Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 5
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unlap's . . Celebrated 5ilk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles.= FROM Preacher Eloped With a Fifteen-Year-Old Girl DEWBNTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes solid leather, lace or congress. 98 Cents Buys Ladies Kid Patent Leatber Tip Shoes, button or lace. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat- tett leather tip«, 73 Cents Buys] Ladies' Low Calf. Skin Shoes just the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Buys, Ladles Serj?e Slippers, so.lid comfort. 69 Cents, Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Buys Baby Shoep, patent leathe tips. 50 Cents Buyg Beautiful Velvet Slippers fo house wear. Stevenson SL Klinsick 403 Broadway. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPORT, . ,. INDIANA 3 CAPITAL. $250,000. A. J, Murdoclc, Preg. W. W. Row. Caih 3. F. Brookmeyer. Aeit, Ca»h. DIRECTORS: .. Banking In ali He Departments promptly »nd carefully done. Safety to Customer* and Stockholders •ought for, Btron« Reierve Fund m»lntalnea. Free! Free! Free! We will Give away this week one hundred Sample boxes of Bragg's Blood, Nerve, Liver and Kidney Capsules. Call and get a sample, B. F. Keesling Druggist. DAILY JOURNAL Geo. Harrison has "the finest line of hammocks In the city. $10 silk and inohnlr shirts, ?4.48; black and whlite clioeked slUits, $1.98.— Trade Palace. Bo it a suit, coat, panits, sltlrt, socks, all must m<iye o.t huU price during Hurry Frank's closliiK out sale. Tlie Big Four Excursion to Niagara Falls and Toronto on July 22d, will be of the usual excellent quality -which tills Jlne has given Its pntrons In former years. Putuam Fadeless Dyes color al) kind of fibres, cotton, silk or wool; at one boillnjj, In the same kettle. Thus you <?ee all kinds of nvlxed goods can be dyed -perfectly ait one operation. Sold by .T. M. .Tolinston. AN IDTL OF FIVE SUMMERS. 1892. "Wot'a all ihe bloomln' racket?" salt! Grovcr-on-parade. "The mills arc runnln' double llir^," the liorny-hancled sa!<l. T, "Wliy do the mills run (.lay and nigtu?" said Grovor-on-paraao. "Because MoKlnlcy and his bill have made a heavy trade." Then Grover ho looked solemn, the horny- handed smiled. The oflice-seehor winked a -wink, the Brit- ishers looked "\vild, And they put their heads together and the voters they beguiled To swipe McFvinley and protective tariff. . "Wot's all the bloomSn' racket?" said Grovei'-on-parnde. "They've shut the bloody mill down," the horny-handed said. "Why have they shut the mil! down?" said Grover-on-j)iirade. "All on account of you, old man, ami your bloomln' old fix-<! trade." Then Grover he looked weary and the horny-handed mad, The Cor.Kressman looked scary and the BriUsliws looked Rlad. And the voters they looked anxious, and all because they had Helped swlpo .McKlnley and protective tarirc. • 1S94. "'Where's nil the people rusiiln' to? said Grovcr-on-parade. "They're breaking for the savings bank," the banker sadly said. "Wot are they rushln' there for?" said Grover-on-parade. "To crab their money out, because you've Klven them free trade." Then "G rover ho looked puzzled, and the banker he looked blue, And the treasury went empty and the public debt It Brew, -^ And the people, swore they'd be content it once apraln they knew McKInlcy and his good protective tanft. 1S95. "Wot'.i all the 1 bloomln' racket?" suld Grover-on-parade. "We'ro sellln' wool Cor 1C cents," the sturdy farmer said. "Why don't It brine much moro than that 9 " said Grover-on-parade. "Because It's on the free list in your beastly old free trade." Then Grover looked astonished and the farmer he looked beat, For he could pvt but CO cents for sixty pounds of wheat. And he vowed he never more would help • the Democrats to beat McKInlcy and his pood protective tarlft. HE CAME TO THIS CITY And Stopped at the Barnett With His Pretly Little "Bride," Sheriff Adams-and a Reporter Uncoil;'.the Pair. A Sheriff From.lpwaJWIII Take Thtm Back to' ',Mama'' and a De- .' serted Wife.. : C. E. Scotf pas'lot'OP'tli'.: -flvfi M. R. church at Waterloo; io'fra, wa's arrested here yesterday eYfjiinjr ' at' about 7 ;!•:,' '. • o'clock, in company wlfli ..Miss Daisy D. DorJain, a flt'lrai-year-ald p.r] of, the A'l.ine cl'ty, and is lield'io a wail the coin- ins M a;u officer : .ri'oni Iowa? who. .will •return \virli Ihe preacher .'uidilie'isJr] to Waterloo, from where 1 he o;)«ple doped July 7lh last..'. 1 "." , ;: The arrest, of..the couple came about, til a. Queer way. A' reporter for The .Tourmil happened Im the ofllce of Sheriff Adams .vcfltenlny afternoon shortly after 8 o'dock, Just .a.rter, the : -m;Ul had beeu delivered. The SherllT opened, a number of letreis ami aimonp them was a circular, bearing The pi'ctuj-ce of a man- a.nd a woman, w.lth.a lii\e prlulcil across ISM. TVol's all the . bloomin' racket?" said Grover-on-paracle. Tlio people's got enough Tree trade, the horny-handed said. Why ho.v£)ttiey pot enough froe trade.' said G rov«r-on-para.Uo. 'Because that they ain't pot no Trork since you have sot free trade. Then Grover stroked his pocketbook, the British huRgcd their RpW, The voters counted up the lies the Democrats had told, And swore they'll have another deal, and have ncaln the old McKInlcy arid his hlph protective tariff. 4 ^ - 1 •-—Philadelphia Press., HARVEST EXCURSION, lu order to ^\\c everyone an opportunity to we the Brand crops in the Western States n,inl onabl-c t.lie in.tund- sct,t!lfir to secure a home, the CW- cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ii'y has ar- eil to run. a ser.I«? of harvest cx- cursloais ro Soirtih .ami XortJi Dakota,. •MM! to oHiov States Jn tJie AVest, Xortli- ivest and SowUiiwest on the follnwlng l.ites: July 21. Aufmst -1 and IS, Sep- i'bOT 1, 15, 29, amd October C and 20, i,t the low rate of two tloll«rs more tli.i-n B fare Tor'the round tnUp. Tickets will be cooil for return on ;my T»e<s<l.iy_ or Friday wlirMm twenty-one days from datte of v«sale, For rak-s, time or traliins a.nd fu-rttier details apply to any :oupon tiicket afrcnt in the B;i*:t or South yr address Robw-t C. Jones, Travelliis sonser fii?e-nit, 40 Carew Mds., Clu- •LnMfJ, Ohio. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. CREAM BAKING POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE. . » pure Grape C?«am of Tartar Powder. Fre« t..i. Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years the Standard. J"r. "iVa.Tjjie ,7ou.rnaJ: Miss -Maude lli-sh Rare a damcinc party at lier lioine m West Berry f=t.reet last cvonlnpr iJi ionor of IM.T guwt, Miss KllzaboUi ,wl». The list, of (jtiest.s Jmclmled JHss- is Faaimlc and Rose Ko.!i-n, MJnnlc and Einmn RosoniHial. Awnle and Fanuie Oppcmduiim, Ca,m'e Dcssaner, Hn.nin.i-)) Oliaska, Sa<Mc Rotlisdiild, Rebecca and Sti-aiiss, Belle Levi, Helen Hoeu. Stella Friejid, MliiMTile Fi'.ink, M.i,=s Sto-kor, of Cine.ijinn.ti: -Miss AVUor of J^opw^^poiit: M;it=s Kraiuss, of Cliicn.so Messrs. RoseoiUiial, ' Kolin, Dcssauer, RotiliscMUd, ITeJttK-o,n.iwx, AVolfe. Frei- buryor, 'IJi'ieJad, riinslj, Ix-Junnn, Pott- Hitxer, Baiim aj]-cl Mr. Strands of Mnri'- i-oevi-Mc. : nlw top of die slieet "FIFTY BOr.LARS RE\VARD." . "We set. lots of tlmtrlcln'd-," said Slior- Iff Adams, at? lie reitVl tlicHftVeHptioa following tihe pk-fi'm5s'p'i-iute(l ,ujider the above heading.' The Jfuuraai .reporter, as soon as lie saw 'the- pictures exclaimed: ; • ; ' "-'"- ' ; "Those people are stoppTriS ht-lhe Bar- uett, Sheriff!" ' '.'''''"' "Whait's that," tin.' Slwriff answeiV'il, "do yon know ttot tli.ii? .coiiple,!^.,1,110^ same?" • ,i • •••: Tlio ri'poi:te-r \\-n.5 iKw'rflve iji his id™-' tillcatiou and the desci-iptloti 1 of tie. couple was read. Following is a copy of the r-irc'ul.'ir lyJut-h. c'a.nised the arrest ol! the couple: ii\: ,/- .. -. : $50.00 REWARD! "REV. C.'"K. SCO'CJI', 'Tnistor of the Fi.r^'M.' :1 E. ;cluircli"of Waterloo, Iowa, left, iiils ii'oaie on flic moniteij.' of July "Hi. aS()C, 'siiiiposed 10 be i.n eonipauy wtt'h a fl-fteen-yenT-old frirl, Miss PaI*y'DorlaiC'ft'''<la.ughtr : r "of r. S. Dorian, of 'tli'Ts ''clVj-.'. •' "Rev. Geo. E. Scott 'ls ir; a lai'se man o-f some 200 Ibs. \ve!frli'l''(i feet i"n height.; brown hair, reddis'lr brown, imustact'ie; 4," yeara of affe. DiresA-eii'hi;black sii-it of tUngonnl clo^h; sack 'coat,,(straw'liat. Nervous dispos'ftlp-nr ijsed ; «'j'esla.<we.s l . ' , . "DAI'S!Y : 'b. ttORLAN "Is descrl-bed asfollows: Ajije 15 years; height r> feet '4' ; i'n<.'liies,' llpbt hair and blue oj-es. . DIWSKSI In"lavender'pla'id 'Klughaiin mode w'ilh two runi^ in Iwe arouml th'e''ii«;lc,.largp horn hat iMirianed'in wli'ite forRCt-mo-iiof flowers.'•'' Dress'; was' rrraxJ'r- on t>iaiS and ca'.hw.'A' U'trte below '.her slioetops. Bhiek. l>iiltoned slides. liiitcnt \].ff. poln'twl low, 'Ilad 'on. 'jwo : rbits. one a'tlffer-Vye, ma'rlied'i.ii'sltie with- 'D. D. D. 1SOO.'; tiie other 1 llfiil jh.ree small *els, preen.'ls marlvc'd "t>rt!iS5'.j t rti5.'"'Had' 1 a canvas tdescbp'o'' yiii'jlVc which L-OII- hiluwl a red ealtcp wrapper, night dress ami a tan Jackef'Svitl'i tav£eipearl-but- 11 -' .-,. . • reyJsi erod. he wrote i^a^iTarivped, an cnlar hand, wliiieliWiiAy^'-evldeiil wu.* in.it his natural"styli;'ot,.MTi,:Jn{:. ihe f'.i.l- "11. HENRY AND. WIFD, .DBS MO1N.KS. IOWA." TUpy we.re assigned to room lo and srayc-d uiH:i.l hi.sr. Monday morning, \vheii "Mr. 1-Ioiiry" paid h.is bill and le:'t with his "wiife." Tine i-oujjlo \vent We,-i 0:1 the Waliaish Tit l():l3-,..bat where they stopped Is not known. Friday evening They relumed at -):i">2 find went 10 (ho M unlock, where they/were registered tlie Baimeht.y week before. They worn ;t.«stened to Voiim 40 by the clerk a.nd ".Mr. I-leufy" jr.ive i.t out: tlmt be inron- diid to stay Ifere'iiver'Siinday. Yesterday] liioimiripr "Mr. and Mrs. Henry" won.ffo TV^mniac and stoppe<l at. the only hotel there, wrist ortaff under tin- saino'name'which Uiey used here, A f.nivel'MiK mini" \vfij] known in. this city saw 'ihe couple there and sat at the same taHe] with li/eni"at dinner.. "Mr. IIi.Mi.ry" gave it out'that he was a physician him tills''.for a loctit.ioii, and that he liked tho"lobk*s of Wlitamac and niJKht loca to ,'llKTO.' They returned to .tins cl'ry oii^'lHi afternoon train and went:'to the Miirdotk. WICAVIXG THE WEB. The Sheriff, aiid the reporter went to Mjiujijsrei' K<'U<.T';it the Baruct; and took him into 't'ili'ir con-tideneo. TTo was ohowji r.ie ci.rcuUi.r ,1 nd as «oon as ho saw ihe pijcMur.es, he recognized them and said'tli-i't fhe couple wore then slop, ping'a I the Murdoch. As soon :i($''Sni:riff Adams was convinced that There' was sotrcctlwiff ia Uie reporter's assertion r'hat tlie pivrlies des- cri-hc'd in rJn> ci.mitar WOTO rhc ramie who were stoppins at the'lratel, ho bo- f:;m proee«H)ij- r .? to arrest, them. It was first ascertained that the couple was still at. t-Ue'hxAel a ml- then a jruavd was set to w.'Mch thiit ihey dkl not lenve the, city before '.insi-.ructions could be ob- tiiiiiie-tT from the sheriff at Waterloo ns to what .Tctirm to take. The following telCKTaan wiis'seiif. t.he Iowa sheriff: "W. M. Law, Sheriff, "Waterloo, Iowa. '•Have"rV'T:. Sooti: and Daisy Dorian located. ."\Vh:Vt shall I do? •'.'' '"I.'A. ADAMS,.Sheriff." To iJiJL< ; 'iije.ssage. which was Sfnt .it about'4:.1T> o'clock, the folloAving answer was receiv.ed; '' ( ' ( '"Wiiterloo, Iowa. July IS. "I. A.' : A<!ains, ! T.,o{riin:«port, Ind. "Arresi: ':tnil' hold. WiJl crane soon as posisji'jle.'" •' : '"'"'' ' ' >W. M. LAW, Sheriff." rioWTTJK'AURBST WAS MADE. Tlie mcssi'ijie was received shortly before 7'o'clock )i.nd' Slieriff Adams and DepiiitJes Shewmon ajid • Truax ware walttajr at the Barnett wicn."M'r. Henry" a.nd -his "wife,"' ' .ninyiDp finished their supper, came out ''of the dining rooii].a,nd sbu-ted b.'ick.to their room at flie" Muitlpicif. Thcii l e-'".were probably tweniy poople staurflnjr" ; :vbont in the lobby of.tlie Burnettiiylien. the Sher.ilT and his two dep'iities;. iis-"Henry" and his "wife" came out'of' the dining pariod, the deputies tsiking Scott to jail :nid Sherlfl! Adams froiufl- (o t!tc Jfiir- do<:k wirh the jjirl. As she Ic.ft her betrayer, tin." gtri threw her arms alKmt lii.s neck amd kissed hhn. the tears Kaih- i:n:d I.n her eyes and she turned to j;o wirli Iho fibevifC with ,'i fnlln'Iiifr Klep. The SlKTltT wailed at Ihe hotel ninil th-.; pivachw was well under cover ;it Hie Jail, and ihe.n look the pr] to the residence portion, it heJnis "ic inte:;tiori (o hold Llicin both at Iho j:vil. Hie man be- h.;.7iil tl;e bats and Hie ^ri'l i,n the resi- di'ncc of Ihe Sheriff. Arrived at ihe .laiil ollice. S<:ott bCRjicd t.hat he Ix? not locked up. and plended that ho be nUowed 10 fro back to the ci.rl :u the hotel, making all sorts of l>l«lt;os iif t.he Sheriff would only let I rim fro to her. "Site will be scared to d« % atr Hieire mlonc," he said. "I dwi't cai-e for myself, it 'I.-; ilwt iwor prirl I am lliiiiikhijT of. 1 jn-oroise you, on my Jio.nor, Mr. Shcri.ft', tliat i-f you will let: me ;;o back to the hotel, and send one of these men to cuard me, that I will make no i rouble. I wilU so back to lo-wa without: ma kins any fuss." Sheriff Adams eyed him n moment iind then said: "You will promise me that you wU! make no rAsftst.ince to s-o- n;r back, if I will asnx-c lo no: lock yon IP?" "Yeis, yes." l.hfl agitated pre;iclier ,ns- uMiied. ''I'M do atiylhuig, only don't let .hat jHior ,si:rl stay there by herself." HE DON'T T.IKE XEWSPAPICRS. "Mr. Seoilt. have yo-u anylHin:r to say lo the papers?" TJie question was p.iit 10 )lK x reverend ^•en.tIonian, a,5 lie sat in the little jail of- IICP, pleadij)? wifh Ihe Sheriff not- to lock him up. "Who are you," lie asked. Ho was to!d that Hie questioner was a reporter for The .To,uni;il and that a istiiteinwi't from hian would bo sladly priiilted. "T Imve notluufl fo say to (lie papers." he answered. "I Irave had lots o.f. ex- perJeneo wiHi noivspapw's." From that? it. mny be Wcrred Hint Hie' Rev. Georcrc E. Scolt hns an unpleasant renwnitorainco of the newsiwpors. It is s.i.fe lo say thnt if the past yields nothing but pleasant memories, the future MILITARY D1ULL, Declared by Authorities to Be Incomplete Exercise. BoHton DlHctiMeii the Snbjcct and jccttt to lln Iiit.rodnctlon Into the Public School, of That City. The enthusiasts over military drillj. for public school boys, and they are not-, unknown in 'his community, pet a cold; douche in the report of a-special commit-. tee of the physical education society of; Boston. This committee, consisting of,Col. T. K. Edmande, Dr. Dudley A. Sar^ gent and Edward ]•!. Harwell, con-- derans unreservedly any system of milK. tary drill in '.he schools—first, because; for obvious reasons it cannot afford in-, " stitutions in the. art of firing the rifle,, • the most vital pnrt of drill tactics, anu,, . second, because.it affords very incom-. plete and unsatisfactory physical exer^. cise for growing boys. This 'judgment is fortified by the ex-~ pert opinion of II. J. Koehler, master at; the sword at the West Point military- • academy, who shows that the manual: '..or arms has long- since been, regarded; by military ;nen as fatally lacking as ft; • physical exercise, lie writes ia theses emphatic words: "I deny absolutely- that this drill contains one single fetiti. • ure which cannot be duplicated,. aye K and discounted in every well-regulated; > gymnasium in the country to-day." Attdj . ". again he says: "A thorough physical; training develops all the necessary- physical qualities to the greatest dc-*.-. 1 ' {Tree, and it .-Joes it without injury. IfJ . we have athletes, we .shall never be witb-%. : out soldiers." These objections from the .standpoints;-' • of expei ts in physical culture and mili-v':' tary training- ought to be conclusive,,. says tlw Springfield (Mass.) Republican^ If we can give our boys strong, weU-de~. .•': vclopcd bodies they will turn soldiorR; .\ . quickly enough in any rir.rr — nc;'.;inil .... with the advantage of not liavi^j,' 10 rjd ;. ' themselves of a mock, incomplete drill* ;i habit, when (he time comes to practiced _y real war. With these arguments soa. .;strong it is not necessary to urge- thfij. •-.',• more sentimental, yet not less forcible^ <| considerations as to the undesirabilily- '.••;. of turning the rninds of the youti. tOk. : .i thoughts of war more than can be* j; helped. Si rong, lusty American boy&are r : ' ->\ belligerent enough without putting- '; muskets in their hands every day in the* / school year. '' TOUGHEST SCALP IN NEW YORKu, '.'.;•: MISS DAISY D. DORLA-N. roo«),.asocii<lod'"lhc marble stops lead- in;.' ; to the! entrance hall ilrom Hie lobby, and.,'met, the. couple halfwny down. !li« hall, '..xiie.'itirive officers surrounded the : OUORCE E. SCOTT. •li)!lii,- : wljUt!-tliO''"jJrlrl Wllltt'd on tn tliu 'litnlrwiij''-^!!''^';!!'!^. dO'\v-n to. the lobby IM^V: •'" Sht'i'Jff Ada-nw -siwke to "Air. Hi i .in-j'. r; ':nnl. : ciiUiiiK in'iin Iiy IiJo rivflil mime.!' siiJflV v '"Xtr. Scott, ' T want.' to spttik"to ! yWi a'"inoiii<jut. Scon, is your iuiuie, Is . Nearly nil wo-uien liavo ^ood lia.ir. •tlioniKh many ».r<? .gi-.iy;-and few are bald. lialJVUna- Rwicwer restores tlw •natural color, ana tluekens tli of tlie hair. Thai flowers'•.•we.genera.lly beneficial in a si-ek room-Instead-of Immful, as formerly'supposed. Is- fully established aecord-iiiR to tons. ,' ' J "The cuts of tlie parties firj.' excellent pictures'of encli'ii'ii'tl'W-lH rtadil.v le;id to t.helr identl'ilca't'lou...'. "TliC 1 above i'c,\v:i'rti.will be paid'rnr "Afi-csi", n.Dd''w1i-e ImmedJately, •'V';'^'. it! LAW, Sheriff, " .''" "Waterloo, Iowa." The desci'l,ptl.on r ^fcidll.p'd exactly with the appenranee 'of..the.pair wlii'.-h..tl)t! ropiila^' boarders ,a.t jth.e Barnett .uot.iced -for Mie,.yeek. past^, :a.nd was supposed .to bc,a..l)rjaiil oouple f\vjra the loviuj..Klnnc.es'.they,,have, bestowed upon, each otliei'. r^awljKSS ft the curious eyes..wjikdi.Jinve. becujbeut ; iipou them ait, each,men,!.,. They made'their .«.{'. the a tel'e;rr:i Adam Felker of the Plwros office,, had lil.s Ariel bicycle stolen recently, received a new one ye.?terday from tlie American Wheelman's 'Protective association. The -wheel te like the one stolen. Bttrniitt, 1 UK,-July 11, !o£ ibjc.breakfast table, ri their, looks e^c(t«J,tliQ v eora.inent. o| ;i:e appearance lii, < ttj(j,.di I ?|!nS'. r o ; O'ni' ;if .the .tliat tlicre was-.such .aj^reat. difCoy^nrt. In thelsc.ttgca. trndt.ttyit .they, >vei i c\ l sup- l>O8ed .to . _,^ . vi not come dowu.,.fro.ra. tjielr ibjow jiifjl s •late, .-froin. .on tlie ewly .mo,rnJS l .1;niLn whlicb.r.eatues here at ^^-...Ayhen the Es.y..^Qott ' "Yes' sir,"'"' tlw> presiclior •n.uswere'J, \v«hbiit : .']ies : tf;'it.ioii. "Wliiit do you wiint'\yltlV'm'eV"' "I a'.uV'iiiiH' Sheriff. .01' thJ* county," nswerwl, "nnd I have .•deii-nq:-your arresr for ., _. tii'iat girl, 'You will go wi.fl)' im 1 ''",; .I..",',..' . , '•",'„"Why, certaiply." Mr. Scott answered, dropping Ij'js, a.?su.mcd. naiiue as rcsitlUy as lie. had .fakwi it on. The Mivce officers, 'v.-f'fli $<;o^. Iwi; ; u'<?.en'' : thPJm, descmd- ed the steps.to tire office and,pa?sed our Oie..ri'-oii;t'(]oor. 1 The sirl had renclu'd tlie si tie, walk, before them and was \va!t- tiirni;, ;>? she d:\.inod ihat fojn< w.winic.iuHl Mmr'slH! would be ,=eparutcd froni ."lier^rnaii." The teiira wealed up iu h.er',h,lijij. eyes and sihe .made a spring for"Swft.'as' t Tic stepped.from the hotel eDlifiiice.,,."Don't., leave me: don't let t!jein;..jf?kV' Vi nje"frojn. you!" «he sai<l lo tfa&Z'i ^-nJ:- ' • SflE^^SES HIM- GOODBYE. , T.he. p'reiiclier.. tried'to; coinrtrT her im .a'fVw, wpitls,. amd Sheriff' Adams tried to.Quiijt.he/^iiy.^ayl.uff that she wonJd be^y.e'.I.ta^eii.careof.^/At the corner of '"" ' """'• - '" - ' .fhe co«p!e were will be just t.he revcirsc. Eev; Stott will probably linve euoai^h ncwsiMper notor- h?.ty to last Iwin for ail lime before he is through wiifli thc.j>resei)t ll.trte episode. He admitted to the reporter that Iw is a married man. but Slid he had no cln'ld- ren. He woitld s<iy nothing a.bout the ffj'irl and when- an attempt was made to talk to her, she cried so bard she could not UiJlv. Before tlie Sheriff took Scott' back to tlie hotel, he was .searched and a small caBber revolver was found iu h.is pocket. He hnd plenty of money but was toft in iKissession of his cash, wlilie the sun was taken from him. • On. Scott's proniis« to make no trouble S-heriff Adains kindly consented to let h-i'in rei.urn to the hotel. The pirl was put iu o.no room and the door w.is locked and Scott was locked into a room across the hall. Deputy Reed Shewmon put both keys im hi.s poclct'J and settled himself in a ehaiir In the liaH. where he could wa'U-h both doors, and there ended blic.finst chapter. HIS "AVORD OF'HONOR." Reverend Scott had not been in priison lonp lx>rore he repented his promise lo awaiit the comniS'of the "\Va.tos-loo Sheriff, and demanded to see a lawyer.There was nothing to do but accede to his do- ira.i:«l. anid the deputy look him. to.selli- •or wlt.h tlie pirl. to Judge Chase. A loupe coiisiilwtiioii was held, in which the Sheriff look part, and as a result, Scott, decided to diiwsiard the promliiso he lind iii.Kle Tlw S)n?ri(T, "on llw Jionor of :i ni.tn," and stops were at OIK.'O lakcii to secure a wilt of liabeiiij COITUS. Sheriff Adams was not (o lx> foiled at this turu of t.he road, however. :uul as lio showed liprhr. it was asreoil thnt nalliJiD.s shoui«l be doi»> in the m.ittier of secwniK the writ of habaes corpus for tho ivleaso of the preacher and the, sii'Vmuil this •morning, or-imtil Mie Sheriff from Waterloo arrives on, the sronnd. , . Scott li.-is made up )i,is.mind to fig!ir- figrffeonn -Uae a M»U«t When Wound* In "Skinner" Meehan'n HexL "Skinner" Jleehan, at one time the. leader of the famous "Cat alley" gan£ v has what is perhaps the toug-hcst scalp, in New York if not in the world, the New ,York World. The at Gouverneur hospital have had experience in sewing- up wounds andj they arc entitled to speak with author^ Ity. They unliesitating-ly declare that Mr. Jfeehan's scalp lias nc^er been equaled for thickness and tenacity. A few nig-hts ago "Skinner" in on altercation with/Policeman Tw> ner,. of Ihe. Madison Street station.. Skinner liit-ilKfoffioer On. the nose witU his fist and the blue coat retaliated by; breaking' iis nijfhtetiok over Meehan's, head. "Skinner" resisted, even • afte£ discretion wa« advisable, end before he . was subdued his scalp was lacerated. When the surgeons at Gouverneur hospital, to which the injured man wa* taken, attempted to sew up tlie wounds; they found that they could not thrust;,. •the sharp, three-cornered needJe'ss throug-h the scalp by ordinary raeaa*. The skin was us thick OJid tough nsalli- gator hide. A blacking- brush was s?« cured, and by using 1 the back of it *» a inaJlet the needles were driven, through the sl;in and 17 stitches weru- placed in position. During the- operation "Skinner" swore volubly, and afteJf. it was concluded he started out looking for his assailant. His parents are r^ speetable peoj^le, but "Skinner" hav, been bad for a long time. COFFIN TORPEDO. Kow Contrivance to Prevent the Robbing of iimvn. Tho coffin torpedo is the latest derico- to foiJ t.hp g-rnve robber. Of late years the practice of dcspoiK ing- graves IMS become so widespread!, that every effort hns been put forth to. find some means to end it. It is be-, licvctl the present invcnl ; on willachicv$. • that purpose. This new contrivance is a. rcg"ulatioa bomb, ns deadly asany-everinventedbj niiarchistic pouius, says the New York; Journal. It is plnccd in the cosket jus.t previous to interment, ond aiter it is placed in position nnd the lid of the casket screwed down, it will be ft« ex» cceding-ly dangerous undertaking toet- tempt to force the casket open. TUelid of the closed coffin presses down a. spring-, Raising- this lid, even in slight d(frcc, releases the spring; pausing it to strike n percussion cnp. The resulting explosion of the ««p a?so explodes the boitib, and, while the concession , wrench the casket, it is almost for the person who is tryinff to open the casket to escape instant his case, and .lis "IT is said he, h:ii' plenty, of ready cash, tho Waterloo Sheriff m:\y, not lake hU nuarrj- bnck ns soon: .is expected. There is certain to be a stilt TO5ls.tcnceni.ide to aiiy movo'.to false ibe couple back wiWiottt: reqirVitiou p:ipor-i.' Regular of Typographical union this n-rteiiwoii nt 2 o'clock at the hall, -corner streets. of Fourth ami Read tlie Bee Hive's b:K ad. this morn- ling and go and get any-of the bargains tomorrow or nM tills we?k. for The .Tmimal. 40 ct-nts a montl). - C»nt«rbnry C«thedrnl. An appeal is made by Dean Farrav- through the columns of the London! Times, in behalf of Canterbury cathe-. dral, "at the close of 13 centuries of its. "tveiitful fortunes." Dr. Farrar poes on to say that thecathcdrni hasbccu "serU ously impoverished" by "nfrricultura) . Ocprcssion and other causes," and thatj the dean ond chapter ure inciipacitateft from "doing- many things which should; be done for the diffnity of the serviced A sum of $100,000 is needed to repair the. crypt and cloisters and for other puiv. poses of the kind. • Sbmved Before Tbej Fought. • Alexander the Great, before an «io» papemenit, commanded Parmenio t^ have ail his soldiers shaved, his reason, for «o doing beinff thnt a long bearyj a handle for the enemy

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