The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1947
Page 6
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PACK snc BLYTHBV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEYILLE COURIER NEWS TUX COOBOCB NEWS CO. B. W BA1MX8, PubUtber JAMES U YERHOEPF. Editor PAUL D • HUMAN, Advertixint 8ot* Natfcnfti AdrertUtot Representative!! Willu* Wttiuer Co, Ntw Vorfc, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta. Uempbi*. / Published Kvtrj Afternoon Except Sunday Entcrea a* second clau matter at the pott- office at BlythevUle, Arkm&as. under act oi Congress. October 9. 1»1T. i Served by tba Dotted Press "~ SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city ol Blythevllle or nny suburban town where carriei service is maintained. Me per week, ot 85c pel month By mail within a radius of 50 miles, 14.00 per year, $2.00 For six months, tl.OO (ot three months; by mall outside 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year payable in advance. Meditation Despise not prophesyings.—I Thessalonians 5:20. » • » Be thou the rainbow to the storms of lite! The evening beam that smiles clouds mvay, And tints tomorrow with prophetic jayl— Byron. Community Asset The women of the First Christian Church who conceived the idea of placing cathedral chimes in their new church, and then provided funds to make their dreams come true, have performed a commendable service for Blytheville. The fruits of these deeds will mean that many, who seldom attend church, can be reminded that the city has many churches, and by merely listening to the chimes they should get a new sense of the value of churches in any community. Without churches, who would want to live in Blytheville? Churches came first in the minds of the men and women who were the first" to colonize America. Church building came first last month when citizens of a village in Maine started rebuilding their town which was leveled by fire. One of the most severe criticisms •which can be directed 'at Americans today is that too many take their churches for granted and leave the support of these most worthy of institutions to the other fellow. • The installation of chimes in the new First Christian Church serves as a reminder that the church is a factor in building a better citizenship in Blythevlle. The UAW Cleans House What may hopefully be the fatal weakness-of Communists and fellow travelers in American labor unions has cost the leftists what was probably their richest prize—control of the big, powerful United Automobile Workers, for they overplayed their hand, as they did in the National maritime Union, until the membership got fed up and turned them out. The pro-Communist hold on the UAW started slipping last year, when Walter Keuther was elected president. But enough left wingers retained high offices to give the scrappy, anti- Communist president a hard tussle. H they had been Content to go slowly and at least give the impression of making the members' best interests the first order of business, they might still be in there fighting Mr. Reuther for control. Instead, they tried to use their positions to promote the 'party line, livi- deully underestimating the'intelligence of the rank-and-file, they persistently fomented trouble, prolonged strikes, and beat the drum for a variety of causes far removed from the needs and aims of the auto workers. This had been going on for 10 years, under Mr. Rentier's acquiescent predecessor. During that lime bitter factional strife raged, creating an environment which communism works best. Maybe the UAW members were slow in catching on to the fact that'they were being used, but they certainly woke up at their convention in Atlantic City last week, and acted with unmistakable. They swept the whole collection of Communist sand comrades out of office and re-elected Mr. Reuther and his ticket over the weakest of token opposition. This time, CIO President Philip Murray, who has sometimes strung along with the leftists for the sake of unity, did not sidestep the issue, lie ' > came before the confention with an all-' .,-Out endorsement of Mr. Reuther, wliile ,-; i. damning with faint praise those UAW C * executives who opposed him. But it <eeou evident that Mr. Murray's blessing was not needed. The Reuther triumph was clearly a triumph of democratic action, unbossed and un- pressured. The auto workers had had enough, and they did something about it. Tliis is encouraging, not only to unionism, but the whole country. The CIO lias been the chief stamping ground for Communists in American labor, and the loss of power in one of the ClO's largest and most important unions cannot help but be a severe blow. Just how much damage to America's .economic health has been done by the disruptive, subversive activities of UAW left-wingers is something that cannot be measured accurately. But this much can be stated with certainty. Every time a union cleans out the Communists in its midst, thu prestige of organized labor is increased, the legitimate cliiims of organi/.cd labor are advanced, and the hope of industrial peace grows brighter. The members of the UAW and their loyal, honest, energetic president deserve the nation's congratulations for the job they did at Atlantic City. VIEWS OF OTHERS Public Spending Needs Tighten Up Government throughout Ihe nallon has drifted into loose habits of spending. Our Arkansas state government. Is no shining exception, though it is far from being one of the worst examples. But the legislature has made too many lump appropriately It has held too light a hand on the natural human urge ol government departments and agencies to get all the money they ean, and often to use it less wisely than liberally. An Incident ol lust winter's legislative session was a symptom ol the tendency in later years to dish out tax-funds with too little study 'ot how the money will be si>cnt. The House was acting on appropriations, and rustling sonic ol them through. A member asked lor details on one item. And the speaker said: "Oh, it's Just $50.01)1), a drop in .the bucket. Let it go." Whether he spoke with sarcasm, or In earnest, he voiced a prodigal slant that has got into our public, spending. It Is to be found pretty much throughout ^ur whole structure ol government. ' Only last May, the Arkansas Public E.\i>cndi- ture Coimcll warned that slnte departments and agencies were not observing the budgetary control law requirement of quarterly authorizing ol expenditures, to keep outlays within appropriations. The Democrat asked state officials about this, and (hey admitted the council's charge. Their curious excuse was that tins requirement was unwieldy and expensive to obey, it is a strange business when administrative oflicials decide for themselves whether a law can be conveniently and economically kept II a law Is wrong, that is for the couris lo say; if not practical, the legislature should be so intormed and asked to correct It. Our whole tux-tpcnding ninvhmc needs to be tightened up. The state Supreme Court pcrlorm- ed a valuable service the other day, in pointing out that the legislature must say how lax-mon?v shall be spent; and that wide leeway to ofliciaJs in the use of public funds is not permissible under the constitution. It is high time that we were bringing government back to the constitution, and keeping it, within the laws and the spirit of our democracy. Every voter should be thinking of ilus, with another election of public officials up next year. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER If, 1947 BARBS By II Al. COCIIKAN Uncle Sam figures there are around 100,1)00,01)1) rats in the U. S. eating grain—and that doesn't include the .two-legged kind who also waste our food.. * * * I'oets arc born, not made, says a writer. That's a poor excuse! * * * Hunting season, as usual, is just another wild goose chase. * » * Tn chousing younjf men tor [losillons business men An not always believe in scions. , * » » It would halp a lot if it were us easy to make our money last as it is to make it first. SO THEY SAY It's Q Long Road That Has No Turning Cthman Plans to Take It Easy Now That Congress Is Working THE DOCTOR SAYS By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN WASHINGTON. Nov. 18. (UP)— The noise you licar, as of a breese through 'the pine trees, Is nothing to be alarmed about; It's m« *x- In scarlet fever, both the germ No longer need I turn over rocks and Its poison should be com- looking for pieces for the paper, bated—the former causes Uie «ore nor prowl through the patent throat and its complication*, and of flce »eeking newly Invented boon* the latter produces the skin rash to humanity. The soup's on, bean ?all, winter and early spring flavor, - at Capitol Hill. ttt f the favorite times for scarlet I A1 1 I have to do now is sit on fever to develop. The disease U ' a stool (which could be a little mild at the present time, although ! wider) In the press gallery, while It may come back with lt» old the lawgivers make news under my virulence at »ny time. Children un- i e ves on all subjects, including the der school age and those Just sorry state of mink co«ts on the starting are most liable to con- hoof. tract it. The, condition Is rare In Infant* and elderly adults. Scarlet fever Is caused by _ streptococcus which attacks the What makes this reporter's net • ven especially paradisaical II found that one In the dictionary) Is the fact that this time the boys are throat and neck e land». The lln- I primed (or battle on almost, any- ing of the throat becomes red, and thing you can mention this side of Is covered with a membrane which the stratosphere. For instance: Is heaviest over the tonsils. The glands In the neck are enlarged and tender During the jecond day. a rash starts in the mouth, and on the third day, reaches the skin, In mild forms, the skin eruntlon may last only a tew hours, but. In more severe types, it may persist for a week. The throat condition usually improves after three or four days. Who'» to blame for the 95-cent beefsteak? The Republicans, or the Democrats? 6houl<" the District of Columbia commissioners be allowed to use shotguns on Pennsylvania Avenue in their historic fight against the annual starling scourge? Should the OPA be revived? With red tokens for meat? And what about the price of lunch In the senatorial cafeteria? Hov muah Many Agencies Sharpening Axes for Chance To Chop Off Some of the Heavy Tax Burden BY rHTEK KUSON NBA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. Nov. 18. (NEA> — i , . r f , *« L- • "LI 111,11*c mi*', iiiuiuui:!! iney are in spile of .Speaker Joe Mai-tin's » |lol om!os( , (| (o „„ u ° Cu(s / Prlol . CL'U'S TAX VUOl'OSALS MOKE CONSTRUCTIVE Tlic OED group takes a more constructive line, although they are Latest to come forward with a norlty report. Taking a look new tax plan is the Committee for | Marshall Plan requirements the Economic Development, headed by j four held that taxes should not tre Paul Hofinmn of Studebnkcr. It in- ' cut until European recovery was eludes such stalwarts as Bear,::;- ; a lutie farther along. But, in the ley Ruinl of Macy's, Chester Davis i cmi. they withdrew their objections of Federal Reserve. John D. )3iggei.>; i CKD ( | OCS nlil |j e allowances fo S4 iilion a year loreign recovery aid -and S3 billion a year minimum payment on the national <tebt. Th£ Ma- giil group apparently took neither la gill group apparently toog neither rinlo consideration. It jrst all Electric, Fowler McCormack of Chicago and others of that caliber. In an exhaustive study on "Taxes ami the Budget," they present a policy statement, intended to write a program for continuing prosperity in ii free economy. It is the closest thflt, any bis business group has • -! . wauled to cutVteoies, period. Present individual income tax rales range from ID per cent, on the come lo admitting there may oe something to this idea ol trying to maintain high-level en 1 } ioyi I nt, alter all. It aims at a sta'on.zea ^'d- crai budget, as called tor in thu Congressional Reorganization Act. In practically every respect, this CED report is a much more compete and a more rational job than the t:lx study turned in lo the House Wass and Means Committee by Chairman Harold Knulson'5 hancl-pi;kcd group of big shots headed by Ro.swcll M.igill and John Hani's from Wall Street. and spokesmen ior bu.sines.s maniuactunnf,', railroad and petroleum industry associations. Their sole objective seem to have been to lower thei taxes. ve seems. eir own first S2COO of taxable income, to 06 per cent., above $200,000. The Ma- Bill study says leave the IB per cent figure alone, but cut, the top tax to a maximum of 50 per cent on $103,OCO or over. CED says cut the bottom figure to 11.5 per cent, on the lirsi S10CO income above exemptions, make it 50 per cent on $103,000, then k'raciimte upward to 77.5 per cent oti $1 million a year or over. There are nosv some 50 federal excise "nuisance" taxes. Magill says keep them alt CED says eliminate, them all except on liquor, tobacco and ga.solmc. On surtaxes, Mayill says cut u p. 5'J per cent maximum. CED says make the maximum 77.5 per cent on SI million a year or over. BOTH GROUPS AGREE ON COMMUNITY PROPERTY On some tax schedule reforms the two groups agree. Both favor eliminating the advantage now enjoyed Scarlet '-ver runs a self-limiting | money should we spend for the. course ?l'e chief complications hungry Chinese? When will the are abscesses of the glands and whiskey dlstelleries be reopened? throat, ear Infections and pneu- ' What's happened to all the nails monla. Later difficulties strike the ! for house building? What are we kidney In the form of nephritis. | going to do about the Kinu of Scarlet fever patients should be Saudi Arabia who owns a billion kept in bed and given plenty of barrels of oil and has the gimmes? fluids. An ice bag on the throat is Do the members of the House get soothing, and warm throat washes comfortable chairs next year, or relieve some of the local distress, don't the>? How much wheat do In mild cases, good nursing care Is we ship to Europe? Should w t *•"¥ all that is needed. to educate the British Into develop- In the severe varieties of scarlet Ing a taste for peanut butter? fever, the poison in the blood is Will a cut in income taxes be neutralized by giving the serum of a blessing, or a scourge? How much patients who have recovered from longer should the government the disease, or that of horses which support the price of turkeys? Shall have been given Injections of the a dozen movie actors, writers and streptococcus. directors be held in contempt of SIJLFA DRUGS USED Congress? And what, if anything, Streptococci in the throa,t ant} are we to do about Communism? other parts of the body are fought Should we ration bath tubs? Skip by using sulfa drugs or penicillin Howard Hughes and his giant fly- Apparently these drugs do not Ing boat? Abolish the dollar-down- shorten the course of the Illness, doliar-when-you-catchme sales of but do help when abbesses are motor cars, gold plated wrist wat- begining to form. They do not ches. and automatic washlrt t m»- the development of kidney chines? trouble, but mak e It, usually, a what about Indians? Are we by the 13 community property states,! mild problem. treating 'em right? bo government so that all U. S. married couples j Septic sore throat, acute tonsil- clerks get too many holidays? can split their income for tax pur- ] litts and scarlet, fever are the How's th<* new labor law working poses. This is the Treasury's Surrey plan. Both groups favor elimination of double taxation on dividends. Both groups favor special tax concessions to small business. Both groups favor some system of averaging income for tax purposes, but, on different formulas. The Magill group wants to eliminate net operating loss carry-backs, but extend the carry- forward provisions from the present same disease, except that the lat- out? What kind of gent Is Sen. ter embraces a skin rash. Any of Theodore G. (the man) Bilbo's the complications of scarlet fever successor? When will we stop may develop from septic sor e throat shipping coal, literally, to New- or acute, tonsillitis. Parents, caring castle? for children with these Infections. Has the administration any right should call a physician to advise to seek wartime censorship In them of treatment and the care of peacetime? Has the International complications. static been strained from the voice QUESTION: What Is colchlclne of America? What about singing and how Is It given? commercials on our own radio? Do" ANSWER: Colchicine Is a rem- the members ot the House get two years to seven years. CED rec- I «!* f°r pain in gout. It mp.y be their private subway car, like the ommends reducing the carry-back given a? a tablet, wine or tincture, senators? from,-two.years to one, extending When signs of stomach or intes- Should we try to buck the 1B- carry-fo'nv'ard from two years to i tmal Irritation occur, it should' be ternatlonal cocoa bean combine? , jive. ' stopped In their areas of agreement these I two plans indicale the degree to which the federal tax structure can stand a complete overhauling to meet postwar conditions. It hasn't had one since 1943. ' Both sets of recommendations are vulnerable to the crllicism that they do not give enough tax relief — enough increase in take-home pay to the lower income groups who have difficulty in making both ends 15 Fears Ago In Blytheville — The Elliott Fletcher Chapter of the United Daughters of the confederacy has been awarded the William Jackson Walker cup for E£P" ~'—- boo^n^utS^^tS & lous prices. „,„„„„„ „» erature, with the U.D.C. name The CED recommendations at Jcast give these low income groups a nod of recognition. The Magill formula seems to ignore them completely. This is the Kmitson meat-ax approach to tax cutting, with no regard whatever for the consequences. I The product that will not sell without advertising, will not sell profitably with advertising. —Ibcrt Laskcr, former chairman, U. S Shipping Board. * * • If we all cat more meal and poultry, farmers will slaughter more cattle and Uogs and fowls and thus there will be fewer of them to eat me grain. President Truman and Secretary Anderson have it backwards.—Rep. A. A Andersen ai) ol Minn. !N HOLLYWOOD BY EKSKINL JOHNSON - iNEA. SlafT Correspondent McKENNEY ON BRIDGE HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 17 (NEA1--| Pian Wavrcn will replace Doris Exclusively Yours: Miirlene Dicl- , Da'y for n month on the Hit Paraue rich's daughter, Marux Mcmton, lost! air show. •10 pounds in eight months and hopes \ ... to return to Hollywood for another ) try at pictures... Tloth Roy del; Ruth and Bill Cagncy want Sonny Turfs for important pictures, mul lie's trying lo make np his mind which (n take.... Gloria Clraham and Stash Clements, who separated j last week, are back t-gether again, I but. the reconciliation looks none too film. i Kvcu Sir Galahad isn't sacred In | Ring- Crosby's "A Connecticut Yankee." A running gag in the picture Jack I'aar claims Crosby and Sinatra have appeared as singing priests, suiting snilors and singing lUidnrs, Uut why don't they ever play singing singers Talking about a certain glam- or doll. Hoi) Wclcli said: "She has everything it lakes lo be a sl:ir—mill in addition lo that, she has talent." • » « George Jessel just took out $100, has him always silting, standing 000 in annuity insurance, with his or walking in'a polil spotlight daughter. Jcrrilyn, the principal over f,omrHhing MarXs saici... Mickey Rooncy heads for Honolulu Thursday for personal appearances. .lANK'S XOT PLAIN" JANE POWELL is growing up, but quick. Fur designer Al Tcilcl- bamn just marie her a white broad- ,. ,, ,, , . tall coat that described as "sexier"! 1 "' »°I>kins. than the mink Rita Hayworth wore In "Down to Earth.".. That was Oscar Levant's sister-in-law, .lean Gale, 'S consoling hat designer Kcn- clh "«!*»« " vcr hl * '»«lcd re- I!1IIICC ", l ll . ( sl V Bcr A '"™< Ia '^ o wouldn I give up her career to Cara Williams with Kecnan Wynn at the Bevorly Tropics. . . , Royer Pryor, Ann Sothcrn's ex, has given up acting and Is now working Ior a New York advertising agency in its television department. llrlcn Forrest has broken away from thr band sinj;rr clement. Just marie her night chib drlnit as a Iip.ullhicr at the HI 'Hancho Vegas lluid in Las Yrjas at a four- MS ure salary. ... Ciale Columbia studio may say that "Undercover Man" glorifies the T- mrm who tracked down Al Caponc on income tax evasion charges. But I'rii willing to bet right now that when the film reaches the screen, It will be ballyhooert in screaming nd lilies as "The Capture of Al Ca- ponc'' and "Trnp Gangster No. I. 1 A tashiqnable doll brought two ' //$ plate in them, on the shelves of a public ^library. This award was announced yesterday at the National Convention held in Memphis and was presented by Mrs. R. B. Boyles in memory of her father. Makes Grand Slam By WILLIAM E. McKENNEY America's Card Authority Written for NBA Service II is always a real treat to bid and make a grand slam, but how would you like to find yourself the declarer in a grand slam contract at a suit in which your hand was void? That happened to Mrs. Lill Klehmet of New York with today's hand. She and her partner, Milton Perry, were playing the Blackwood convention. If you will look over the bidding, you will see that it was quite normal. Certainly Mrs. six hearts. At her next turn to bid she had no idea what to do so she passed. She was happy indeed when" North bid six spades, which she would have been glad to double. But without a moment's hesitation Mr. Perry bid seven hearts, which North doubled. Of course Mrs Klehmet thought that her partner had misunderstood her five heart bid and believed it to be an actual heart bid rather Whit are we going to do,.about Alaska's decrepit railway? -Does the Air -Force need a new police department to keep an eye. on' the stock market dealings of its .officers? Is th c 40-hour week too lonj to labor? Or not long enough? Boy' these are just some of the luestions, the answering of which ,-ill make my work easy from now on. And I almost forgot those walking mink coats. The question Is this: Should the House Agriculture Committee write a law prohibiting aviators from flying low over fur farms and frightening the mink, which are timid beasts at best, into losing their hair? aces, but she gamely passed. She trumped the opening diamond lead in dummy and took three rounds of trumps. Then she led the nine.of clubs and decided to go up with the ace on the 'first round. North's ten-spot fell. A small diamond was ruffed in dummy, the jack of clubs was led, and when South played low, Mrs. Klehmet decidfc to try to drop the queen. When It fell, her eight-spot was bigger than South'i six, so all of her clubs were good. She was able to discard one of dummy's spades, and thus make thirteen tricks, a grand slam In hearts with- than simply an Indication of two out a heart In her hand. Vocalist to Prrvlcu* t»a«icTf> *KQ083 » A K 8 6 4 AQ 10 Mrs. Klehmet A J 10 None Q .1 5 2 N W E S Dealer I'crry AOT, V A K Q J 76532 * None * A K 8 7 43 V 1098 ^ 10973 J.652 Tournament—Neither vul. South West North East Pass Pass Pass Pass 1* 5* Pass Pass Opening—4 Double -1 N. T. Pass 6 V fi A 7V Double Pass K 19 Klchmcl's bid of one club was sound as was North's double. I do not know what you would have elected to bid with the East sable skins to Walter Florcll be made into a hat and gushed, hand, but Perry decided to use the "Darling, make sure you return' Blackwood conventional bid of four who ri-tireil from the'screen five | the (nils and paws lo me. You; no trump, to ask for aces. Having HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured singer 12 Rounded 13 Evasion 15 Wing-like 16 Constellation 18 Wild plum 19 Sick 20 Picks out 22 Firmament 23 Parent 24 Either 26 Pay back 5 Shout 6 Wife of Zeus 7 Ardor fl Symbol foe ruthenium 9 Manuscripts (ab.) 10 Is indisposed 11 Corner 12 Poigy H Napoleonic marshal 17 Thee 20 Mirthful 28 Fondle 30 Entangle 31 Cloth measure years as ( »i will cut an audition rcronl as a lady disc jockey for children, I know they can be used." "Ma- 1 two aces, Mrs. Klehmet made the dame," said Florell, "I hope you 'correct response of five hearts, and are not going to waste the giblets.' to her amazement her partner bid 23 Do'mesticalcd ?• P. r . u 1 kard 33 Unclosed 34 River valley 35 Seizes with the leclh 37 Name 38 Be quiet 3D Hawaiian bird 40 Peer Gynt's molher « Color 48 Honey gatherer 51 Russian river 53 Genuine 54 Mountain lake 55 Get aboard a train 57 Peaceful 59 Rely 60 He formerly headed a i band VERTICAL 1 Robust 2 Verbal 3 Over (contr.) 4 Delirium tremens (ab.) 36 Recoil 37 Pull along 23 Window parts 40 Malt drink 25 He now sjngs 'ilDispalch __ on the—— 42 Grafted (her.l 54 Number 26 Steal 44 Ireland 56 An (Scot.) 27 Roof finial 45 Loan 58 Sun god 47 Fetid 48 Judicial bench •li> Great Lake 50 Enclosure (ab.) 52 Air raid precautions (ab.)

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