The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1947 <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGS ManyWorldWar Two Vets Get Aid VA Says 14,450,000 Hove Applied for Gl Job Compensation BV IIKAN \V. DITTMKK (t'riltrti Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (UP) — More than half World Wnr II's 14, I 450,000 veterans have applied for 1 Gl unemployment compensation :nul have collected more than $2.200, 000,000, the Veterans Administration reported today. And home, business and farm loans to veterans have passed 1,000. 1)00, the Administration said, to roach a money total of $5.700.000.000. Government insurance on the loans amounts to §2.700,000,000, The agency reported that veterans of nil wars now numher 18. 450,! 000. H added that a recent curtailment of its personnel may slow down its handling of the heavy demand for benefits and service, 1 ;. Throng h September, 7,400,000 World War it veterans had applied for unemployment compensation, and 600,000 for self-employment allowances. Readjustment allowance*, Including unemployment compensation, exceeded 52,600.000,000 through August, the Administration said. | About 500.000 veterans have ex- ! hnusted their claims for uncmploy- ' mcnt or .self-employment allowances, it was reported. There arc fi.500.000 potential claimants who never have participated in the program. Kxpcct Decrease Ij Veterans Administration econom- * fst,s .said that if the present high employment rate continues for thn next two yours, new and continuing unemployment claims probably will become .stabilized, and "except for seasonal variations, may even .show a gradual" 1. Some 2,000.000 World War II veterans are participating In the «d- ucation and training program-•] .300, 000 in .schools and G71. 000 in job training, '• 2. There were 105,100 patients in veterans hospitals, on Sept. 30. a slight reduction from the previous quarter, with 17,057 awaiting ad- mi.ssion. About 4 per cent of those awaiting admission were service- connected disability cases. 3. Eleven veterans administration regional offices have a four-month or longer workload of disability compensation cise.s awaiting ad .indication, j-i^e other six offices have less than a two-month workload. 4. More than 18,000 persons have been declared eligible for automobiles under the program providing cars for certain disabled World War II veteran:?. 5. Full and part-lime Veterans Administration personnel totaled 203.935 on Sept. 30—a new law since the same date last year. Army Signal Corps, and Navy/ Too, Show Interest in Test With Dry Ice WASHINGTON. Nov. 18. (UP) — Plans for new experiments In the technique of changing the weather by bombarding storm clouds with dry Ice were disclosed today. This project, sponsored by n Joint team of scientists from tlie U. S. army signal corps and the office of naval research, will be conlinu- inonlhs. And should there be another hurricane kicking in from the Caribbean, then the "storm busters" will go after It again. The experiments this Winter arc being carefully planned. Ciltc.'i. fenrlnn that the project fliers may brlnff on a heavy suow storm or blli^-acd. can stop worrying. The ex- As of now, the plans are for the planes to make their flight* from Sohenectady, N. Y. ed throughout the Winter with j perlmonls nre planned for the open three to five experimental f I Ignis spaces, scheduled weekly. The signal corps is not yet ready to announce the results of the experiment in October when dry Ice wa.s dropped on a hurricane off the Atlantic Coast, but there were indications that enough information had been learned to warrant ft. I continuation of the program, known I a.s "Project Chi us." j Participating' also In (he program are scientists of the General Electric Co., including Vincent Shnefer and Dr. Irving Lanymuir, co-dls- i covercrs of the dry t.'e technique in making super-cooled clouds emit four on Trial For Alleged Conspiracy rain. In their technique, the super- cooled clouds, when found, can be marie to change into snow and then rain when .seeded with dry ice pellets by a plane from above. Sub,se(|ucnt experiments also .showe- rti that "holes" could be made In cloud banks — holes large enough 1 for an airplane to make a landing j on a cloud-hidden airport. t It also was pointed out that Mich i technique might have cut short | AUGUSTA, C»:i.. N'ov. 18. (UP) — The trial of four men. one n former state department official, on chnrp- cx nf eonsipiring to steal Navy Riin.s and fly them to Venezuela continued here today after all font 1 pleaded w»i. cnilty. The men were Hsted as Carl Ki- senhartlt, EHieotl City, Md.. a former member of the U. S, Rnarcl ot Economic \\'p]fiite in Vene/Jiela and Columbia; Kdw.irrt IJrowdcr. RAF . veteran of Atnaiillo. Tex.- .1. Mere- ;diih Russell, Eonner Air Force of- from BaUimore, Md.; and battle of the bulge" during Manuel Pucso. a South American when the Germans nl- to crack the allied line. pilot. They were 'charged with steaiiu,; the the war During the several days 1 Mine the i 21 machine tuns from a U. S. arss Germans were advancing, allied! nal " par hoi 'C last, April and tak- planes were unable to assLst grounfl ' ine lncm lo nallmiorc for subsn- forccs of the overcast. Once | quenl delivery in South America, the overcast lifted, however. American plane.* pounded the Germans j and the enemy threat was ended. The threat- could have been ended earlier with the saving of American lives had the dry ten technique been available at that time. The Signal Corps also believes that seeding of super-cooled clouds may make it possible to Increase the rainfall in mountainous area* durinjj Winter months, thereby producing reserves of rain or .snow to be used for Irrigation purposes during the Summer months. It also believed that the "development, of .storms may be profoundly mortified" by the seeding technique, and that in the future it may be possible to prevent damage to corps by hall. Such experiments will be carried out during the coming winter 2 WAA Officials Convicted, Given Terms in Prison RICHMOND. Va.. Nov. 18. (UP* —Two War Assets Administration officials todfiy be^an 18-month prison terms for seeking n bribe, from a lyniisviHc 1 . Ky., radio slut ion official 10 reduce his bid on surplus war matf rial. Herbert D. Tinker, 53, formerly of Ilostnn. nnd l/uvi'rncc Bryan, 11. nf Newport News. Va,, were founri puilly in federal court of trying =,o shake down S. A. Cislcr for $35,(V>0 in reduriiiE his bid on electronics ninteriiil from $f>0,020 to S10.000. Cisler was not imp! lea ted. BondSpeculation Inquiry Is Urged Investigation Would Check on Wartime Deals by U.S. Officials WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. (UP) — Clmlrmnii Clmrlos W. Tolwy. U.. N. II.. of the Sonnte Hanking caninill- trc tln'o\v his support ioduv bclilntl proposals for n full-snil« CoiiRirs- siniial Inve.sliKnlton of win-time .speculation Li government, bonds l>y ui'lchls. Normally. Ilio BanUnK Committee uould conduct the Inquiry, but Toboy snirt he ivunloit to roiiMilt with Senate leaders before deciding dolinUely to unrterlakc It. An all-nut Investigation was fifst sngsesicd by Ren. Hoinor Ferguson, H., Midi., alter Ills War lnvrotlKKt- Ing Subcommittee heard of IIw fan- ta.sllc "slioo.striiiK" bond-buying of Ma|>. Gen. Dennett K. Meyers. Mcy- prs claimed lie. ran a S20.003 Investment in Kwinmcnt bonds Into a profit or $90.030 niter nelllUR n ti|> from former Treasury Secretary Henry MorKenlhau. Jr.. timt he "couldn't KO UT<m£." MnL'Kcnthau said It \vas "mi oulri^lit lie." Meyers .said he b<in<ilii some $•!.000.000 woi 111 nf bonds. pnLtitiK U|i only one per eenL of Ills own money and borrowing the rest from bank.s. However, lie said his profits were cancelled out by later losses on b(*uls bought In tile open market. "Pniiri's! I'.lhlcs" "The whole situation should be thoroughly invcsliKatecl." snid To- bc.v. "It i.s (lie poorest cdilts In tile woitri for any nljin in the Army to be spcculatinp In fiovcnmiPiu banti.s \vlien he's .sup|X>.seri to be fij;htin;; a war." S;n. John W. Bricker, R.. O , OOP vice presidential candidate in 1341. proposed trial, the Inquiry lake in nil speculnthiK by fctieral ofli- cials. including that in the grain market. "If government officials are speculating, tile publir. oncht to know about it." said Brtckcr. Sen. A. Willis Robertson, D.. Vn.. a minority member of the Hnnkinc Committee, said there should be an incjuiry ii there was "Lan<;iblc> evidence that a number of government officials speculated on U. £5. bonds." Some Senators Caustic Concerning President's Bid for New Powers WASHINGTON, Nov. 1H. (UP)—| The silence wa.s heavy In the House rhumb?!' yeslt'rdny as President Vniimui In hl.s (lat Missouri volcfi asked n Joint session of for emergency net Ion to control In- fiution mul help Kuropo. And immediately atler he spoke, it-adors of the Republicans—who control this Congress—jumped on .some 1 of Mr. Truman's proposals a.s n unwarranted effort to regiment our economy. Mr, Tunuan received only mild a.s he .spoke, iitui that on only five occasions and from the Ufjiiocrnllc, side. The Republicans wm-c notably silent ns the President spoke. Sen, Robert A. Tuft, H., O,, A lender ot Mr. Tru man's opposition, stared grimly ahead as Mr. Truman read his nu-ssniie to .senators and repve- tonuitivrs Kiilhcreri In the House Tlit* first nune when the Pn'Mdml .said thai this nation .should conduct Itself in sui'h a manner Itiut llio world could wove "Into Uu i Mjilil of freedom nml pence." Mr. Truman paused wtiru the ap- j phi use from the Democratic side ot ilio House began. He .sipped from j a j;luss of \vnter. Tlie applause died 1 quicktv, however, find in ilic sl- j Icnrc Mi. Tinman resumed reading When Mr. Trninnn entered thy House chamber he was Rrcele'l by a MandiiiH ovaLlcm and n "sprinkling of "Hi-bol yells." When he led, lifter .speaking for '2$ .mimiles, he received another ovation, but. it wa.s noticeably weaker. Among the first to comment, on Mi'. Truman's mes-sa^e WHS a member of his own pai'ty, Scn r L<:e O'Daniel of Tcxa.s. It was uncomplimentary. "TUe I'rrshlcni'K m«\ssaRr, which I iniuiol liflicvc Is hit iirtii braln- chlhl. rot oimurnris radlral roni- NPW Ural dillrlnni Irrincns," O'Oanlrl »alrt. liut ftw. Wnyne h, Mtuso of Oi'.i- KOii, eonsldered a "libcvul" Republican, said It wus a vigorous f-tmr- iiKiil of the IMUOS. "I siiall be open- minded ou the tnetliods of nrcom- piislunent for Hie pre.-ionl." Other com mo nl; Senate Hcpnblk-an Whip Kenneth S. Wherry, Neb.; "The Prpslnrin now socki to hold over the Ameri- CBII people wartime controls In con- .sldenition for Rrunting aid to Ku- lopcan counhtes, Interim afii i.s being used as a guinea pi^; for the Mai'jshall plan. Us pns.supo Mieinis hlRhrr living caiU, mid lhe Pie.s- dcnt now Htteinpis lo Justify the :se ot wnrtlme controls lo carry ut the commitments of the Mav- hnll plrtii." Son. Carl A. Hutch. ii.. N. M : IMrlhrlghl nnd coiirnftcnii^ a rir.unge above piuilsiiu and poli- ical conslderallons," Sen. John Spnrknum, 1),, Ata.: vns a rouriH:<-'Ous and po.slitvo »j linm Hie I*rosldi*nt jHc.srntrrt, i-ri lhe problem rl«ht in lhe of ConBres.s." Sen. Allen J. Kllendor, 1)., I.n.; put the l.isues clcnrly lief ore trythtnfj lie. said was of n mo.M seiSou.s uiilurr ami rcquhv.s our < i ai- lest. Attention." St-n. Joseph Jl. Hull, It., Minn.: '1 rciul the whole pronrmn List A-oek in lhe CIO news. Apparently .he President wunts us to Unuid::te freedom In America In the name of .saving it abroad." Sen. Richard B. Unwell, 1). OH.: "It wns a courageous .speech .srt- tlnR out a concrete pi'ORiam," Rend courier News Want Ads. DIONNEIJUIkTS'/ prMiplly r»««v* cougln of CHEST COID5 DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP TOUR HOME—* Now fixtures, new painl Job, i«paiii — make your old house a new hom». Gol Iho cash with a F.H.A. Loan (rom G.C.P.C. Up to 3 years to repay. W. ASH ST. BLYTHIVIUI "It rn- It Inp "He ns. Come To; Our TOYLAND! most complete toy Blythcvillc. 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