Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1895
Page 5
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THE BEST DRESSED MEN On our Htr K fitH are seen in our Hats. That is our best advertise, m«nt, but wa occasionally like- to call your attention to our Stylish Huts at a very moderate 'cost. New Spring Style Stiff Huts as'low as §1, better ones at $1 oO/and choice.qaalities at i}2 ami $2.50. DEWENTEE, The Hatter & Furnisher g § Save This Coupon No extra chargu for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the 8 handsomest suit of clothes lhal ever adorned your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, PErtRL STRBET TftlLORS. MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Real Estate or CollBtcriil Socurltj. Any Amount. Any Tiinc. E. B. Overshincr, 327 Fourth Street. MONEY TO LOAN! On Jlortuage ?tcurltv at 0, 7 and S per cent. ' MOXKY TO MIAN.- On AfortciiKft 11 Security and easy Monthly payments. Consult J. T. COCKBURN. •nooiim 2 iifKl :l Spry A BIG SENSATION. COUNCIL REVOKES THE LICESSF OF THREE ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANIES. • DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 20 MoKoen'e steam laundry—good work BoyfT and chlldron'a fancy caps just received atOito'a. Garden and- flower eecds at Krtls Mfg. Co., 414Tiroadway j^M. A. Little and family bavo moved to No. 120S North street. Dave Loftus opens his saloon on Third street, this evening. Bcorger Bros, are putting !n the city's new electric lights. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers for lawns and plants—Krels' Mfg. Co , 414 Broadway, This Is the day set for a grand fox chase la Harrison township, and the round up will occur near Lucerne. The Nightingale club was entertained Tuesday night at !the home of Mlaa LUlle Short ofTnvllroad street Slate Keplirger will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a oall over Lelnenomnn's tailor ehop, 504 Broadway. That scrofulous taint which has been in your blood for years, will be ex- polled by taking Hood's Sarsnpaillla, the great blood purifier. The Rev. J. H. Ford, formerly pastor of the Broadway M E. Church, will attend the Conference next week and will be the guest of Mr. Joseph Barker and family. A» K»k>rn K«j»h Had a ruby which lighted his palace at night. More precious than gems are beautiful teeth, which light up the face when displayed by ft smile. Use SOZODONT, and vour teeth will bo brilliant as jewels, your breath as aweet as th*> roses of Cashmere. The Holler Law Kt-lnllna to tlio Me»u •j-emmtof ilie W»t«r Work* to be. CuiiKiilered Frlilnv When Hie Market 8 ire et ^falter Will AUo IMS Taken of Council 1'ro Councilman Thomas Reed's sea was the only vacant one at the regular meeting of the council last night. The finance committee reported the treasurer's report and also the clerk's statement for the month, to be cor rect, and the reports were ordered placed on record. CLAIMS ALLOWED. Street dep'l pay roll $'i £ >:. u iloimrtroent payroll - •» *; Polh>« Uep'i puyrull '-- u ' Boeder Bros, sunils strrut dop't [van i-hiulf sund • strpoc dep't jUotuifBo ^ Smltl). work for lire dep t (ie«. w. dcybold ft Hro.i. simil.-t lire ilap't.. Henry Yos.s r«movlnn boillw from uomet'ry Quo Blassln hum, iis.t't engineer JMiioltoBealweiiss'ti-iiKluecr Win Maxwell, brooms, clltj on CON - -- Ueo. W. Smith, wuichlnp Korest MlH.s >w w Lowin (! ,a UKBI mill Coke Co tot fob 20'JO Ceitirul Kiwtric Co., E. L. dt-p't » w Leomircl A Elllu, oil. E. L- ilep'r.............. 1» H "•Ol.ittW *>•, boltcotneiitE. L. ilep't.. 1-" " ' ' 'insulins E. L. dop't & .0 1 __ (i 10 1 SO 1 50 10 00 11 2 I PIIRO "Olittirf :o-, bcltcomentE, L. clop't.. -) M*ti«m^ * Snilih sunds E. L. dop't ............ 2i .C Buckuye Electric Co., lumps etc. E L dep t.. i-i 00 Klo irlc Appllun e Co lumps etc. t L dep t J2 3S froorseE Biirnott. freluht E L U^pt ............. 6 .» ' stor anaoi ........... 1 . T-xt, sondstor ........... <ieorgt> K Biirncti, interratoa orders ........ Henry Dale matorial E L. itep't . Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; MOST PERFECT MADE. . A BUI* Grip* Cream c'Tartar Powder. Free a, Alum o. vty .other adulterant uj urnc ummt »«i ^ "• ,»I-H-••••••••••••••• Ch s-PutcrbauKb., uini'lngciiilL L dep t J4' J. E Regan, horse shoeing lire dep't o 5o An ordinance providing that the property owners of Logansport arrange to convey wasto water, slops and other drainage to the rear of the lota and into the alleys, instead of running it over tho sidewalks, unless it Is provided that the over-flow bo properly conducted across tho walks to the gutters or Into a sewer, and providing the penalty, $10 to $100, for violations o! the ordinance, was laid over under tho rules. On the recommendation of the street commltee tho improvement of the streets gutters in D. D. Dykeman s Park Place addition were accepted. A petition signed by 37 interested people, asking for certain changes in tbe lay of the land In the neighborhood of Sixth stress and Eel avenue. was referred to the street committee. The appointment of Charles Gharis to iuccoed Dan Gorman on the fire department was concurred in by a vote of Seven to two A resolution was introduced anJ passed, by the' provisions of which certain property owners will be permitted to build a s-jwer 180 feet In length in the alley batween Broadway and North street, east from Fifth street to the alley, running north and south. Tne people benefited are Messrs. Strieker and Dykeman, whose buildings are located on the alley. The gentlemen mentioned are to be credited, when the city makes changes In the sewage system, with the amount of the cost of tbe construction of the private drain, and the aewer committee and the civil engineer are w have charge of the matter. MOKE ABOUT ELECTRIC LIGHT. An important resolution w»» pwsed. by the chairman of the electric 'light Jcommlttee. It ap parently knocks out two companies tha have been furnishing electric llgh and power in the city,, and revoked the licenses under which the corpora lions have put u-p and maintained poles, wires, and other such prop erty on the streets; .alley and avanues of Logansport. Thi G&nny electric light and power company and the Loganeport electrii light and power company were tti ones mentioned in tbe resolution which was short and to tbe point. Th< clerk waa instructed by the resolution to serve notice on tbe companies to re move in ninety days from the date o service their poles, lines and all otbei 'apparatus from the btreels, alleys anc avenuee of Logaosport, and provided that at no luture time could any com' pany bs given the permission to usi tbe city's thoroughfares for tho pur pdee mentioned, nor will any privati company be allowed lo furnish electrii light and power in the city. Powel and Haiyh were in favo Of allowing Ibe matter 10 go over ti aa adjourned meeting and though botl wore in favor of the resolution, tbo voted against its passage last night, Speedy action was deemed proper un dor the circumstances, whljh worojonl; hinted at that have led up to the de cislve step taken last aight. Tbe city's permit under which else trie light and power for private con sumora may be furniehed and th< needed apparatus for the same placei on tbe streets, alleys and avenues o the city by the Logansport street rail way company, its heirs and assign was In the next resulution revoked anc forever annulled and tb city clerk was ordered to serve notic on that corporation In the usual wa; to remove paraphernalia so used fo: such purpose, within ninety days. T< this resolution there were no dissent era. The purchase ol four governors fo the four water wheels at tbe electrii light plant, not yet BO supplied, wni authorized. The governors will b: furnished b? William Dolan & Co. and will cost $350. Mr. Elngleban stated he had no re port to present on the mailer of the buildings that extend over the side walk on Fifth street. . Tho matter of an erroneous assess mont of taxes on lot 16, Tipton's sec ond addition, owned by Caroline Spltzaogle, was referred to the finance commit- ee. Deeds were ordered Issued to W. and A. W. Keyes for lots In Mt Hope oametery. Andrew Glose's request for the re mission of a fine and costs, $17 assessed against him in 1893 for selling liquor without a license, was referred ty the finance committee. The signatures of ex-Mayor Reed and Ex-city Attorney Tuley were attached to the paper. The Market street Improhement was liid over to an adjourned meeting, as plans and specifications were not qulto ready lor submission. Tne city clerfc was instructed to notl fy tbe property owners on the west side of Ninth street between Spear and Sponcor strets to put In a cement walk wlibin nlne'.y days. The clerk wag told to notify property o .vners on tho west side of Seventeenth street, from the Wabash railroad to Erie avenue, to improve with gravel the sidewalks fronting their ownlnga. A deed was ordered Issued to A- B Keeport for lot 9, in Forest Mills ad dition, consideration f 350. Is was stated that the city commls- eloners might soon be expected to raport on theUhl street difficulty. A motion to Instruct the street commissioner to.put in crossings at the Intersection of Fourth and North streets, was cut off by the statement that Mr. Jamison had already made prepa rations to put In the walks and was only waiting for good weather. This 111 probably call out requests for similar improvements at other cross. inga on North lagoon. The council then adjourned to meet at 7:30 Friday evening, Marco 2nd, to consider the new law.oabDlishing the watsr works board, of which a certl fied copy is in the hands of Mr. Boyer. The Markat street matter will also some up a: the adjourned meeting. A Wfdillnir Anniversary. The fourta wedding unnivarsary of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Powlen was cele- 3,-ated in fine style at bis home at No. 213 Sycamore street Tuesday night. A handsome rocking chair was the present received from friends, of whom about twenty-five were present and spent a few hours very pleasantly. The loJdrn 1T»y 'ommends Itself to the well-informed, o do pleasantly and effectually what waa formerly done in the crudest maa- ner and disagreeably as well To leanse the sjstem snd break up colds headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, uae the deligbtful Iquld laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. A pie aoclal-will be given Friday ignt at the Wheatland street M. E. church.':;'•.•."',.;'••.:*. ;"•:•.',*• •; • •;••"'•.•'-• ,?' ; v'.:.< lew Spring Suits.. Ask to see the new Tariff Suits for Men, 34 to 44, and The celebrated Clay Worsted Suits, Imported, worth $15 for $7,50 • Boys and Childrens in proportion, Otto Kraus of Course),, who else has got the nerve. lo lie OTTO KRf\US FREE FOR FOUR DAYS ONLY. Veno's Extraordinary Offer to Sick People. Father Bessoner, of Indianapolis Recommends Veno. All sufferers applying at Veno's office, at the Murdock, for four days only from date will receive advice and treatment free. Tbe only expense to tbe patients will be the actual cost of the medicine necessary • to effect a cure. Your case will bo carefully diagnosed by Veno and I. A. Mills. M. D. The offer closes positively on Sunday, March 24th. Veno's cures in Logansport have puzzled the whole medical fraternity because be has completely cured the very patients they have been trying to cure for years past. He uses certain medicine imported from Europe. His treatment is quick and permanent, and he protects his patients bygiving them a guarantee with his medicines, and in this way be has made thousands of frieDds among his ever-grateful patients, who have been cured by this marvelous system of medicine. -• For a few days only from date all new patients applying will receive treatment, advice and services free until cured. Veno's record as a healer of the sick fur surpasses that of any other man, and tbe wonderful cures performed in Logansport show tliat the Veno treatment is not only the quickest and most certain, but the ^, cheapest and the best. Mr. I. N. Wood, of 412 Clifton avenue, a cripple from rheumatism for years, unable to dress himself, was restored to health and full use of his hands and anus, by the Veno remedies. Mrs, Daniel Killian, of -123 Market street, a sufferer for 27 years from a complication of complaints, who bad doctored with many physicians without relief, was entirely cured by these wonderful medicines. The following oases in Indianapolis have excited the greatest comment among physicians and the public at large; Mrs, Laura Bryant, ](30 Howard street,-who but two weeks ago was completely crippled and not able to walk, is now well and does her own housework, cured by Veno's medicines. Mrs. Foreseigner, E. Washington street, who ha"d been afflicted for twenty years from rheumatism, and dur- ins the last two years had used two crutches and spent her weight in money trying to be cured, nothing did her go. d until Veno's remedies were applied. She is now free from pain and walks without her crutches. Mr. Bolffs, 40 Stevens street, who was bent double with rheumatism, is now cured and working. % Veno and fctaff will remain at the Murdock for four days longer, during which time advice.'consultation and treatment will be free, Obly the actual cost of the inediciues tienessary to effect a cure will be charged. Hours 9 a. M. to 3 p. m. daily. Office at tbe Murdock, Ladies' entrance. (WOriAN'S FRIEND.) is the BEST REMEDY for GIRL, WIFE, MOTHER. Sold br B F Kwslluc and John Couison HAS SECURED Lofttt-Jatin L. Galen the A li?(je<l Forcer J>i'Ilvern Ills John L. Gates, the Boone township young man who & at present in jail on ibo charge of forging, it IB reported, baa conveyed bis belongings to hif uncle, Daniel Vanneman, who had » few hours previous to the arrest o young Gates gone security for the lat ter on a note for $130. It ie elaimec Gates Is just 21 years of age and un mirrled. AHUSEKKTS. Annt." Donn* Lucia D'Alvaaorez from Brazil, as Impersonated by RnymondCapp with Charles Frohman's coaapiny last night pleased,beyond question a large and representative audieuce. The genuine Donna Lucia, by Grace Tborne ioulter, was a different aad altogether pleasing beiog in another way. Mr. 3app produced good, wholesome, •ard wide laughter. Tne lines of hja wo wicked chums and partners ia tbe deception of a pair of over-confiding sweethearts, were taken with spirit and finish, by G^ur^e H. Trader and Arthur Lirkla. Tba dia- ogu3 of "Charley 1 :! Aunt" baa not a drag in it, aad although the plot, lu and out, the thread of the lory is woven into Irue lovers' knots. There is, wisH all the funny situations, plenty of heart interest. 0 ?en Faw- ett'aworkas Stephen Spettlgue, ao- icltor, was as good as any put forward ast night, and Brian Doo)ey ae Col. Sir Francis Chesnty, appeared juat to iave stepped from one of Da Mauii- r 1 * cartoons. All the §upporilok Obituary. Elizabeth Warmarth Dykeman was bora at Ira. Cayuga county, N. Y., October 3rd 1853, and died March 16ih 1895 at, the age of 41 years 5 months add 13 days. A buabaad aad five children survive her. She became Mrs. P- B Dykeman, March SOih, 1871. Tne latter is a nephew of G P. and D D Dykemin of Casa county. At an early age the subjectof sketch joined the MethodistEpiscopal church andlotbe peaceful end-'was faithful and enduring- in her service of the Master. "She hatb done what sbe could and her works will follow her.' 1 It was her great and real pleasure in life to minister to and care for her husband and family, to have them always about her. and to be assured they were always happy. Her death Is deeply regretted by a host of friends. The funeral services were held jesterday at the M- E. church, Sin Pierre, Ind., conducted by tbe Bev John Lehring of Medaryaville, Ind. D OLAN'8 OI'KHA HOUSE. S, B. Patterson, Manager. ONE NIGHT ONLY H.APPY RETURN! Friday, March 22- "Tbe Success ol a dramatic generation."—X, Y. HeraKU Hr. James A Herne's Beautiful Play Shore Acres. Presented with entire new Sceaff. OrignsI M«cban- cal Eflfrts mid Properties* Cedar tne dJrecilon of Henry C Miner. Its Record:—257 Rights In ^ewY«rk City. IJ4 NlsbW in BOSTOIL St'at sate begins Thnndarat9a.nl, Prlws:-Dl chairs S1.W: 273 chairs Jl: 183 ch.v.lrs 70c; 133 cnalrs Wcc; Boxt-s 0 djuiira $!(. Curtalu promptly ai S o'clock. D OJLAM* OPKKA HOU»E. a B. PATTEESON, IUKAGKR. OXF. .vi«n.T oxi/sr. Monday, March 25 Just received, a lovely line of fancy Peck's Bad Boy. Introducing all tbe Lateit DA-VCEH. MEDLEY*. ETC. Advance Saleroom Saturday: FUrtMoorfiOs 75e. . fcfflfeiS^E^i'&l&l^ §i^i^^

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