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San Francisco, California
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12 See. July 3 1, us cccc The Spy's the Limit at Loew's Shakespeare "THE MERCIIA of Venice" is being presented Prediction: Russians' Festival to Be Exciting By ALEXANDER FRIED TJOLLYWOOD, July 30. "Russian Festival of Music and the Dance." a Soviet show designed to be popular and brilliant, is going to give San Francisco an exciting time on a swift, grand scale at the Cow Palace next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I guarantee it. greedily into the general pie What makes me so posi- of Russian dance talent, to tive a prophet is that I flew fetch out Plums by groups of MOST HONORED FILM OF THE YEAR Sun.

thru Fri. Har Hif Sonji Sets. From the STAf.E DOOR Loewe-lerner Store! by San Francisco State College part, of its summer season of Shakespeare, on weekends at 8:30 p.m.. 2nd Ytar Now! Rerel iiusu diTTl MVlVliI Bv HORTENSE MORTON Examiner Drama Editor ANY PICTURE produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and starring Cary Grant! is bound to have more than a modicum of entertainment, even when it isn't the greatest. So be it we give you "North by Northwest," Metro Goldwyn Mayer release, done in color, and hewhoWdie'MI Sacramento and Pre performcrs of the famous KOr r-YU i-4767 All PLUS UP WHO MIKT niF Ilk HIIV I IWJI 4 RIBALD'" fTHEJ fILM ClSSlC 0e Tfrrrr PREVIEW1 "THE, EASTMAN A THE FILM i CLOCK 1 GET MORI OUT OF UK; unuir, CO OUT TO A MOVIEI CINERAMA-ORPHEUM "South Seat Adventure," 8:30 p.

m. CLAY "Room at tho Top," 6.0J, 8 05 and 10:10 p.m. CORONET "Porgy and Bess," 8:38 p. m. FOX "The Diary of Anno Frank," 12:57.

4:16, p.m. COLOEN GATE "Don't Give Up th. Ship," 10:30. 1:25. 7:25 and 10:25 p.

m. LARKIN "Love Is My Profession." 12:30, 2:20, 4:20, 6:25, 8:25 and 10:30 p. m. LOEW'S WARFIELO "North By Northwest," 11:37. 2.14.

4:51. 7:28 and 10:05 p. m. PARAMOUNT "Last Train From Gun Hill," 12:11. 3:01, 5:49, 8:39 and 11 26.

PRESIDIO "Diary of a Bad 7:00 and 9:00 p. m. RIO "The Yellow Crow, 715 and 9:50 p. m. ST.

FRANCIS 'The Nun'', Story 11:34, 2:18, 5:02. 7:46 and 10:30 STAGE D00R "Gigi." 2:40 and 8:40 p.m UNITED ARTISTS "A Hole in IM Head." 10:30, 1:05. 3.45, 6:20, 9:00 and 11:45 p. m. BRIDGE "Lady Chatterley' Lover," 6:15.

8:15 and 10:15 p. m. VOGUE "He Who Must Die," 6:30 and 9:45 p. m.s sneak preview, 8:30 p. m.

(These times subiect to chanRe by the theaters without notice.) Ibsen Drama THE GREAT Plays Company is presenting Ilenrik Ibsen's "The Master Builder" on Friday and Saturday nights at 8:30 at the Contemporary Dancers Center, 1725 Washington St. dwwyywiww' Pnone BA 1-8 1 81 OF THE BEST PICTURES YOU WILL SEE SSSa ADULTS Mr H33H15H3I providing Eva Marie Saint another opportunity to prove that she is a comedienne one not to be overlooked by Hollywood in the future. It's at Loew's War-field. Before we get into the review, this is the comedy-drama that received a Silver Shell Award, at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain. "The Nun's Story" rated first prize.

THIS YEAR! EXCLUSIVE ENSAGEMENT CLAY NEW FILLMORE AT CLAY Fl mm ST the Top Slifl.nJ UUiifci HAM MtThR Sti5 S-UiAl PLEASE, NO ONE UNDcR li it SAT. MAT. AT 2:30 Much Ado About Nothing SAT. EVE. AT 8:30 MACBETH Today's BEST1 A jvJl today YELLOW el Year's lest!" Tokyo MoinicM tender dremo of Japan Today "Eattmee Colorl" at nirtlici lll K.MII CONTINUOUS FROM 12:30 Opes, from FJ i 1 LAntin i p4 aRDOT FAR SUPERIOR TO ANYTHING SHE HAS EVER DONE!" w.

A. I -fs HiMMHiMWiM aBaeSoaaaaaoMBa' 'TEMPEST' DELIGHTS" LAST I ill-Balletin 1 The Tempest PERFORMANCES A 1 1 BRIGHT Tonight at 8:30 kmxmxaaaaa TTTE PEWORMAJTO TrTT WOK TO F0CTI 0CA ItALKOA COMPULSION Philadelphians A New York wolf, Grant finds himself the victim, pistol -wise, of European enemies. That the man these foreign agents are seeking does not exist (he's a red herring created for diversionary reasons by agents) adds to Grant's confusion and desperation. Leader of the pursuers is James Mason. He and his cohorts tail Grant, fleeing in confusion, all over the map from the United Nations Building in New York to Chicago and to the Mt.

Rushmore National Memorial, where terror in the final chase takes place over the stern face of George Washington, the wen of Abraham Lincoln, with side glances at the surprisingly r. i countenance of Theodore Roosevelt. Jefferson, aloof and knowing, even in stone must have wondered about this crazi-ness as perpetrated on a studio lot. To give sexiness to the seemingly hopeless situation of Grant, is Miss Saint, quick with the gun and the kiss, but on our side at all times. Jessie Royce Landis, Leo G.

Carroll and that reliable actor Phil Ober, fall into place in this espionage romance. Relax and enjoy it "North by Northwest" is elegant, in color escape entertainment. She was just ano.thef coward of a kid she was Matt Morgan's to southern California to see tjie festival open a five-day engagement last night before a huge hillside audience of 18,000 persons in the Hollywood Bowl. At the end of the program, a mass of 200 dancers and singers, in a kaleido- scopic variety of folk cos- tumes, were clapping hands and waving handerchiefs from the stage to the The audience was shouting bravo. Questions of fancy "art" don't turn up much in the festival.

The whole purpose of the troupe which has assembled talent from all sorts of Russian folk ensembles and ballets is to produce a ready and spectacular entertainment. MOVING FROM number to number with unerring showmanship, the program settled down only now and then for quieter interludes for instance, during several classic pas de deux, flavorsome chorales and some male solo songs. One third of the bill belonged to the Piatnitsky Russian Folk Choir, which despite its name recruited dancers as well as singers. Accordions, balalaikas and odd woodwinds kept the Festival astir with catchy native music. A background symphony orchestra also did service.

In addition to the Piatnit-skys, the program reached Tonight at 8:30 Mats. ft Sir. at 2 pm NEW! and Never Ba FaraoMatt! rjnrlGEES South Seas Adventure TICHNICOIOI Raumtf Nm Sa TIlMtrt Bok Otfm 0m frtm it am. li I I Mail Orden 4 All AkikIh fm lnftniMtiwi MA. T5QOO pj firs 31 I lalbe.

IA 1-8111 THEATER GUIDES TODAY th screens MIGHTIEST PAGE 9, SECTION II It had happened in the woods. sqriaw-miss io the drjnk, Ha didn't know-or care -that pumwnnpniTr HER NEW PICTURE with JEAN 1 I- sl. ifVri I -t'J TfJ'Timwimit in i -TlfWli GrorV Witt Wran (KC2C the snears3 17 who Li And fust ae grlry C-s'g i fiae svwm lawman wl HU whem Ni8 wad i the I in Moiseycv dance company, the opera ballets of Leningrad and Kiev, the Bolshoi Ballet; felk dance groups of Soviet Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other places you may never even have heard of. The company contained blond Russians. One group of performers, prancing on fas cinating mock horses, looked Chinese.

The Georgians, as they did amazingly clever, reckless male toe dances in black boots, were dark and mustachioed. The Uzbekistan number by wriggly, attractive Galya lsmailova was some thing from the Near East. CLASHING SWORDS struck sparks in the Georgian "Competition." Yevgeni Seme-nov repeated his wonderful Moiseyev solo takeoff of two Eskimo boys in a wrestling match. In general the girl dancers had charm. The men let fly in a startling carnival of explosive skills in jumping, kazatskis, twirling, high kicks and leg work that seemed to emerge from limbs made of spring steel and rubber.

Some of the choral and march music was too commonplace for comfort. And there was an inelegant, common strain in the "Flame of Paris" acrobatics of a Leningrad Ballet duo. But the acrobatics of a "Waltz" by the Bolshoi's pretty Bogomolova and Vlasov were more agreeable. The Bolshoi's Tim-ofeyeva and Zhdanov gave the bill a calmer, finer ballet taste in a bit of "Swan Lake." "Domik Nad Rekoi" on the was a choral passage that caught the audience by surprise. It turned out to be "Swanee River," and to everyone's delight, the Russians sang part of it in very clear (very Russian) English.

Impresario Sol Hurok, who brought this country the Moiseyev folk ballet and the Bolshoi, has scored another kind of hit with the medley Russian Festival import. AND LOVINGLY POT MORE BELIEVABLE THAN THE STAGE VERSION!" Jim tstei 5. Chronic SAMUEL GOLDWYN ORGY aixcE TODD.AO TicHNicoiot HI-FI JTIHIO SOUND DANDRiDGE SAMMY DAVIS, Mail Orders Filled Promptly JLJ -itr nil dnT WW MW Iff CCU2LAS) has Kuntei .1 Ll 1 17 I (' I mwdared and vitiated h' I 1 1 'I 1 1 I T' Bekten tWIWONY CIKNN) I nfc rjTDTJjTT ,1 vife and that Matt Morgan knew a hundred ways to hold aoo-f G-jn rfl ri'fl 11 jiTf GATE PLAYHOUSE Jut ocrosi the Gold Got in picturesque SAUSALITO ED 2-1251 1 aaW LEONARD BERNSTEIN MUSICAL HIT! ON THE TOWN Tonight, Sun. Seats $1.80 $2.40 DANCE WORKSHOP for musical comedy techniques Vern Fierden Initructor 6 week summer session Tomorrow through September 5 Saturdays 10 m. to 12 noon Tuition 15 00.

CLASS LIMITED q'itrtion: Today 7.30 to m. San Francisco OPERA RIN3 123 South Van Natt Phont UN 1-120 Marintt' Thaatra Sutttr Maioa ENTERTAINER E-OPENS SATURDAY Res. Ml 8-9918, Ml 8-1269 TONIGHT Berkeley Little Theatre LOST in the STARS directed by Eliiabeth lerryhiil Also Tomorrow 8 Sunday $2.50, S2.00, SI. 50 TH 3-1 98 "AN ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE IN BOTH SIGHT AND SOUND" Theresa Loeb Cone Oakland Tribune A CLASSIC" Daily News "SUPERBLY DRAMATIC" Cue Magazine BAILEY GEORGE GERSHWIN crr la I 1 1 1 1 1 1 II I I T-rrr-'Ty -J It II 71 II I IK flAr 1 GABIN ADlTlTS ONLY! i vr i i 1 I to wait for that Last Train mal9 a man die-fast or slow. Mlimri iiVi fimut.inmt A SYM0U WW1MMUI I I 1 I I I II I in 1 4 SfzPif, thii' wUIIlll FfOffi tfM producer-director Star team of "Gunflght at the HALWALLIS Pax LAST PI TECHNICOLOR 9 MMES-ffMll l-to ill "A MUSIC-DRAMA OF MAGNIFICENT SHOULD RUN WELL INTO 1960 AT THE CORONET" Hortense Morton S.

F. Examiner IT GLITTERS WITH DRAMA, FUN, LOVE FOR DANCING AND MUSIC" Lie Magazine SIDNEY POITIER-DOROTHY Now he had the kid at the and of a shotflM-vralkmg 8) by step thrtwgft that fym-law, fast-dwu town down to tfie railroad sterdbn Af now, at last, it was face to face the way destiny intendedtwo strong men who owed each other their twe-tfie few-nan of the New West, the cattleman of the Oid thundering ciimax to an age that had to die at 8 had Gwd-in a blinding blaze of g'jnsmoke and goref outMivMe ttie fanr4 satrtie Af i trfwJxrt, ff imii a DOORS OPEN 10:45 A. M. MATINEES or 2 pm SUN. TONIGHT Phone SK.

2-4400 at 8:30 EVENINGS or 8:30 00 Mors. Wed-Sot Sun at 2 pm Ut AVE. I A 1 i( TjypMjy mav.

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