The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 11, 1952 · 15
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 15

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1952
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Thriller Role Awaits Teresa Wright's Return By Louella 0. Parsons Motion Flctura Editor International ewi BerrU-o HOLLYWOOD, April 10. (INS) Good news for JoseDh Cotten and Bert Friedlbb. Teresa Wright, whom they've been trying to get as Joe s co-star in "Panic btneken," . long-distanced Bert that she'll be here next Tuesday, xeresas been in Boston in "Salt of the Earth" a turkev that folded after a week through 11 : T LOUELLA O. PARSONS no fault of hers. She rated excellent notices from the critics. The girl is really a fine actress who does not always get the material she deserves. Friedlob, producer of ''Panic Stricken," believes Teresa's role in the thriller is just what she needs to spark her movie career anew, assignment or 20th, "The Arms of Venus," which Otto Lang will produce. It's a melodrama and hubby won't have to hurry to Hollywood right away because "Venus" will be shot in Europe thts summer. riWM mm mm .riAiiLK in nollyweoelt l he marriott of Juno Home and Buddy Rudolph ie completely ff June he 4 expected to to to Japan on honeymoon with her bride' groom'to-bo and take along hot small ton. She own took tho nee- ettary thott to bo in readinett. But Juno exercised htr woman's prerogative and at tho latt minuto backed out. Rudolph flew to Japan without htr. Mitt Horn Wat formerly mar ried to Jackie Cooper, and the little boy it Jackie t ion. tor a time there woe talk that the Coop' era would reconcile. WITHIN the next ten days the Federal Communications Com mission is expected to take action on more than 2,000 applica tions for new TV stations. These HAPPEN to know that Howard Keel went to the bote, Dore Schary, and told him he would like to do a picture now and then with no tinging. Keel's a rugged he. man type who wantt to get in a little emoting without stopping to bunt into tong. So, in "Betrayal on the Hudton" he'll get his with and play a dath-ing officer of th Revolutionary Army without once stopping to yodel with the heroine. Dore tett great ttore by "Betrayal on the Hudton." It will be in Technicolor and will feature two other top male ttart in addition to Howard. JUST HEARD that Valerie Bettis, choreographer and actress who did such sensational work in Rita Hayworth's picture, "Affair in Trinidad," flew in from New York. Valerie made a bee line for the Warner Studio where she is taking tests for the sec ond lead in ''The Desert Song." The first lead well, as I told you yesterday, it's Kathryn Grayson. And I hear Katie may stay on the Warner lot on loan out from M-G-M to do a second picture which may be "The Helen Morgan Story." AVA NORRING, the pretty Hungarian who murders the Queen's English, says her speech must be garbled if any one has the, impression that she and her husband, Fred Norring, are feud- tng. She says tie ts a successjw insurance agent in New York and they are just waiting to see if her career warrents pulling up stakes in the East to make their home permanently in Hollywood So far it looks bright. Ava has just been given her second JANE rOWELL KATHEBIIVB HEPBURN have been pending for almost three years. It's no longer a top secret that 20th has set up an experimental production division to make films for TV. Every other studio is doing the same thing. I'm predicting that our Hollywood studios, which are so well equipped, will be making pictures for two markets theaters and television. The men who head our studios are too smart to let some one else get all the gravy in this direction. 6th WEEK NOW! OPENS TODAY 2:15 P.M. LATE SHOW TONITE HUMPHREY ?9m mm. .Ill 1 -,.N - ! BQGART KATHARINE illEPBURII EVERYBODY turned out ffr Charley Feldman's cocktail 'party at Romanoff's honoring Italian Director Vtfforio de Ska, who is quite as handsome as he is tal ented. All in all, a very tres gay affair. An "incident" was narrowly averted when an innocent waiter led Joan Crawford to a table occupied by the James Masons Joan, you know, blasted the Masons to a fare-thce-well for their jibes at Hollywood social sets. Valentino, Cortesa charmed every one and she and Richard Baseheart seem so happy. Shelley Winters glowed when Vittorio Gassman was at her side, which was all the time. Mary Sinclair, the TV lovely looked like a preview of Easter in a black hat trimmed with a gay red rose. I had a nice chat icith De Sica (through his interpreter) and. he reminded me of a snapshot wc had taken together in ,ome. 1 hadn't forgotten the picture be cause it flattered me so much which is the way we gals like to photograph. 'Singin' in the Rain' Is Metro's Best Ever WITH A SONG AT THE BOX OFFICE . . . 20th Century Fox's Technicolor musical romance, "With a Song in My Heart," starring Susan Hayward as the gallant Jane Froman and David Wayne (late leprechaun of "Finian's Rainbow") opens today at th Fox. Thelma Ritter, Rory Calhoun, plushy sets and elaborate Jbwns complete the pleasant screen setup. SNAPSHOTS OF Hollywood collected at random: That mad woman, Betsy von Furstenberg, Is off today to Honolulu to see Peter Howard. It will be wedding.bells In the merry month of May for Leslie Charterls, author of "The Saint" series, and actress Audrey Long. She formerly was married to Eddie Rubm, for years Ginger Rogers' press agent. A shocking surprise to the friends of Marguerite Piazza, opera star, to hear that she and her husband, Graves McDonald, have separated. They were mar ried three years. Syd Chaplin, Charlie's boy, Is very elated because he's been accepted by the Stratford-on-Avon stock company to go there for a six months period. This is a great honor because only promising talent is selected to work with the company doing bhakespearean roles at Shakespeare's birthplace, If Martin and Lewis and Hal Wallis do not come to an under standing, the two comics will go on an extensive tour of Europe. All is hunky-dory with Liz Dailey and Bob Neal, the ex-Mrs. Dan and the oil millionaire were at June Koseile's opening at the Mocambo. All Is well too between John Carroll and Lucille Ryman again, and that I'm very happy to hear. They also were at the Mocambo. At Ciro's Lynn Bari and Hal March, radio writer, were a two some. Katharine Hepburn paid Paris a surprise visit and arrived at the airport in slacks. While in Tarls Katie ordered a glamorous ward robe because In "The Millionairess" she's impersonating a kind of super Doris Duke-Barbara Hutton. Nine year old Sherry Jackson will soon have a new daddy. Her mother is marrying the actor Monte Pittman. Steve Cochran, who introduced Pittman and the bride-to-be, will 1m best man. Sherry is in "The Miracle of Fa-tima" at Warners. Mrs. Grover Cleveland Alexan der will tour the United States w ith the Warner movie "The Win ning Team," based on her hus band's life. First stop is at the opening of the American League baseball season in Washington, Joe E. Brown celebrates his fiftieth anniversary in show bus! ness on Eddie Cantor's Colgate TV show next Sunday. And, by the way, Eddie, every one in town Is pretty proud of you for your Red Cross blood bank cam paign. By HORTENSE MORTON I'VE LONG been convinced that the nicest people in the world read The Examiner's drama page. Today's mail cinches the conviction and also proves that a critic should never make noises like Nostradamus and predict what a studio will, or will not do, In the future. Comes a friendly challenge from collegemen Jim Kason and Dick Fuselier, who intimate that I have myself in the well known box, and they send me a clipping from my review of "An American in Paris," to prove their point. Being all wise, I said at that time, "Metro will never top this one." Say Messrs. Kason and Fuse lier, "It looks as though you're going to have to eat your words. We've just seen a special showing of "Singin' in the Rain," "Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer's newest Techni color extravaganza. In our opin Ion it equals, if not tops, "An American in Faris." We're wait ing for your review of it!" All right men. Let's not lose our heads. First, 1 don t know why. I should bother to write the review. You are doing all right and I'll let you continue. Continuation: "Annie eGt Your Gun" was great! ! "Three Little Words," just as great in its own right. "American in Paris" was superb! ! S And, if "Singin" in the Rain" isn't colossal, we'll eat our words." Frankly, I always avoid "colos sal but I think you have something here. The Gene" Kelly starrer lat Loews warncid) iis "KIXG of the, 1 RIXLWMP' Tom NmI Laih Larut 2nd WEEK NOW! IN OBSERVANCE OF GOOD FRIDAY SHOW STARTS TODAY AT 2:30 P. M. EVER-NEW JOY FOR ALL TO ENJOY! WALT DISNEYS Mr Extra! C v a! t Disney's Thrilling, Ntw LIFE ADVENTURE Print by TECHNICOLOR mS'SZ STARTS TODAY! DOORS OPEN 2:30 PM MIDNITE SHOW TONITE! 30TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW! " Ttttyl Jl &) she ELEMKI yfy L Gene KELLY III 'J JL Wd Mm III ekymw: pus nd AdCharisa Km mn I V-J fc iaM i gttt! MGM'l " X T ACADEMY AWARD WINKING CARTOON WSS I in Technicolor ' lvlp3Hl V TOM & JERRY in 'Th Tw WauikUrt" n&i?V&y 1 PETE IMITH lOEW't NEW! " " J3 Ml, drtmi'( ijSfjrlSsM (t0N0M0-((t p cm MAJOr C0LT0M - juoij- MESCAL JACK-(ii WH HAIMET- i nolion'i promiu! troii vt-m"Ht' f bmfm wir! JOHN LUND JEFF CHANDL ER LOEW't NEWS' 1 XX AIIANIt nlltAT rl -'ffcHisi"-''u..l'?t!;!ri 1 j with OlldHN vHDUl BRUCE COWUNG BEVERLY TYIER Xjss lj ""tT NEW MOTION HCTURE1 every bit as good as you so understate. It is a remembrance of things past, the Roaring Twenties, with a delightful musical score (a composite of tho gayest melodies of the era), the fantastic and giddy cloche costumes, sparkling comedy and more dance se quences, before elaborate sets, than had its predecessors. Let's give the picture to Kelly as the Hollywood silent star who successfully leaps the talkie problem. But also consider Jean Hagen, as a rattlebrained and squeaky-voice prima donna of the kleigs. . . . Donald O'Connor, as Kelly's close friend, both in com edy and dance he stands out. . . Debbie Reynolds. Here Metro has something very important property-wise. She has that elu sive charm one always thinks about when one remembers Mabel Normand . . . and Millard Mitchell, as the studio executive . . . Cyd Charisse, ballerina in the topper dance number. And, let's not overlook the Charleston numbers, Kelly's rain dance in the street, the fabulous Hollywood premiere, the innumerable ribs Hollywood gives itself . . . Director Stanley Donon (and Kelly) and Producer Arthur Freed, who has done it again. This is somewhat of a left handed operation. This week is Loew's Warfield's birthday week , . and the theater gives the town a gift . . . "Singin' in the Rain." LATE OPENINGS AT THEATERS TODAY Warning! T'ease check Film Clock for Good Friday opening; hours at all theaters. Many will be closed until afternoon. Has the baby outgrown hh crib? Other young couples arc watching the Bulletin Board for just such buys. Call SUtter 1-2131 to place an ad. CURRANfl WEEK ONLY "SEASON'S BEST EVENT" Beg. Next Monday at 8:30 lorgoi Matinees Wed. 6 Sat. PAl'L POSZ prtwnts lh M.lrrlnf Mutl Drro ITT.ITZFR rRIZK ANn IIHAM CRITICS' C1KCUS AWAHU HINtR "THE CONSUL" By Olan-Carlo Menettl Produced and Dlrrrtrd br CARL KHF.RT. Internationally Famooi lHrectiir of Glyndrbourns Ftatlval Stata Curran Theatar & Sherman Clay S'ait Tfraiulcro Examlurr 1 5 Friday, April II, 1952 CCCC Comedy Bows Today at Clay A NEW BRITISH comedy, "Laughter in Paradise," starring Alastalr Sim, opens today at the Clay. The story, which concerns a ridiculous will, features Audrey Hepburn, currently starring in the Broadway production "Gigi"; Fay Compton, Guy Middleton and Beatrice Campbell. 1ATE SHOW TONITI W'ST0M 2 SMASH ACTION HITS! PAT O'BRIEN 4 ytmm wtchcu- mm eowwsl LAST DAY! "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" TODAY, GOOD F R I D AY,,D 00 RS WILL OPEN AT 2:00 P. M, la Ttchnicolar 3 diiaus't (Etc TOMORROW! LEO McCAREi'S y6. My Son John Starring ifflim-yiHmi IN ROBERTMEE m Screenplay by MYLES CONiNOLLY and LEO McCAREY Adapution by JOHN LEE MAHIN Produced and Directed by LEO McCAREY A Paramount Picture al-J II MimiTirttS Urvt SBSO tSSSS -gw-rF" r - IN OBSERVANCE OF U r M 1 5800 V C00D FRIDAY 1 Ir . . Cl PARKIN A D00RS opN 2.3Q f Ut 1 'Hf If r'iZ&'fi' 'fTl' rp J 1 Iif I Y fabu,0U$ ey r ii 1 I if i of ,he beauty .iH. i. ... iXi her way PH4l Hv- 1 l r , DAVID WAYNE - THELMA RITTER J op inipnlnr ",t,, Robert wagner Heien westcott una Merkei Richard Ai,3n

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