The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER n, 1947 tllATHEVILLE (AUK,) COUKIKK NF-WS PAGE, THRHB- Big Ammunition Dump Explodes Blast is Heard in Tokyo, 28 Miles Away; Five Injured ZUSHI. Japan. Nov. n. (UP) — Nearly 2,000.000 pounds of TNT, powder and shells at an American ordnance, depot went up In two thunderous explosions today and • police at nearby Hayama Ai/lportcd that two or three Amerl- ^?m<; and 40 or 50 Japanese in the area were misslnp. The depot wns in the side of n mountain nt Ikego. five persons. Including an American Negro offi- rer and (our Japanese, were known to have been Injured. Some 400 Negro troops were stationed nt the depot. Thc eif-hlli U. S. Army at first announced that all American personnel was safe, but hter described lliis announcement as "prc- mtuuro." The explosions started a widespread firn anrt threw screaming, red-hot -shell fragments over a half-mile, radius. Thc first explosion destroyed six warehouses filled with an estimated 1.500.000 pounds of explosives. A fire followed the first explosion, aud five hours later it set off a seventh warehouse. containing 200.000 pounds of shells, fuses and de- ton n tors. The explosions were heard clearly in Tokyo, 23 miles from Zushi. Fire equipment, was summoned from the whole Zushi-Kamakura- Yokosuka area, but there was little it could do because of the withering heat. rtJThc fire spread into the snr- Tomiding brush. Eipht, hundred troopers of the Fifth Calvary regiment had lluen alerted, and half of them were detailed to, fight the brush fire- The American casualty was Capt. Stanford Hicks of Philadelphia, who .suffered a superficial leg wound. More Leadership, Less Direction Needed in U. S., MacArthur Asserts MILWAUKEK, Nov. 17 (UP) — Gen. Douglas ithur, In a letter made public al the opening or MacArtluii-tor-President Cam- )>iiiBii, said the American people need more leadership and less <ll- reclion," MacAilhur did not sny whether he would be a candidate for the Republican nomination. But the men who started a national campaign Saturday to seek I lie GO!' noml nation tor the ficncriU said they be lievcd he would he available. In opening Ihe conference. Lai; sing Hoyt, president o( Ihe Wisconsin MncArllmr-for-Presldent. Club, said: "We have ren.son to believe Douglas MacArthur will accept the piv • Idcnllal nomination who' it Is nf fei'ed to mm, otherwise we woulc not jc engaged in this Rreal cause. DeleRiUcs from 11 slates opened the MncArthur campaign In a mcci ing nt the I'liinklngton Hotel, whlcl Is Ihe general's legal residence. The letter from MucArllnir wa: read by Joseph Choate, Los Angle, lawyer and chairman of the Calif oriiia MacArthur-for-Presidenl Clu • It was vlatetl Sept. 10 and \vas in re ply lo a letter from Choale to Mac Arthur which said: "You will make no eholce in th natter, bill by conscription and ac- lamatlon you will be the choice o' he Republican party as candidate or the \Vhlle House." In his letter. MncArthur said there* s a need for tv reorientalion "to he course which In the past 1ms jrought us to a national strength and i>ollt!cal greatness" <mrt for a policy permitting 1 "Ihe maximum of rsonal liberty." lie added thai it. is "undeniable that leadership which falls lo iiiecl. the vital test ol domestic issues cannot ho)>e to command a following in its assault upon tne broader world issues." 'The need of course," he wrote, "is not In me concentration of Rreat er power in the controls of state, but In the resveratlon much more power In I lie people as Intended by Ihe constitutional mamliUes—for more leadership and less direction.' Choate and Hoyt said MacArtmir's views might constitute ft. major plank In the ID48 Republican platform. The first MacAilhur i-ir president buttons were dish-United at the meclinp. The red, white, atirl ulue motif bears Ihe Inscription lluvt keynoted the conference: MacArthnr tor America—194S." Baptists Get Airport News Y/AA Approv Of School Site King's Death Laid To Assassination Medical Report Says Siam's Monarch Was Slain; Died June 9 Soviet-American Holy Land Accord Faces Revision Hughes Charges Facts Concealed Senate Committee Winds Up One Phase Of Profits Inquiry WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. (Vf* The Hughes phase of Ihe Senale War Investigating Subcommittee Inquiry Into wartime plane contracts ended with Howard HiiRhes licensing the Investigators of concealing- evidence supporting Ihe truth of his testimony. Hughes specifically accused the subcommittee Saturday of withholding evidence .supporting his claim that retired MnJ. Gen. Hon- nelt E. Meyers tried to get a Job and a big loan from Hughes during contract negotiations. The millionaire planemaker testified after LI. Gen. Ira O. Knker, retired chief of air slaff, accused Meyers of making; "untrue and misleading" statements regarding Meyers' allegejl purchase of $100(1 worth of aviation stock from Kaker. Eakcr said his wife once had brought 100 shares or .stock as result of a sl.itement by Meyers al a dinner in late 1010. siie later disposed of it nnd netted "n total profit of $M>." Kake-r snlrt. Meyers Inter told reporters lie proposed to correct. his testimony j lo conform with Kuker's. l.lTn.K ROCK. Ark.. Nov. 17. t U.I'. >—Huns lo ic-opi-n Central Colli'Ko i" Ullle. Rock nest September were coiiliiulliiK today, de- spile n report liul week thai efforts would be made to block its removal from Comvay. Present plnns cnlllnn lor re- t'lM'ninK ol the school as a co- eduenllonnl Junior college nt cnmp Hoblnson. iu:rordlii|> 10 A N. Me Anlncb. i.litle Rock architect and chairman of I be collcKo'.s sile com- niucrous pllols of this urea took anliigo of Ihe Mist clear weekend in several weeks and the Municipal Airport was the scene of much «erl«l acllvity yeslerdny niul B:it- ui'dny. Two Mississippi County Illers received their pilvalc pilot's licenses clui'liiK the piist week. Tht-y \veie Oliver Keener of Hlylbcviile unit Ira Qill ol Dell. Austin Ix'u Je.nklns, training for his private, license, nnide a ITOS.S- counlty flight to Slkcston, Mo., anit Uyersburi;, 't'cnn., week. I Kvcrelt CunnliiKliam of lilylbe- ' vlllc. lm.s enrolled for Iho llyln:; coiirso leading to a private pilots Courier News Want Ads. Eat New Candy ...and GROW THIN! ir'iou's AMA/INI; it!so»vj'.nv. i ii. i rt.ii ynn . , il itttUI, A\')>S Vtiamin i,'*n'lv»nl!rr.'l«<l, V( 'f"iH'l.<uili'.t;jiat'<iiU.i<jiirjit'n •f wrlcM .|i]l-Vlj- WHhcut Dieting, ^MAYL>S li»ljy. Kci.mcbyji fJ.JJ •h; k«H« CARH. wruten b V.i WllUanu, CITY DRUG CO. 101 K. Main St. rhQM 2M1 lll'CILSO. C, IV Woods uml Hul n-ni-ii'k flew lie inndf Ins announcement af- u> St. IxiuLs h.\l \vouk in olilnln parts In- Mir Wnr Assets AclmliikinUinn lor ;i Uiuiurh to lie us.-d l>v tlip Us- KiantPrt the collr^ board of mis- rro]|l Sril Srou t, s '. Tlioy nuulr I he Irivs nn "interim iiornill nnd ,l B ht- t,.^ j n Ml -. woods' nollancii or-i-nlry" In 3GS acr.v; niul 2(30 c. V. Robmi^li, Wadr llu-m iiucl buildings dcolrm-d .surplus nl \\ w HolMirt H)lrh !o[L , a-Sl WC(>k in Mr cll , m . !1 ' , , , Si'bimKh 1 :; N:ivlon on u phou.s:int HU) \\AAK •;rnnl of the prrtnll ImtniiiR li'lp in Nt'hrasKn iuul Wvo- mriuiK thai Die rnllriic fan nssmnc mfn( , jKllv,. nmtro] of llu- romp arrn , Transit pllols wh . UmdaMieiv It want.s. riltluuiiih full ittln wtll| .lu.ln^ 11.,- S '»M uvck -'iclu.lrd: C. Abitir of Onhu'.svtlk 1 , Miss., not be iTslc.1 niilll the WAA has, h" n T '," y " <lv :'' (h - l!eln,u-n; 1*1 K. I.uese ot Mnishnll MCA u,ch said mw-lurM. Mim ,.. „„„„,„,„. R . „. , wlll ol MeAnniih .said T.n-rell, Texas, stlnsou; Larrv (iood- Ihe selionl al Conivny Ims been. 1 s .,i] „< i ..i,., Oili'ssi Mich 1 unclosed sinc-e .nine. MoAntnch snldi;'.," ' ' Ihe new college will he able lo nc-i ' roinmodiUc I.(K)0 to 'cotutiiHTd with sctnii 1.SM .sludi-nts 100 nt Con nnd Cleiie Hnlrtwln of l)ex, Mo., IjUscombe. Quick D«liv«ry— Any Time, Anywhtro GOP Governors Polled on Taft- Dewey Chances WASHINGTON. Nov. 17. (UP)Six of the nation's 25 Republican Governors favor Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey of New York for the 1948 GOP presidential nomination If It narrows down to a contest between him and Sen. Robert A. Taft. R.. O.. according to a United Press poll. All Republican governors were polled in the survey but most of them .shield away from discussing candidates. Only seven were willing to make a choice, openly or anonymously, between Taft and Dewcy at, this time. Among the question pskeri the Republican governors In the United Tress poll was: Leaving Eisenhower out of the picture completely and assuming that President Truman will he the Democrat nominee, what is your opinion of the chances of a GOP presidential Mtictory next year? '^ ..This evoked a wide range of answers — from a mid western executive's "not good" to the "very sood" submitted by several governors, including Herbert ot Ohio. BANGKOK, NOV. 17, <UP/i— The late King Ananda Mnhidal. whose mysterious death June 9, 19*6, threatened to plunge Siam into anarchy, was a.ssH.ssinated an official spokesman announced Saturday. Gen. Pin Chun ' . .supreme commanderg for the first Urn put an ofliciM stamp on long standing rumors that the late king was slain Ananda was found dead in his bedchamber with a heavy caliber pistol on the floor beside him. A month earlier he had signed a new const!tulion providing - for a two- house parliament and removing the bnn on the royal family's participation in politics. Pin Chun Hawaii said new evidence had been found which might lead to a complete solution of the mystery of the king's death. [ After his body was found ia Barompmian Palace, a bullet hole j in the head, a formal statement \ said his death was believed due i to an accident. On Nov. i. a medical committee of Siamese, British, American and i Indian doctors reported that the' possibility of accident could be j ruled out. Their report said it was either suicide or assassination. While no final verdict was pos-! sible, the medical i-eporf, said, the i position of the body "pointed to! LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. Nov. 11 (UP)—The Soviet-American nr>,i cement on a July i. 1948, deadline for granting independence lo Jewish and Arab slates In Palestine faced probable revision Saturday l.i view of Great Britain's uiiiou:K'c- ment lllal she would not have, all her troops out ot the Holy Ltinrt until Aug. 1. One proposal due lo lie ili:-e.;heri out last weekend by a four-nation UN working group reportedly cabled I lor ending the British mandul'; Alls. I 1 instead of May 1 and selling Oot. I 1 a.s Die denciliuc for indcpeiiclcncu Instead of July 1. United Nations officials, pointing toward adjournment of the general assembly session by the end ol this month, set up another heavy schedule ot meetings for the day. The full assembly hoped to rcauh a decision on whether or not to hold next Fall's assembly meeting; in Europe, and the political committee ncarcd a vote, on India's resolution conidemntng alleged discrimination agalst Indians in Sulltn Africa. Tin? rumors of ,!!»• effort to block iTinovul of Ihn schtiol ramn from Conwny last week. Thry said iho effort u-oulci cuinn in (ho form of ii ro.solulUm before tho Baptist SUitc Convention in Little Rook this week. Standard length M n i'ond mil is 3D led. Although the Hu^lif.s phase of the hem in^s finally ciitne to nn end, the committee will continue It.s Inquiry Into the ,so-cnllc<l Mey- rrs phase relating lo contnict IIP- BonLLoiis and stork deals. Meyers was n key prot-urrinoiil officer in , the Army Air Forces during the I war. 1 Chairman Homer Forfiuson. K-JPRFP OPFPD Mich., .-said his subcommittee will j vrrcn. ronUnuc investIpatlnp Meyers' nc- ! tivtties utilll "we hnvc nil tho ; facLs." Fw in'tM'le who tiro Jrouuled Hu?he.s mafic his final apprnr- : hnrd-of-hcnrlnn. this ii".'.' be tho a nee on the witness stand after j means for Klnrtlnj; a new, (nil life nnothcr witness — Neil McCarthy, ] —with nil Mie enjoyrnen; ol w\- Deafened Persons by Harriman Wants Virginia Segregation Law Banned WASHINGTON, NOV. 17. IUP>— Secretary of Commerce Avcrell W. Harriman Saturday asked Congress for legislation permitting whites and negroes to use the same restaurants at the government-owned Washington National Airport in nearby Virginia. Harriman said that under a Virginia state segregation law. the concessionaire operating the restaurants of Cue. airport is required to provide separate eating places for Negro patrons. This, he added, is "contrary to the policy of the federal government-" Singing Cowboy Rides His Steed Up Capitol Steps WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. (UPJ- Sen. Glen H. Taylor, I)., Ida., 1 set to "do .something else — may H former Minims attorney, nLso ac- ] cu«fid Meyers of mnklng "fnlse j .stitpnients. 11 I Tennessee Blast Termed Meteor By Astronomer »Read Courier V News Want Ads. The announcement came at (he end of a week which had seen the overthrow of the Siamese government by a revolutionary clique led by Marshal Luang Pibu] Song- pram, puppet premier under the Japonese. Ananda was succeeded by King Phumiphon Adulet, the present monarch. The spokesman gave 110 details of the new evidence, and it appeared that the investigation still was going on He said several persons had been arrested by military police in connection with the former king's death. He did not reveal number or identity. he Stassen, GOP Presidential Aspirant, Visits Texans "PRESOPSPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Trices Kirby Drug StoreS DENVER, Nov. 17. (UP>—Harold E. Stamen carrieri his bid for the 194S Republican presidential nomination into Texas today. Sta.ssen left, Denver last night for j Amarillo, Texas, where he had breakfast with GOP leaders this morning. Before leaving here, however, the former Minnesota governor announced his ideas for tin "adequate, sound" federal budget. It included 56.000,000.000 for world reconstruction, a $3.000,000,000 tax cut and « balanced budget with billions in reserve. \ reijt foreign policy which he claims I is heading straight for world war i HI. i The ".singing cowboy" made that I statement to an applauding audience of 1,000 last night following the wlnclup of his cross-country horseback "ride for peace" at the steps of the capitol. Someone askccl him what would do next. "Maybe I'll ride an elephant," he said. "I'm going to do something else, I'm not going Lo quit." When Taylor rode his horse up to the capitol steu-s at 2 yesterday — one hour earlier than their i schedule because "a horse has no j speedometer" — only a handful f of curious spectators saw the completion of his transcontinental ride by horseback and auto trailer from Seal Beach, Cal. The last lap of 19 miles to the capitol was begun at MA. Vernon, George Washington's home in Virginia, Judge's Widow Dies PINE BLUFF, Aak., Nay. 17 (DPI —Funeral services were held here today for Mrs. Sarah Sidney Smith Hooker, Sr., widow of Judge T. M. Hooker, Sr. She died early ycstcr day. Mrs. Hooker was born in Brook- •ille. Miss., but made her home here •since 1906. She is survived by two ions, T. M. Hooker, Jr., and Municipal Judge John E. Hooker, both of Pine Bluff. Read Courier News Want Ads. DREIFUS "S3S" 1 '**' Read Courier News Want Arts. NASHV1LL.I-:, Tenn., Nov. 17. —Scientists estimated today that it probably was a Ion-sized*, meteor which exploded over the inid-stule area last night and caused a blight multi-colored light reported seen at points as much as 135 miles apart. Thc meteor, as it was believed to have been, apparently exploded in the air In the Shclbyvillc-Manches- ler area of Middle Tennessee, as reports sr.ici nn explosion was heard In that area. Reports of the flash having been seen also came from Nashville, Springfield, Cookcvillc and Manchester in Middle. Tennessee and from Knoxvlllc, Chattanooga and Athens in Tennessee, j Knoxvillc and Shelbyvilie arc 185 . road miles apart. Two military planes aloft in ihc Nashville area, also reported seeing the brilliant finish of white, yellow and blue light. Dr. Carl K. Scyfcrt. Vanderbilt University astronomer, estimated the meteor must have weighed at least 1,000 pounds and probably a ton. He said he believed large fragments probably plunged into the earth. • The Nashville /ire department sent engines to the airport on receiving a report a plane had exploded. In Unionville, near Shelby- vlUc, a man reported seeing the light and hearing an explosion and then "smclled powder burning." GETTING UP NIGHTS OFTEN A SIGN OF MIDDLE AGE ' • Mojjy foISti 40 and ov*r h»v* lo gel up nifchls—hav* frequent desire to pan R'atcr — hav» backachei, 100, h*cauie of minor functional lctdn«y diiorderi. If ihki is your IroubU, flush out your Iddntyt »n«] bUdder with Dr. Kilmn't Swamp-Root. It quickly worki to iocrcas* the Row of itrin*-, help r*Uev« exce»i *cid- ity, and ea*e hurninK •»ns»lion . . , hflnt blai!d«r irritation that R*H you up nighlf. Swpmp-Root ii truly nnture'i own way to relief. Millions h»v* taken it for thr«e rpner*tioni . . . often with wondxiul r«- •ulti. CHUtion: TeVn a» direclfd. For ftps trial lupply, write D«pt. C, Kilmer fc Co., Inc., Box 1255, Stnmfortl. Conn. 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LILLY & SON FOR TIIK BKST IN TiUI.OHKIl AUTO Till SI For new homes and horn* Improvements—Insures a good job .,. saves muss... saves money l : or an enduring, economic*!, olutiK job it will pay you lo huild wilh Co « ne —ideil for driveways, w;ilks, steps, porch*?, terraces, basement walls, gara), V floors — ;iiul Tircsafe new homes* < Helps your Builder do his Best Ready-Mixed Concrete enable* your huilitiu- to do highest quality work nt uiiractive prices. Every truck load is carefully proportioned to the "mix" ncdilcd. Trucks dump concrete nvnlly into the forms with' out leaving a mess to clean up. We will be glad to recommtftd • good builder tor your fob. FOUNDATIONS HUGHES & COMPANY Ready Mixed Concrete South 10th at Railroad Building Materials 1 Phone 3531 FftRM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. NOVEMBER 29th Last Day to Pay LEVEE TAXES If you have not paid your levee taxes, be sure fo see me before Nov. 29th, or mar/I to me your statement together with check (with exchange added) or Money Order (without exchange]. Mrs, Lynn P. Gooch, coii«ror BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS 107 Main SI. YOU GET BOTH...IN THE HEW TABLE MODEL > Model SRQ86E •ASS row COMHHSAT'QH * • Anff-Sfoffe I (TtMOTf CHANGft C ?«h*bi l H. B «i.rt. • N ' w Com P° c ' Chass/'s r*<»fj • Ain'tco S Dynamic Speaker NllDlf F*«1fi«r-11«ht Ian* wilh lmpr«v*d <>v» The l>esl In radio and record cnier- tainnicnl at yntir finger tips—-n favor lie with chc iccn-agcr.s. Ini- proiccJ, powerful, 5harp-tunin^ circuit insure. 1 * excellent r.itli'o pcrfor- SP*W ih«i»*« ten >J- mancc. New Alnico Dynamic U(h 01 lw»l»» lO-lnth J r*«otd. in J',i leteM. speaker Inr finer lone quality. In ivVyi***^ V' 1 *" • handsome walnut cabinet. Complete Radio Service Depai'lmcnt In Connection ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 2()(i-OR W. Main I'honc 2071 Phone 2054 W. H. (BUI) PEASE I.nciil AijciiL l''or liulli? Vriirtlaii Illiiuls 'il.alo" All Mclal Krrccus NulEnnal \Viii(loM' (liinnl?! Srrrni jliinr Orillr.s Millie llirlc .\i}-Tn|i Uniillns Asplinll Tile ftnrk ^^'ol)l Iii5i]httioii —I-'rrc l-]sllinnlcs— FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location . 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Buses to—• • AKirOREL, • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. n • STATE LINK CHARTER BUS Eat Shop in Conrtcc. Open 1 p.m. Til— * CHITWOOD'S 10 PIN BOWLING ALLEY Regulation 10 Pin Alleys ALL NEWEST EQUIPMENT In SOD Block on East Main Street Phone 4929

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