The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1947
Page 10
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PAO* BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER MfiWt MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1947 Laney Praises State's Growth . Governor Speaks At Research Seminar Held in Fayetteville PATRTKVILLK, Ark-, Nor. 17 CUP) — In what K>undtd like one of hi* .major political addncses of the lut campaign, GOT. Ben Lane; today 'outlined the progress made by Arkamas durlnc hi*, tenure In offi- ee and then' listed the outstanding problenp of the future. . The coremor, who has refuted to put hlnuelf out of the running M a potential candidate for redaction, spoke before business and industrial leaders attending a Unl- of Arkansas research teml- The chief executive reviewed In detail the famous "Arkansas Plan" for industrializing Arkansas and said the "fruits" of the plan are not Intangibles. "The record reflects the material tains," he said and then pointed to some 1,800 new Industries or expansions since Jan. 1, IMS. "There has been an almost record-breaking Increase in per capita income," he said. "That has meant record tax revenues that have enabled the state government to Increase teachers salaries and to have at least patched-up most of our highways." Xjiney complimented University • President L. W. Jones for allowing the school to take the lead in re- aearch and problems. In solving economic "Heretofore, the University hasn't taken its proper place as an integral part In our plans and efforts to forge ahead," he said. The governor also pointed to legislative steps he took office and said "today Arkansas has one of the best, If not the best, revenue allocation systems In the nation. It Is stabilizing Influence In the entire financial structure of the state." Admitting the need for Intelligent "applied" research (which he described as applying to Arkansas the programs succssful elsewhere) the governor also called for Improved highways, health safeguards, expanded educational facilities and further step* In expanding and mar ketlng agricultural and forestry products. Other speakers during the two day seminar include Dr. Jones, Col T. H. Barton of El Dorado and Dr Harold Vagtborg. director of the Midwest Research Institute of Kan- sac City. CONGRESS (Continued from Ptft K of our prosperity and th* threat of our future development." Mr. Truman aald that Inflation has already reached "an alarming degree" at home and "is getting worse." He aald he realized that aorr.e'of hii proposals were drastic. "But If we face the facts squarely, It U apparent that no other methods can aafely be counted upon to protect our people from Uie dangers t>f excessively high prices and ruinous Inflation." The President, who will tv.bmlt hi* recommendations for a long- range European recovery program in a later message, urged th; adoption of the stop-gap program to give the people of Western Europe the strength to maintain their independence. He hooked up this country's ability to aid Europe to the fight against Inflation at home, stating that high prices threaten the entire foreign assistance program. He safd the foreign aid could not be abandoned, nor could the American people be abandoned to Inflation. Then he outlined In detail the 10 points on which he wants speedy legislation. Would Guard Dancer Spots In Justifying his request for price controls, th« President said he did not think ceilings would be necessary for staple food or clothing items not In short supply. "This selective treatment'of a relatively few danger spots Is very different from overall wartime piice controls." he said. He thought that fair distribution of scarce things could be accomplished "without consumer ration- Ing" for at least a while. "But no one can foretell exactly how serious some shortages may become next year," he added. Presumably he had In mind, for one thing, the possibility of a wheat crop failure next year. "With serious shortages, a free market works cruel hardships on countless families and puts an unbearable pressure on prices. I therefore recommend that authority be •p aa organisation and make thi administrative arrangements ne- eeasary to put price control «nd rationing Into effect," the President reasoned. 'Thui," he added, "the only prudent course is to establish the authority at this time so the ne- cetsary.preparalons can be started. "If we fall to prepare, and dl«s«ter result* from our unprepar- ednew, we will have gambled with oar national safety — and lost" In asking for the authority for wage ceilings, the president said he believed there would be "few xxaslons" for Imposition of this ype of control. H e said he was confident that If Ivlng costs could be held In rea- onable relationship to Income, ''wage adjustment through collec- Ive bargaining will be consistent with productivity and will avoid an granted . to ration basic cost of living items. . The President asked Congress to act right away to give him power to establish these contracts. "It takes several months to set is great need for money In this to adjournment, several fund. Prior Quorum Court (Continued 'from Page 1) blue prints drawn, he said. Taxpayers Prabed He and Mr. Cooley expressed tlielr approval of response to the voluntary three-mill rond levy during the past, year. Taxpayers were nearly 100 p*r cent In payment of the fcvy. they .said. Only three large corporations did not pay and It was not 'expected that they would, the county officials said. These firms were the Frisco and Cotton Belt railroads and Southwestern Telephone Co., they snid. Bell . The Quorum Court also voted afatn this year to place surpluses from any of the county general funds in a Roads and Bridges Fund Judge Green pointed 'out that there voted for the county library was for operating expenses while the $5,000 for quarters was voted in consideration for space which Is to be given it in the city hall that the City of Osceola plans to build. Tills amount also was voted last .year but was members of the court called attention to roads In various parts of the county that need repairs. Two are near Manila and Judge Green authorized Justice of the Peace Jack Tipton to contact the county road repairman near Poplar Corner In regard to this repair Job. It was pointed out that the Johnson Crossing, spanning the levees of the drainage ditch near Tomato. was nearly Impassable. Judge Green said the Levee Commission in West Memphis would be contacted again. This request was made o] the Commission earlier but no action has been received. At the opening of the meeting which was held In the Circuit Courtroom at the Court Huuse and lasted 45 minutes, It was agreed that read- Ing of the reports of various count;. officers and county agents would be dispensed with. Justices of the Peace from thi following townships were present Bob Green, W. P. Hale, George Rains and C. G Alexander, all o Monroe; Richard Thomus, Fletcher J. H. Lunsford, Little River; P. E. Cooley, Chicknsawba; W. W. Burt, Wliltton; Richard Lee, awayne; C. C. Marrs, Hector; C. B. Gauf and Arch Pierce, Neal; Jake Richardson, Half Moon; Andy Harshmnn, Tomato; W. E. Hagan, Hlckman; C. nflalionary ireues." round of wage in- On rents, Hit President asked for extension of controls which expire text Spring and for correction' of 'weaknesses" In the present law. After making his toughest economic recommendations since price and 7 wage ceilings were abandoned, he President promised that even with the new authority the government would intensify its efforts' to obtain voluntary action"Wherever voluntary action will do the job there will be no neces Ity to impose the governnment's authority," he said. "But the very existence of these powers should lave a salutary effect. "They will demonstrate to each of our citizens the importance of carefully weighing each step that might lead to higher prices." In explaining the need for stopgap aid to Europe during the next months the President warned :hat if Western Europe collapsed this Winter as a result of this country's failure to bridge the gnp between their resources nnd their needs, their chances for economic recovery would disappear. Miut Have I/ong Range Plan He said that interim aid was not he entire solution, but would give us time to plan our part in the long- range economic recovery program. He said that if Congress followed adoption o! th. Interim aid program, the House and Senate would have "written a noble page in world annals." Preceding his economic recommendation* the President expressed alarm over the rapid expansion of consumer credit that has taken place alnce controls exercised by the Federal Reserve iys- tem expired Nov. J. He said outstasding consumer credit had risen from »«,500,000,000 In IMS to more than 111,000,000,000 today. He asked for restoration of these controls, along with "some restraint" on "inflationary bank credit." In calling for the power to Impose ceilings on food, clothing fuel and rent, the President said that this legislation should be broad enough to authorize price ceilings on vital Industrial commodities In short supply. "This will enable us to stamp out profiteering and speculation In these Important areas." The President described his plan as an emergency program designed to protect the American standard of living for the Immediate present. But he said a long-range program of Increased production Is necessary to prevent future economic difficulties Talks of Farm Program "To accomplish this for agrlcul- . . , . unused. However, plans for the city i W. Potter and M E. Cook, Bowen; hall are now being formulated and I and Jack Tipton, Big Lake. Don't Risk: • Needless Tire Wear • Hard Steering • Wandering and Weaving • Tire Pounding Go To An Expert! Our Modern STEERING AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR REGARDLESS OF MAKE SHELTON MOTOR V-tJL COMPANY t- Phone 4438 INSTANTLY starts to ture, farm we need program," a comprehensive he said, saying , that this program should seek to Increase the use of farm products by Industry and consumers whc: ly self sufficient and to protect farmers against, ruinous deflation. He said there was alto need for a long-range program to expand Industrial output. "But the first step toward this progress in the future la to deal with the critical present," the President said. He expressed the fear that if the price pressure on grain and meat became much greater, sharp Increases In food prices generally would result. The President said such sharp Increases "may well set off a chain reaction that would spread throughout the economy." . "It is surely better to take timely action to check adverse forces at particular trouble spots than to wait until general inflation has become so serious as to require drastic controls over our whole economic We." On the European situation, Mr. Truman said that Austria, France and Italy have nearly exhausted their financial resources and must liave aid now if they are to survive the winter. Bad weather, crop failures and fuel shortages have caused intense suffering, Mr. Truman said. He said Prance needs $328,000,000, Italy needs $227,000,000 and Austria needs $42,000,000 to buy food, fuel and other essential goods in the next 4-112 months. This emergency assistance will not solve European problems, and Is no substitute for a long-range recovery program, but Is a vital pre-requlsite to such a program, Mr. Truman said. should oollapae this Winter for lack of our aid, the President said, there would be no chance for them, or for us, to look forward to-their economic recovery. Mr. Truman said that he would "shortly submit" his recommendations to Congress on the long-range European recovery program—the multi-billion Marshall plan. { This program Is the result of the i combined efforts of "thoughtful men of two continents whose concern hu been the most effective manner in which 1« European nations, Western Germany and the United States can work together for European recovery, world prosperity and lasting peace," Mr. Truman said. Mr. Truman said the United States has an opportunity, unmatched in history, to help other peoples move out, of the shadows of fear and war Into the light of freedom and peace. Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr., gavel ted the House to order at noon, and Senate President Arthur Vandenberg convened the Senate. It was the 26th "special" session in the nation's history. Both houses were geared for rap- Id action to provide emergency relief funds for the prostrate nations of Western Europe. But a bitter dispute was shaping up over anti- Inflation measures. other countries become more near- If Western European nations CHESTCOIDS! In Upper Bronchial Tract, Throat At firat sign of & cold-—rub Music role on cheat, throat and back. It instantly start* to relieve couching and help* break up painful congestion in the upper bronchial tract, nose and throat. Musterole has ALL the advantaged of a war mine, stimulating mustard piaster yet is so much euier to apply. Just rub it on for mighty fati relief! 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