Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 4, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1897
Page 21
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John Gray's.. , R ON CLOAKS. We have not bougtt out any manufacturer, and we ari not overstocked, but we have correc.t goods bourne right, and for case, and we can, and do sell them cheaper than any other house In the city. Come in and be Convinced. FANCY CUTS -OF- Beef, learnt), Veal & Pork Fancy Quality Lard 6cts -Al — Wm. Fowe's Market, 5th and Broadway. A.S.Everett, A.M ,M.D. Practice limited to Dyspepsia and the rational treatment.of Chronic, Gastric and Intestinal Disorders. Consultation and Prescriptions by mail. Flat E,, 0158, • reenwooil, Ave, Chicago, Ills. LJDHUE Physician. Odico In House, Cor. Thirteenth and North streets, Pwfesslonal calls answered promrtly. New and Second Hand at Reduced Prices . W. F, FIDLER. CampbcIlX Old Stand E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 816 Market Street. New Aluminite Rubber Plates. Unde rta ke r s . 308 Marktt Street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KillUn was for many yenre foreman for Cbarlte L. Woll. Telephone old 261, now Sli DR. C. D. EVEKSOLE'S 1EBTAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of .Fourth and Market Streets. Dr E!- ©• Hunt, -DENTIST- All the latest discoveries in medicine and Gray'8 on Fourth -treet. C« Telephone No. SiS. HcConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILYPHABOB SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 1897. OITY JMB.WS The Elks wtU act Tuesday night. John J. Hlldebrandt sells electrio impplies and does electric wiring. Samuel Panabaker, father of Mrs. «. L. Woll, Is critically ill at bis fcome, 1419 North street. Miss Flora Rector, of Anderson, is Tlslting Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Barters, of 2125 Smead street. Miss Bridget Maloaey, of Peru, Is the guest of her brother, Job a Maloney and family, of Melbourne ave- mue. Up to the present time there have fceen 494 regular inmates enrolled »t the Stats Soldiers' Home at Lafayette. Mrs. M. W Purkey has returned from a visit at- Freemont, O. She was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. ». L. Amey. Lafayette Courier: G. L. Hepner aid wife, of Logansport, are in the •Ity to attend the funeral of the late Menry Hepner. ' James P. Martin and Thomas J-lynn returned this afternoon from jBdlanipolls, where they served on the federal jury. It Is claimed that the farmers of fedlaoa are as a rale aiming to In- tba number of their sheep, ei- higher prices for wool next CHICAGO MiRKtTS KecelTed Uall/ by W. W. Milner, at (i. A. K. Building. Chisago, Dec. 4, 1897. Wheat—For May opened. 89@ }c. high, 89£@}c; low, 89Jc; closed, Wheat—For: July opened 82;jc; high, 82jc; low, 82ic; closed, 82Jc. Corn—For May, opened, 23J(5;ic; high, 28Jc; low, 28jc; closed, 28ie, Oats—May opened, 21i>c: high, 22Jc: iow, 21 |s; closed, 22jc. Rye—May opened, 49c; high, 49c: low, 4Sc; closed, 49c. Pork—For Jan. opened, 18,17; high, 18 30; low, $8.17; closed at$8 17. Lard—For Jan.. opened, «4.40 high, $4.45; iow, $4.40; closed at I4."42. g,lbs— For Jan.. opened, 14.30; high, «i 30; low, 14.30; closed at $4,30. Hogs today, 31,000; left over, 2 500: estimated for Monday 40,000; Market opened steady to shade higher closed easy. Mixed, $3.30@83 50; heavy, 13.35 @3,47; rough, 83.15@I3.25; light, $3.30@3.47. Receipts of cattle, 500; dull: Sheep, 2 000 strong. Curb, 89jc;puts, 88j-c; calls, 00j. OIL i\OT£S. Walton nil! Soon Hare Two Drills in Operation. The Chicago Oil and Gas company, of which Dr. H. A. AHord of Peru Is president, has erected a derrick on the Bumgarner lot In Walton and will set the drill In motion next week, The well Is located about 100 feet south of the old well In which oil was found some yeara ago. The company has leased about 1,000 acres of land near Walton. The Adamsborro company met with some bad luck this week and work has been delayed. The drill will not reach trenton rock before the last of next week. The drillers who are sinking a well on the Rogers farm for the Logansport company are still defied by the sea of quick-sand into which the drill has fallen. They have had fearfully hard luck bub are still pounding away. Local Tensions Allowed. M. M Gordon, pension claim agent, reports the following allowances: George Burrous, of tbls city, late a private of Co. E, 178 Penn. Vols., in-.reased to *;0 per monih from July 1, 1896. Jumes Wilson, of Gordon P. O. Ind., late a private of Co. B, 132 Ohio, increases from 88 to ' month from May 2li, 1894 Samuel Arthurhults, P. 0. Logansport, Ind., late a private of Co. H, 73 Ind. Vols., Increased to 814 per month from June 12, 1891. Mrs. Martha J. Hower, of Adamsboro, widow C'Jbfalcm Hower, late a private of Co. B 128 Ind. Vol. 812 per month from Dec. 22, 1S94 and -?2 additional for each child. Nancy SUafer, of this city, widow of Abraham SUafer, late a private of Co. B 3rd Ind. Vol. $12 per month, from April 16, 1897. Sarah J. Smith, widow of Wm. Smith, late a private of Co. H. 113 Ind. Vols. 88 per month from •;April i), 1891. Blectlon of Officers. At a regular meeting of Logan Council No. 89, Daughters of Pocahontas, on the second sleep of hunting moon, G. S. D. 406, the following officers were elected: Prophetess—Mrs. Alice Grubbs. PocafaODtas—Mrs. Henry Monahan. Wenona—Mrs. Frank Maders. Pawatan—Mrs. J. C. Stevens. ' Keeper of Records—Mrs. Will Up- degrafl. Keeper of Wampun—Mrs. Lewis Epstlne. Oreanlst—Miss Sadie Price, Trustee—Mr. J. B. Sharear, Cowboy—Mr. John GangJofi. tJjpsj's Prophesy. Flora Sentinel: "The people of Young America are now sure that they will get that new railroad. A family of gypsits have been camped near that place for several weeks and they have stated to several parties that the road will be built soon. As the people of that burg are Inclined to be superstitious and have faith in the predictions of this wandering race of people, they are confident that success In the new (old) enterprise Is assured." Notice. All members of the Logansport Hebrew Cemetery association are requested to meet at the office of H. Wiler & Co., Monday evening, December 6, at 7:30. as business of Importance will be considered. One trustee will be elected.—By order of the president pro tern. M. HEKZ, {Secretary. Mrs. Ferguson, residing south of the city, la qslte 111. ADDITIONAL ITEXS. , Bankrupt shoe sale at Walden's. New Rockwood pottery—Ben Martin. Some good things to offer this evening at Foley : s. Wanted—A girl for general housework at once at 1006 Broadway. A kid glove treat. Foster's kid gloves for oolv 5Sc tonight.—Golden Rule. O:.to, son of William Kraut, who has been very sick, Itreparted slight- h improved. The best minstrel entertainment ever given in Lcganspo't at the opera house Tuesday night. John L. Viney has been appointed postmaster at Burlington. Carroll ccuDty, vice Lev! Sumner removed. Way's mullet is a simple device against cold and draughts. On In a j.'ffy. Off io a Hash. Sold by De*enter, the Hatter and Furnisher. Way's mufflat: just the tbing to protect you from the draughts, going to business in the mornings,—Dewenter the Hatter and Furnisher. Frank Tannehill, author of tte Nancy Hanks, left this morning for Jersey City to join his finally. He will join the company later in the season. Albert A. Allen, of the Westslde, who has been a porter at the Panhandle offices, is now In charge of Supt. Walton's car while it Is stationed at Rush. Cass county farm lands are valuable. Today $10,000 cash was offered 'or 100 acres of land five miles from the city, and refused. The owner demands $10,500. The funeral of the infant eon of Mrs. Ida Galloway will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 from the residence on the Soutbslde. Interment will be made in the Taber cemetery, in Washington-townsbip. The members of Purity Lodge, Daughters of Rebekah, perpetrated a surprise, evening upon Mr. and Mrs Joseph Whlnnery, of Twelfth and Toledo streets, and a grand social time was had. Ice cream and cake were served. Mr. and Mrs Frank Mader were suprised last evening, at their home on the West side by thirty members of Logan Council No. 89 Daughters of Pocahantus. The evening was passed pleasantly at cards. A splend- dld supper was served. The largest mastodon tooth ever seen here is now oc exhibition at J. J. Hildebrandt's plumbing establishment. It is 11 inches long, 4i inches wide and weighs 11 pounds. The tooth was dug up from a spring near Chili. It can be seec for two weeks at Mr, Hildebrandt's. Miss Bertha York died tbls morn- lug at her home at Lake Cicott after an illness of eighteen months aged eighteen years. The funeral service will be held Sunday at 2 p. m. from the residence. Interment will be made In the Wlnegardner cemetery, in Jefferson township. Royal Center Record:"The prisoner that jumped from the train near Logansport made his way on foot, to a point near this place. He gave Mr. Hoffman 83 to drive him to Winamac, which was done. There It is supposed he took the train and where he went is a mystery. He had something like $500 with him, so the deputy stated that had him in charge." The fellow has since been arrested at Chlcego. Sewklrk Arrested. William Newklrk, he of double- headed calf fame, languishes in the county jail. On Monday he will be arraigned before 'Squire Laing upon the charge of assault and battery preferred by Frances Campbell, his sister-in-law, who resides five miles south of the city. After the alleged assault Newklrk left the city, but located at Greentown. Marshal Pool of that place brought him toLc- gansport today. Width of h»..dle Bars. A few years ago handle bars measured two icec and over, and apparently UDas- Kiilablo reasons were advanced to show that any bar under ~4 inches wide 'was 3 detriment to the rider's best work and also unhygienic. Some maker finally introduced a much shorter bar, and those who tried it liked it, with the ultimate result of a material shortening of handle bars in general. When ram's horn rakishness began to appeal strongly to the fast class, the grips were brought still Jiearer together on other bars by makers who saw that material could be saved by omitting the ram's horn curves. Bars with grips separated by less than a foot are frequently seen. Tonight! Tonight! The Golden Rule has a Kid Glove Treat For You. FOSTER KID GLOVES We have bought 500 doz^a of the well known Foster kid gloves at a great sacrifice. These goods are called seconds but in reallcy are as good as any other Foster kid gloves. Ic this lot, we have any color or size inclining some opera shades^and such well known brands as Williams, Fos- terlna, Fowler, Lyons, Dresden, Paris. These goods retail in a regular way at 11.00 $1.50 12.00 and »2.50 and our price for tonight will oSc per Pair. We also have purchased a lot of cloaks at 31 cents on the dollar which we would like for you to take a peep at if you are in need of a cloak, Schmitt & Beinly. R«d Men. Past Great Incohonee Charles C. Conley has recently returned from an extended Trip in the southern states, where in company with Great Incohonee Judge R. T. Daniel he made many official visitations. The tribes generally were found in a prcs- jjerous condition., ihe proceedings of the recent session ol the great council of the United States are distributed in the 31odern Woodmen. The order has novr over 18,000 members la Minnesota. Renewed activity and interest are expected in all the camps of this order during the coming winter. Things have been-a bit quiet on account of Che weather, which hai been too warm either for campaigning, for membership, for initiations or to* KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. New York Domain's Progressive Lender, Helmet Glints. Bro. Charles AV. Hinson, grand chancellor of the grand domain of Xew York, was born in Buffalo 53 yuan; ago, where he is well known as a lawyer of ability. Since Mr. Hinson became a member of the order he has been a warm advocate of its principles and an efficient worker for its advancement. ''. In 1S95 ho was elected grand prelate, advanced last year to grand vice chancellor, and at the last meeting CHAKI.ES W. 1I1XSON. of the grand locl.ue was chosen head of the order in the Empire Suite. He has already proved his ability in his new office and has aroused renewed interest in the order throughout the grand dumain. Mr. Hinson is wide awake and progressive, and proposes to effect needed reforms during his administration. The Knights of Pythias of Macon have begun the erection of a 825,000 Pythian castle. Nearly 3,000 Knights of Pythias participated in the second annual church parade under the auspices of the uniform rank in Chicago. There nrc IS lodges of Knights of Pythias in Delaware, with a total membership of 1,113. O. YV. Everett, is grand chancellor. Georcc I-I. Doclson is grand chancellor of Oklahoma and J. S. Carlin grand keeper of records and seal. The endowment rank is now 20 years old, numbers over 50,000 members, with over $95,0110.000 insurance. Eleven and one-half millions of dollars have been paid out since its organization. The grand lodge of West Virginia amended the constitution so as to require that the United States 3ag shall be displayed in all subordinate lodge rooms while in session. ODD FELLOWS, Support of Homes Must Be Provided by the Grand Lodge—Friendly Grips. The "voluntary subscription" plan of supporting the Odd Fellows' honie of New Hampshire has novcd a faila'-e,. Bio. JD- Two things every young housekeeper should have—a reliable cook book and a pure baking powder. We furnish, both.. Cleveland's baking powder can be bought at your grocer's, and our cook book is mailed free on receipt by us of stamp and address. Guarantee* Grocer* «re tnthoriMd to ftrt tack jrour money 11 T«« do »o* flnd Cleveland's tb* DMt taking powder yon barv vnf nwd. ClrraUnd Baking Powd*r Co, B.T. Tailor and Draper, BETWEEN ONE THING Ml- ANOTHER we manage to tarn out the best fitting, exquisitely finished and distingue suits of clothing to be seen In Logansport, We take -pains j to select the latest and hand! somest rarjrlcs for your selection. | Just LOW we are making nobby suit* ;. In soft finished worsteds, cheviots, | tweeds, cassimeres, and English mel- I ton, beaver and kersey overcoats, I lined with silk, at prices that can't i be matched. i Cart W. Keller. 311 Market St, ASSIGNMENT SALE! Slaughter Sale of the Best Shoe Stock Ever Brought to This City, Havin? bought the Walden Shoe stock at assignee sale, I will proceed to close out the entire stock at prices you have read about, but never came in contact with THIS IS NO FAKE SALE, f But the goods must be sold to meet deferred payments and I will sell these goods at just • • 1=3 Less Than Wholesale Cost • • You cannot afford to miss this sale. If you don't need them now, you will in a few days. Is there any INVESTMENT that will PAY YOU AS MUCH? Thi* •wholesale slaughter sale commenced M. WALDEN 3i5*Fourth Street, Logansport, Ind. Holiday Presents. Pocket Knives, Sleds. Game and Meat Carvers, Children's Knife and Fork Sets, Skates, Nut Picks, MATTIEL. JOHN SON. Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. Our Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— "Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high-— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. sepli liiiiuer. grand secretary, says, "The voluntary ccntributions through the year have been inadequate to meet the present nee'ds of the home." Voluntary contributions for such noble purposes are desirable and praiseworthy, benefiting both the receiver and the giver, but the only source of certain support for homes must come through tile grand lodge. -An increase of dues affects all members of a lodge alike, and all are bound by it. Samuel McKecver of Philadelphia has been nominated for grand master of Pennsylvania. The election takes place last meeting next March. The committee on printing of the sovereign grand ledge nt its recent, meeting in Baltimore voted to have 1,000,000 of the new certificates printed. The annual report of Grand Secretary Friedheim of Arkansas shows a subordinate lodge membership of 4,007, beinga decrease for the year of 91 members, and the number of Rebekah members is reported at 2,061. If a brother's record does not sustain him, he will find it hard work to find witnesses enough to overcome that record. •Every dollar used by the order corn^ either directly or indirectly from thelodge*. Tue grand lodge of Xew Hampshire $100 to aid the new Bobefcah assem- Good times are coming. Prepare for winter work. Touch up your degree staff and paraphernalia. You will need them, Past Grand Master E. B. Sherman of Chicago has been honored by being elected president of the D«lta Uprilon fraternity ot Middlebury college K Northampton, MASS. Hay the banner of Bebekahlim float for good, for right, for charity, aad when the end of life come* m*y we all be mu*- tered into the grand lodge on high. Them are 3.6OT Odd Fellow* in £•!*wan. C. DELICATESSEN FINE 407 Market street in room formerly occupied by Leganeport Wall Paper Co. Guntber's Confectionery, Charlotte Ruese. Hnvarfan Cream, Wine Jellies, Chocolate Eolairs, Patty Shells. E»g Kisses, Hickorynut Macaroons, Almond Macaroons, Walnut Mucaroonjs, Oicoanuc Macaroon*, Vaniila Wafers. Jelly Tart!, Cream Puffs, Fruit Cake, Gold and Silver End, Lemon Maranfnie Pies. Frank K. Lloyd, Pastry Cook at the Barnctt and Murdock hoteli" ior tha past five years. JSf-\\'o have contracted to furnish alltb* Pastry and Breao ior the above hotels. No Pain! No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore moutb, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. J^-No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, Tl'PWTTQTf sll 1-2 Fourth St. UC-1X i 1O 1 -Over Fisher's Drug-Stor Now has the largest teaching force it b**Tever had, Six Teachers are employed day^aitd night.r-Tbe faculty is not Only the larjrest, hot ismade up cf the best educated men thit b»T« ever been connected with the institution. Two instructors have degrees conferred by Stttt UniversltUi of NATIONAL REPUTATION. Others who nave not taken a college oonne, hare spent from one to three yean in preparation for special work. Each teacher if • specialists in the line of wort to which h« instructs. We have a special teacher for bookkeeping-. A special teachar for Mathemmttot. A ipecial teacher for Fennmnthip, A •poctal teacher for Shorthand. Seven of our rtudoote have Mkm petition* recently. If you wuttoiecon a podlton In Hall's Business College Cor. «th, and Broadway.

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