin has no capital 1 " eve ' ls . reall> ' punishment. of An «nca ami * _ . . . M«*ui VnrV" T Scimeu and Winslow had oc-j:i sought since Saturday when Jj;ieL Ann Rosenblatt, 19-year-old University of Michigan student from Cleveland, O.. told police that the then raped her several times, I Yesterday the two men sought ! refuge al the farm of Window's j brother-in-law. George Schultz, near Colby, Wis. Sehultz refuseJ ;o take them in and then notified authorities as soon a_s they had drncn away. The men confessed shortly after they cave up. Didn't Plan Killing They told Deputy District Attorney William J. Coyne of Madison that they "didn't plan thc killing pened." They gained just 40 cents and Carlson's watch. Coyne said they told of picking up their victims on a highway outside of Madison last Friday. Carlson had just met the girl in Madison where she intended to SCR the Wisconsin-Michigan footbiil game Saturday. Carlson and Lhe girl were hitchhiking to Badger Village, student- veteran housing project near Bamboo, Wis., where Carlson lived with his wife and three-months-nld daughter. Carlson, a world War II veteran, was attending the University of Wisconsin. ' Bennett, told Coyne that Carlson and the girl were in Lhe front -seat with Winslow, who was driving. "I dozed off and when I woke up the man (Carlson) was looking at Bob with sort of a vague expression on his face," Coyne quoted Semiett as saying. "1 figured lie was suspicious of us »o I shot him twice in Hy United Pres» 4- Editorial comment on President Truman's address before the open-! ins session of the special session of Congress: New York Times—The President's address ... was by almost any test genuniely commendable effort, reflecting both In its form and substance the application of much time'and painstaking thought. New York Herald-Tribune—Tills is undoubtedly a moderate, even a minimum, program for any real attack upon Inflation. Nc>v York Dally News—So, if High Tax Hurry has his way. we'll soon be on the road back to wartime police-stale restrictions. New York Daily Mirror—This thing delivered to Congress appears At a glance to be not so mucii program for America as n program to lead us down to tliu socialist:? standards of the nations that are begging our capitalistic help. New York Daily Worker—President Truman's message to the spec ial session of Congress had little lo do with realities... The Communist Party's relief program, we be- attuned lo Ihe needs :l Europe. New York Post—All-out support of the I're.iiitent's program will win thc peace. Atlanta Constitution—Before Mr. Truman spoke there was every rea- Nazi Industrialist, Who Aided Hitler, How Wants To Depart from Germany BERLIN. Nov. 19 Thyssen. one of Ihe (UP)— Frit* German industrialists who financed Adolf Hitler's rise to power, has applied lor permission to leave Germany and go to Argentina. Tliyssen's application, for himself and his wife, wns tiled with the K»ny ''u Spot PAGE SEVEN SKWAKU. Neb. tUP)-. Police should not have too much Inmbla spoiling nil automobile reported stolen here. It belongs lo Ihe cliy nntl lettered on both doors are the words: "Ullj 1 >Vnler Ucpnrtmcnl combined travel board branch of-' 81 Wn i"> Springs of the lute I WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 IUP1 — Postmaster General Robert E. Hnn- ncgnii today presented to (lie Roosevelt. Warm Springs Memorial Commission a framed collection ot 1'26 commemorative stumps issued WAKN1NCJ OKDDK during the presidency of Franklin In Itir Chancery Court, IX Roosevelt. j ba Dlstrtcl, MUil.slpiil Ommly, Ivnn Allen, chairman ot [he com-. ~~ ~~ " —" inislon, accepted the memorial at n| Inlet ceremony held In the Post O[- Jlce Department.-The frame will be placed in the Little White House in Warm Springs, Ga., where Mr. Roosevelt died April 12, 1945. Hanncf-nn said the collection woul.l constant reminder to Arkansas. Nancy Huckhannon Plaintiff, vs. No, Henry liuckhunnou llvlciulnnt. The defrtiicliinl Henry liuckluin- noii Li hereby wauial lo appenv wlililn thirty days in Hie court mimed lit Iho caption .hereof and answer thc complntnt (if the platn- llff Nancy Huckhaunon. lulled this B clay ot November, fice In Wiesbaden, where the 15- year-old former steel magnate reportedly Is convalescing in a Oerman hospital. Thyssen asked permission lo Join his daughter In Argentina. He said his-German citizenship was >nki>n awny from him under o. special law ordered by Hitler. Stassen Seeks Primary for GOP in State LITTLE ROCK, Al'k., Nov. 19.(UPI—Hill-old E. Stassen said io- son to believe help to Europe would 1 day he would request a Repu'bll- ' ca " presidential primary in Arknn- the emergency measure. But ninny congressman, alarmed at the drastic domestic controls thus associated with foreign assistance, will be Inclined to proceed more cautious ly. Atlanta Journal—The President has spoken courageously, constructively and for the common good In a crucial hour. The American people will not be deceived by clap-i,ran political lalk about "economic dictatorship." sas and added that he was prepaied to stand a substantial portion o! thc estimated $40.000 cost. Slassen made the announcement yesterday Just before he left Little Rock via plane lor New Orleans, lilt next stop on his speaking tour through 12 stales of thc South and Southwest. The ex-Minnesota governor said his attorneys would draw up the necessary legal [onus and that they would be filed with Wallace Town- Miami Herald—H is going to oe I send. Arkansas' national Republican [hard for our people generally and ! commiuceman. I for the Congress in particular to be I Stassen, while Appearing willing I told that they must submit lo war- to share the expense of the lirst , tune controls and probable ration- preferential Republican prlmim- ing and be asked at the same time " [ to take on billions of debt to " tain Communism" In Europe Congress had better forget Europe and solve the American emergency first. Read Courier News Want Ads. Iho stale's history, predicted thu't financial assistance would be .probated among candidates competing for the state's 14 convention votes, A new electronic stopwatch can now measure thc speed of atomic n it ides to one-thousandth of millionth of ft second. the : head and once in the ribs. "Then I dragged the girl in the back seat with me," Coyne said Winslow later lirwl one more shot Into the body "Jii:;i to make sure he was good and dead." The you rig wo in an t ol d office rs that Winslow and Sennett stuftcJ her brother-in-law's body in thi car trunk and drove about for several hours. Then they weighted it with a larjje rock and a six-lool i log chain and dumped it in the ' Wisconsin River. [ Eil Williams, u rug gist CITY DRUG CO. E. Main SI. Phone 25J2 dent's ki'cii Interest In slumps. Workman Falls 75 Feet When Scaffold Breaks \ i MOIIGANTOWN. N. (;., Nov. inj <UP) — A broken plunk on » wn- or tank scaHoliHiiB 15 feet In (he nlr was bkimed ttxlny (or the loath of a 31-yrnr-olcl riveter who w*» fatally hurt when lie plunged o Hie ground. ; Earl Mnvcus of Klnuspoi'l. Term., lived only a few inimiles nftei the; iticldenl H(. uns worklni; on » new Unk at nearby Glen Alplno yeslertlay wlicu IDc l)oanl nave way. Marriage License* The follott'inK eouplos obtained narrlrt^e yesterday In tae office of Miss Elizabeth lilyllic. county clerk. James T. Tunicy of Blythriille and Miss Delphta Uaws of HCUCM- Sprit\i»,s. , Eivrl Huffoiih of Pcvcly, Mj., anil Miss Hcmlcc Pirtle of fc'stus. Mo. 1947. HARVEY MO1WIS, Clerk By IkUy Peterson, deputy. O. r. Cooper, Ally, for Flif. Ed B. Cook, Attr ad Utem. It Isn't Too Late to Order Your Christmas Cards! II Isn'l (<M> lnti> lo (inU'r you r (;iiris(miis Curds! \Ve luive ninny hcauliful curds from which an ex- flusive select iun may In 1 mtult'. And you miiy liuve (liom [H'tsoniili/i'd in' unpnnti'cl, us you choosv. Special! NORCROSS Assorted Christmas Cards Imprinted with Your Name Box of 20 We also iH'ijioimli/.i', u-illi our now gold sliimi>ii\n iiiiichiiu', ii;ipkins. tun! flics, sltilunu'ry, <1iarit's null oilier leather ({(mils. SAMUEL F. 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