The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 15)47 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIK Counterfeit Ring Heads Still Free Leaders of Gang That Printed Bogus Twenty Dollar Bills Sought MIAMI, Fla., Nov. IB (UP)—The masterminds of an East Coast counterfeit rltn that distributed huge sums ol poorly copied $20 bills were still at large today following -.the rest p of 13 other members of the Psychologist, Lecturer Says Men 'More Delicate Than Girls BY CHARLKS WICKKNBKKG (United Press Stiff Corrrsponrlrnt! | . . . _ , ,. , MEMPHIS, Term., Nov. 18, iUP) t-ltt/C ROCK Murder Suspect it Refeosed ng including the Southeastern manager," but federal men said they were keeping rlow tabs on them. Existence of the ring was revealed yesterday when secret servicemen announced they had arrested 26- year-old Floyd alien and 12 others had taken $68,000 of tile phoney Federal Reserve notes. Secret servicemen her* said that six men were in the Miami area and suspect, who they claimed was carrying $30,000 of the bogus bills was taken In New Jersey. He was identified as Perry Burncro. Officers said i good part of arrei in restart lothfr —Pardon me, madam, but I believe your birthdays are showing, Not only Ihat, lady, your biggest problem is not men—it's age. That's what the doctor said in a lecture here. He Is George Lawton, Ph. D.. president of the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology, author, lecturer, and advocate of growing old— "successfully.". Lawion's ideas on age imvde him say things like this: "Ladies, next time you're on a bus, don't just sit still when a big handsome man gets on. Jump up and offer htm your seat. That's right, upsy-daisy, and be quick about it." Lawton said there wns sound reason for the advice "Yon see_, men are more delicate than women. "They're like the Fourth of July. A man-makes a big glare and fizz, and then it's all over. But the women, God bless 'cm, are built to LITTLE ROCK, Avk., Nov. 18 (UI'I -Little Rock and Pulaski County police today were again without a suspect In the brutal slaying of Little Rock Merchant B. L. Barnhouse. ^•Kalph Mashburn, 40, who had been held under an open charge since Friday, was released yesler- rtny. Neither Miishburn nor Deputj Prosecuting Attorney Tom Downie would make any statement concerning Mashburn's arrest or release. However, Mashburn's attorney, Sam Robinson, said the move caught him by surprise. Red Revolution Feared in Italy Communists Seek To Overthrow De Gasperi Regime ROME. Nov. IS. (UP) — Pletro Casttglla, a Uomo Quahmque party deputy, charged In parliament tang's counterfeit output wa» dis- 1 surv !ve " he said. tributed In the Florida, resort area, but that $50,000 and the piales for the $20 Federal Reserve notes were still unaccounted for. Bills Bad Imitation Secret Service Chief R. M. Me- David in Miami said the bills were "lousy imitations." He said the portrait of Andrew Jackson was poorly etched and that the delicate scroll work on the bills was botched. Fallen was taken at a Jacksonville tourist camp and was carrying 17,420 in spurious notes. Officers said he had used a private airplane Former Flint, Michigan, Mayor Asks Early Trial On Charges of Gambling MIAMI, Flo.. Nov. 18. (UP)—Former Mayor William McKeighan of Flint, Mich., facing gambling char- yesterday ll»l would "attempt the coup d'etat In Ilaly," and demanded to know what Premier Alclcle d« Gasperl's government intended to do about It. i His question was promptly squelched. But the Communists had openly announced that they were trying to overthrow De Gasper! as a symbol of American aid, and were expected to step up their campaign o( riot, violence and rtcath to Uiat end. In 13 days, It lins touched every city and town ol any size in Italy. It already had come dangerous- . , . ,. . men who fight wars Men I ses in his home town, said here to 1IU - 1A «IIU lib"" "«'J- J~,, l, rt ..pfte u.illilln *„ .., --- r[ o ha der, 0'er-tathe hcaru .. but a woman's problem >sn't the ' if L a gal's over so' ncconiins to the I it's tough to find a . husband ["But on the other hand," he said, "The pro).- lem is just as great if she's younger. That's because she can expect to " g to stop fighting an »"'»««atc "'^ Free here under $10,000 bond, the ailing former official indicated he wns unwilling to return to Flint if lie had to \vnit several months for trial. Two physicians certified yesterday that a heart ailment made Mobe a widow at 60 if she marries i , . . . . , young. Half the women who do Kelghan unable to travel. marry young are widowed by then." Lawton said his conclusion was not; a "December-May marriage, but th,' alleged distribution ' of (one " w!lerc the bride and bridegroom lave live to ten years difference in :heir ages—with the woman, of wie money. Three other men arrested witn Fallen were found to be fugitives and relumed to'Oeorgla and Florida prisons to complete sentences, McDavid said. Of the six men arrested n tr.* Miami area, McDavld said one had been released,, three were free on bond and the remaining pair were In the county jail. Fallen was held under $17,500 bond, including $1,000 in a sugar coupon forgery caie which comes to trial in January. The idea of using sound waves for a new of their campaign was enhanced yesterday by tUc second mysterious explosion in two days in ammunition dumps near Milan. Milan was the focal point of the violence. The explosion at, Vlge- vano. 12 miles Southwest ot Mllnn, killed two soldiers. Injured a number of others. Three days boforc, there was a mysterious explosion in a dump nt Tesorclla. 20 miles cast of Milan. Pnlmiro Togllattl, leader of the Italian Communist Party, second largest outside Russia, and Pletro Ncnni, his leftwlng Socialist *lly, both spoke yesterday. The sub to shake dirt off fabrics was dc- , stance ot their speeches: De Gas veloped from the wartime Asdic submarine detector perl must quit or the offensive will go on. course, on the long end." He put great faith in the old saw ;hat a woman is as old as she feels, and he added, "—as she thinks." And why do women lie about Lheir ages? The psychologist blames in on a "national cult that worships adolescence." He couldn't un- derstaml some people think Missco Negroes Win Regional Farm Contests Two Negro families from South Mississippi County won high honors in the Memphis Commercial Appeal's 1947 Uve-At-Home competition for Negro farmers It was learned yesterday. Winning first place in the landowner division in Arkansas were Hoarce and Bla Gray of gout* 1, Luxora, and William and Nellie Hoskins of Route 1, Driver, were the state's first place tenant winners. Both families won first place in both the county and state Balanced Farming Contest was judged last week. that the best time of tlleir lives is the teen-age. "Only one third of our life is spent in youth; three-quarters of it is in adult stage. Only in old ago can you have old friends." To age successfully, the doctor said, we should 'age successively. Each year should be thought of us the best. Women, In particular, should realize that it is not Important how long they live, but how well they live. "And ii she realizes that," he said, "she will agree on this: "One of the. finest ways to die would be—being shot by a jealous husband at the age of 90." With the Courts Common Pleas M Murdock Acceptance Corp. vs 3. B. Sellers, suit for 1500 and i>o5ses- gion of automobile. 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