The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1947
Page 13
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER -18, 1947 *T,YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWH PAGE THIRTEEN Classify Advertisements for Sato, Misc. KolpolDt tsbletop stec-trlc rsnK*. Can be seen at Home Service & Storage Co. Mrs. J»m« B. Clark, phont 2450. lllll-ck-'U ~ ~ FOR SALE Browning Automatic Shotgun 13- lauge 30 Inch Pull. 185-00. One or two room oil heater $15. nudio and recon i>lsj«r, n«w: wal nut bedroom sulW: ll.lnn room «uH«: platform rocker; 2 end tables; I lloor ismps; telephone table: breakfast room a«t: oil heater, new: occasional table 1%0 W. Main. phon« 27M. • 14X11 Tent. 1 luggage tra >r North 10th St.. third house North ol the Mllroaa. 11 18-PJL-25 7-B rnternat'onal disk, scalloped blades »-B 1H C disk. » liottom lir«iMn» plows. 8fe .1 W. Wldner. Yarbro, Ark Phone 6C9. Lost- lUwsrd for 1« jewel ladlea Eleln atch with 2 diamond tettlnii. «llver band. Call 22^7. tlno-pk-16 Lost - lu postolllce. billfold containing money and charg-a-plate. Return to Jrtsls BrlU, Accessory Sliop, Hotel Nobls. Ull4-pkl« A radiotrician lo«t a tiny »lld« rule when he leaned out of the cockpit or nn Mrplflne Jlylnit over Ohio. He tried lor a week in Cincinnati to buy a similar Instrument without success He finally placed a "Lost" ail "lor a sll<fe rule lost from an airplane" The next day a woman nhoned that her son had round pomethlnK answering the description. U was the, mlsslnx slide tuic. found by a 10-year-old child who had- picked It up In his back yard, Nofic* For S3 IP OLD COURIER NEWB OFFICE The congresfttlon of the church nl Promised Hind wlshus to oxi» D.eli Uf>pr«clMtlOn lo Mr. C. F. Tucker to\ his contribution of $100 paid theh oilier frli-ndK in town who contribute! ~ 180.75. to tlie.r bu.ldliiR fund. llltB-pk-19 Rebuilt Army Bhoet »3. Army O •hoe packs Hnltord'i Shoe Shop. ft. Second. . UU-pfc- Call 3162 or 2245 One 20 cubic foot deep freezlnK re- frlger»tlon box. »175 cash. Bouthern Tee Cream Co 400 West Ash lllll-pk-l t!19 For On* Ciuhman, ScooUr for ule. inform at Lon call 3891. ittery fed turkeys. Give your or- now. PleVard'a Grocery. 1044 ika&awha. hPone »«. llil5-ck-2? New quilts and («kther pillows. 1901 Alh St. Phone «M. Illl7-pk-20 Help Wanted, Male MAN WANTED TO Srjnnr.KD T Vance for 1500 famllv Ha*v>!<*h bull ne« In North Pemlfcot County. M* 1 Products eoM W" vea re . r>r*n»nent 1 you are A hu'tter. Writ- R*wl*l<rh' AV.K-210-123S. M-irmhlu. Tonn. or ". W Barbovir 810 LlllT ft.. Bl*«\.rlll. Ark. ' Uin-Dlt-a Lost and Found WbtU and brown bird doc. 40 lb». call KM. 115 Reward. llUT-pk-20 LOST - - One 1838 Mercury hub-cap In thw Wclnltf of Blytherllle Sundair. rinde: please call or return to Courier Newi • and ask for Rodgera. Wanted to Buy WANTED 20.000 1'OUND* PECANS Don't Btl\ till roil C«t Our Bid Blythcvillc Curb Market 190 Eait M,1ln St. Phone $73 WANTED t« bur fsrm tractors ixd machinery. Btste price snd condition, Cleo Muw«lman. Oacrol*. town. lH8-Dk.-l2!U JtntM Ttrry (SEAL) Notary Public. My commission expires 1-19-50. A newcomer In llie bcllciy r»dlo I palm of a hand, lias a 10O-mil« field U small enough to fit Into lh* reception range, full band selection and dial tuning, Read Courier Newt W>nl Adi. Odd chln«. Rl»M. Old buttons etc Csll or write C. T. Lysler, telephone 293H, 1131 Wnlnul St. 11113.pX-JO Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 'camring: Beauilful handwork; pllln cases, baby clothes, Aproua, etc ilso: Homemade cakes and cnmllr >ood booth with everything fres from the country LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer Raines Better prizes (none le&8 than S5) Sensational new bingo cards Bingo starting promptly at 8:00 FM All at the LeKlon Hul Sponsored by Ludlei or the Catholic •hurch . ll|ll-ck-12lll NOTICE Notice Is hereby Riven th»t the undersigned will within (he time fixed by law apply lo the Commissioner of Revenues of (lie Stale of Arkansas for a porinit lo Ml! beer i retail at Ensl Side, Highway 77. Etowah, Mississippi County. The underslRnpri state.s Hint he Is a cilizon of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never Ijecn convicted ol a felony or other crime ] involving moral tur'pllmte; that no ! license to sell beer by the under- | .signed has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the lale of alcholic liquors. M. W. Gird ley Subscribed and sworn Lo before me this n day of November, 1947. Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Slir T. L. MABRY 4!l MISSOURI ST. Private Rooms Large bedroom, close 311) W. Walnut. Nice bedroom, men only. 613 Wa.1- ut. Phone 2496. Llll5-pk-22 Studio piano, excellent Itione 2683. 118 W. Cherry. Bedroom. '314 rf Ninth Phone 23311 10122 pk 11122 men only, 713 Chlckasaw- niia-Dt-21 Bedroorr ba. Wanted to Buy The owner or *n. antique = shop In WashlnRton tried Tor thr«« y«»ra to locate & rare B«t of Mri-^ellFin fruit dlihes. He ntaced a Want Ad In a QnflX drift newspaper. After all ottier etforta had fall erf, the ad brought forth the rare Items. Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Cfothing. GULF Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. V. Richards New Operator Featuring: -^ Gulf Courtesy -j^ That Good Gulf Gat Tires, Batteries Accessories Discount Ra!e to Trucker* Open G:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends THE 9TORY1 CHDI, rnnTlncm • uw tlint Joe] IB JH lovr nllH her, '!• ecBlatjcjillr happy the •lornlnic allrr the /Ire and their late canoe ride. B«t her eaatlea topple when Maarlxe reeelre* a bauq««i of Ilonera froaa Joel, with • aule apolaftialaa; for Hat • avlajc KOIlea back lo finl«a *r their dale laat Hlxat •»« ••hlac H her <ov ame-ther loatcht. •^ m • * XVIII 'T'HE bright, wordless song inside •*• her was making itself felt no longer, by the time that morning's class«s were over. It was ridiculous- to have let a simple note and an armful of white asters upset her so. After ill, Joel must be wanting to make It up to Maurine for the^ cavalier fashion in which he had tossed her to Herbert. Yet all during the lecture on Political Science, which she would haye found absorbing only yesterday, Cam had been staring thoughtfully out of the classroom window toward the blue hills hanging in th* distance. When the dismissal bell brought an end to her period of captivity at Last, her note! ior the highly instructive hour Just ended consisted of a pageful of double hearts pierced by arrow*. She tried lo shake oft this sharp ^\ senseless feeling of disap- ^fcintment ai she cut across the brick walk of the middle campus on her way back toward College Hill and lunch. One minute alone with Joel himself, she knew, and everything would be right again. Voices called out to her—"Hey. ther*. Cammie!" and "Walt for me, Austin!" and "Cammie. about th« pledge tea at the house." But the passed them by quickly Be- ciuw they were friendly »nd well-meant, they 'were worth a vivid if unseeing smile as .she warded them off. But none of them really touched her. None was her concern. "H«j. Caror It camt »t her th« way a doxen other greetings had come during her walk across campus. "How's the beautiful fire vic- :im recuperating?" And for one split second, so alien was the Breezy salute to what she had 3een thinking and feeling, she 'ailed entirely to recognize who lad shouted it or from where it lad come. Then its source became aching- clear to her. A jaloppy had come careening with the abandon of a ioyous drunkard along the driveway behind l»er. Now it was rolling across the inlcrsection where she had halted, blilhely unaware of an adyerse traffic light. And Joel was one of four laughing figures in its rear seat. • • • NE of his arms was lifted toward her in utterly friendly and utterly transient salute as the improbable equipage bucked past. The other arm. Cam noted, lay with equally negligent comraderie iround-the shapely shoulders of that red-headed Betty Lawrence who had been her own runner- up for Queen of the Harvest Ball last November. "How did you survive that soul- searching session out on the river?" Joel's voice had begun to fade out already as the ialoppy flung itself onward in the general direction of the Kandy Kitchen, it trailed back to tier with a casual friendliness which seemed to Cam. as she stood there, far worse even than hatred would have been Before she could have answered it—if. indeed, there had been anything to say—the tire- borne ruin and its passengers were out of earshot. The ialoppy rolled into a parking space not too far ffrjm Ozzie Kremolka's familiar door, and halted with • macabre flourish which threatened its flapping fendert. The gang piled out of it. unfolding from improbable angles made necessary by the cramped quarters where four had occupied space designed for two. Betty Lawrence was laughing is sh* smoothed down her piaid skirt in the general direction of bobby socks nf a matching red. "Joel, you cnn't leave us! Even ex-heroes have to eat, and that lupid Psych paper of yours will wait for a. hamburger!" "Sorry." Joel said. "You guys tnew you were shipping dead weight when you gave me a lift." "What," demanded Betty of the world at large, "have a lot of sta- istics on behaviQrism got that 1 haven't got? Didn't you ever hear of the pace that kills, soldier? And about all work and no play?" "1 play. Plenty. But not today, :hanks. We'll try it soon again." • * * T_TE waved to the three others *"*• grouped at the curb and started on his way, wide shoulders thrust forward a trifle against the chill portent of autumn in the wind which tunneled among th« campus elms across the way. He liked Betty Lawrence. If she was all surface, with none of those unexpected cool, deep places in her personality which one came upon in a girl like—for instance— Cam Austin, there was nothing wrong with surfaces, provided they were pleasant, gay. and not apt to crack at the wrong moment. There had been one such moment last night when his own surface had come treacherously close to cracking. His breath still caught when he imagined the swirling turbulence into which he might have been plunged if he had not this morning streaked back for shore. It would have been easy, so perilously easy. But he had retreated. He had run for his life. And today he had been able—hadn't he?—to shrug oft the whole danger as a thing which never was And Cam. looking so poised and pleasant back at the traffic crossing, certainly coultl have wanted it no other way. There had been nothing but graceful indifference in her return to his greeting. <T« Be Continue*) Dial 2231 For Free Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Qualify Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 2016 West Main St. NOTICE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams j 16 COMING TO SOTOORN AT . ^ I MANOR--* WOULD VOU 5W THIS WOUS1M& NEEDED A. eiT OF ^ ...ACHING UP? \SHW WOULD IT )^ (COSTTO RESTORE IT uul ""' y K TO TIP-TOP ' NOTAMV A\OR5THf\N IT ? \ WOULT3 T^KE TO < 1 "TOUCH UP' THE WRECK OFTM& HESPERUS.'— 6IK WEEKS OF LABOR. A^D 48 NEV^J PARTS, I'D SAV ROUGHLY/ "UHW&TOO" ROUGHLY rf COLONEL'S LAO> ^W/ BE -SISTERS UNDER TH' HIDE, BUT MISTER O'GRADYAW' MISTER BRAPV KAJN'T BROTHERS ON TH' IMSIPE. FRKCKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL SuOSSEl Sweat. You Serf* ST YOU*. SUVZS ON TUT \ LtKJe CM IS ! DAD'LL EXPtCr I TO Me ' RO OOHf WH6M :ers BACK/ 1 OOCeCLAVUH, Y3U WORKIN UP A STORM/ 1 JfST KATE MYSELF FO< IP HER. BROTHER'S SO \VEAK., HOW I YOU CANT COME HE PLAfS / ALWAYS TELL BASKETBALL? / ABOUT THESE . ARISTOCRATS/ SURE. WF UNDEKSWMO lie PRO&AULY HAS "Yes, w* wanted a coupe originally, but I intended to change the order—since then we've got two more passengers!" KISCIl.LA'S I'Ol Dclter 'riiiiu Medicine I5y AL VEUMEER / Carlyle came l/iome with a cold. \ I put him to /K1 bed know tl of school awfully about Hv MICI1AKK 0'MAI,I,KY and RA1.PH LANE CHIMES! NO-O-O-O-o-o (GURGLE...GASP.) JttAOV, AhfTA/WfU HAVE VOU RI6Hr OUT. IMINKlHISOIOCETIS THE EUCTRICaiLY COtf TRO11EO WU SHOUIDHT HAVE SMASHtOTHAT G1A55 IN MY FACE. lUCREHA.\W SHCXJ1D HAVE TAKEN THE 51HPING HH5. THAT WOULD HAVE BSEK EASIER CHIMES.' PLCASt! Jfl WASH TUBBS By LKSSIJK TURNED HOLV CATS! •> COWFDUNDED WNRBLE! THINK* M101HER \ SEW. »iFTER V 6REKT 1 .! ELL* HCKEO IT UP WM SUSPICIOUS WITH ML WILE TOMM WHS /LOOWM'PUCK to GET Ills / WtkRIH'EtnlOM FOOr OUT. ^f SHOES LEFT I / Wl^T^Ca)E COUIDM'T flUD IT I HE SWS H6 PUT kFTER HE W LOOKIU' STOME THMIS FOX IOCMIN5 1AM UHCUT T055W IT UP IM TH' WRVJUEN IH' TRWM 3ERVEO W I WSSEP IT- IHM'S WHEN t -StEPPED IU TH'CUSProOR 1 . Uneven Exchange By FRED HARMAN TOO AIM T 6E.EIS1 YOUR.S6 LF. JL15T BROUGHT IfJ r3(LL ,. HUPP'5 lx LEG /-VKRK^'S ARE PrMrtTSP TO LOOK nice You' I LL 1AKE 1OLJ TO WILL t> LACE AHO pusfcfi'u. t WE *URFRIS£ OF HIS LITE .•^ QUIET- BOV WE POfO'T V' \Y WASJT TO \s!AK£ ANYBODY L V VOHILE YOU OIAW<5£ PLACES WITH By V. T. HAMLIN \VKLL.\iHATCHA KNOW (' ^ A9CXJTTHW. 1 BElN' 6O TOU5H V.1TH TOO... NO A BUT TOEN I NEVER Bv EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AN« HKR HUDDIKS VOli tAEf\Vi VOO \V5TSO !\ W\Vf WtWt GO\W& U UP SO \TO UOW VOO Sf\V AW WSOJfj WS^W, U ox Y'f T. M. BEO. U. R. TAT. OFT. . David T. Cooly Builder &. Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Theme 20-13 1011 Chfckasawlm

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