The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1947 aLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE NINE Classified Advertisements for So/*, Miscellaneous One 20 cubic loot. de«p fr*e£lnc r«- f rliicraUoa box. (115 cash. Southern lc« Cretin Go. 400 WMt Ath Il|ll-p*-irj9 Out Cushinuti Scooter for sale. For In/ortuatkoa call 380 L * Tarpaulins^ »U popular *i»«. Best prices. Mil or tiftdt*. Klbert Huffman's Swap Shop. Ulll-ck-l& We hare 25 used radiator In wvera al«s. These are new Btyle radiators and have been usrd.only abort t me Will sell at a barRatn. Tom Little Realty Co Phone 661. Lost'and Found lx>$t— Wtllti and browu bird dog, 40 Ibr, call 004. Hi Reward. , Lost- Hewarcl for 19 Jewel watch with 2 diamond band. Call 2257. KLgln silver LQlt-- Rcward for whit* *-.d liver malt pointer do«. U monih» old, Call 2240 ll!13-pk-2Q Lost - in postofflce. billfold cou- t.lining moiiuy ami charx-ft-plate. He- turn to Jcs*la SrltB, Accessory Shop Ho'.el Noble. ll!U-i>kl> On* 8 H P. Seft Kin? outboard mo tor and boat: o»« No - 5 UmJnrwooi typewriter, atand and awl»et chair Ml Lilly. llfll-pk-n Smalt coal heating itove. I12S Henrn. phone 3316 Jl!14-»k-18 Battery fed turkeys, dive your order now. Firkard'B Grocery, 1044 ChlcXaaawb*. hPon« 2043. ll'lS-ck-22, A radtotrlclaa loat • tiny Hide nitc when he leaned nut of the cocfc;>!l of an alriilnne (lying over Ohio. He tried lor a week In Cincinnati to buy similar Instrument without sncceM He finally placed a "Ixm" ad "lor a «3ldc rule tost from on Airplane." Tin. next duy ft womnn phoned that £oii had found comet hi UK answering the description. H was the mlsAliiK tde rule, found by a lO-yenr-old hltd who hud picked It up In hti ack yard, New n>itlts enrl feather pillows, 1Q01 Ash St. Phone 4266. llllT-nk-20 Help Wanted, Male Reliable man with car to call on farmers la S- Mississippi County. Wonderful opportunity, $15 to $20 in & day. No experience or capital required Per man cue. Write today. McNESS COMPLY, Dept. A. Freeport. Ill, Jl|17-pk-lB MAN WANTED TO SUCCEED T. Vance for 1500 family Rawlelgh tmsl neu In North Pemltcot County '. Mo, Product* sold 20 y«ar&. Permanent II you are & hustler. Write Rawlelgh'& AKK -210-1233, M^nphls, Tenn. or &.>• W. Barbour, 610 I-illy St. Dlythevllle. Ark, ll|17-pk-20 Opeulnjf Tor ^I«fl capable of tuper Tlsinp others. Heavy Cookwtire Business. Pay while learning. Write Box 1535. Little Rock. Arlc., giving. Age Qualification!, Tslephon* No. We hay* op»nlHK la our oiflce ten usUUnt book-keeper. Would' like to h*T« young man that 1i interested In. learning to be qualified to be office manager, A wonderful chance for a good man. Cali Tom A. Little 8r, phon* 801, Bhelton Motor Co. lllll-ck-I 2 TOIIHQ MEN 18-23. neat appearing FREE TO TRAVEL to Florid*, Call fornla and return. Transportation pal for bj National Organization. Drawln account tlftO montn to itart. See Mr Emerson, Hotel Noble 6:00 to 0:00 P ~ dillr. No phone call*. 'Notice Private Rooms TK« b«cliooin. clo«* In, Men otvly. 0 W. WMnul. inii-i>k-J2 Nlcr bedroom, men only, tflll Wftl- ut. Phonr 2406. HtlS-pk-2Z Girl* wanted.' Room and board. 2 lock* ot Hlc«-Stick. I'hone 37*7. II H-pk-lS Bedroom, 314 N Ninth Phont 2338 10:22 pfc L1I22 Wonted to Buy WANTED 20,000 POUNDS 'PECANS Don't Sell till you * Get Our am Blytheville Curb Market 130 Enst Main Si. Plicm« 973 WANTED 10 buy farm tracton and machinery. Slate price Anil condition, Cleo MllSEelmim. OECColu, lowu. Odd chlnti, KI1&3. old buttons, etc. Call or write C. T, l.yslcr, telephone J938, 1131 Wnlnnt St. UU3-pli-20 Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 Mi-Wed., Dec. 3 eatiiriii": Beautiful bnnetwork, pillow cases, baby clothes, aprons, elf.. tso: Homemade cakes Ami candles ood booth with everything fresh from the country LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST ? > Fewer games Better prlzea (none leu than *5) Sensational new bingo carets Bingo starting promptly at 8:00 PM All at the Legion Hut Iponsored by Ladles of the Catholic Church UHl-ck The owner of nti antique shou in Washington tried for three years 10 lot-rite n rnre set of Magellan fruit dlslics. HP |il nc I'd n. Wain AU In it Spokane nnivspnpcr. A Her nil other efforts hart failed, ihe Rd broilRht forth the rare Items. Oie Man Winter li Just Around the Corner Let ill remove I be water from your tires and fill them with calcium chloride antl-freeie >«lii- llon. We will be (lad la make an appointment to cure for aU roar tractor* at your farm—thtu savlnt vou lime. KEMEMKKK WK SKKV1CK ALL , MAKK.S TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. io. Hiwav 61 I'hone 2171 Personal 'OLD AT 40, 50, CO?" MAN I You're crazy- Thousands peppy at 10. Oatrex Tonic Tablets pep up bodies lacking Iron. For rundown feelliiK many men, women call "old". New "get acquainted" M?.e ONLY 50c At nl druggists — in Blytheville. ftt Klrhy Drug. UIH-ck-18 Position Wanted High school graduate — some college hours. Experience In office and aales work. Call 865, UIK-pk-LB Read Courier News Want Ads. HUNTERS! Protect your hedlth with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. GULF i Service Station i State Line | (Around Hie Curve) ! N. I<\ Richards ! New Operator i Featuring: \ -fa Gulf Courtesy • + That Good Gulf Gas I ^ | Tires, Batteries 5 Accessories J Discount Rn!e to Truckers • Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. i Weekends By ETHEL HAMILL JP) JUo*. HoMe, IIK ; Onrr^wttd b, NEA SERVICE. INC way which indicated that some- hing outside himself had actually THE STORY! C«ni um4 Joel 1C* eaneelnff •• 1kr Elver Mftrr thr fire. Jnrl «»mrl4«* hla wor- rfm and hT« dream*. Cntu !• bllnafBr. Shr want* Botkln* more tliBii !• BhKr* Jacl'B drpBHiB XVII •TPOR one moment, as she opened her eyes to her familiar bedroom, Cam couldn't recall what lit wag that made thus new day so .special. ° Then she remembered and the memory curved her lips unlil— still suspended in that undersea world between sleeping and wak- llng, where motion and thought «ie slowed to the heavy grace of shadows in a coral cave — she was smiling. It was because Joel loved her! Oh, he hadn't said it in so many words — -last night on the river. But surely his heart must know it to b« true. Cam slithered purringly out of bed and sang in her shower. She was knotting the wide sash of her breakfast coat as she skimmed down the stairs ten -minutes later. Her father was finishing his breakfast egg. Floating past him JT»n her way to her own chair, Cam * bestowed a feather ot a kiss upon the bald spot at the peak of the Dean's dignified and scholarly head. With the delayed reaction which seemed as much a part of him as his rimless spectacles, he looked up only after a full moment's silence from his spread- out newspaper. "Good morning, Cammie." "Good morning, Dad." Sh« reached for the toast rack, smil ing. "Terrible thing, eh, that busl : ness last night?" She beamed back at him. ": . thought last night was perfect!" "Perfect?" Dean Austin's com i pressed features altered m tha lenetratcd the thick cotton wrap- ilngs around his inmost attention. A fire destroys a Carter landmark ix decades old. and you say 'oer- ecf?" Belatedly, Cam recalled that here had been another blaze last night than the one which had Hirst out like sudden springtime n her lieart. There was no head- ine. naturally, to announce to the world that Camellia Austin and Joel Conroy were in love with each other. "I—I didn't mean about the lag*. That was awful, of course." "No one seriously hurt, thank goodness. Although your cousin did say that you'd come within an ace of severe burns. You're certain you're all right, Camellia?" "I couldn't be better. Oh. isn't t a beautiful morning!" ;AN AUSTIN blinked owlishly behind his bifocals. "Maurine seemed very much put out about something, I thought, when Herbert fetched her home. She went right to bed. Have you any Idea what might have been troubling her, Camellia?" '—I can't imagine why she might be upset. Dad." Cam struggled not to sound like a ten-year- old caught in a jam pot. Until this very instant, sh« had not remembered that Joel had begun last evening M her young cousin'- date. Before her father could press her further, two sounds from the hallway intruded simultaneously upon the quiet of the dining room One was the peal of the fron' doorbell; the other, the mercuria click of Muurine's heels descend- irig the stairs "I'll get it!" her ga.i young voice shouted from tin outer passageway, before Cam could so much as mo"e from he; place at the table. A moment later, Maurine her;elf appeared in the doorway. She was carrying n shenf of while asters, cupped childlike in he curve of her arm. ] "Look!" she demanded, burying her face in the blooms with such a naive joy thai it almost carried •onviclion. "From Joel!'f-- Cam was on her fee 4 now, caching out eagerly "For me?" "Of course not, silly! They're or me. And with the dearest illle note of apology tucked into hem!" She drew the single folded hect from its envelope. "I'll read t to you both! Wasn't it just too :ute of him to spend his money • m such a big bouquet?" ; ^AM sank back into her chair, J getting a fresh grip on herself. For heaven's sake, what was the matter with her anyway? That =tab of jealousy, of hurt, had been a physical wrench and il had left icr breathless. And all because Joel had been decent enough to do the polite thing and send a ges- :ure of apology! Even Maurine lad admitted il was no more than that. So \vhy on earth—? "—sorry I couldn't get back to Finish our glamour date. But it just didn't work out that way." Reading what Joel had written, Ihe voice across the asters flowed light and swift as a shallow brook. "Since untoward circumstances kept me from apologizing in per T son. last night, let these say all Ihe ruefu] things 1 couldn't. And how about a jukebox whirl tonight, to make it up to me?" Untoward circumstances? The wordr rtruck out at Cam as though they had been an open hand brought suddenly and stunningly against her cheek. Maurine was giggling guilelessly. ''It's just impossible to stay mad at Joel Conroy. 'sn't it. Cam?" Her dark eyes sparkled. "I couldn't possibly refuse to go out w!th him again tonight, after he's begged me so adorably, could I?" In the litlle silence which closed in like a period at the end of Maurine's sentence. Cam realized that her father was watching her. And with such wise, such comprehending eyes! (To Be Continued) Dial 2231 For Free Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meals GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 2016 West Main St. cont iM7 »Y nr< MHVICE. INC. v. M, KJO. u. *. Mr, oft. FKKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO68EW Tole That H»ie! IfWALUY AND BETH CAK.TCK., NEW T& . SHADYSIPE, ARE POSIM& AS SOUTH EUM ARISTOCRATS. ^ THEIK. ACT ISGOIM4 OVER BI6 IM SOMt GWRTEH.S, WHOOEE/ Twe CA*rms . ) „.. SURE H*Vl A 61* ¥•»«> / / THAT ON TWI*. I/ 1 WAS TWO MILES ID THE FROtr ooor! "I had to buy a few essentials—since wearing longer dresses I've never been satisfied with my old Hats, shoes, and ooatsl" Boy, THIS K We LIFE! BACK- HOME I'D JIAVJE TO we Those. LEAVES MYSELF! Ou*. SLAViS Af-E SVOW1NG- UP — I BETre* GO FEED '£M A, LITTLE GI/MOUR.! NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopfe 0-AES.'-«~TRV NOT TO ACT IKE A BUSH TRIBE AT A <-, SA.R8ECOE — ALSO PLEASE! POLISH THE SCUFFED EDGES t OF ^fc>UR GRAMMAR/ u>^>-/, iwvj HOARDERS.' I gUST VOU VJILL MODIFY ^ ,OUR WROCrouS TABL& . IF YOU'LL QOVT I k COMlKiS '' k AW PROrWise NOT TO GRAB THE MASHED,/ POTATOES SEAH.Ltra ALL GO SOCIAL . HOW ABOUT SCRftPlNS trlKT LAST WEEK'S . EGG OFF ^ ( ^XJR VEST f FISTFOL6.' ;\ Ah VERMEER I'KISCII.LA'S POP Carlyle, why did you push me against that tree? you \ might have I'm not your brothet:.. I'm your father That's Carlyle / I'm just making sure you about it! IJv MICHAKl, O'MAI.LKY and RALI'H LANK l.iicrctJH Kmhls Hack VOU DIDN'T THINK Wi COU1D OO ON 1HIS WAV MREViR. DID Wtl? s soon as my cjb diiver returned with I'D UK( TO BET THERE'S SOMETMIXS PHOMV 'ABOUT THAT hanfefrom my ten-spot, I put him to work. two thieves ware filling out. ClOCK, BUT TH IRE'S NO TIME NOW TO INVESTIGATE NOW iWAHOW THIS.' II^ ONLY A FEW SIEEPINS PILLS. Bv LERSIJE TURNER l!uf Thin Is Important WASH TUHHS ... SO THMT OLE MOW1C GE1W CWJ'T BURN HOLES I', IH MEBBEWOr... BUT WE 60TT& HOT MOTHER. WORD! SOU MJO THERE'S SUUPIM \TOUMN GET IN BED Has Opened a Cabinet Shop TORMENT FOR. HER 1O fJVLL HSIEEP, WHEW TOWltM SPILLS SOW\E NEWS. THEN.... C'MOH. I THIW4- THEVRE fSLEEP With Russell Musick tn Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. By FRED HARMAN TOLi To KILL WH£f4 HE RIDS t. SHOT To DAUGHTER, OLD /-1f/WW«lf, WV0£.« COVER. OF HAS SOUROU1D"h'Uff'f /VAA-X/ ll/fJO HOUSE-, SfOCK/fJfff CORRAU AN! EBONY OOT to HUPP'S BE BLAMED A^D I'LL <5tT THE 601. 0 CMS Call PICKARD'S By V. T. IIAMMN Cooilbv! Ili'llo! I'hone 2013 1014 Chickasawba A\VRi6KT. HESEYAXE BMX HON=.' NOW &T CUT* MY S16HT AIM'SW OUT! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ^ SAY. & THAT ^ PART OF MY LET ME COUNT THAT RIGHT NOW. /DOM'T WORRY. THESE PAMTS ARS SO TI&HT THAT EV6MADIME WOULD BE SAFE IF OWE OF THSM POCKETS GOT A HOLT ON TH' RIM OF rr. Bv KDGAK MARTIN. HOOTS ANM) HKK KUIWIKS THtl H(\V7 l .l OH - TO090 SVX \OV,M A I EXCOSt , o« wo'. r_ os ft ate. Vl5\ Vi9 * 25" ft "6UCV4 r\ 25 01^ A CKR. WE SO nvWLV \.tFVi^. WHY MOTHERS CeT GRAY

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