The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1947
Page 6
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I PACK SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS No Witch Hunt, Truman Insists New Loyally Review Board Holds Its First Conference WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. (UP— President Truman yestercay assur- '. «1 federal employes the government will hot engage in a "witch hunt" in Its campaign to (lie disloyal workers." , Mr. Truman promised that all em ployw charged with disloyalty will receive hearings except In instances "where a few agencies find it necessary to exercise extraordinary powers granted to them by the government." The State Department Is one of these agencies where 11 persons recently were dismissed. Three subsequently were permitted to resign and seven are seeking hetirlngs because of their dismissal without specific charges. The President made Im slate- ment in connection with the first meeting of the Loy.-V.. 1 Uevlew U I which will be the final court of appeal on dismissals. The loyalty review board began 1 laying down the procedures for the campaign to rid the federal payroll of all communists, [a-sclst-s and their fellow travelers. Board Named I-asl Week The 20-member board was appointed last week. Chairman Scl'i W. Richardson, 7-year-old former assistant attorney general, described the Initial meeting as a "get acquainted" session. But commission sources said the board probably would Ret-around to otlier matters, too. They said the board may receive the Justice Department's _o(ftclnl list of soine 40-odd organizations it considers subversive. Attorney General Tom C. Clark prepared the rosier to BUide the board in ruling on eases brought before It. Some board members may bring up Uie q'urstion of the seven State Departn^ nt employes who were discharged- without hearings last June as bad security risks. These ousted workers arc now demanding a hearing. Their attor- ' ' ncys — former Assistant Attorney General Tiiurman Arnold, former Under-S«creUry of Interior Abe h; Fbrlas and Former OPA Chief Paul ., Porter — asked Secretary of State " George C, Marshall ,to reconsider his refusal either to disclose the 'evidence 'against the men or let, •'-- them resign. ^ . Precious Nylons Wedding Bi't o( l,oixl liivcr- chapcl, British ninbjissidor to the U. S.. In Princess Kliznbclh is six i>nirs or neni l-rntnislcd nylons whii-li rasl over S1000 for (lie Rerns nlone. Seed pcjivls ai'C hand-sewn in aiTow flesign un oyslcr-vvhilc horn, shown nbove. Names and Places Jibe CAMP KILMER. N. J., Nov.. Nov. 17. (UP) — A .38 caliher revolver was confiscated recently from n soldier who was being ritschni'KCrt and who lucked proof of ownership of the \vea[H>n. Today lie sent In the proof. So Joseph Cannon, n civilian . owner, C_ E. Outlaw, cleric In tile provost-marshal's of- j Address? flee, shipped Hie revolver to It-s Gimtnwn. Miss., of course. Ordinary Food In Sweden Not Too Expensive My 1.Y1.K C. WILSON (United TrtKs SUff CnrrMpondeiit) STOCKHOLM, Sviedcn. Nov. 17. <UP) — Von cnn have a Jar of chlllcrl nusslan caviar the sl/c of your head here for 168 kroner and U \vi]| serve 12 IM-JSOIIS with two helpings each the size ol your flsl. Wlion you've liaii II, you'll by on the line the equivalent, of S.SO.iOln American money !o ])ay ihe lali., Champagne comes to $M or SIS a' bottle, and very good, t/x). Whisky | is expensive. Hut the -IIH! of l-.i,- lo.nrr.v ,s comparatively cheap. If you don't insists on caviar, champagne or im polled liquors you can eat well, and more cheaply anywhere In Sv,'eden than you can In the United Stales '[•here Is plenty of KOO<\ food so far, alllioiich It remains under ration. And It Is (joo'l. Tile eovcrn- mcnl lias outlawed the hnne smor- Basbord layouts alxiut which UUK- eyed American tourlsls used to tell the folks hack home when they returned from a Summer fortnight In Scandinavia, The idea was Hint milch smorgasbord was wasteful. Right now yon can f^t more and belter smor- cnsbord In New York's Three Crowns reslalirant than any Swcd- j Isli rsetanrant could dare serve you without vlolatini! the food rules.) This Is heinn written In Slock-< holm's Grand Hotel, a luxury spot lacing an inland arm of the Hal- tic which is called a bay but which looks to a visitor more like a river. A big, light, well furnished room and bath come to $750 a day. The hotel Is the Swedish equivalent of New York's Waldorf- Astoria. Dinner well served In my room last nt^ht came to 10.50 kroner Including a 10 per cent tnx. nmounthiK to S3.IS. USA. Hot Issue Left In Truman's Lap Republicans Shun Question of Aiding China's Nationalists WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 (UP) — .Senate President Arthur H. . Vnn- dcntierg has tossed a hot-potato j tiui'sllon of American aid to China directly Into the lap of President I Truman. j Vandcnberg (old a reporter that although he favored some form of emergency aid to Ihe Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-Shek the responsibility for drafting a specific program rested squarely will! Ihe arimlntstralion. The new prompting for assistance to hard-pressed China came as a house veteran of missionary service In that land urged that the U. .S. send arms and military ad- vlsri's Immediately to Chiang in an effort t<j, whip the Communists. Rep. Walter J!. judd, R.. Minn., charged that a "Red cell" in the | Stale Department consistently has: ried to discourage such help, ; Mie.inwhilp. Vandenbct'ft's £en- ate Foreign Relations Committee has completed H.s hearings on the $507.000.000 emergency aid bill for France. Italy and Austria. Mem- bcrs planned to rush Ihe measure to the Senate floor by Thursday. GOP to Viflil I'rinritles Tlie Senate Repifniican Party Committee has agreed to give "complete priority" lo the ciner'g- cnry aid program. In other foreign aid developments: Rep. John Davis Lodge," n.. Conn., suggested that- the U, S use force. If necessary, to stop Communist penetrations Into the 16 nations Included under the long- range Marshall plat). Chairman Charles A. Eaton, R., N. J., of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said the day will come when the U. E. will have U> use "more forceful" economic and moral arguments against Communism in China and Western Europe- However, he added, that he was not .suggesting the use of American troops to defeat Communism. Vandenlierg previously had asked the administration to provide Congress with csttmatc'd aid requirements for China n! Its "total balance sheet" on foreign spending. Last r ,veck he drew from Secretary of State George C, Marshall Information that the administration Is conemplatlng a $300,000.000 asslslancc program for the Nationalist government. However, diplomatic sources made it clear that tile program has not yet been set down in concrete terms and that i(. probably will IK Hmied to food and fuel. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1947 r Build Church for Deaf NEW YORK tUl'J - Sign language was used at the laying of a cornerstone at the site of a *100.000 church for Ihe deaf. More than' 1,000 deaf persons attended the ceremony at St. Matthew's Lutheran church for [he Deaf. Head Courier News Want Ads. ,Y*u WemMi WtM Suffer. HOTIUSHESJ FEELCHILLY! Ar« you going through the functional 'middle-age' iierlod peculiar to women (33-52 yrs.) ? Does this make you suffer from hot Hashes, feel so nervous, high- strung, irritable, weak? Then DO try Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. 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The ruling was the latest notion in Maxa's court battle to. obtain an annulment from 19-ye?.r-old Hazel Rutherford. They were married in Georgia last September, but Maxa claims he barely remembers the ceremony. ROADMASTER it th* nam« — /£ f ef t of {i< m fly size, comfort and f\;it finish. Vn^-frftl by n 144 h. /•. Fireball itiaiglit- tiflht, it fjti'fj yuti fifiihiriy ffrjrtrmanrt rt\\fiy to be fotimi in a car of tttch sixf, rnnm ami fupfrfntivfly finr interior finish. H'/ntf siJfii-nll fires, <is ittttstratftt, avail' able nt fxfra cojt. Guilty Conscience FAYETTEVILLE, N. C., Nov. 11. <UP|—Irwln Parker, 59. walked into i Jail here today and askpri police to call ofl the hunt—he said he'd admit that he had set his step-son's house on fire. Police checked up, found they had no record of the fire, ami learned '., that neighbors had put out the blaze and had never called firemen. 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