The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1931
Page 5
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Fourth St. GC-TF l:l'.(;l.\ IIIIIli: TUIIAV IHIKVI. IIO!ll)i:.\, .rcrclly Im line ullh TOMMY 1VII.SO.V, <lc- l^jx M. HII,II-»,,I( ivllk litt k«K- «t»ur. mi-:\K r:vi:m: p rT. but fulli lo routiner him Ikut II l> kta *nly to flnUh eolkxt. Irene unnn 10 fee • tadlo AitiBi-r. She Krrim-a an andlltim und llrr>l KU** lo Ibi' • mdlu nick fcrr. Hltilr tiNllltiK, lleryl crtiOHi HciJdt'Dlull}- fcrnra And !• chnruird hy Her vulrr. He Rlita hrr Mitral nnd cllrrjt a eonlriirt Mklrk rlalei Ihi' u'rl but hrr Joy l« »Lort- llvvd fur Irrne falli and tiie family Mam* llcrjl. Irt-nr «&nln lirumUrx lo fUipr \illli Tiunruy Iiut hi* aunt dh'K tinj tlic Minr- llml'n ilrblil ii'n .U.I.K.. Sne trltx In fnrui-l Tummy by Kiilnir ta Buy |iar(l,-» Milk l'lli:\TIS CAY- l.lllll), nvnllhy Him ,,t Lri vnl- lilu>i-r. IrrHr r.tlrmin. to «l I'rnilU. Ir.iin hrr «Ulrr. lli-r)-| lu-r 1,1 -I:,T III !..-ll mill nil:,,,! h,-l Ihnvit. Ircur inr:irt\( hllc nvulili I'liniiuT nn<) <r]tr>, tn i-.tiillvuli IT,•,!,].. He <:i!i.. lu r drlilii^-. >U\V !<> (IS WITH Till: STOUT HAl'TER XXlll WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora VJzslI, 2207 18th St. TF on't liuow what IM do If 1 liadi jn^iaiiy to cook for." "You can Blvo 1110 some milk llli a raw CUB 111 It," Ueryl suld. Tint's all 1 want." AE a mailer t fact Bho was fcclliiij huugry— .nviiiB eaten llttlo or iiolMng nil lay, but 6hc liadii'l llio energy for icllilim lier niotlitr/ami ilul nut eel llko askliiK lor a special illn : ier. Tho regular fare, slio knew, voulu bo beefsteak nml and U Old not appeal lo her lie. "All vlghl." her mollier agreed Isllessly. "Is it tlmo for your uicdleinc now?" 'Not yet," Ueryl said. "Dm'l bollicr about It. I'll liikc it." rest hud ilonb licr and might hove | Iron llsteiiliis eho could net have fretted herself Into a fever had not beard It. her gang come lo pay lier a call. | A ImlC hour passed, mid Ireuo They came uii tlie sinks find into! 'I' 1 ' »ol coma In. Weio Uicy BOlmj licr room on lliitoo 1ml when they '» S H Hicro nil night? saw lier fully dressed mid not "alcli • • • iilied." they becamo their natural: IjIlBSB did not mlud 11 they did. selves mid told her, "Oosh, they'd ! A She Imd tlio Bltualloii porfcclly been feared to ilcalli Eho wasn't) In hand nt her own front door. A goin' lo bliiK on UIQ radio any more | £irl could bo less dlltlilcnt hi tha anil llicy'd been wrlilu' a BOIIB for. of iho parental rooflvco. her." I Anil slio was bochinliiB to tlilnk Beryl askcil to hoar llio song. In. slio mlglit liavo overplayed tlio slcad U wi'.a brouBlil forth on u I modesty wm, PrctitiBS liadn't sol H KIl inolti licryl wa molhcr dcparlcd then mid as left aloiio lo wonder piece of paper. Deryl was heart and soul In humming tunes for It (tho pain In lier very far with hlu ndvnnceH. llud lie been frightened off? He wasn't Indifferent. Thnt was luroUt'^ed f^t«V wh« h;;,"' i "» ™» S U. And tliero fed been me up will, her ...Ilk ami '" omc " 1 * ut tllc l "", whcl ' "'» H " .oed'llie boys out ol.tb. «"" "«"«:"* I'"°,.! 1 ! l) 2 'T AGENTS—Men anil women wanl- cd to introduce astonishing new lood product every woman wants. Full or part time. No competition. Steady repeat business. Sample and lull particulars tree. Write Quick to AL-MO-CO Corporation, 3271-89 Slirina Grcve Avenue, Cincinnati, PERSONAL CASH 1'AIU [or second hand fur- nilurc. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sts. GC-TF STOCKHOf.UEHS MEETING of The Ulythcville Cottou OU Company Tiie Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders of the aoove coinyany will be held Thursday. June 9tli at 10:30 A. M. in the offices o£ W. A. Gase &. Co., Falls Bldg., ilemjhis, Tenu. 4C-KC-3 TifEES. KVKKl'HT liad como up •^•'•^ 5l;i!rB to |nit Irene's room i oruor. Sho siplicul over tlio task a &be inil tl:e'?aliii mules away I Lho closet aud liuii^; up tlic crm plci) negligee lliat had been !c on i cbnir. Mayiic slie li.iilji't been as stri willi Irene alioul tlio cave of licr room as^Iic should have liccu. but Irene was such n pretty little thing. It had. beau hard to scold licr. Stic was carrying tlic damp towels—left, from Iho liair drying—to liang them In tlie bathroom wlieu Keryl called to l;cr. Gracious, xs - as it tEine for lier nseJScitic already! Dut licryl was not thlnklns of nicdiclnc. Slio nnltced ns her mother came hi to tlie mom that Mis. Krcrett looked tired ami worn be- neaLEi the makeup Ehc had linrUly applScil wlicn Irene tohl lier to "do something lo herself." shortly UeJ fore Prentiss came, adding with ilif brutal frnnkr.osij of nndisdpHnel ycutli: "You look like somcLliiik* llic cat dr.i^gpd in." / "Sit down a minute," Ueryl E niolionlug toward the chair- at. /or New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 2o (UP)-Cotton closed steady. May July Oct Uec Jan o\larch open 880 BSo 025 !M1 931 97G high 88G 89 S 925 045 954 97G close 805 877 Oil 933 844 b Spots (|Uiet at 852, off ID. New fork Cotton bedside. Mrs. Everett shook her h*ad. "It's time to start dinner." slio/'ai wearily. "What is it you wao/?" •"Why," Ueryl tried to racn calmly, but her voice would 'Sho\v a bit of crtserncss, "I just to nsk if Tommy is coming t) din- ncr?" "No, he isn't, thank poxmess," It she were pleased or not because Toiinry wasn't coinini; to dinner. She vrinildn'1 liavc seen him It he Imd como unless she'd risked ivor- nixins her Elrnnsth to to down- Blairs and that alio did not want to do lie night before her radio hour. Jlul it would have meant a great deal to have him in the Eiunc house — uidcr llio fame root— now when Iroio was awny. Sill if lie came lonlght the prob- abi-lty was ho would learn that heae had been out with I ] rcntis3 Oas'lord— might slill be out with hiii, In fact. Poor Tommy— how inich would Irene hurt him! Had sho gone wilh Prenliss be- site knew Tonuny wasn't c<n:lng back that night, or woiili sl= have Eono anyway? What icas tiie after with Treaties Gaylord — Jist a good time— or would slid throw Tommy over for him If Pren- liss wanted her? As Beryl asked herself these (iK-aions a flood of rchellitm against the sllnalion swent over her. For r niomeut sho could have cried out, fl liate them all!" Here was her happiness In the hands ot a selfish, grceJy girl who never thought of anyone but herself and Beryl was utterly hcliilcss to do anvllilng about it Iiut hazard guesses and make conjectures. Her happiness— yc3. For Tommy's happiness was her linpplticss. And she couldn't even know— couldn't decide which was best in her— to pray that Irene would break his heart now or la*er. That she would brenk it was, to Beryl's nilml In evilahle. Would lie be thankful for cv^ry year, every day. every hour of a fool's paradise that Irene gave him? Would he sny some day "Well, I had at least that much out ot life?" or would it be, "1 wish I'd mother ca em; and sh IIOUEC. 'The dirt they traipsed in!" Mrs Kverelt complained. JJeryl did not hear her— slio was on her way back lo the kitchen — so waa left lo enjoy her thonglils of tlie hoys' Tlsil without regret. • * • plll-llll Eong vns funny— heavy her nnd she could sec his fnco l>e- Iwocu llio two big wax candles, dilnilns contenlcdly in tlielr i;cw- ttr hulder«, that elio hnd thought ho was about to Ftiy somellilug nil- liurlant to her. Ho hail checked himself. Wns It tho filmvtncss ot their nc<inalntnnceV Tlint was something slio couhln't help, of course. It would ho a risk lo try PAGE OTB OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAhenil •"- licart tlirol) Etuff Hint tlicy| lo make him see tliat E|IO dliln't wouldn't havo admitted to In reallnilml. Slie lintl talihcd him as tisoio life for worlds—hut lliey linil|or less conrenllomil and wasn't ynlny lo forget it. In n way sho wns gbd Mint l:o wns llko lliat. It would make It easier for her to weigh his tHUUiilo loward her. It Is different. Iho way a Etrl accepts cotivcnlienallly nml Hie way a man nccupla It. Ho never wants it so much (or himself aa for the girl he Is most inlurobtcil In. Ircuo lind to bo 'suro of things with rrcntlss before Bho woiilil know what to do with Tommy. Something would have to happen EOQU between her and Prentlsa it her mother rerjLitd. "Tl.^ is bis ulyhl to relievo Hie pp*r.tior at Ihe ihealer. I'm so near b'^xcd out 1 liclpcd her wonderfully. She didn't' feel lonely nnd helpless now and It was something lo know that when Tommy needed her sympathy, as he would some day, glic could glvo It lo him. To stand by nnd watch Irene playing with htm was lilio scclnc him go to war. When ho came Lack &he would bind up his wounds. Suppose Tommy would have to bear his suffering all alone! "i wouldn't want him to K» through that," EUO told herself, lu a spirit ot sacrifice. j After that—and remembering Iho aftccllon ot her gain;—slio relaxed and such thouglils ns she liad \verc uplifting and toothing. Sho fell nslccp hut awoko when she beard n noise. Wtis U Irene coining in? She listened. Is'o, It was her mother and stepfather. They were still downstairs. Not EO very late. Beryl looked at the radium dial cloclr by her bed. A nnarlcr after 10. _ Irene had not como home to dinner. 'A known before." Lying UKTO worrying, Beryl fast undoing the sood ber c it woro going to happen at all. She'J have lo know what It wns leading to, bccnuso faho didn't want to losn Tommy and then loso 1'reu- UE-S too. She could get some fun out ot going with Prcnliss for a while but eventually Bho would have lo Ewer lo Tommy and that inlgbt bo serious. Tlio next time PrentiES took her out Ehc would ECO lo It lhat the)' went tonic place whero there waa quarter after 10 wasn't EO late for . a dinner parly. Maybe she was InP' -no, Irene wasn't EO quiet as that lllc - v nhvn i' s I lnl5l » : knew dancing wllh —nt a quarter afler 10. What Ueryl was llilnking ot, nm! unable to decide It she feared or hoped for It, as that Tommy might walk prst tlic house when he closed the theater and find Irene pot names—all except tho kids—• nauic-s such as Sugar Pie, Baby Doll, Cuddles and even Pidgy? Would it help It Prentlsa kissed her good-night? Could she let him do thai and not spoil tlil'ngs? with Prentiss. Then sho heard Prentiss* drive up before tlio bouse anil slop. No other with a motor liko that ever bloppcd there. Had £bo nol Slio turned a provocatively lifted car | face toward him as they Eat In tho car nud sighed: "Well, good-nlElit, I've kud a lovely time." <To 1!« C<Mt:nuo<!) Closing Stoctt Prices NEW YORK, May 25 (UP)—Cotton rioscd barely steady. July Oci Bee J;ui March open 838 925 933 954 3TS high BOD 925 DM 955 975 low- B73 098 928 941 9CO Close C73 008 030 942 900 Spots quiet at 875, ofr 25. DOOS ADO1T KM TEN'S PHILADKLPH1A, (UP)—Out on tile Mnin Ijine, in the suburbs of tile city, two German ixslice clogs have lakcn over several kittens anc are mothering them. GKOW Si KINDS OF 1S1.OOMS COOL1DGE. Ariz., (UP) — / flower show here at tlie Women's club hcnsc disclosed that Coolidgi uoincn have 52 varieties of flow ITS growing in their homo yards. A. T. i» T. Anaconda Copper Auburn Calorpiller Tractor -. Chrysler Cities Service Co:a Cola Cowincnlal Baking .. General El?clric General Motors Montgomery Ward .. Ne'.v York Central .. Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J. ... TCMIS Corp U. 8. Steel .. IC3 \ .. 23 76 .. 185 \ .. 23 5-1 .. 18 1-1 May Be Witness j cd. Dcbaclts , was infuriated after . I tin marriage and refused to fee Against Mother ' '" s daughter-in-law or any of her AUBURN, New York, tUP) — A bridi cf one year may appear . relations. On March 14, according to 'police, (he bride appeared at the si; n i-i 138 11 38 1-8 35 3-8 11 1-8 Kl 1-4 0 1-2 H 3-4 12 5-8 . 3-1 1-4 . 20 . 94 3-8 as a slate witness in the trial ol Dct'adts Home and tried to elfcct her mother, who is charged iv|Ui! a reconciliation, but was ordered her mother, ."! slabbing to death John Debadls,. f,. c!Il tlio place j'MG. the youna wciuan's f.v.hcr-in- ' ^ lelumcd' willi A Cnyiig.i county Grand jury re- itly indicted tlie mother, Mrs. se Alloco, 44. Sixlus, N. Y., (or it degree innrdcr in connection .h the slaying. The Indiclnient •urged Mrs Allcco slew Debadls SIX-YKAK-OLO SAILS AI.ONE NEW CASTLE, PH., tUP)—Mar- tha Paczaiova, six, arrived here recently to Join licr jiarenls ant four sisters after slie liad traveled alone from Czscho-Slovak!a. REPAIRED iWASHED GREASED EATON AND SON I'liunc 700 Main & Mh St. Will Buy Late Model Used Cars Lee Motor Co. Watch (This Space Daily for Bargains Bargain No. 1 Genuine 0;ik Floorijij; At iiJJecord Low Prii-e The most, ccononiieul and iitlriictive (loot of all Pliono 100 iiiul we'll send a m;m to nicusuru your room L C. Robinson- Lumber Co. Inilchcr's fcnifo. Ivesulted l-'roni Feud £t abb ins of Debadts cul- tet 1 , a year o'f two families i Catharine Debadts. fcn,i ; b:t'.vccn which storied Alloco married llhcugli both fnmilira object- police said, and in the argument which ensued, Debadls was stabled fatally. Tfe families one mile u. s. COURT ENTIIV PHILADELPHIA, (UP) — E 11- trance of the United States into t!?o Wond .Court Is urged as an immediate duty of tile nation in n memorial adopted by the Presbyterian Hoard of Chris'.ian Education nt its annual meeting here in the Vi'ithcispoon Building. OKT UIO STRAWHEIIKV CHO1 ; NEWBERN. Tenn., |U1>) — One of the laiyest strawberry cro]>s in ic.^ciH years is beiiib r Imrvcjted here. Nearly 200 acres are in cultivation. ItKNT GUNS FOIl SU1CIUES ST. LOUIS, (UP) — Tliicc men have coiiiinillctl suicide wlih rented al a slioolimj gallery here recently. For a limited time 1 have reduced my prices on prime leather halfsolcs Men's light halfsolcs with Goodyear rubber licrls — 51. Men's medium halfsolcs with Goodycar rubber heels .. 51.25 Men's heavy halfsoles Gocdycar rubber heels .. W. J. KNOX IV srjt>vi(i& BiRKLE, WE A <S(?EAT CROP ' OF TrlEM rlERC; 5-fiLL Ori -Trl' 5<ALK Be BACK-WARP ^ A Efl A PI-TY VOli ABLE,-To Qli"T PReSCRIPTlosiS VQU SEE A SKULL JJ YoR SOME "TlAAE VET J AAV 'S.( ^UM-M — Btff fM GLAD ->.: \ VotfRS HERE BiRkue^ . ('• f VJpj— • . f^l* ';5.i \ • cAni PQ sowe-Triiwa TOR MV MAME IS fv/e A T?OQM HERE! A MEPiCAL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES NOW, W1LUK! By Martin COME BACK?SAV WOWWlfi 1 iVi. KSMBZ H-O-K-t-6-VC-W : COVSWE OF ARE VOR. with $1.50 FECKLES AND HIS FIUENUS L'RKCKLKS TAKES THE CHANCE! Kil By Blos&n MILCH COWS For Sale or Trade ^0 head fresh milch cows. Will sell on full i>:iy- mcnt with approved .security. Harris & Highfill Mule Co. \tJHAT MHLU IF 1 W.SS THIS CUAKICE DAD To DBlMH TVIAT COFT66 AUD As Tvi& EX.PQSSS SLIOIHG US1DEC THE BGID5G, FCecliLES WAS HIMSELF AU- CO1S6D TViS DCOP To "TVtC CCOPS OF TJE COACUES .. VJOOLD You NlEUI _____ A I'REI'AKKI) Oi'l'OMCNT! B AGERW BUIL SWQOVS DOWM ON H\S PRE.V, SHOOTtNCi ^,«iu»uci-.u-ui TORTnaM TO SURRENDER. TO I1\S f\M«tM£NT, THEIR .-'-^-'.X^'V • ; ^ CMIMOV) S\\OT THOT BVOWS f\ HOUETHU-U ' ... „>..... , ,-_ .. T .§" f " TH.t CiRO'JJlNCi DUSX, VE. SEES COW TllAt FRO/A THE SHORE, To HI5 DEUCiHT, IT, TOO, PROVES TO BE BI.OW ME, 1FW IT WN'T M WCK.Y DAN. or- WE RlVN. RUM-RUNW6R HER. WP STARTS FOR

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