Daily News from New York, New York on October 22, 1963 · 210
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Daily News from New York, New York · 210

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1963
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3 -a n 2: -J 3 2HDOT2 Q3THU HK f C IT SO VOU SEE, SMALLMOOTH BASS. DOC REALLY DOES OWE ME 16POO. BUT WHERE DO I COME IN? I DELIVERED KlGSKIN PARSON TO VOU. r BUT WHERE DO I COME IN? T YOU DID IT OH DOC U YEAH fVE COT TO V J J I DELIVERED "PIGSKIN" J ORTA'S ORDERS. YOU'LL A f GET MY PlPl ; ri HAVE TO CTyVOUR PAY g FAY FROM . -v I J.ts . I I FROM ) V MV MY FOSTER (LjS J r " 7 " fl I DOC X V FATHER, c-ty GOREN.on By CHARLES If. GOREX Both vulnerable. West deal. NORTH A Q 7 5 V A K3 63 A KQ1092 WF.ST HAST aV A 3 A 6 4 2 V J 109 52 VQ4 A H I 2 4 J i 7 5 AAS AJ763 soi;th A K J 10 9 8 76S Kg io The hiiUlinis: West Nerth Fast South IV 2 X Pass 2 A Pais 4 A Pass Pass Pan Opening lead: Jack of hearts. West did not manage his assets properly in defending today" fur-spade contract and, by re leasing one of his aces pre maturely, he handed over control or the proceeding: to the declarer. West opened the bidding with one heart and North over-called with two clubs. South bid two apadea in an effort to improve the contract, and North pro-ceedeJ directly to game in that BUlt. West opened the jack of hearts ami the kintr was played from dummy. Declarer observed that h-t must lose three aces and loss of a heart also stared him in the lace. He must therefore estab IisIt a discard before the assault on dummy's heart holding was Completed. The diamond suit appeared to Point Count Summary Charles H. Coren's Point Count Bidding Summary is available in handy folder form. It is for sale at 10 cents at The News Information Bureau or by mail. Mail orders should be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope and should be sent to BKIDGK. P. O. B rMJ. Grand Central Station, New York 10017. CROSSWORD PUZZLE 1I vision jt t fth lnfuma Mr ma Wlnkl r1n1r wfrk Footstool ieniirierl Inrtuenc Tin I n Ircrf I w Hlark Mrd Moleoiil part J umhle or mixtur Take br-k Armadillo Kirwt (am of a aertt Mkr into law Salver Clark anaka Rwera Kr friend Section 1 rela nfl Wfdl "tat . Burrowing animal Tantrum 4. Run off to wet! . Flower lf t .lkiliK( area I. Mini nickname i Sap Flower 1U Triflin It. Sliava IS Rodenta M. Arrow poison 21. Al a distance 11. Tempi it Flutter S4. Cintuered 2. Scalding JT Krach across 2. Period of hiatorv 2 Time unit SI Slliuer J. Family Una J . Sinua 36. Three-banded armadillo 37. F.ruptlva hot aprlng S9. Make apeeches 44. or an 41. Till. 4 2 Sour 4i. Wutk hard 4. Mt lltal 47 Work unit 44 Born l. Word of ret ugal DOWN 1 Menagerie 2. .M'Twi 3 Utipmw nlrlr It T1 14 tv:::ls It la k:x-39 ha in www1 w . 3 u u :s M: W-.WW, y. '-yy, '.'y :: WWW1 W. -w- LLL - ? 44 9 v:; "ia j. " jj- " f A nsw rr to puzzle on page 48) offer the beet hope, for declarer tacked the quick entries to his hand required to lead profitably toward North's club honors. A small diamond was led at trick two and the king wa3 played fiorr. the closed hanj. Since West could not hope to capture any biirirer prize, he took the king with the ace and continued with another heart driving out North's last stopper. South led another diamond from dummy and finessed the ten i't his hand. When it held the trick, he cashed the queen of diamonds and discarded North's eisrht of hearts. A heart was ruffed with the queen of spades, anc declarer proceeded to drive out the ace of trumps and later conceded his third and final loser to the ace of clubs. West' was guilty of a serious tactical mistake when he accepted the king of diamonds at the second trick. It is extremely na've to assume that South would disregard dummy's club holding in favor of leading toward an unguarded king so early in the play. Therefore, he is marked with the queen of diamonds and Ai k ri:w:NT New elastic membrane will Revolutionize Denture Wearing The big difference between natural teeth ami denture is in per-ormartre. Now this difference is smaller due to a new invention. Natural teeth are held solidly in plw-e by livinff connective ti.ue. Without connective tissue, even the nMwtt expennive dentures may slip ami rtx-k. (iumt often get raw and sure. Constant rubbing may cause serious bone damage. Eating can be liana and difficult You speak less clearly. You dare not laugh for fear of dentures dropping down. rV(HC chemmta have developed an rCiir-iaf connective membrane tltooBNT. It connects dentures with gums and mouth surfaces. It itt increiliMy effective for both 11 p-faars ami lowers. Fn.xriT elastic membrane ab-ortia the shock of bill tig and chewing protects gums from bruuung and irritation. You eat faster bite harder, without pain and enjoy your food more. You may eat the hard-to-chew foods your body craves like steaks, fruits, vegetables thus preventing "denture malnutrition." a problem of older people. FixoDK.NT helps you apeak easier without tiring faster, more clearly. When dentures slip you uncon-si-iou.sJy hold them in place with tongue and cheek muscles that tire and ache unbearably. Ki.xode.nt helps prevent mum le strain. The special pencil point dispenser enables you to spot Kihodknt with precision no shilling no oozing over. Kixooknt usually lasts round-the-clork. resists hot drinks, alcoholic beverages. Get I ixooknt at all drug counters. When mouth towue change, see your deotiftt. poss:bly the jack as well. West h;.s nothing to gain by releasing his ace. Observe that, by permitting tle king of diamonds to hold the second trick, W est deprives de- rlare of access to his hand in time to obtain a discard for North's eight of hearts. If South switches his attention to the club suit. West puts up the ace and drives out the ace of hearts. Declarer must try for an immediate discard of hit losing heart on the third round of clubs West ruffs in however with the three of spades, cashes the ace of diamonds and waits for the setting trick with his high trump. Shah Reappoints Prime Minister Tehran, Oct. 21 (Reuters) Prime Minister Assadollah Alam was reappointed today by Shah Mohammed Keza Pahlevi and invited to form a new government. He will now announce his pro gram to the Parliament elected la.st month and seek a vote of confidence. Rednauts Get Tcp Marx East Berlin, Oct. 21 (Reuters) Visiting Russian Astronauts Valtina Tereshkov and Yuri Gagarin received today the order of Karl Marx, the highest East German award, from Communist leader Walter Ulbricht, the East German news agency ADN reported. 3 Rooms Superb New Furniture 30 Pc. 3-R00M OUTFIT Crest M99 wkly. it K MM II as. ltti Kim Slcvr 7 tc litem Set ten. TV. ttiit. It 9 SI Disk. MxtiM SCHLOSSMANS'i Eatiaac Tbtaaa Star Cm t Mf W tlMn Wl t JuutN Broax, Mr. Fish. CY 2-1 3S2 SKI AK.. rcUMI IAXKU T. (star ALEXANDER'S) Meah.. Mr. Fera. LO 5-7777 sin all. SAIN SITU am klya. Mr. lose. CL Mill i-n ri. Nr umiii sr. (Hut Is B0HACK1) I to llalloivecii Goodies An assortment of tested recipes such as Candied Grapefruit Pumpkin, Chewy Popcorn Balls and Apples on a stick are in the leaflet, "Halloween Goodies." For your copy send a large stamped, self-addressed envelope with the name of the leaflet written on the inside flap to The Food Editor, The New. 220 E. 42d SU New York, X. Y, 10817. Or come to The News Information Bureau. $40 A MONTH OR EVERY 3 MONTHS BUYS STOCK Choice of 1 200 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange You arc eligible for dividends as toon as stock is purchased. Start any tune. Na penalty if you stop. You enjoy all the benefits of our service to investors. Writs far iudjet Maa ksaktet THOMSON & McKINNON 2 Bnadway. New York 4 HAntver 2-51 09 MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE mfd(B the ONE place to call for V7 the minute you want it U Call Beneficial to get cash double fast. Clean up leftover bills, take care of expenses, you name-it. The folks at Beneficial like to say "Yes!" Call . . . now! Loans up to (300 Your loan can be life-insured at low cost BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. OF NEW YORK. INC. OVER IOO OFFICES Beneficial Finance System has over 100 offices throughout the Metropolitan Area of New York ... in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Putnam. Rockland. Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk ... and throughout New Jersey ana Connecticut. WHERE TO CALL.: Look Up BENEFICIAL FlNANCB Co. in the white pages of YOUIl telephone directory for the office nearest you. Here are the addresses of a few of the more than 100 offices: MANHATTAN BRONX OFFICES DOWMTM 1J B -.?d t. F.ittraw 1 John Strict B 7-406 E. 42nd Sl-50 1. 12 2d 1. MU 2-57M JEROME AVE. 27 E. 170th St. Hptwi Towmrnd Wilton JE T-4W RlVERDALElvi W. 331st St, Kl (-24H BROOKLYN QUEENS OFFICES FIFTH AVE. 175 Fifth Are, Cnnwr I ltd Street ST 1-4702 CANARSIE I4M Roekswr Ywxf Nl -2H KINGS HIGHWAY 1712 Kings HW,r. Nrct to ATaloa Thr. 2d 4. DE 1-714 GLEN DALE 60-97 Myrtle In. Gr. Ft, Car. Frna Pod Rd. VA I-04OS OAKLAND G'DENS !- SpcM. BM, Near Harare Harding Blvd. BA 4-7ZU WHITESTONE 14-34 I90U St. IN I- fEmerson . i if Big 16" Picture TV AMERICAN MAOEI MODEL 1340 AC-OC OPERATION Now at Your Local Emerson Dealer rata,. An - w s j 5 a

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